[October 13] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.10.13

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on October 13 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Tamer
- The new class Tamer has been added.
・Tamer uses the divine beast Heilang's power to unleash devastating attacks that eliminate any enemies in her way.
・ Tamer's small physical stature allows her to move quickly and evade attacks. Heilang also fights alongside her.
・ Combat Style: Melee
・ Weapon: Shortsword (Main), Trinket (Sub)

■ Black Sun

- The Black Sun will rise in Valencia on every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 21:00-22:00.
・Hadum's Realm will not be accessible in locations where the Black Sun has risen. Adventurers in Hadum's Realm in these locations at that time will be moved back to Elion's world.
・ An in-game notification alert will be sent when the Black Sun rises.
・Arena, Ramoness Arena, and Outlaw Mode will not be accessible when the Black Sun rises.
・The land affected by the Black Sun influences those who are in the area with darkness. Adventurers can attack each other, except their own guild members, if they are in locations affected by the Black Sun.
・Adventurers who die in a location affected by the Black Sun can revive for free after a certain time has passed.
- The Black Sun icon will appear at the top of the screen when it rises. Tap on the icon to move to the location affected by the Black Sun.

[Black Sun Score]
- Obtain rewards based your Black Sun Score.
・Increasing Your Black Sun Score
1) Defeat monsters in a location affected by the Black Sun to earn points.
2) Similarly, defeat Violent monsters in a location affected by the Black Sun to earn points.
3) Defeat or assist in defeating other Adventurers to earn points.
※ The Black Sun Score will reset to 5,000 points after midnight. A reward will be sent based on your Black Sun Score prior to the reset.

・Factors that lead to gain or losses in Black Sun Score between Adventurers
1) Defeat another Adventurer to steal 30% of the current score held by the defeated Adventurer.
2) You will lose 30% of your current Black Sun Score when defeated by another Adventurer.
📢 The schedule of the [Black Sun] will be reviewed to be revised. Any update regarding this matter will be notified via the patch note.
■ Craft: Abyssal Accessory

- An option to craft abyssal accessories has now been added.
・ Ultimate Mark of the Shadow = Requires Mark of the Shadow x15
・ Ultimate Ogre Ring = Requires Ogre Ring x15
・ Ultimate Witch's Earrings = Requires Witch's Earrings x15
・ Ultimate Tree Spirit's Belt = Requires Tree Spirit's Belt x15
・ Ultimate Giant's Ring = Requires Giant's Ring x15
・ Emperor's Ring = Requires Regal Ring x15
・ Emperor's Necklace = Requires Regal Necklace x15
・ Emperor's Earrings = Requires Regal Earrings x15
・ Emperor's Belt = Requires Regal Belt x15
・ Emperor's Bracelet = Requires Regal Bracelet x15

[Exchange Abyssal Accessory]
- You can now exchange abyssal accessories through Shakatu Exchange, with the exception of [Emperor] Accessories.
Example: You may exchange a Dark Chaser Ring for an Ultimate Mark of the Shadow Ring

■ Hasrah Hidden Chamber

-Added Hasrah Hidden Chamber. Test your strength as you explore this new, dangerous area!
・You can obtain Guy Seric Gloves, Guy Seric Helmet, and Guy Seric Shoes from this area.

■ Bonus Effects & Gear Resonance

- Added new Bonus Effects and Gear Resonance.
・Bonus Effects
7000 CP or higher: AP +100
8000 CP or higher: HP +300
・Gear Resonance from gear levels
At least 3 gear pieces at TRI and 3 gear pieces at TET: AP +140, DP +31
At least 3 gear pieces at TET and 3 gear peices at PEN: AP +165, DP +49
At least 3 gear pieces at PEN and 3 gear pieces at HEX: AP +200, DP +71
At least 3 gear pieces at HEX and 3 gear pieces at HEP: AP +245, DP +99


- You can now collect rewards for Boss Knowledge all at once when you tap on [Get All Rewards].

- Revised the item names for some Alchemy Stones.


[Boss Rush]
- Fixed an issue where you were able to move to non-accessible areas for some Boss Rush stages.

- Adjusted the minimum price for registering Epic, Mystical, and Abyssal accessories to the market.
- Adjusted the price for Epic, Mystical, and Abyssal accessories listed on the Accessory Shop.

- Fixed an issue where the UI erroneously displayed that an Epic-grade item was obtained when auto-fill was used. This would happen when the setting to offer Relics of all grades was switched to [On].
- Fixed an issue where Wisdom of Battle Combat EXP gains from [Ancient Relic Altar] was not added to [Bonus Effects].

[Node War/Siege War Guild Bonus Increase Event]
- Obtain 5x more guild bonus when occupying a node or a castle.

■ New Events

- Celebrating the Tamer Launch! Daily Missions Event
・After the maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday) - Until November 2 (Monday), 23:59
- Pick the Lucky Rope!
・After the maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday) - Until October 26 (Monday), 23:59
- Tamer Leveling Event with BDM Talk!
・After the maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday) - Until Tamer Leveling Event with GM Joel ends
- Node War/Siege War Guild Bonus 5x Increase Event
・After the maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday) - TBA

■ Ending Events
- Tamer Pre-registration Event
- Hadum Log-in Premium Pass Event
- Prepare for Hadum! Black Spirit's Adventure
- The Black Sun Will Rise! Hadum Special Quests
- Fall Festival 2020! Gathering Event (Certificate)

■ New Products
- Tamer Level Up
- Lucky Black Pearl Chest
- Jumbo HP Potion x10
- Pearls + Restoration Scrolls
- Pearls + Enchantments II
- Merchantry Level Up
- Tamer All-Inclusive Chest
- Pearl Fortune Chest
- Lucky Totem Chest
- Giant Relic Fragment Chest
- Lucky Accessory Pack

[Mileage Product]

- Tier 5 Pet Chest
- Restoration Scroll x2,500
- Holy Vial of Light x500
- Advice of Valks 50% x10
- Ancient Gold Coin x20,000
- Ancient Tablet x500
- Boss Stamp x200
- Advice of Valks 10% x10
- Jumbo HP Potion x100
- Horse Emblem: Tier 5 Chest

[Tamer Outfit]
- Shudad (Armor & Weapon)
- Karlstein (Armor & Weapon)
- Treant Camouflage (Armor & Weapon)
- Black Swan (Armor & Weapon)
- Night Cat (Amor & Weapon)

[Spiritwalker Outfit]
- Shudad (Weapon)
- Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
- Night Cat (Weapon)

■ Sales Ending
- Pearls + Enchantments
- Pearls + Advanced Mystical Relic Chest
- Pearls + Relic Fragments I
- Pearls + Relic Fragments II
- Major Relic Fragments Chest I
- Major Relic Fragments Chest II
- Alchemy Stones of Fortune
- Growth of Fortune
- Steps of Fortune: Gold Coins
- X-Large HP Potion x100
- Ancient Gold Coin x200
- Ancient Tablet x30
- Boss Stamp x20
- Wizard Gosphy (Tier3)
- Shakatu Exchange Certificate x700
- Restoration Scroll x700
- Advice of Valks 10% x5 Bundle
- Advice of Valks 50% x3 Bundle

■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Pearls + Restoration Scrolls Package
- Pearls + Boss Stamps I
- Pearls + Boss Stamps II
- Pearls + Ancient Gold Coin I
- Pearls + Ancient Gold Coin II
- Pearls + Abyssal Alchemy Stone
- Mystical Crystal Package I
- Mystical Crystal Package II
- Abyssal Crystal Package I
- Abyssal Crystal Package II