Early Notice Regarding the Scheduled Update on Apr 16 (Tue)

Early Notice Regarding the Scheduled Update on Apr 16 (Tue)


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Greetings, Adventurers!
This is the Black Desert Mobile Team.

We would like to inform you in advance about the upcoming changes on Apr 16 (Tue).

※ This early notice may not include all upcoming updates, such as class balance changes. This is a notice to inform you in advance of some information that we recommend you refer to while playing the game.
※ More details will be provided in the Patch Notes.
※ Some details are subject to change during maintenance.


- We would like to provide further details on updates scheduled regarding the "Eidolic Umbral Gear" added with the update maintenance on Apr 9 (Tue).

We could confirm that with new crafting recipes, many of our Adventurers crafted Eidolic Umbral Gear
and made Awakened Enhancement attempts.

Also, we received a lot of different feedback.
Some Adventurers wanted to reattempt the previous Awakened Enhancement method although they had already crafted Eidolic Umbral Gear,
and others wanted to craft Dawnveil Gear using Embers of Hongik for Eidolic Chaos Gear as well.

We do agree with the necessity of the elements mentioned in the above feedback from our Adventurers,
which is why the following will be added through the update maintenance on Apr 16 (Tue).


We confirmed that some Adventurers want to use the previous Chaos/Dawnveil Gear Awakened Enhancement method after crafting an Awakened +0 Eidolic Chaos/Dawnveil Gear.

We're planning to add crafting recipes for Awakened +0 Eidolic Chaos/Dawnveil Gear to Awakened +8 Chaos/Dawnveil Gear so our Adventurers can still use the previous Awakened Enhancement method.


We confirmed that some of our Adventurers are facing difficulty in crafting Dawnveil Gear because they already crafted Eidolic Chaos Gearwhile collecting materials required for crafting Dawnveil Gear.

In order to alleviate this issue,we are planning to add crafting recipes for "Eidolic Dawnveil Gear" that use Eidolic Chaos Gear and Flame of Hongik as materials.

After the update, you will be able to craft Eidolic Dawnveil Gear
using Eidolic Chaos Gear of all Awakened Enhancement levels and Flame of Hongik.

The Awakened Enhancement level, equipped Crystals, and Enchantments will be maintained.



We look forward to your continued support for Black Desert Mobile.

Black Desert Mobile Team

Thank you.