[January 19] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.01.19

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on January 19 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



■ Hadum Boss Rush

"When the one who is worthy in the darkness
ties the Shadow Knot with the Boss Stamp,
they will see rows of dead shadows that will never fade."


The power of darkness has influenced the bosses in Elion's Realm. Challenge the bosses engulfed in darkness in Hadum Boss Rush!


- Added Hadum Boss Rush.
・Obtain the title "Red Nose Champion" by clearing Red Nose Difficulty 99 (Elion) and complete [Hadum: Uneasy Peace] in order to play Hadum Boss Rush.
・Use 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot in order to enter 1 time. There is also a chance of Hadum Special Boss Rush appearing.
・[Shadow Knot] can be obtained from Hadum Spoils of Battle or through rewards from completing Bounty Mission reward.

- Go to the Rush Board and tap [Switch to Hadum Boss Rush] to switch from Elion Boss Rush (Normal) to Hadum Boss Rush.
・Set Blessings of Light to Tier 3 in order to enter. Holy Vials of Light will not be used upon entering.
・There is a 10-minute time limit for Hadum Boss Rush and it must be completed within the given time. (Updated 1/22)
・The Hadum Boss Rush multiplier is fixed to 1x by default. A 5x multiplier can be applied with the use of Combat Plus.

- Increased boss knowledge up to level 150. Hadum boss knowledge is shared with Elion boss knowledge.
※ Hadum Boss Rush will be added to Black Spirit Mode in a future update.


■ Black Sun Schedule Change

- Changed the Black Sun schedule.

  Before After
Zone West Valencia / North Valencia (To be released in the future)
Days Wed / Fri / Sun Wed / Sun
Time 21:00 - 22:00 18:00 - 19:00 / 21:00 - 22:00

- If you participated in the Black Sun twice, the score will be calculated and the reward will be available the next day after midnight.
・Ex. If you earned 5,000 points while playing from 18:00 - 19:00 on Wednesday and 10,000 points while playing from 21:00 - 22:00, you'll get the 15,000 point reward.
※ Ranked Arena, Ramoness, and other Arena content are not available when the Black Sun is up.

※ Notice on Black Sun Score Accumulation (Updated on January 21)
- The Black Sun scores are accumulated twice a day and the rewards will be based from the final score.
Ex) If you earned 8,000 points at the end of Black Sun at 17:00, the score will be carried over and will start at 8,000 from 19:00.


■ Character Balance Change

- All classes will take reduced damage from other Adventurers by 10% after using a melee skill.

Class Skills
Gladiator [Heavy Strike] [Spinning Slash] [Ground Smash] [Deep Thrust] [Shield Charge] [Take Down] [Charging Thrust] [Scars of Dusk] 
Berserker  [Triumph] [Crushing Falcon] [Havoc Thrust] [Rattle] [Ankle Slice] [Off-Kilter] [Crimson Cyclone] [Reckoning] [Berserker's Charge] 
Huntress [Will of the Wind] [Spin Blade] 
Windwalker  [Wind Knife] [Cyclonic Fury] [Ethereal Blast] [X-Strike] [Gale Harvest] [Rupture] [Wind Rider]
Titan  [Frenzied Destroyer] [Raging Thunder] [Beastly Wind Slash] [Falling Rock] [Storming Beast] [Smackdown] [Lava Piercer] [Fearsome Tyrant] [Beast Slayer] 
Destroyer [Guerilla Tactics] [Slugfest] [To the Grave] [Tectonic Rift] [Hellraiser] [Fire Bomb] [Bombardment] [Furious Bash] 
Archmage [Frigid Fog] [Arcane Burst] [Firestorm] 
Invoker [Lightning Storm] [Static Shield] 
Paladin [Sword of Judgment] [Sharp Light] [Divine Wrath] [Radiant Charge] [Punishment] [Shield Chase] [Judgment of Light] [Sonic Slicer] 
Lancer [Smite] [Divine Guard] [Holy Thrust] [Radiant Burst] [Righteous Torment] [Divine Judgment] [Rejection] [Fallen Angel] 
 Void Knight [Dancing Blade] [Eclipse] [Cross Slash] [Endless Blitz] [Nightfall] [Dark Mist] [Fury of Kamasylvia] [Obsidian Ashes] [Legacy of the Vedir] [Nature's Rage] 
Phantasma [Phase Blade] [Umbral Pillars] [Twin Slash] [Phantom Dash] [Nova Chain] [Execute] 
Lupa  [Flash] [Compaction] [Dark Spire] [Gravity Bolt] [Lupine Pounce] [Maul] [Hot Spot] [Divine Roar] [Beast Rider] 
Spiritwalker [Beatdown] [Dragon Fang] [Heaven's Fall] [Dance of the White Tiger] [Dance of the Black Tortoise] [Leaping Tiger] [Dance of the Red Phoenix] [Dance of the Blue Dragon] [Phoenix Wings] [Shell Shock] 
Raven [Implosion] [Phantom Crash] [Wrath of Chaos] 
Reaper [Fatal Cleave] [Death Circus] [Soul Reaver] [Flesh Ripper] [Shadow Slash] [Nightmare] [Harvest] 
Blade Master [Crescendo] [Rising Storm] [Squall] [Serpent Sting] [Retaliation] [Quick-Draw] [Rest in Peace] [Evasive Strike] 
Warlord [Heavy Slam] [Mayhem] [Upper Hand] [Backdraft] [Circle Slash] [Backstep] [Immolation] [Conduit] [Finale] 
Lotus [Crescendo] [Blood Moon] [Chaos] [Retaliation] [Crescent Moon] [Blooming Divide] [Flash Step] [Evasive Strike] 
Primrose [Infinistab] [Moonrise] [Frost Halo] [Absolute Zero] [Frigid Burst] [Petal Ward] [Cold Snap] [Midnight Requiem] [Relentless Strike] 
Grandmaster [Shoulder Thrust] [Full Force] [Cheap Shot] [Knee Hammer] [Energy Vacuum] [Hell Sweep] [Spiral Cannon] [Disrespect] [Rising Uppercut] 
Hashashin [Whirlwind Slice] [Eye of the Storm] [Geo-Pulse] [Sandstorm Slash] [Unforgiven] [Solar Strike] [Death Sentence] [Mirage] 
Nova [Quoratum Charge] [Command: Rising Ice Thorns] [Command: Frost Shield] [Command: Knight's Charge] [Glacial Burst] [Affliction] [Thorns of Punishment] [Frenzied Bishop]

- Added a guild skill that reduces damage dealt from other Adventurers when using a melee skill.
・Can reach up to 5% depending on skill level.


■ Major Character Balance Change
- Quoratum Charge
・Improved the animation of the running motion to connect more naturally after using the skill.
・Charge is now sustained even if you don't hold down the skill button.
・Charge will stop when another skill is used and you'll be able to use the other skill.
・Winter's Wrath can be used more quickly if there aren't any targets to attack.

- Winter's Wrath
・Reduced skill cooldown by 1 second (7 seconds → 6 seconds).
・Flow: Northern Breeze's effect will now already be applied. Has now been changed to Flow: Super Armor (Super Armor applied instead of Front Guard).
・Changed the skill description to the following since Flow: Northern Breeze will be applied by default.
・Changed from max 3 hit to max 5 hit.
・Changed effect from first hit to apply freeze and last hit to apply knockback effect to first hit will freeze, second hit will apply knockback, and last hit will apply knockdown effect.

- Glacial Burst
・Added Flow: Assault skill so that you can choose whether to use the skill Assault.
・Changed to allow use of Assault if the distance between you and the target widens while in Auto-Combat.
・Changed to allow quick use of Winter's Wrath even when not hitting targets with Assault.
・Assault skill increases movement speed.

- Frenzied Bishop
・Changed to allow the quick use of Winter's Wrath even when not hitting targets with Assault.
・Assault skill increases movement speed.
・Changed to allow use of Assault if the distance between you and the target widens while in Auto-Combat.

- Command: Knight's Charge
・Increased skill attack speed.
・Changed to make knights immediately charge upon summoning.
・Increased the damage of Knight summons by 70%.
・Increased the number of times the Knight summon can attack.

- Frost Shield
・Changed to make Nova use Frost Shield in the direction she's looking if arrow keys are not pressed.
・Changed to quickly use Winter's Wrath after using a skill.


- Increased PvE damage for Blood Moon, Chaos, Wind Slicer, Crescent Moon, and Flash Step.

Blood Moon Before (PvE) After (PvE)
Lv. 1 308% Max 7 Hits 420% Max 7 Hits
Lv. 10 369% Max 7 Hits 504% Max 7 Hits 
Chaos Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 270% Max 5 Hits 340% Max 5 Hits
Lv. 10 351% Max 5 Hits 442% Max 5 Hits
Wind Slicer Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 340% Max 4 Hits 460% Max 4 Hits 
Lv. 10 425% Max 4 Hits 575% Max 4 Hits
Crescent Moon Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 350% x 2 Max 2 Hits 450% x2 Max 2 Hits 
Lv. 10 455% x 2 Max 2 Hits 585% x 2 Max 2 Hits
Flash Step Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 310% Max 6 Hits 372% Max 6 Hits
Lv. 10 403% Max 6 Hits

4830.6% Max 6 Hits

483.6% Max 6 Hits*

- Added the effect Knockback on last hit to the skill Chaos.
- Fixed an issue where PvP damage did not apply normally on last hit when using the skill Chaos.
- Changed Retaliation skill effect from "MP Recovery" to "Reduce Crit Chance".
- Adjusted the number of targets you can hit to 5 when using the skill Retaliation.

* The incorrect number has been adjusted to the displayed amount


- Increased PvE damage for Moonrise, Infinistab, Glacial Wall, and Midnight Requiem.

Moonrise Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 350% Max 4 Hits 415% Max 4 Hits
Lv. 10 420% Max 4 Hits 498% Max 4 Hits
Infinistab Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 285% Max 8 Hits 315% Max 8 Hits 
Lv. 10 370% Max 8 Hits  409.5% Max 8 Hits
Glacial Wall Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 460% Max 3 Hits  505% Max 3 Hits
Lv. 10 598% Max 3 Hits  656.5% Max 3 Hits
Midnight Requiem Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 335% Max 4 Hits  375% Max 4 Hits 
Lv. 10 435% Max 4 Hits  487.5% Max 4 Hits 


- Reduced the frequent use of kicks and basic attacks when playing on Auto-Combat.
- Changed to quickly use other skills after using the skill [True Shot].
- Adjusted the attack range of [True Shot].
- Increased the PvE damage of True Shot, Razor Wind, Flurry of Arrows, and Descending Current.

True Shot Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 560% Max 2 Hits  780% Max 2 Hits
Lv. 10 770% Max 2 Hits 1014% Max 2 Hits 
Razor Wind Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 355% Max 5 Hits 425% Max 5 Hits
Lv. 10 461.5% Max 5 Hits  552.5% Max 5 Hits 
Flurry of Arrows Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 422.4% x 3  480% x 3 
Lv. 10 549.12% x 3  624% x 3 
Descending Current Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 250% x 6  325% x 6 
Lv. 10 325% x 6  422.5% x 6 

- Increased all attack range, except for last hit, for the skill Will of the Wind.
- Increased the attack range of the skill for Piercing Arrow.
- Changed to quickly find targets after using the skill Descending Current.


-Increased the PvE damage of Cyclonic Fury, Vorpal Daggers, Steel Tempest, Ethereal Blast, and Rupture.

Cyclonic Fury Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 145.95% Max 6 Hits 220% Max 6 Hits 
Lv. 10 191.7% Max 6 Hits  286% Max 6 Hits 
Vorpal Daggers Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 285% x 3 Max 2 Hits 325% x 3 Max 2 Hits
Lv. 10 385% x 3 Max 2 Hits 422.5% x 3 Max 2 Hits 
Steel Tempest Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 308% Max 3 Hits 420% Max 3 Hits 
Lv. 10 369% Max 3 Hits 504% Max 3 Hits 
Ethereal Blast  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 352% x 4  425% x 4 
Lv. 10 489.5% x 4  552.5% x 4 

- Increased the attack range and attack speed of Wind Slicer.
- Changed to quickly use [Flow: Additional Attack] after using the skill Wind Slicer.
- Changed to increase attack speed and attack range of Flow: Additional Attack for the skill Wind Slicer.
- Added knockdown effect for Flow: Additional Attack for the skill Wind Slicer.
- Changed to look towards enemy direction while using Flow: Additional Attack for the skill Wind Slicer.
- Decreased distance and increased attack speed of the skill Cyclonic Fury.
- Added the skill Flow: Increase Distance for Cyclonic Fury.
- Added skill effect "Grants Invincibility while in Stealth" to Gale Harvest.
- Changed the run animation to look more natural after using the skill Gale Harvest.
- Adjusted the skill cooldown of Gale Harvest from 7 seconds to 8 seconds.
- Added skill Flow: Howling Winds to Gale Harvest.

- Adjusted attack range to hit more targets in the front when using the skill Ethereal Blast.
- Increased the attack speed and distance of the skill Ethereal Blast.
- Adjusted the cooldown of Ethereal Blast from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.
- Added an additional attack effect when holding down the skill Ethereal Blast.

- Changed to more quickly use Ethereal Blast after using the skill Rupture.
- Adjusted the cooldown of the skill Rupture from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.
- Increased the duration of the effect "Bound upon hit" effect to last longer for the skill Wind Rider.
- The the Wind Rider skill will be used in the direction of the arrow key.

- Increased the PvE and PvP damage of Rupture and Wind Rider.

Rupture Before (PvE) After (PvE)  Before (PvP) After (PvP) 
Lv. 1 732% Max 2 Hits 860% x 3  494.1% x 2  494.1% x 3 
Lv. 10 960% Max 2 Hits  1118% x 3  648% x 2  648% x 3 
Wind Rider Before (PvE) After (PvE)  Before (PvP) After (PvP) 
Lv. 1 350% Max 2 Hits  350% Max 3 Hits  175% Max 2 Hits  175% Max 3 Hits 
Lv. 10 455% Max 2 Hits 455% Max 3 Hits 210% Max 2 Hits  210% Max 3 Hits 


- Reduced maximum duration of invincibility when using the skill Frigid Fog.


- Changed skill effect of Lightning Storm from "Daze on hit" to "Knockdown on hit".
- Increased Lightning Storm attack speed and how quickly it can be connected as a combo.
- Increased PvE damage of Lightning Storm and Electric Wave.

Lightning Storm Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 330.08% x 5  375% x 5 
Lv. 10 432.57% x 5  487.5% x 5 
Electric Wave Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 344.08% x 4  420% x 4 
Lv. 10 455.4% x 4  546% x 4 

- Changed the skill animation of Static Shield.
- Adjusted the cooldown of Static Shield from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Changed to make Static Shield connect faster as a combo with other skills after it is used.
- Added "Knockback on first hit, Knockdown on last hit" effect to Static Shield.
- Increased the PvE and PvP damage of Static Shield based on the changes made to the skill animation.

Static Shield Before (PvE) After (PvE)  Before (PvP) After (PvP) 
Lv. 1 524.7% x 2  364% Max 5 Hits 524.7% x 2  254.8% Max 5 Hits 
Lv. 10 638% x 2  473.2% Max 5 Hits  638% x 2  331.24% Max 5 Hits 

- Increased front/rear attack range of the skill Cataclysm.


- Increased PvE damage of Beatdown, Dance of the Red Pheonix, Dance of the Blue Dragon, Dance of the Black Tortoise, and Dance of the White Tiger.

Divine Beast's Blessing  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 351% Max 3 Hits 460% Max 3 Hits
Lv. 10 476% Max 3 Hits 598% Max 3 Hits
Dance of the Red Phoenix  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 385.92% Max 6 Hits  400% Max 6 Hits
Lv. 10 442.08% Max 6 Hits  520% Max 6 Hits 
Dance of the Blue Dragon  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 720% x 2  800% x 2 
Lv. 10 900% x 2  1040% x 2 
Dance of the Black Tortoise  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 587.5% x 2  860% x 2 
Lv. 10 780% x 2  1118% x 2 
Dance of the White Tiger Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 375% x 3  530% x 3 
Lv. 10 495% x 3  689% x 3 

- Adjusted the cooldown of Dance of the White Tiger from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.


- Increased the attack range of Death Circus.
- Increased the PvE damage of Death Circus, Soul Reaver, Cartian's Wrath, and Soul Spike.

Death Circus  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 171.82% Max 20 Hits  225% Max 20 Hits 
Lv. 10 199.65% Max 20 Hits  292.5% Max 20 Hits 
Soul Reaver  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 770% x 2  857% x 2 
Lv. 10 935% x 2  1114.1% x 2 
Cartian's Wrath  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 1050%  1350% 
Lv. 10 1324%  1755% 
Soul Spike  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 236.5 x 7  286% x 7 
Lv. 10 298.1% x 7  371.8% x 7 

- Adjusted the cooldown of Soul Spike from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.


- Increased the PvE damage of To the Grave, Slugfest, Tectonic Rift, and Funeral Blast.

To the Grave  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 420% Max 5 Hits  540% Max 5 Hits
Lv. 10 546% Max 5 Hits 702% Max 5 Hits 
Slugfest  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 250% Max 8 Hits  320% Max 8 Hits
Lv. 10 325% Max 8 Hits  416% Max 8 Hits 
Tectonic Rift Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 257.4% x 4  365% x 4 
Lv. 10 347.6% x 4  474.5% x 4 
Funeral Blast  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 910% x 2  1000% x 2 
Lv. 10 1183% x 2  1300% x 2 


[Void Knight]
- Increased the PvE damage of Fury of Kamasylvia, Legacy of Vedir, Dancing Blade, and Eclipse.

Fury of Kamasylvia  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 360% x 3  460% x 3 
Lv. 10 480% x 3  598% x 3 
Legacy of the Vedir Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 718.75% x 2  850% x 2 
Lv. 10 934.37% x 2  1105% x 2 
Dancing Blade  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 260% x 3 Max 2 Hits 330% x 3 Max 2 Hits 
Lv. 10 364% x 3 Max 2 Hits  462% x 3 Max 2 Hits 
Eclipse  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 383% x 3  483% x 3 
Lv. 10 497.9% x 3  627.9% x 3 


- Increased the attack range of Vediant Shockwave.
- Changed the Nova Chain skill effect from "Bound on good 1st hit" to "Bound on hit".
- Increased the attack range of the last skill hit of Nova Chain.
- Increased the PvE damage of Nova Chain and Execute.

Nova Chain  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 380% x 4  450% x 4 
Lv. 10 494% x 4  585% x 4 
Execute  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 875% x 2  965% x 2 
Lv. 10 1137% x 2  1254.5% x 2

- Fixed an issue where the invincibility effect granted from the evasion skill lasted abnormally long.
- Adjusted the knockback distance applied on monsters when using certain skills.
- Increased the rear attack range of Vediant Shockwave.
- Increased last attack distance and added bound effect on Nova Chain.


[Blade Master]
- Increased the PvE damage of Rising Storm, Serpent Sting, Squall, and Rest in Peace.

Rising Storm  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 405.35% Max 4 Hits  485% Max 4 Hits
Lv. 10 526.95% Max 4 Hits  630.5% Max 4 Hits
Serpent Sting  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 297%  450% 
Lv. 10 386.1%  585% 
Squall  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 386.4% Max 4 Hits  435% Max 4 Hits
Lv. 10 502.32% Max 4 Hits 565.5% Max 4 Hits 
Rest in Peace  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 350% Max 5 Hits  480% Max 5 Hits
Lv. 10 437.5% Max 5 Hits 600% Max 5 Hits 


- Increased the PvE damage of Circle Slash, Conduit, and Upper Hand.

Circle Slash  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 518.65% x 3  588% x 3 
Lv. 10 680.8% x 3  764.4% x 3 
Conduit  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 363% Max 3 Hits  400% Max 3 Hits 
Lv. 10 484% Max 3 Hits  520% Max 3 Hits 
Upper Hand  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 242% Max 7 Hits  312% Max 7 Hits 
Lv. 10 335.5% Max 7 Hits 405.6% Max 7 Hits 

- Adjusted the MP cost to use the skill Backdraft from 30 to 20 MP.


- Increased the PvE damage of Celestial Spear, Sword of Judgment, Sharp Light, Divine Wrath, and Judgment of Light.

Celestial Spear  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 1100%  1400% 
Lv. 10 1430%  1820% 
Sword of Judgment  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 790.85% x 2  850% x 2 
Lv. 10 974.68% x 2  1105% x 2 
Sharp Light  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 308% x 3 Max 2 Hits  400% x 3 Max 2 Hits 
Lv. 10 385% x 3 Max 2 Hits  520% x 3 Max 2 Hits
Divine Wrath Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 725% Max 2 Hits 855% Max 2 Hits
Lv. 10 942.5% Max 2 Hits 1111.5% Max 2 Hits 
Judgment of Light  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 405% Max 4 Hits 490% Max 4 Hits 
Lv. 10 526.5% Max 4 Hits 637% Max 4 Hits


- Increased the PvE damage of Holy Thrust, Divine Judgment, and Retribution.

Holy Thrust  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 512.9% x 3  622.9% x 3 
Lv. 10 612.95% x 3  809.77% x 3 
Divine Judgment  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 385% x 5  438% x 5 
Lv. 10 440% x 5  569.4% x 5 
Retribution Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 312% x 5  387% x 5 
Lv. 10 432% x 5  503.1% x 5 


- Increased the PvE damage of Energy Vacuum, Cheap Shot, Gale Force, and Rising Uppercut.

Energy Vacuum  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 305% x 3  345% x 3 
Lv. 10 396.5% x 3  448.5% x 3 
Cheap Shot Before (PvE) After (PvE)
Lv. 1 305% Max 6 Hits  365% Max 6 Hits 
Lv. 10 396.5% Max 6 Hits  474.5% Max 6 Hits
Gale Force  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 550% x 3  650% x 3 
Lv. 10 715% x 3  845% x 3 
Rising Uppercut  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 534% x 2 Max 2 Hits 584% x 2 Max 2 Hits
Lv. 10 694.2% x 2 Max 2 Hits  759.2% x 2 Max 2 Hits 


- Increased the PvE damage of Heavy Strike, Blade Strike, Ground Smash, and Deep Thrust.

Heavy Strike Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 418.5% Max 3 Hits  550% Max 3 Hits 
Lv. 10 550.8% Max 3 Hits  715% Max 3 Hits
Blade Strike Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 429% x 3 Max 2 Hits  469% x 3 Max 2 Hits
Lv. 10 552.5% x 3 Max 2 Hits  609.7% x 3 Max 2 Hits
Ground Smash Before (PvE) After (PvE)
Lv. 1 780% x 2  960% x 2 
Lv. 10 1014% x 2  1248% x 2 
Deep Thrust  Before (PvE) After (PvE) 
Lv. 1 444% x 3  612% x 3 
Lv. 10 510% x 3  795.6% x 3 

- Increased the attack range of 「Deep Thrust」.


- Changed the skill [Smackdown] to [Piledriver].
- Changed the skill animation of Piledriver. Additional attack is now available upon using 60 MP.
・ Additional Attack cannot be used if you failed to grab a target with the skill Piledriver.
- The effect "Enhance: Reduced Cooldown" is applied by default and it has been changed to the skill [Flow: Toss].

Raging Thunder
- Changed to allow the use of Piledriver, Fearsome Tyrant, and Beastly Wind Slash while using Raging Thunder.
- "Enhance: Increase Range" is applied by default and changed the skill to Flow: Thundering Footsteps.
- Increased PvE damage.

PvE  Before After
Lv. 1  375% Max 9 Hits 400% Max 9 Hits
Lv. 10  400% Max 9 Hits 520% Max 9 Hits

Flow: Thundering Footsteps
- Increases attack speed when Flow: Thundering Footsteps is not applied and Increases move speed when it is applied.


- Added the effect Forward Guard (not applied in Arena) to take effect when Earthshatter is used.
- Added the effect "Superarmor applied after using the skill (not applied in Arena)" to the skill Flow: Additional Attack for Earthshatter.


Beastly Wind Slash
- Increased the skill distance of Beastly Wind Slash.


Lava Piercer
- Increased the duration of the skill Lava Piercer.
- Added the skill *Flow: Instill Fear.

* Flow: Instill Fear Skill
- 350% damage of Lava Piercer and max 2 hits
- Invincible while jumping
- Super Armor while attacking (Not applied in Arena)
- Bound on hit

- Increased the PvE and PvP damage of Fearsome Tyrant.

- Increased the PvE and PvP damage of Fearsome Tyrant.

PvE  Before After
Lv. 1  381% Max 5 Hits 420% Max 5 Hits
Lv. 10  495.3% Max 5 Hits 546% Max 5 Hits 
PvP  Before After
Lv. 1  342.9% Max 5 Hits  357% Max 5 Hits
Lv.10  445.77% Max 5 Hits 464.1% Max 5 Hits


■ Character Bug Fix
- Adjusted the skill effect of certain skills to make your character appear clearer.


- Fixed an issue where your character changed to a falling animation after using Beastly Wind Slash from a high location.


■ Pearl Shop
- Added recommended offerings for your CP to the Pearl Shop.
・Items will be recommened based on the Adventurer's CP.


■ Event Item
- The [1-Year Anniversary Fiesta Party Chest] will be deleted because the Black Desert Mobile 1-Year Anniversary Fiesta event has ended.
・We will send a Crimson Crow, an item from the chest, to your mailbox for any Family whose item was deleted.
Make sure to claim the item before it expires!


■ Guild
- Provided compensation based on the reduced cost of the guild skill 'Cannon Knowledge', 'Elephant Training', and 'Ogre Skills'.
・Applies to guilds that increased the level of the aforementioned skills after the maintenance between December 15, 2020 (Tuesday) - December 22, 2020 (Tuesday).


[Ramoness] (Updated 1/21)
- Increased the HP of the Statue, Relic, Lagos, and Ballista that appear in Ramoness.


[Great Desert] (Updated 1/21)
- Increased the HP of Kureba Hoarder, Temple of Serrett Radiant Spirit, and Temple of Shayla Stone Gate.


- Changed quest objective from "Appraise Great Desert Items x300" to "Obtain Great Desert Appraisal Items x300".
・Rewards can be claimed if the quests were already completed, but if there are remaining unfinished quests you must complete the quest by obtaining great desert appraisal items.


[Path of Glory]
- Changed to make the quest fail if you fail to clear the wave in 3 minutes.
- Added new family skill 'Restoration Energy'.
・Restoration Energy uses 7 energy and revives 1 character that has been incapacitated.


- Lafi Bedmountain, who can appraise Inscribed Glyphs, has moved to Velia.


- [Individual CP] The grade below Soldier has been divided from Tier S to Tier SSS.
- [Family CP] The grade below Soldier has been divided from Tier S to Tier SS.
※ Character CP details can be found in the My Character Info.
- Increased the amount of Dark Coins and Silver you can get from spoils in all zones of Hadum.
- Changed the guild check-in feature so that so check-in will be automatically recorded if you go to a field.

- Changed to enable auto-hunt if your character is in a hunting field upon login. (Updated 1/24)


- Added the option to now delete identified Inscribed Glyphs.
- Changed the description and crafting requirement for Special Trade Goods.
・Changed the location of craftable items to Craft Material > Special Trade Goods.
・Removed the craft requirement description that states Black Spirit level needs to be 130 in order to craft.

- Adjusted the selling price of 'Unidentified Elion Rune' sold in the shop to be the same as 'Identified Elion Rune'.
- Changed the grade of item with Advanced Combat Buff effects to Mystical grade.
- Appraisal items can now be appraised by any Appraiser instead of being limited to Merchantry or the Great Desert region.
- The Stone of Luck enhancement level (I-X) sub-stat [Reduces the cooldown to Find Spoils] will increase depending on the enhancement level.

※ The above content does not yet apply to the global version of the game.

▶ Applied on 2/2 update


- You can now select a worker and use the conversation, encourage, and give gift functions when the camp camera view is set to top view.
- Changed to make the Black Spirit remind you if there is an item that is almost nearing its expiration in your inventory from the main UI.
- Changed character pose when viewing [Reaper] from the Dye and Outfit shop.
- Changed the color effect to match Primal gear when it is obtained from the Banquet Hall.
- Changed the way rewards appear from the result screen after Ramoness.
- Added the option in the Stable to organize horses by tier and display only exchangeable horses.
- Changed to make locked items also appear in the Select Material screen when viewing items from the Craft Screen.
- Added the option to unlock crystals when viewed from the equip crystal and fusion menu by holding down on the locked crystal.
- Changed to make trade goods appear in order of when they can be delivered.
- Added the option to view items that provide Normal/Advanced Combat Buffs from the Buff Information menu.
- Stopped the Next Stage button from appearing after you complete the highest difficulty of Boss Rush.


[Great Desert]
- Fixed an issue where auto-combat would sometimes not work when playing through Mission: Rolling Stone.
- Changed to prevent monsters from passing through Black Rock Shrine.
- Fixed an issue where monsters disappeared when approaching Kureba Hoarder.


- Fixed an issue where skill training missions could not be accepted after a character awakened/ascended.
- Changed to make it easier to obtain "Mysterious Sculptor" knowledge next to the Heidel fountain.


- Fixed an issue where the number of Sealed Treasure Chests you possessed did not display correctly when playing Merchantry.
- Fixed an issue where the monster did not appear when moving to the location of the monster when using auto-path through knowledge.
- Fixed an issue where you could not claim the treasure chest that appeared in the Tier 8 Camp.
- Added the Weapon Outfit ON/OFF option when equipped with the Crayodel outfit for Nova and Hashashin.
- Fixed an issue where the UI didn't display upon tapping a consumable icon from the Buff Information screen.


[Boss Rush]
- Fixed an issue where auto-combat could not be used in boss rushes for certain classes.


- Fixed an issue where the name of the Basic Skillbook reward from the Eleventh Skill quest was incorrectly showing up as another name.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong class was displayed in the Skillbook and Basic Skillbook class icon.


■ Starting Events
- (Pass) Hadum Boss Rush Update! Daily Missions
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 19 (Tuesday) - Until February 1 (Monday), 23:59
- Find the Black Spirit's Lost Painting!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 19 (Tuesday) - Until the maintenance on January 26 (Tuesday)
- Looking Brighter Under Black Sun
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 19 (Tuesday) - Until the maintenance on February 2 (Tuesday)
- Prime Gaming Season 4, Round 2
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 19 (Tuesday) - Until April 27 (Tuesday), 15:59


■ Ending Events
- (Pass) Off to the Great Desert! Daily Missions Event
- Great Desert Training Has Begun!
- Eileen's Shop of Wonders


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products

- New Pearls + Boss Stamps
- New Pearls + Ancient Tablets
- New Pearls + Totem Chests
- New Pearls + Relic Fragments
- New Pearls + Lightstone Fragments
- New Pearls + Abyssal Accessory
- Lucky Boss Fragments Pack
- Alchemy Stone Enhancement Pack
- Totem Growth Pack
- Major Boss Stamp Pack
- Major Ancient Tablet Pack
- Hadum Boss Rush Package
- Epic Outfit Package
- Golden Bell
- Golden Bell: Blessing of Aal
- Golden Bell: Hadum
- Shadow Knot
[January 19 (Tuesday) - TBA]

※ What is a Golden Bell?
- Upon purchasing the item, the Golden Bell will be sent to your inventory.
- All Adventurers on the server will receive 100% Hot Time for 1 hour upon use. However, if another Adventurer used a Golden Bell, you cannot use a Golden Bell until the current one ends.
- The Golden Bell effect can be used with Server Hot Time and Hot Time Scrolls.
- You will not receive reward or benefits for the 'Likes' you receive after using the Golden Bell.
- Golden Bell type and zones where Hot Time is applied
・Golden Bell: Normal Field, Nightmare, Hadum, Black Sun
・Golden Bell Blessing of Aal: Great Desert
・Golden Bell Hadum: Hadum (Hadum Knowledge EXP +100%)


■ Sales Ending
- Limited Boss & Tablets Chest
- Lightstone Fragments Chest
- Pearls + Lightstone Fragments I
- Pearls + Lightstone Fragments II
- Major Growth Chest
- Pearls + Abyssal Lightstones
- Pearls + Boss Passes
- Pearls + Abyssal Crystals
- Pet Package
- World Boss Pass Package
- Alchemy Stone Enhancement Package
- Steady Seller Package
- Boss Stamp Package
- Major Boss Stamp Package
- Ancient Tablet Package
- Major Ancient Tablet Package
- Ancient Gold Coin Package
- Major Ancient Gold Coin Package
- All-Inclusive Alchemy Stone Package
- Grand Growth Chest
- Pearls + Hadum's Realm I
- Pearls + Hadum's Realm II
- Abyssal Accessory Challenge Chest
- Pearls + Ancient Tablet
- Pearls + Restoration Scrolls
- Pearl Fortune Chest
- Lucky Totem Chest
- Lucky Accessory Pack
- Pearls + Boss Stamps
- Pearls + Ancient Gold Coins
- Pearls + Relic Fragments
- Pearls + Path of Glory I
- Pearls + Path of Glory II
- Pearls + Path of Glory III
- Path of Glory Season 2 Chest
- Giant Ancient Tablet Chest
- Battle Preparation Chest
- All-in-One Package
- Fragments Challenge Chest
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment I
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment II
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment III
- Relic Enchantment Pack
- Pearls + Lucky Chest I
- Pearls + Lucky Chest II
- Pearls Fortune Chest II
- Lucky Fragments Chest
- December 3-for-2 Accessory Package
- December 3-for-2 Relic Package
- December 3-for-2 Alchemy Stone Package
- December 3-for-2 Fragment Package
- December 3-for-2 Glyph Package
- Steps of Fortune: Pets
- Boss Stamps & Tablets of Fortune


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Class Change Pack II