[January 26] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.01.26


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on January 26 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Hadum: Primal Gear Story

- Added a new story Primal Gear for Hadum.
・The story is available to play once all of your equipped gear is Abyssal-grade or above.


■ Added New Bonus Effects

- Added the 15th and16th Bonus Effects.
- The new Bonus Effects provide the following effects:
・9,000 CP: DP +100
・10,000 CP: AP +50, DP +50
※ The Bonus Effect requirements are based on your base CP, and does not include extra sources of CP.


■ Adjusted the Rate of Obtaining Abyssal Lightstones

- Increased the rate of obtaining Abyssal Lightstones [Sub-abilities: AP, DP] by 5 times.
・ The adjusted rate applies to the free and auto-fill Lightstones available for each day at the [Pearl Shop] → [Add-ons].
・The 5x rate does not apply to items from Lighstone fusion and Lightstone chests.


■ Log-in Rewards and Black Spirit Quest Changes

- Tripled the log-in rewards and Black Spirit Quest rewards.
・ The increase in Black Spirit Quest rewards also applies to Black Spirit Hadum Quests.


■ Hero's Legacy Sold at Gervaise's Shop

- You can use Dark Coins to purchase Hero's Legacy from Gervaise's Shop.


■ Added Tier 3 Wild Horse

- Increased the tier of horses that can be caught in the field from tier 2 to tier 3.
- Added a new zone where wild horses can be caught.

Horse Zone
Added Tier 3 Wild Horse Eastern Gateway, Altinova Entrance, Highland, Kasula Farm, Tungrad Forest
New Zones Where Wild Horse Appears (Tier 1 - 3) The Mausoleum, Stonetail Wasteland, Mediah Shore, Stonetail Ranch, Southern Mountains


[Hadum Special Boss Rush - Boss Stamp Issue]
- We will send Hadum Special Boss Rush Stamps to your mail based on the number of Hadum Boss Stamps that were exchanged from January 19 (Tuesday) until the maintenance on January 26 (Tuesday).


[Guild Rush Issue]
- We will refund the Summon Stones that were used prior to the Hotfix applied on January 19 (Tuesday) - January 20 (Wednesday).
- Go to the [January 20 Hot Fix Notice] for more details.


[Announcing the Start of Path of Glory Season 3]
- Path of Glory Season 3 will start after the maintenance on the 1st week of February (February 1 - February 5).
・Face stronger foes from a more powerful rift and obtain new emblems.
・Season 2 entry passes cannot be used once Season 3 starts, so make sure to use all of your remaining entry passes!
・We will provide more details regarding this topic through Patch Notes at a later time.


[Improvement of Adventurer's Fame System]
- Improvements will be made to the Adventurer's Fame after the maintenance on the 1st week of February (February 1 - February 5).
・ Adjustments will be made to overall rewards.
・ Rank rewards and the Adventurer's Fame score that was previously acquired will reset.
・ The rank rewards you've obtained and your records will reset after the maintenance on February 1.
・ A community event will be held in light of the increase in Adventurer's Fame reward (score rewards, rank rewards). We hope you look forward to the event.


[Black Spirit Plus] (Updated 1/26)
- Black Spirit Plus duration will increase from 6 hours to 8 hours after the maintenance scheduled for the first week of March.
・If Black Spirit Plus is already in effect, the effect will increase during the maintenance.


[Pass] Extending the Event Period of Hadum Boss Rush Update! Daily Missions
- The maintenance on January 19 took longer than we had hoped, which would make it difficult to obtain the rewards of the event. As a result, we have extended the event by one more week. The event will run until February 8 (Monday), 23:59.
・ Make sure to participate in the event so you don't miss out on any rewards!


■ Character Balance Improvements

[Developer's Comment]


We made balance improvements to Lancer with three things in mind. We hope you enjoy the changes!


1. Improvements to allow the use of continuous chase.

2. Enhance Lancer's skills and abilities.

3. Added a new flow effect to enhance her overall abilities in battle.


The Lancer is a class that uses her shield to block attacks and then uses the sacred Lancia to charge towards her enemies to deal heavy damage.


However, with the introduction of new agile and powerful classes, we realized that the Lancer struggled to compete against classes with high mobility, especially given her low skill attack speed.


We hope improving her mobility and skill connections will make it more rewarding when playing the Lancer after this patch.


- Radiant Burst
・Changed skill animation, improved skill hit mechanic, and increased move speed.
・Increased number of hits to match the changes made to the skill animation. (1 Hit → 2 Hits)
・Increased the total number of skill uses by 1. (1 time → 2 times)
・Reduced skill cooldown by 2 seconds. (6 seconds → 4 seconds)
・You can now use Radiant Burst while using another skill.
・Changed the effect "Super Armor while using skill". (Applied in Arena → Not applied in Arena)


- Divine Guard
・Changed the effect of "Front Guard while the skill is being used". (Applied in Arena → Not applied in Arena)


- Holy Thrust
・Changed to allow maintaining use of the skill when holding the button.
・Increased the skill attack speed.
・Increased PvP damage.

PvP Before After
Lv 1 460.27% x 3   598.35% x 3 
Lv 10 550.05% x 3  715.07% x 3 


- Righteous Torment
・Improved the animation to appear more natural when running or using an evasion skill.
・Changed to make the skill connect naturally when holding the button and changed so that Righteous Torment's last hit will be applied if you use Divine Guard, Holy Thrust, or Rejection.
・Changed to make the running animation connect more naturally after using the skill.


- Flow: Desperation's Resolve
・Increased the skill range.
・Increased the number of hits depending on distance travelled. (Max 7 Hits → Max 10 Hits)
・Changed to maintain charge even without having to hold down the skill button.


- Added the skill "Flow: Radiant Burst".
・350% damage of Righteous Torment.
・Additional attack when holding the skill button.
・Super Armor while skill is being used (Not applied in Arena).
・Max 2 hits and applies knockdown effect on hit.


- Fallen Angel
・Increased the speed of the jumping animation when using the skill.
・You can now move while using the skill.
・You can now apply the last hit of Divine Judgment after using the skill.
・You can use dodge a little more quickly after using the skill.
・Increased the PvP damage.

PvP Before After
Lv 1 1703.33% 2221.80%
Lv 10 2007.55% 2618.55%


- Divine Judgment
・Increased PvE and PvP damage.

PvE Before After
Lv 1 438% x 5  488% x 5 
Lv 10 569.4% x 5  634.4% x 5 
PvP Before After
Lv 1 350% x 5  390.4% x 5 
Lv 10 400% x 5  507.52% x 5 


- Sanctify
・Increased skill attack speed.


- Now, a notification telling you to go to an appraiser will appear if you have an appraisal item in your inventory.
- Changed the Condensed Dark Energy you receive from Merchantry to chests.


[Ancient Ruins]
- Added a setting option that allows you to automatically start Ancient Ruins once all party members are ready.


- Fixed an issue where the "Appraise Item" notification did not appear even if you had an appraisal item in your inventory.


■ Starting Events
- [Pass] Black Spirit's Roll Call!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 15 (Monday), 23:59
- Go and Catch Them All!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 8 (Monday), 23:59
- Pick the Lucky Rope!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 8 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- (Pass) Hello, 2021! New Year's Resolutions: Mission List
- World Boss Weapon Fragment Exchange Event
- World Boss Armor Fragment Exchange Event
- Find the Black Spirit's Lost Painting!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Pearls + Boss Nesting Dolls
- Hadum Raid Pack
- All-in-One Accessory Set
- Palette Selection Chest
- Class Change Pack III
[January 26 (Tuesday) - TBA]


- February Chest
[January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 21 (Sunday), 23:59]


- Special Weekend Chest I
[January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 6 (Saturday), 23:59]


- Special Weekend Chest II

[January 26 (Tuesday) - Until February 7 (Sunday), 23:59]


■ Sales Ending
- Class Change Pack II
- Saturday Chest
- Sunday Chest


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Emblem Growth Package II
- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass