Black Desert Mobile - Roadmap 2020 (Updated on 5/26, 2020)

Greetings, Adventurers!


We would like to send our most sincere gratitude to all of our fans around the world for the overwhelming love and support you have shown us throughout this long development process for our global release. We are incredibly grateful and thus understand the absolute necessity to deliver the best version of the game to our Adventurers.


As mentioned, the development process wasn’t short, and you have shown us an incredible amount of patience for the game’s arrival. It has indeed been a hectic year preparing for the global release of Black Desert Mobile, and we are now only a week away! We are currently making our final adjustments as we prepare to meet all of our Adventurers starting next week.

* Character creation starts on December 9th, and actual gameplay will become available on December 11th.


While doing so, we thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the things we have planned for the upcoming year in addition to what you can expect immediately from the date of release.


We would like to highlight some key content and updates that we are planning for next year. Please note that this is a broad overview of what you can expect, and more details will become available as we get closer to each respective implementation.


In addition to the Roadmap, we want to provide a sneak-peek to some of the content that will make its way to Black Desert Mobile. We are excited to share for the very first time new features that we believe our Adventurers will appreciate. Please understand that changes to the names and content may occur before they arrive on the live servers.


We are preparing a brand new system called the “Blood Kin” for our Adventurers that will feature inseparable relationships.

With Blood Kin, you will be able to instantly summon them regardless of how far they are. We are also developing a feature that will allow you to contact an offline Blood Kin via phone notification.

Blood Kins that have gathered together will be able to share an exclusive buff with one another and also engage in exclusive quests to receive extra rewards.

“The Fame of an Adventurer” is a new reward system about giving and receiving admiration. Adventurers can give admiration to other adventurers and will be rewarded with helpful items for the long journey ahead. The receiving adventurers will gain fame; the higher the fame, the higher the rewards.

Before we close, we want to announce that Black Desert Mobile will not be including the following countries for global release due to current legal issues until further notice: Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. (Updated on 5/26, 2020 at 03:00 (GMT-8))


On a related note, Traditional & Simplified Chinese will be excluded from our list of supported languages. Please note that this exclusion only applies to in-game text and will not affect Family/Character naming nor in-game chat. We will look for opportunities to add new language support in the future as we see fit. Our first addition will be Portuguese, which we plan to make available in the first quarter of 2020.

We are extremely excited about the adventure that we will embark on with our Adventurers in Black Desert Mobile. Even though the development stage is now over, our work has only begun. Further improving our game will be the next step for us as developers, and in order to do that, we need your feedback. We will explore the best ways that we can implement your suggestions.


We at Pearl Abyss firmly believe that the best product is realized when we work together with our users. With that, we will continue to communicate with our Adventurers to make Black Desert Mobile the best game that it can be.


Thank you so much for reading our Black Desert Mobile Roadmap for 2020.

We’ll see you on the shores of Velia!