Winter Season Guide

Winter Season Guide

To Adventurers who have just begun their 'Winter Season',
We have prepared a notice that contains all the information you need!

Please check the content shared below as needed
and may this help you in the CP progression of your winter season characters!

Winter Season Period:
December 19 (Tue), 2023 until the scheduled maintenance on April 2 (Tue), 2024

What is Season Character?

By playing a seasoned character, you can progress your character 5 times faster than the normal one.
CP is an essential thing in Black Desert Mobile,
and you can increase this by quickly learning basic knowledge about CP progression!

Also, season characters can equip gears called 'Tuvala',
and these gears can be enhanced more easily compared to the normal gears in the game.

Most importantly, various rewards are waiting when you complete all Season Pass!
Current adventurers can also greatly benefit from the rewards
so why don't you play season character and give it a try?


Season Character Guide

From Adventurers who just started playing the game
to those who have already completed the previous season!

All information regarding the season character has been summarized in this guide.
Check the topics you would like to know accordingly!

Season Character
Season Pass
Basic Information

Season Guide

Seasonal Gears
Tuvala Gears
How to Enhance Gears

Season Content

★ A-MUST ★
Acquiring Season Items

Tuvala Rift

Remaining Tuvala Black Crystals
Main Quest Express Pass

Season Character Tips!

Increasing CP aside from equipping gears

Increasing CP during the Season

I have completed the Season! What are the rewards and how can I use it, though?

Guide After Season Completion

What to check other information?


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Strategies and other forum categories such as General Discussion
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May all Adventurers support and participate
in our Season Character: Winter Season
which will end on April 2 (Tue), 2024.

Thank you.