[QnA] Answers to our Adventurer's Inquiries in Black Desert Mobile!

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Answers to our Adventurer's Inquiries
in Black Desert Mobile!

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[Question] How can I use Black Spirit Mode?

You will be able to select Hunt, Explore Ruins, and Rush from the Black Spirit Mode UI by tapping the [Menu] > [Black Spirit] > [Black Spirit Mode] buttons located beside "Awakened Enhancement."
After tapping the content you want to select, tap "Get Reward" to proceed.
Just a reminder that you need entry materials for Boss Rush and Ancient Ruins if you want to select them.
Also, your accumulated Black Spirit Mode time is not only based on your logout time, but also when doing certain content such as Arena, Camp, and others.


[Question] The region where I can use Black Spirit Mode keeps on changing.


Before receiving rewards, the pre-selected monster zones are based on what is suitable to your CP.
But if you have a preferred monster zone to obtain Knowledge, you can manually change the zone before receiving rewards.
As a reminder, You cannot select monster zones where the required CP is higher than your current CP."



[Question] How can I reach level 99 in Hadum Boss Rush?


After the Boss Rush revamp update, Elion/Hadum categories have been merged into one.
The highest difficulty has been changed to 10, and you can start anew from difficulty 1 and reach back up to this new highest difficulty.


[Question] Where can I check the amount of entry materials needed to enter Ancient Ruins?


When you tap the "V" button located at the center of the top of your screen, you will be able to check the total materials you currently have.




[Question] I changed Family Name/Guild Name but the names have not been changed.

Changes to Family names, character names, and guild names will be applied after maintenance every Tuesday.


[Question] I can't delete my character. I have already emptied my inventory and removed all equipped gear.


1) Please check if you have any available inventory or slot expansions through [Inventory] > [Pearl Inventory] > [Character]. You can obtain extra slots and weight to your inventory if you use them, and they cannot be deleted.
Also, please check if you have Character Awakening/Ascension Coupons in your Character inventory, as this also cannot be deleted.

2) You also cannot delete seasonal characters if you have not completed the season.

3) For a character where Character Copy is currently activated, you must deactivate it first before you can delete the character that Character Copy is coming from.

4) Lastly, you also cannot delete characters if they are equipped with Lightstones via Slate 2 or 3.
To check if you have them equipped, tap the arrow icon found via [Menu] > [Black Spirit] > [Equip/Fuse Lightstone]. You can then unequip or delete them in order to delete your character.
As a reminder, be sure not to delete the Lightstones on Slate 1 as they are shared across your Family. 


[Question] I have so many [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chests. Is there no way to consume them all at once?

There is! Go to [Inventory] > [Open Chests] > [Settings]. From there, you can activate the setting to Auto-Absorb Dark Energy and open your items by tapping ""Open Chests."" This will open all chests and at the same time and Auto-Absorb chests that contain dark energy.
Don't forget that to be able to use the Auto-Absorb dark energy function, your Black Spirit level must be at level 100 or higher.


[Question] I keep getting a "Please secure plenty of inventory slots." message, and I can't open any chests.

Please check if you have at least 20 extra inventory slots or more for both inventory and pearl inventory.


[Question] Are there any possible risks in killing or getting killed in an Outlaw Zone?

There is a definite risk of being attacked in an Outlaw Zone, but with that risk comes better rewards.

When you farm in the Outlaw Zone, you are granted +100% Field Combat EXP and a -10% Spoil Drop Cooldown, which is great for getting more and better loot.

In Black Desert Mobile, there is no EXP penalty or a risk of equipped gear being dropped when you die in the field.

You can also purchase Blessing of Elion from the Pearl Shop, which will allow your character to be resurrected within 60 seconds in the same location if your character is unable to take action.

Just a reminder that when you kill another Adventurer, their Family name will be registered on your history. The same goes for the Adventurer whose character became unable to take action - the Family name who killed them will appear as well.
Since there is a "Remember/Pursue" function, you can it follow the Adventurer to their current channel and pursue them.



[Question] I can't see the "Elite" tab from Ator of Trials menu

You can access this content after completing the main quest, "Boss: Narc Brishka."


[Question] Should I separately level up the skills of my other character who had received Character Copy?

Skill levels for each class is not shared, so it will remain seperate from the character whom you used for character copy.


[Question] I deactivated a specific piece of gear from my character for whom Character Copy has been activated. How can I reactivate the item?

You need to reactivate it again if you have deactivated a specific item and made any changes.
To activate inidividual gear, use 1 Imperfect Caphras Catalyst, which can be purchased from the General Goods Vendor NPC for 100,000,000 silver. After using it, move to the Character Copy UI and copy the item you have activated.

After completing the process, you will be able to reequip the item to the copied character.




[Question] I want to increase my Knowledge on certain monsters but it is stuck at level 1.


There are cases where the maximum Knowledge level to be obtained among certain monsters, decorations, etc. is 1.
For example, in the list of region monsters from West Valencia > Bashim Base, the maximum knowledge level for Bashin Totem, Bashin Altar, and others is 1.
After obtaining HP +1, you will no longer get any additional knowledge.

In cases where the maximum knowledge is more than level 1,
The level indicator will be shown as "Lv Max" if you have obtained all knowledge. For knowledge that has not been maxed, "1/15" will show when tapping the mini-map and selecting an icon from the zone info located in the middle of the screen.

You can tap to check the monsters in the farming area, and then change your spot to an area where there are more monsters if you wish.



[Question] Where can I purchase Crow Merchants' Elixir?

1. You can purchase from Patrigio's Special Secret Shop in each town. The products for purchase will be randomized and you can purchase a maximum of 20 items.

2. Merchantry
You can also purchase them from Merchantry through the NPCs in each town and can obtain them at a set chance.

(Lastly, you can purchase them from the NPC Morco, who randomly appears during Merchantry)




[Question] The Traits of my Fairy do not increase anymore.

If you continue blossoming your Fairy, the max trait points will increase up to 500.


[Question] The places required for my Fairy's Memory do not register even after going there.


To activate your Fairy Memory, you will have to check its Personality.
For example - currently:
You can activate lower-tier personalities; Lively, Bubbly, and Sunny if you have Carefree personality
However, you cannot activate the memory for Carefree if you have Trusted personality.
To solve this, for example,
If your current personality is:
Trusty → can register all lower-tier personalities after evolving to Sensible.
Caring → can register all lower-tier personalities after evolving to Gracious.
Carefree → can register all lower-tier personalities after evolving to Optimistic.

Please check the ones mentioned for your Fairy's personality!

However, you don't have to worry about your Fairy's memory at the moment.
Another alternative you can do is to increase the level of your Fairy. After you increase its traits, you can visit the locations related to memory!
You can register all places once your Fairy has evolved into Regal.




[Question] I have dispatched my Camp workers for World Gathering but my Life Skill levels do not increase.

"You have to do Life skills yourself to increase your Life exp.
Dispatching your workers will not increase Life exp."


[Question] I have no space to build structures in my Camp.

It is recommended to upgrade your Town Hall first to expand your Camp.
If space is still insufficient, tap the camera button located on the lower right corner of your Camp, and relocate your buildings by tapping the cross-shaped icon.

Currently, you can upgrade your Town Hall up to Tier 9.



[Question] In Node Management, does the total amount of materials gained change based on Life Skill level?

In Node Management, the higher the level of your Node, the higher the amount of resources you can obtain.

However, once your Life skill level reaches ""Master"" rank or higher, additional rewards can be obtained.
Please take note that you can also finish your worker's tasks faster through Node dispatch, which is based on a worker's vitality.


[Question] I don't have enough Contribution points. Where can I get more?

By completing different quests, you can obtain a good amount of Contribution EXP.

Among the many available quests, Black Spirit quests, Guild quests, and Camp quests are the three main ones that provide the most amount of EXP. Make sure to do them regularly.


[Question] How can I go to Farm from my Camp?

After moving to your Camp, tap "Gather with Workers / Farm" > "Farm" which is one of the menu categories located at the bottom of your screen.


[Question] I have completed Black Shrine difficulty 5, should I continue challenging the same difficulty?

After obtaining all first clear rewards through Calamity 5, you can freely continue Calamity 1.
The drop rate for the clear rewards for each Calamity level have been changed to all be identical.



[Question] Which buffs are applied in Chaos Rift?
What do "Chaos zones" from the Server Hot Time buff actually refer to?

Before the Chaos zone update, regions were categorized as "Elion/Hadum" regions. However, there was an update where the regions were merged into "Chaos" zones starting after West Valencia.

Server hot time, and Golden bell effects are not applied in Chaos Rift. However, Normal/Special buff items, Fortune Scrolls, and Pet stats are applied.



[Question] If I succeed in enhancing gear to +5 Umbral Chaos Gear, must I change it to +8 Chaos Gear?


For Umbral Chaos Gear (Severing Chaos Gear), there is a method where you can upgrade it from +7 Chaos Gear to +8 without having its enhancement drop through using enhancement materials.

Upon reaching +5 for Servering Chaos Gear, you have to change it to +8 Chaos Gear for you to proceed with the next level of gear resonance.

Umbral Chaos Gear was updated for easier, guaranteed enhancements from +7 Chaos gear to +8.

If you failed enhancing your chaos gear to +9 and failed restoration, and the gear drops to +7,
you can make it Severing gear again to enhance it to +8 for a quicker enhancement process compared to the traditional way.

Lastly, after enhancing your Severing Chaos gear to +5, you can disassemble the remaining Black Crystals through [Menu] > [Craft] > [Umbral Chaos Gear] > [Disassembly] and reobtain materials (Advice of Valks, Restoration Scrolls, etc).



[Question] Please tell me more about these upgrade numbers: +1 - +N and I - X!


"1 - 10 refers to +1 - +10, and I - X means +11 - +20.

For Chaos Alchemy Stone resonance, the upgrade of each alchemy stone (starting from I(+11)) are totaled and applied accordingly.

Ex. 1)
For Alchemy Stones: Enhanced I | Alchemy Stone: Savage I | Alchemy Stone: Brave I | Alchemy Stone: Lucky I,
4th resonance is applied because 4 alchemy stones have reached ""I (+11)"".

Ex. 2)
For Alchemy Stones: Enhanced 10 | Alchemy Stone: Savage 10 | Alchemy Stone: Brave I | Alchemy Stone: Lucky I
2nd resonance is applied because 2 alchemy stones have reached ""I(+11)."



[Question] I'm getting a ton of Totem chests already. How can I make use of them?


The crafting method for the Rift Totem +7 Chests has been updated with the April 2nd update. Obtain Crystallized Totems from Totem Chests and craft Rift Totem +7, and even aim for +8 with more ease!


[Question] Can I fuse the Lightstones I have obtained from loot/farming?


Before, it was very difficult to obtain higher grade Lightstones so you would usually obtain them through fusion. Now, you can obtain Mystical and Abyssal Lightstones more easily so rather than fusing, these can now be used towards crafting Holy Vials.



[Question] Where can I obtain enhancement materials for my Season Character's gear?

You can generally obtain them from the Resonating Beach. If you have other enhancement materials that you don't use, you can go to [Menu] > [Crafting] > [Season] > [Exchange] to make most of them there!


[Question] I have created a seasonal character. Is this character going to be deleted later?
Is it really necessary to play using a seasonal character? How does it differ from a normal character?"


Even after the season ends, your seasonal character will not be deleted. If you complete the season, you can change your seasonal character to a normal character one completing it. You will also experience faster progress with a seasonal character than a normal character.

In Black Desert Mobile, some content is Family oriented and requires playing several characters.



[Question] I can't equip certain gear on my seasonal character.

Seasonal characters can only equip Tuvala gear, which is exclusive to them.
Upon completing the season and converting to a normal character, you will be able to equip other types of equipment.


[Question] I am currently progressing my seasonal character but the quests have become difficult. What should I do?


If you're having trouble proceeding with quests, raising your CP will generally help you through it.
After obtaining enhancement materials from Chaos: Resonating Beach:

1. Defeating monsters becomes a bit easier after enhancing your weapon and sub-weapon to +20 to raise your AP.

2. Accessories: Enhance necklaces, belts, and earrings to +5. Then, upgrade accessories that increase DP (ring, bracelet) to +5. After that, we recommend enhancing in the order of +AP accessories, then +DP accessories.

3. Relics can be enhanced every now and then so long as you have enough materials, but if you do not have enough, we recommend that you prioritize enhancing weapons and accessories to +10 first.

Note, if proceeding with quests becomes too difficult, you can hunt in monster zones appropriate for your CP level to collect resources. Then, you can use those resources for Boss Rush and the Ancient Ruins to raise your Knowledge.


[Question] For family content such as Path of Glory or Constellation, can I use multiple characters of the same class?

Different characters of the same class can be used simultaneously in both Path of Glory and Constellation. However, for content such as Tower of Trials, you will not be able to receive the benefit of "Additional CP" which is attained from using characters of different classes.


[Question] I have been progressing my character. How do I know which area I lack overall in terms of CP?


You can check and compare your Combat Power to the server average by tapping "CP Breakdown" in the My Character Info section in your Inventory.

You can also compare your Combat Power to a top ranking Adventurer to see where you're falling short.

You can view other Adventurers' Combat Power by tapping on an Adventurer's name > Magnifying glass icon in the chat or by simply tapping the magnifying glass icon in Rankings - CP Rank.



[Question] How do I activate Succession skills?

If you're referring to obtaining Succession skills after the update,
if you've completed the Drieghan main questline, you can proceed with the story quest for entering the new region, the Land of the Sherekhan. Then, upon completion of the storyline you can obtain Succession skills.

After completing the Succession skill storyline, go to the Pearl Shop - Character/Coupon/Inventory and purchase the Succession Skillbook in order to learn Succession skills.
Please note that if beyond this point you wish to change Succession skills, you must purchase the same item."



[Question] Aside from my the main character, when can I start progressing other characters in my Family?

After creating a character, it's most convenient to hit level 60 through the Boss Rush or Ancient Ruins. For alt characters that have hit level 60, we recommend that you continue progressing them by dispatching them in Tower of Trials.


[Question] Which Crystal should I equip on the Ornament slot?

You will obtain a "Perilla's Star" Crystal as a seasonal character completion gift.
This crystal provides +50 each of AP and DP, and you can equip only one per Family.
Extracting the equipped crystal requires 100 Black Pearls.


[Question] Where can I use Faded Alchemy Stone and other types of Crystals?


1. We recommend converting [Event] Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest to Faded Enhanced Stones and using them as materials. We also suggest fusing your current crystals into Abyssal Crystals and Abyssal Crystal Fluid. We also suggest equipping AP/DP increase crystals on your alt/main characters.

2. Fuse Mystical crystals into Abyssal crystals, then use them to craft Abyssal Crystal Fluid.
Abyssal Crystal Fluid is later used to craft Primal crystals. If you do not want Primal crystals, you can turn them into Primal Crystal Fluid.

Turn Faded Enhanced Stones into enhancement material for Enhanced Alchemy Stone and prioritize enhancing to +10.

But, in order to succeed in enhancing to +10, you must possess sufficient Caphras Dust and Restoration Scrolls.


[Question] Apart from enhanced and lucky alchemy stones being combined with Harmony Stone, what other stones can I equip it with?
I mainly play PvP content.


"Apart from Enhanced and Lucky Alchemy Stones, you can combine the Harmony Alchemy Stone with Chaos Alchemy Stone: Savage and Brave. For PvE-related benefits, the Chaos Alchemy Stone: Brave will work best.

Harmony Alchemy Stones are Chaos-grade themselves, thus the alchemy stones fused with them must also be chaos-grade to be equippable (Abyssal/Primal are unequippable).

Furthermore, there are three different types of Primal-grade Brave Alchemy Stones with different effects. If you craft any of the three kinds to Chaos-grade, they combine into one item that contains the effects of all three.

In that same vein, if Enhanced Alchemy Stones or Savage Stones are crafted to Chaos-grade, the different effects become consolidated."




[Question] What Life Skill level should I attain for me to reach "Master?"


Life Skill levels follow this order, from lowest to highest:
Novice > Apprentice > Expert > Professional > Artisan > Master > Guru

The maximum levels for each Life Skill grade are as follows:
ㆍ Artisan: Level 10
ㆍ Master: Level 20
ㆍ Guru: Level 30




[Question] Are Pet levels affected during a Pet exchange?


The pet levels are not affected even after exchanging them so you can exchange even level 1 pets.
Since exchanging pets depends on the success rate, it is strongly recommended to do it regularly.


[Question] Do I need to fill Dream Horse Energy to 100 for a guaranteed Dream Horse?


Once your Dream Horse's energy reaches 100/100, the next try will be a guaranteed success.


[Question] When I obtain crit chance from pet exchange and/or horse bonding, is it also applied if it exceeds 35%?


The stats obtained from exchanging pets and horses are not applied as it does not affect an increase of stat maximums.



[Question] Does the effect obtained from Lucky Black Dragon stack together?


Since only the stats of a single Lucky Black Dragon is applied, it is best to use two pets that have attack stats and one Black Lucky Dragon to farm.

If you activate two Lucky Black Dragon, the effects will not stack.



[Question] How can I collect Tier 1 pets?


You may sometimes obtain tier 1 pets from doing quests. However, collecting may not be efficient as pets you can obtain may be the same. Thus, it is better if you get your pets through purchasing them via Pearls or Pet packages in our Pearl Shop.



[Question] I'm aiming for a Dream Horse. Is there an easier way to get Krogdalo's Spirit Stones?


Although it may take some time, the best method is to:

1) Tame horses yourself (Notheast Kamaylsvia > Lemoria Guard Post)

Make a goal of taming a horse once a month, and try to obtain Krogdalo's Spirit Stone while doing so.

2) Quicken this process by using a Carrot Confit.
As we know, the rate of taming a horse only gets higher for tier 5 horses. If you have lots of them, it is recommended to make use of Carrot Confet to tame horses.

3) If the location of a wildhorse is a bit far, use a tier 8 horse to move to that location to save time.

If the location is nearby and you have to move without any mount, it's best to use a class where it moves when using a skill against monsters.

Please remember that you also have to give up combat EXP and getting spoils if you decide to tame a wildhorse.

However, for classes where mobility is good in farming, you can still tame horses and at the same time, get combat EXP and have spoils if you set your character with pets that have a reduced spoils of battle cooldown.


[Question] How can I ride other mounts aside from horses?

[Answer] You can exchange to a different mount that you currently have
by swiping the horse icon to the right located at the bottom of your minimap.


[Question] I am curious where to get tier 5 horses.

You can tame tier 5 horses in Northeast Kamasylvia: Lemoria Guard Post.





[Question] Where can I get the materials to register in a Collection? Is there a way to check them?

The easiest way to get the equipment required for the Collection, is to go to Shakatu's Shop and trade in your Ancient Gold Coins.

At the lowest tier, uncheck the 'Auto-Absorb Dark Energy' and you'll be able to acquire various Helmets, Gloves, Shoes, and Armor.

Accessories can be obtained by crafting them in the craft menu.

Use the "Complete" function to immediately complete your collections


[Question] Where can I fish to obtain the materials used in my Collection?

Clicking on a fish in the Collection will only tell you which area it comes from. You'll need to go to the destination yourself.



[Question] How can I unlock Shahzhad difficulty in the Great Desert?


Shahzad difficulty is unlocked by completing the "Great Desert Glory" Story.

"Great Desert Glory" can be accessed by going to the Great Desert on Torme difficulty and obtaining "Aakman-Marked Core Piece" from defeating Hystria Sentinels.


[Question] How can I discover hidden regions in the world map of the Great Desert?


If you go near a dark area of the map and change the minimap to the NPC list, you'll see a Broken Altar that is disabled.

Click on it to move to it automatically and it will be activated and this area of the map will also reveal itself.

The question mark on the map is the location of the temples. Click on it to auto-travel to it and the icon will change to a temple icon once you enter the temple.


[Question] How can I unlock a Black Rock Shrine?


"When you defeat Laytenn, a World Boss that appears in the Great Desert on any difficulty, or when you defeat Laytenn during Black Sun, you have a chance to obtain a Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll.

You can use this scroll to summon a Black Rock Shrine."


[Question] When using my Fairy's Auto-offering skill in Great Desert, does it not allow me to obtain Eliza's Comb?


You can obtain it with the Fairy's "Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering" skill.
However, the drop rate is low so it's not easy to obtain.

You have a limited amount of time to hunt for the item because of the Purified Water system, so it can take up to a couple of months to obtain the treasure material.

Just think of this as an item that will eventually drop if you consistently hunt enough."


[Question] Is it good to match my character's CP with the monster's CP in Great Desert?
Or should I choose defeating monsters where I can kill them with a single skill?


You can earn more Edana's Coins in the Great Desert by defeating more monsters in a set amount of time.
Depending on the situation though, it may be more efficient to hunt monsters relative to your Combat Power.

For example:
- Earn 300,000 Edana's Coins per hour in a hunting zone where you can one-shot the monsters.
- Earn 250,000 Edana's Coins per hour when hunting monsters with a recommended strength similar to yours.

So it's more efficient to go to a hunting spot where you can kill them in one hit.

On the contrary, if you earn more Edana's Coins per hour by hunting monsters with similar strengths, you'd be better off hunting in this zone.

In conclusion, you can compare the amount of Edana's Coins earned every 30 minutes or 1 hour in different hunting areas to see which is most efficient.


[Question] Is there a big difference in the total amount of Edana's Coins obtained by moving to different Black Rock Altars, versus sticking to a single one?


After changes to the Great Desert, hunting from a single spot is much better nowadays, as it's much more efficient for obtaining Edana's Coins.
Monsters have faster respawns, so the time spent on moving to another location makes it less efficient.

Additionally, you can find more information about the ""Flute of Unity"" in the Pearl Shop, an item that increases your chance of receiving field item drops in the Great Desert.

It costs 400 Pearls and is available for the following zones: Everfrost, Great Desert, Field of Valor, and Sherekhan's Land.




[Question] I have missed participating in the Eilton Defense today. Is there going to be another one this week?


Eilton Defense will continue.
However, this content does not have a regular schedule and will run at irregular intervals.
If you see the Eilton Defense UI appear in-game, be sure to check back periodically to see how much time is left until the start of the next Eilton Defense.





[Question] I did not enchant my Abyssal Rift Totem and have combined it with my Primal Rift Totem. Will this still work well?


The Abyssal-grade Rift Totem that combines into the Primal Rift Totem will have its enchants removed, so it's okay to combine without enchanting.


[Question] How can I obtain Memory Imprints for bracelets?


You can craft them from Craft - Materials - Memory, or you can purchase them from the Market.


[Question] Where can I make good use of Epic or Mystical Inscribed Glyph?


If you have unused Inscribed Glyphs, you can use them to imbue relics on other characters on your account. Additional glyphs you have left over can be sold on the Market.


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