Black Desert Mobile FAQ (Updated on 5/26, 2020)

Greetings Adventurers!


Welcome to Black Desert Mobile! We are extremely pleased to finally meet all of you and are looking forward to a great adventure together!


Please note that we have decided to stagger the times in which we start downloads and character creation on December 9th,  to make sure that everyone will be able to start adventuring on December 11th.


You may want to use this time to create your dream character and show it off on our [Black Desert Mobile Global Release Celebration Event] for extra rewards!


We have summarized some useful information below in order to help you prepare for the great journey so feel free to take a peek!



Q. I can’t seem to download the game!

A. Please make sure you have enough storage space left on your device. If you still cannot download the game, please refer to the minimum device requirement list below for more details.

※ Please note that you cannot download the game on external storage space.


Q. I pre-ordered from the App Store but can’t download the game yet.

A. The App Store may take a while before transitioning from pre-order to download. Please try checking at a later time.


Q. I want to move my characters to another region/server to play with my friends!

A. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any kind of transfer/migration service. The only way to play on another region/server will be to create a new character and start a new adventure.


Q. I’m getting the following message [Error Code: 104]

A. Please retry downloading the game from a stable network environment.


Q. I can’t play the game! I get stopped at the character creation page!

A. The game will be in a pre-download & character creation phase from December 9th, 2019. You will be able to access and play the game after (PST) 12 a.m. December 11th, 2019.


Q. I play from a soft-launched country but can’t get onto the new servers to play the game! I get stopped at the character creation page!

A. Everyone will be able to play on the new servers after (PST) 12 a.m. December 11th, 2019 in order to provide a fair chance to all. If you are playing from a soft-launched country and wish to play immediately, please consider playing on the following servers: Heidel, Calpheon, Balenos


Q. What languages will be supported in-game?

A. English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, ไทย, русский язык


[Download on your preferred market]

☞ Apple Appstore [LINK]

☞ Google Playstore [LINK]


■ Detailed Information

Q. When can I start playing Black Desert Mobile?

A.  Please refer below for more details.
- Pre-download & character creation : (PST/GMT-8) 12 a.m. December 9th, 2019
- Global Release : (PST/GMT-8) 12 a.m. December 11th, 2019

OS Servers Soft Launch Countries Non-Soft Launch Countries


Android 5.0 or higher

Current Can continue playing

  [Pre-download & character creation]
  - (PST) 12 a.m. Dec 9th

  [Global Release]
  - (PST) 12 a.m. Dec 11th


  [Pre-download & character creation]
  - (PST) 12 a.m. Dec 9th

  [Global Release]

  - (PST) 12 a.m. Dec 11th


iOS 11.0 or higher



Q. What are the device requirements?

A. Please refer to the information below.

OS Minimum Device Requirements Recommended Device Requirements


Android 5.0 or higher

Galaxy S6 

RAM: 2GB or higher

Galaxy S7

RAM: 3GB or higher


iOS 11.0 or higher

iPhone 6S

*Devices under A9 chipset will not be supported.

iPhone 7

※ Maximum Graphic Setting Guide and Information [LINK]

※ Please make sure to check your device before playing the game as it may not meet the minimum requirements or run at a less than optimal way.
※ Please note that you may not be able to run the game at maximum settings even if your device passes the recommended device requirements.


Q. Will I be able to access Black Desert Mobile from [country name]?

A. Black Desert Mobile will have 3 exclusive regions: America, Europe, and Asia. You may choose the region that is nearest to your current location in regards to the network speed. (*Once you create an account in a specific region, the account information cannot be transferred to another region.)


Please note that there will be a singular standard timezone per region.  All in-game contents and events will follow their designated timezone so please make sure to check the server's timezone on the bottom left side of your game screen. This timezone may be different from your local time if you are in a different timezone.


Region America Europe Asia
Timezone PST (GMT-8) GMT+1 GMT+8

※ [Reminder] Black Desert Mobile will not be available in the following countries due to current legal issues until further notice: Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. (Updated on 5/26, 2020 at 03:00 (GMT-8))


Q. Can I link the game to my Social Media Accounts?

※ You will only be able to use the [Sign in with Apple] feature with iOS 13.0 or higher


After installing Black Desert Mobile, you will be able to choose between 5 options in order to sign in and start playing the game.


If you choose the [Sign in as Guest] option, game data will be saved on the installation file of the device you are using. In order to save your progress and restore or to switch the device in the future, you must link your account. You will only be able to sync your game data to one social media account which cannot be revoked or changed so please choose carefully.


※ If you uninstall the game or switch the device without linking, all your data will be erased. Please note that we are unable to recover the data lost on Guest Accounts.


Stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming updates.

Once again, we appreciate all of your support and love.


We’ll see you on the shores of Velia!