[December 15] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.12.15


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on December 15 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Nova Pre-Creation

- Adventurers can now Pre-create and customize the new class Nova.
・We've prepared various events to celebrate the Nova Pre-creation.
1. [Nova Premium Login Event]
2. [Nova Lucky Shop]


■ Merchantry Update

- Added the Merchant Wagon.
"The Merchant Wagon has been added. The new wagon will help you quickly and efficiently play through Merchantry.
The Merchant Wagon is pulled by 3 horses and offers various special effects. Thanks to an increased capacity, you can load more food and trade goods, and the wagon's top speed will allow you to quickly reach your destination. We hope this makes Merchantry more enjoyable!"

Information about Merchant Wagon
Tier 5
Horses Required to Harness 3
Crafting Period 2 Days
Crafting Requirements Tier 8 Town Hall
Lv 2 Trading Post
Merchantry Lv 45

Crafting Materials
Silver x60,000,000
Food x80,000
Light Timber x70,000
Sturdy Timber x50,000
Silk Ball x35,000
Herb Grass x40,000
Copper Ore x20,000
Capacity Food: 91,000
Inventory: 30
Weight: 12,000LT

Merchantry Special Effect
Buy Stock 800%
Exchange Stock 400%
Food Stock 400%
Wandering Merchant Stock 800%
Maintain accelerated state

- Added [SS] grade that can be achieved by performing well in a Merchantry session.
・[S] grade conditions have also been modified with the addition of the new [SS Grade]

・With the addition of SS grade, the requirement to start Merchantry had changed from 35 slots to 100 slots available in the inventory.
※ The requirement to start Merchantry will change to 50 slots available in inventory through the scheduled maintenance on December 22. (Updated on December 17)
- Improved to allow score for each section to appear more quickly from the Merchantry result screen.


Path of Glory: Rift 9

- Added Rift 9 for Path of Glory.
Team up with your Family to challenge even stronger boss monsters from the latest difficulty.


■ Basilisk Story

- Added Basilisk Sanctuary in West Valencia.
・You can play through [Second Tale of Valencia: The Basilisks] in the new region.
・New titles and knowledge can be obtained in the new region.
- We recommend the following CP for the new region to be able to play here without considerable difficulty:
・Elion's Realm: 9,500 CP
・Hadum's Realm: 14,500 CP


■ Winter Theme and BGM

Enjoy this winter with Black Desert Mobile. Explore the world covered in snow and listen to festive music!

- Changed the appearance of towns and the camp.
- Changed to make snow fall every now and then in certain towns and other regions.


- Changed the name of certain items in-game.
・1-Time Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop Ticket > 1-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket
・10-Time Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop Ticket > 10-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket
・10-Time Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop Ticket x10 Chest > 10-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket x10 Chest
- Your character must be level 30 or higher in order to use the following items:
・1-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket
・10-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket
- You can now receive items when you use Puzzling Invitation.
・Receive 1 10-Time Nova Lucky Shop Ticket upon using the item.


- Made [Mystical] grade selectable in the Auto-Absorb Dark Energy feature from Shakatu's Shop.


- Fixed an issue where Adventurers were unable to interact with [Elk] while playing the quest [Phoniel's Deer].


■ Archmage

[Frigid Fog]

- Increased the skill cooldown by 3 seconds
- Decreased the skill duration by 1 second

(Updated on December 16)


- Get a [Primal] Defense Gear Selection Chest to celebrate Black Desert Mobile's 1-Year Anniversary!
・ After the maintenance on December 15 - Until December 31, 23:59 (Server Time). Available for all Adventurers.


[Black Desert Mobile 1-Year Anniversary Fiesta]
- The second week of the 1-Year Anniversary event has started! Complete all the Fiesta missions to draw 70 times from Nova Lucky Shop!


■ Starting Events
- Nova Premium Login Event
・ Event Period: After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until January 12 (Tuesday), 23:59
・ Premium Log-in Pass Availability: After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until December 29 (Tuesday), 23:59
- Nova Lucky Shop
・ After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until January 18 (Monday), 23:59
- Black Desert Mobiel 1-Year Anniversary Fiesta
・ After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until January 11 (Tuesday), 23:59
- Defeat the World Bosses!
・After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until January 11 (Monday), 23:59


※ A separate announcement will be made for products and their sale periods.


■ New Products (December 15, 2020 - TBA)
- Great Desert Prep Pack
- Rapid Growth Support Chest II
- Anniversary Lucky Chest
- Pearls + Horse & Pets

- Nova Prep Chest I & II
[[After the maintenance on December 15 (Tuesday) - Until December 21 (Monday), 23:59]](Updated on December 24)

■ Sales Ending
- All-in-One Character Growth


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- All-Inclusive Fragment Bundle
- Weekly Restoration Scroll Package
- 4-Color Dye Package
- Magical Essence x30,000 Bundle
- Shakatu Exchange Certificate x10,000 Bundle
- Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x2 Bundle
- Holy Vial of Light x500 Bundle
- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass x15 Bundle
- Inscribed Glyph x3 Bundle