🎫New Coupon Notice🎫
New Coupon Notice

Black Desert Mobile's First-ever Twin Class
Following her older twin Maegu, a sorceress wielding the power of an ancient fox,
she is a butterfly reaching her path of enlightenment

Woosa finally has arrived this January 17th!

May you have a more fun adventures with Woosa!
From new coupons summary has been prepared for everyone!

This is the coupon that was mentioned from last year's Calpheon Ball.

Woosa Update 'Blessing of W' Celebratory Coupon - 


*Blessings of W x3
1,000 Black Pearl Chest x3

■ Can be used to increase the success rate of Chaos Awakened Enhancement of Chaos Gear by 100%, and Enhancement level will not decrease upon failure. You can use this item by selecting it from Awakened Enhancement menu.
*This item will be removed on the maintenance on the second week of February (Feb 6 - Feb 12)
※ The coupon can be used until February 7(Tue), 2023 at 23:59