[December 22] Patch Notes(Updated)
UPDATES 2020.12.22

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on December 22 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Nova

- Added the new class Nova.
- The last princess of Calpheon, Nova, wields a powerful Morning Star and Quoratum, a shield empowered by the Divine Tree Quturan.
- Nova uses an enormous shield to block attacks and a retractable Morning Star to pulverize her foes.
・Attack Type: Mid-range
・Weapons: Morning Star (Main Weapon) / Quoratum (Sub-Weapon)

- Nova is already in her Ascended form by default.
- Nova starts with 4 skills. Starting from level 10, you will need to complete skill missions in order to unlock other skills.
・To unlock skills, you need to first complete the quest [The Boss, Red Nose] and then play through the quest [Reclaimed Power: Nova].


■ Great Desert
- Added the Great Desert.


"The Great Desert is regarded as the place where it all began.

It is widely believed that the Primordial Black Rock first fell in the Great Desert.

Rumors about the Black Spirit and other tales originated here.

Explore a desert full of temples shrouded in mystery,

ancient giants that tower over the desert, and treasures buried in the sand.

We hope you have amazing adventures in the Great Desert update!"



1) Great Desert Entrance and Broken Altar

- The Great Desert is accessible after you complete the quest [The Opening of the Desert].
・The related Family Quest will be automatically accepted after you complete the Valencia main quest [Together Forever].
・You can get information about the Great Desert from Binvane when you are playing through the quest [The Opening of the Desert].


- Use the Broken Altar to go to an Oasis or distant locations in other regions.
- The Broken Altar can be used after the first visit and only in the desert.
・However, if you want to go to the Broken Altar from a region outside of the Great Desert, you must first pass through the Sand Grain Bazaar and then go to the Broken Altar.


2) Great Desert World Map and Sandstorm

- Explore various places marked on the Great Desert World Map and hunt monsters to obtain monster knowledges.
・Unexplored places will be covered in dark fog and any active Broken Altars will be highlighted, indicating where you can travel.
- A powerful sandstorm will pass through the Great Desert every first day of the month at 00:00.
・During the sandstorm, the Desert Exploration Log will reset and the location of the temples will change.
- Main quests for other regions will not be displayed on the UI when you are in the Great Desert.
・However, they will will still appear if you are in a region outside of the Great Desert for any main quest that has not been canceled.


3) Great Desert Knowledge and Collection
- Increase your knowledge through new people, locations, monsters (ecology), and information (academics).
・You can gain new effects from discovering new knowledge, including increases to maximum stamina when your total knowledge increases.
- Discover and obtain items from excavations as you explore the Great Desert.
・Appraise the discovered items to exchange it for valuable loot and register it to the collection.


4) Great Desert Exploration Information
- Read here to find Exploration Information for the Great Desert.

Category Details

- While exploring the Great Desert, the Black Spirit's compass will point towards a certain location at the bottom of the screen.
- As you move towards the location where the compass is pointing, the [Excavate] icon will appear once the compass icon fills up.
- Similar to mining or foraging, Stamina is used while excavating.
- Go to the appraisers, who can be found in each area of the Great Desert, to appraise the excavated goods and exchange them for items.
- Your excavation level will increase as you excavate more, earning you more rewards.
- Go to Life Skill information to view your excavation level and the Life Skill menu to see your excavation rank.
- Equipping Desert Camouflage will increase Excavation EXP and reduce the amount of Stamina used. 
Desert Exploration Log - As you play through the first part of the Great Desert main quest, you'll be able to use the Desert Exploration Log.
-  Every time you complete 5 quests from the Desert Exploration Log, a Great Temple will appear, where you can earn greater rewards including Edana's Coin.
- A sandstorm will pass on the first day of each month at 00:00 and the Desert Exploration Log will reset.
Desert's Grasp - The [Desert's Grasp] effect will be applied while in the Great Desert, reducing movement speed.
- Using Aal's Blessings will prevent the Desert's Grasp's effect for 5 minutes. Aal's Blessings can be obtained by completing quests in the Great Desert.
Broken Altar - Similar to the Altar of Memory, you can move from one Broken Altar to another, given that they are both active. You can freely move between active Broken Altars.
- Use the Broken Altar to quickly travel to an Oasis and other areas.
- The Broken Altar in Sand Grain Bazaar fulfills the role as both a Broken Altar and an Altar of Memory. If you try to move to the Broken Altar from a region outside the Great Desert, you'll first go to the Sand Grain Bazaar and then move to another Broken Altar in another area.
Purified Water - Purified Water is a necessity in order to travel and explore the Great Desert.
- Using Purified Water will increase desert exploration time by 40 minutes.
- Tap on the [Remaining Time] button located to the top right side of the Great Desert UI to receive 1 Purified water for free. You can get 1 Purified Water for free every day.
Camel - The Camel is an exclusive mount that can only be used in the Great Desert. Talk to the NPC Narses to accept the quest in order to obtain a Camel.
- The Camel item will be stored if you are in a region outside of the Great Desert. You can use the Camel icon once you enter the Great Desert area.
- The Camel is a necessary mount that'll help you get from once place to another in the Great Desert.
Elephant - Elephants can travel quickly in the Great Desert and possess a unique skill.
- Defeat monsters in the Great Desert to obtain Broken Trumpets. These will allow you take part in a quest to obtain a Royal Elephant. 
Tent - You can set up a tent in areas where Purified Water is used while traveling in the Great Desert.
- Purified Water is not consumed while you're inside the tent.
- The tent will be active for 10 minutes. You can set up a tent again after the 60 minute cooldown time.
- You'll obtain your first tent through a quest when you move to the Great Desert. You can purchase an Advanced Desert Tent from the Pearl Shop, which allows you to purchase potions and appraise goods.
Oasis - Oases can be found in certain areas in the Great Desert. Purified Water is not consumed within an Oasis.
- Talk to villagers that can help your adventure or take some rest as you prepare for your next journey.
Auto-Run Mode - Swipe the directional pad up to activate Auto-Run. This feature is only available in the Great Desert.
- When swiping, the directional keypad must reach the white button, which will make your character auto-run.
Edana's Coin - Edana's Coins are commonly used in the Great Desert. The coins can be obtained through various ways such as by defeating monsters in the Great Desert and exploring Temples.
- Use Edana's Coins for offering at the Black Rock Shrine to earn various special goods.


5) Temple

"If you follow the rays of light in the Great Desert, it'll lead you to temples that lay dormant, almost as if frozen in time.

Countless archaeologists, adventurers, and even merchants have journeyed from afar to explore and challenge themselves ever since rumors about hidden precious treasures spread.

However, it is said that no one has ever seen the treasure due to some unseen danger that lurks in the temple.

You will begin your adventure to unravel the temples shrouded in mystery."


- Obtain Black Spirit's Rune, Edana's Coin, and other special rewards by clearing temples that appear somewhere in the desert.
・Edana's Coin obtained from exploring temples or through excavations can be used to give offerings to the Black Rock Shrine.
・Each temple can have 5 levels of difficulty. Aside from level 1, you must fulfill any given requirements in order to enter at a certain level.
・Temples that have been explored can be revisited after the sandstorm passes by.
- Please refer to the table to see the type of temple and conditions for clearing it.

Type of Temple Requirements to Comple the Temple
Temple of Serrett Protect the artifact from becoming contaminated by defeating the enemies trying to take the shrine artifact.
Temple of Shayla Avoid the traps set up by the Gahaz Bandits to find the room filled with treasures. Find the room to fulfill the requirement and obtain the reward.
Temple of Ohm Forage, mine, or log within the given time to find food for Kureba. Use the food to lure Kureba and defeat it.
Temple of Tukar Defeat the guardian of the temple, Tukar Laytenn.
Temple of Luinass Team up with your Family to defeat the Judge of the Ruins, Deligatus.
Great Temple of Serrett Defend the artifact from getting contaminated by fighting off stronger enemies and Doel Fruco.
Great Temple of Tukar Defeat the greatly empowered Tukar Laytenn.
Great Temple of Luinass Team up with your Family to defeat Puturum, the Guardian of the Ruins.

- Complete the Desert Exploration Log 5 times in order to enter the Great Temple.
・The rewards and benefits are greater due to the difficulty in fulfilling the requirement to enter compared to other temple.


6) Black Spirit Awakening

"It is regarded as the location where the first black rock fell.

The Black Spirit will awaken his power once more in the Great Desert.

This new awakening allows the Black Spirit to equip runes, which will greatly enhance your power."


- The Black Spirit will awaken his power as you play through the main quest in the Great Desert. When the Black Spirit awakens, you'll be able to equip Black Spirit's Runes.
- Runes can be obtained from exploring the Great Desert. Various effects will be granted when they are equipped to the Black Spirit. Fuse 5 Runes to obtain a different Rune.
- The following information is about the Black Spirit's Rune:
・Type: Elion Rune, Hadum Rune (Total of 2 types)
・You can equip 4 Elion Runes or 4 Hadum Runes.


7) Laytenn and Black Rock Shrine

"The large ray of light in the vast Great Desert is an important event that cannot be overlooked.

There's a small chance of Black Rock Shrine appearing when you defeat the Ancient Guardina Laytenn.
The one who discovers Black Rock Shrine, together with other Adventurers, can offer Edana's Coins to get rewards.

When the best reward is obtained, you can also receive extra rewards.
However, beware of the one who wishes to destroy the shrine."


- The Ancient Guardian Laytenn's location will be marked on the Great Desert world map when it appears.
- Upon defeating Laytenn, there is a small chance of Black Rock Shrine appearing.
・Adventurers who participate in defeating Laytenn will receive a fixed amount of knowledge and rewards based on the damage they inflicted.
・The Adventurer who dealt the final blow will become the one who discovered Black Rock Shrine.


- The Black Rock Shrine will be marked on the map when it appears and it can be accessed by tapping on the icon next to the mini-map.
- Except for who discovers Black Rock Shrine, other Adventurers that enter can choose to offer or attack the shrine.
・Offering: Use Edana's Coin to offer at Black Rock Shrine to obtain various rewards such as Boss Stamps, Ancient Tablets, and Chaos Crystals. Black Rock Shrine offers both standard rewards and the "best reward," and the shrine will disappear once the best reward has been obtained. In such an event, the Discoverer's Reward will be sent to their mailbox.
・Attack: If Black Rock Shrine is destroyed, Adventurers that have entered the shrine can no longer provide offerings to the shrine. The Adventurer that delivered the last hit on the shrine can also steal the Discoverer's Reward.
・Adventurers that attacked Black Rock Shrine can be viewed in the "Attacking Adventurer" list of the Black Rock Shrine UI.
※ The best reward from the Black Rock Shrine and the Discoverer's Reward may be different each time.


■ Family-Based Skill Training Quest

- In an effort to lessen the inconvenience of growing sub-characters, the Awakening/Ascension skill training quests have been changed to apply to your Family.
・If one of the characters in the family completed an Awakening/Ascension skill training quest, then other characters can immediately obtain Awakening/Ascension skills.
・Basic Skillbooks can be purchased to learn Basic skills. If you have multiple skillbooks of the same Basic skill, you can sell it at the shop.
・There may be instances where completed skill training quests may appear after the update.


- Nova Pre-creation and customization has ended. Now, you can play the new class Nova.
- Changed and added some polishing touches to the apperance of the new class Nova to make her look more natural. We apologize to Adventurers who have pre-created Nova before the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday).
※ Even though the character had been created before the maintenance, you will not be able to receive the mail if you already deleted the character. (Updated on December 28)
・Combat Plus (3 Days), Appearance Coupon: 7 Days, Winter Palette


- Fixed an issue where the main screen UI could still be interacted with when viewing it the Store Food screen.


[Path of Glory]
- Fixed an issue where skills could not be used immediately after switching camera view in Path of Glory.


- Fixed an issue where Hashashin's Karlstein outfit appeared abnormally.


- The new class Nova has arrived! Complete the level up missions to earn up to 3,000 Black Pearls!
- Participate in a special event that is held in Black Desert PC, Console, and Mobile platform to contribute to the donation effort!


Starting Events
- Nova Level Up Event
・Event Period: After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 11 (Monday), 23:59
- Great Desert Bingo Event!
・After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 11 (Monday), 23:59
- Snowflake Exchange Shop
・After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on January 5 (Tuesday)
- Adventurer's Act of Kindness
・Event Period: After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on January 5 (Tuesday)
・Exchange Period: After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 11 (Monday), 23:59
- The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients
・December 23 (Wednesday), 12:00 - Until December 28 (Monday), 22:00


■ Ending Events
- 1-Year Anniversary Log-in Event
- Prepare for Great Desert! Sand Relic Chest


※ A separate announcement will be made for products and their sale periods.


■ Great Desert Lucky Shop
- Great Desert Lucky Shop Ticket (1 Time)
- Great Desert Lucky Shop Ticket (10 Times)
[After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 18, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


■ New Products
- Nova Level Up
- Nova All-Inclusive Chest
- Advanced Desert Tent
- Inventory +30 Slots (90% Off)
- Inventory +60 Slots (90% Off)
- Inventory +100 Slots (90% Off)
- Inventory +150 Slots (50% Off)
[After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - TBA]

- Goodbye, 2020! Chest I
- Goodbye, 2020! Chest ll
[After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until December 31 (Thursday), 23:59]

- 1-Year Anniversary Pearl x5,000 Bundle
- 1-Year Anniversary Pearl x10,000 Bundle
- Santa Fox
[After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 18, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


[Nova Outfit]
Shudad (Armor & Outfit)
Karlstein (Armor & Outfit)
Treant Camouflage (Armor & Outfit)
Kibelius I (Armor & Outfit)
Kibelius II (Armor & Outfit)
Aquilla (Armor & Outfit)


[New Outfit for All Classes]
Desert Camouflage (Armor & Outfit)
[After the maintenance on December 22 (Tuesday) - Until January 18, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


■ Sales Ending
- All-Inclusive Fragment Bundle
- Weekly Restoration Scroll Package
- Magical Essence x30,000 Bundle
- Shakatu Exchange Certificate x10,000 Bundle
- Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x2 Bundle
- Holy Vial of Light x500 Bundle
- 4-Color Dye Package
- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass x15 Bundle
- Inscribed Glyph x3 Bundle
- Nova Prep Chest I & II(Updated on December 24)


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- 1-Year Anniversary Shop > Anniversary Lucky Chest
- 1-Year Anniversary Shop > Anniversary Social Tokens
- 1-Year Anniversary Shop > Anniversary 1+1 Shop