Adventurer's Guide

Adventurer’s Fame


Table of Contents
01. What is Adventurer's Fame?
02. Sharing 'My Fame Code' to earn Fame
03. Recommending Adventurers using their Fame Code
04. Rewards


The Fame Code system allocates a unique code to each Adventurer. You and other Adventurers can share your unique Fame Codes, allowing them to recommend you and vice-versa. Adventurer’s fame has been designed to be a win-win activity for all participating Adventurers.
You can get rewards by recommending other Adventurers and getting recommended by them. Your active participation will influence the rewards you receive. The scores and rankings reset each month, and the rewards are distributed based on the rankings.


To access your unique Fame Code, go to [Social] > [Adventurer’s Fame] and check the box titled [My Fame Code].
Share the code ① with your friends and other Adventurers so that they can use the ② [Enter Code] button to recommend you.
You will receive rewards based on your accumulated Fame Points (you can check the rewards on the same page.)



Tap [Enter Code] in [Social] > [Adventurer’s Fame] to recommend other Adventurers.
You’ll receive the Recommendation Reward Chest in the Character Inventory.
※ The recommendation system is available after Lv. 20.


✅ Recommendation Reward Chest

Reward Content
Recommendation Reward Chest Combat Plus (1 Day)
Life Plus (1 Day)
Black Spirit Plus (1 Day)
Tier 2 Pet Chest
[Epic] Weapon Outfit Chest
[Epic] Armor Outfit Chest
4-Color Dye Selection Chest
[Barding] Krenvatz


You can obtain rewards by acquiring Fame.

Tap [Reward Info] to check the available rewards.


✅ Score Rewards
Rewards distributed based on Fame Points.

Adventurer's Fame Points Reward
10 Points Ancient Tablet x2000
20 Points Boss Stamp x1000
30 Points Tier 5 Pet Chest


✅ Rank Rewards
Rewards distributed based on Fame Ranks.

Adventurer's Fame Rank Reward
Rank 1 Black Pearl x3,000
Rank 2 Black Pearl x2,000
Rank 3 Black Pearl x1,500
Top 10% Black Pearl x500
11 to 50% Black Pearl x200
51 to 100% Black Pearl x100

※ The rankings are updated every day at midnight and will be reset on the first day of each month.