[March 30] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.03.30

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on March 30 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



■ Family Dispatch

Developer's Comment

We’re always looking for ways to improve using other characters in the family.
With today’s update, we are adding Family Dispatch: Merchantry so you can send family members on Merchantry tasks when you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself!
We are hoping that the addition of this new system will add to your enjoyment and convenience when playing!

- Added Family Dispatch, a feature that allows you to use family members to carry out specific tasks.

- Tap Dispatch on the right side of the main menu and send family members to Tower of Trials and Merchantry.


▷ Dispatch: Merchantry

- To use Family Dispatch: Merchantry, you need to first unlock a camp and have a Tier 5 Town Hall, a Trading Post, a Wagon, and be Lv. 20 or above at Merchantry.

- The active Character needs to be at least Lv. 45 and only Characters Lv. 60 or above can be dispatched.



- If you are short on family members to be dispatched, you can use [Mercenary Contract] to hire a Mercenary who'll do it instead.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry will require a Daily Food Supply, which will be deducted from Food Storage.
- New Regions will unlock with higher Merchantry levels. Dispatching to these Regions will yield better rewards, but it will take more time to complete.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry will maintain amity with Trade Vendors of all regions.
- Amity reduction remains the same. Should you not do Merchantry or Family Dispatch: Merchantry for 7 days, amity will begin to fall.


※ Important Note
- Active characters, or those already dispatched for any task, cannot be selected for Dispatch.
- You cannot do Merchantry when Family Dispatch: Merchantry is already in progress.
- The level of your Merchantry escorts does not influence the results of Family Dispatch: Merchantry.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry does not earn Merchantry Exp. points.
- After Family Dispatch: Merchantry is completed, you can continue with Merchantry or another round of Family Dispatch: Merchantry, provided you have enough food.


▷ Tower of Trials
- Moved Tower of Trials to the Family Dispatch page in the main menu.
- Tower of Trials: Elion/Hadum progress can be checked together from the dispatch page.


■ Merchantry

Developer's Comment
The overall rewards attainable from Merchantry have been improved.
We hope the latest changes help diversify your gameplay and that you have more fruitful Merchantry trips ahead of you.
We are always listening to your feedback and will continue trying our best to improve the different modes of the game so that you always feel incentivized to try them all. 


▷ Event and Sealed Treasure Chest
- Increased Balenos, Serendia, Neutral Zone, and North Calpheon events.
- Increased the chance of higher-grade events.


- Added Epic and Mystical Sealed Treasure Chests (previously only obtainable through Merchantry rank SS) as possible Merchantry event rewards.


- Possible rewards of Mystical Sealed Treasure Chest:
· Black Pearl
· Advice of Valks 10%
· Refined Black Crystal: Weapon
· Refined Black Crystal: Armor
· Tower of Trials Entry Pass (Hadum)
· Tower of Trials Entry Pass (Elion)
· Ancient Tablet Chest
· Boss Stamp Chest
· Relic Fragments Chest
· Lightstone Fragments Chest
· [Mystical] Condensed Dark Energy Chest
· Alchemy Stone Fragments Chest

- Possible rewards of Epic Sealed Treasure Chest:
· Black Crystal: Weapon
· Black Crystal: Armor
· Patrigio Guaranteed Bargain Pass
· Grand Black Stone Sack
· Good Black Stone Sack
· Golden Loot Chest
· Novice to Master Skillbook x10 Chest
· Supreme Crystal Chest
· [Epic] Condensed Dark Energy Chest


▷ Merchantry Premium Specialty Good
- Added Tower of Trials Entry Pass (Hadum).
- Reduced the price of some available goods.
- Changed the required Rapport for purchasing some available goods.
- Changed the stock amount of some available goods.


▷ Wandering Shop
- Increased availability for items that can be bought and sold.


■ Gear Resonance

- Added 23rd - 28th Gear Resonance effects.
· You can check the details for the new Resonance levels in the Gear Resonance window.


■ Paladin
- Improved the transition to running when using [Radiant Charge].


■ Nova
- Fixed the issue during Node War where using [Frost Shield] could push Elephants inside barricades.


■ Dark Knight
- Fixed an issue that caused abnormalities with the character's hand when turning weapons off in town was selected.


■ Golden Bell
- Modified the name of [Golden Bell] available in the Pearl Shop.
Golden Bell (previous name) ▶ Bell of Fortune (updated name)
Golden Bell: Blessing of Aal (previous name) ▶ Bell of Aal: Great Desert (updated name)
Golden Bell: Hadum (previous name) ▶ Bell of Recuperation: Hadum (updated name)


■ Enhance / Enchant
- When enhancing or enchanting equipped gear, an animated effect has been added to highlight the selected gear.


■ Boss Rush
- Added a retry button to the popup window displayed when exiting Boss Rush.
- Added a function that displays the requirement for an unlocked Elion Boss Rush.
- After finishing an Elion/Hadum Boss Rush the Boss Rush will restart after 10 seconds if Auto-Repeat or Raise Difficulty are unchecked.


■ Character
- Fixed a display issue where the active character appeared abnormally at times.


■ Guild
- Fixed an issue in Siege War and Node War where Elephants would cross land types that they are not supposed to be able to.


■ Camp
- Added the ability to equip/unequip Weapons in Camp.


■ Arena
- Improved Arena to show Magic and Sacred Power stats.


■ Title
- Changes how titles related to World Bosses are obtained so that players who help defeat the boss can obtain the title, not just the players who get the last hit.


■ Guild
- Fixed an issue where, after the demolition of a bridge or barricade, the recovery time displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue in Siege War and Node War where the formation window and Guild Distribute Bonus window, when arranging the members list based on log-in information, would display the list incorrectly.

- Changed the name of 'Violent Banquet Hall Patrol' and 'Violent Banquet Hall Scout' in Hidden Banquet Hall to 'Mighty Banquet Hall Patrol' and 'Mighty Banquet Hall Scout'.

- Fixed an issue where the surrounding Guild Member's guild names did not display when you are new to a guild.
- Removed [Declare War] for members of the same guild.


■ Skill Preset
- Fixed an issue that, at times, prevented preset changes.


■ Hadum
- Fixed an issue where, when entering Hadum or Hadum Boss Rush, sound effects from other than the active character would play.


■ Movement
- Fixed an abnormal movement issue when the horse begins to move.
- Fixed an issue causing teleportation to work in places where it's not allowed to.


■ Debuff Skills
- Fixed an issue where at times Super Armor activated at unwanted times if the opponent used a debuff skill a certain number of times.


■ Tower of Trials
- Fixed an issue where, when restarting training, the left-side of the UI would disappear at times.


■ Field of Valor
- Fixed an issue where Normal and Advanced Buffs could sometimes not be used from the inventory in Field of Valor.


■ Quest
- Fixed an issue where quests related to receiving Silver would sometimes not complete.


■ Awakening & Ascension
- Fixed an issue where, after turning weapons off in Town and using a Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon, the weapons would not appear.


■ Fixes Related to iOS Policy Change

- Due to iOS policy changes the request to track your activity across other companies' apps (for customized marketing and advertising) will now pop-up for you to select your preferred options.

Developer's Comment:

Black Desert Mobile uses a function named IDFA (ID For Advertiser) to deliver suitable news, events, etc. to the users.


What is IDFA (ID For Advertiser)?
IDFA is an ID assigned to your device by Apple to help analyze your preferences and deliver suitable content to you by marketers and advertisers. As of March 30 (Tuesday) iOS is improving the privacy options and, in accordance with these changes, a popup will appear on devices running on iOS 14.5 and older when opening the app.


※ IDFA is used for delivering information and events based on your interests and is not used to acquire your personal information or for any other purpose.
※ You can still play Black Desert Mobile even if you do not grant access.
※ If your device is running on any iOS version lower than iOS 14.5 you will not receive the popup message.


■ Rune Price Adjustment
- Decreased Rune sale price. [Link to 3/23 patchnotes]


■ Starting Events
- Challenge Accepted! Complete Shai's Missions!
- Event Period: After the maintenance on March 30 (Tuesday) - Until April 12 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Shai Special Shop


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Champion's Package


■ New Armor Outfit
- [Valkyrie] Fallen Garzar
- [Ranger] Sylvia
- [Valkyrie] Enslar
- [Shai] Florchestra
- [Warrior] Grotevant
- [Witch] Labreve
- [Warrior] Goyen
- [Valkyrie] Venslar


■ New Weapon Outfit
- [Valkyrie] Fallen Garzar
- [Ranger] Sylvia
- [Valkyrie] Enslar
- [Shai] Florchestra
- [Warrior] Grotevant
- [Witch] Labreve
- [Warrior] Goyen
- [Valkyrie] Venslar


■ New Black Pearl Products
- Elion's Blessing
※ Added an item that automatically revives the character when they die during auto-hunt.
- Mercenary Contract
※ Added an item which can be used for Family Dispatch: Merchantry.


■ New April Fools' Outfit (Black Pearl) (2021, March 30 - April 12)

We've mix-matched outfits from our Classes to celebrate 2021 April Fools Day. Which outfit is your favorite?

- [Warrior] Blazing Inferno (Armor)

- [Ranger] Fallen Garzar (Armor)

- [Giant] Narusawa (Armor)

- [Valkyrie] Banha (Armor)

- [Witch] Sylvia (Armor)

- [Musa] Luanwulf (Armor)

- [Tamer] Florchestra (Armor)

- [Sorceress] Garnet Marniera (Armor)

- [Dark Knight] Enslar (Armor)

- [Striker] Grotevant (Armor)

- [Maehwa] Labreve (Armor)

- [Shai] Tantu (Armor)

- [Archer] Goyen (Armor)

- [Hashashin] Bloodfiend (Armor)

- [Nova] Venslar (Armor)


■ Sales Ending
- Shai All-Inclusive Chest