[GM Notes] Step Into the Land of the Morning Light

Step Into the Land of the Morning Light

Land of the Morning Light, a mysterious new realm beyond the vast Margoria Sea, where adventures begin.
Today, we'll venture off into the Land of the Morning Light where the tales and the quaint beauty of the eight provinces of Korea,
including Chungcheong Province, Jeolla Province, Gyeongsang Province, and Gyeonggi Province are wonderfully portrayed.

▲ Immerse yourself in the tales as you listen to the playlist of the Land of the Morning Light, a land of quaint beauty.

Once you reach the Juur Sea beyond the Margoria Sea,
you can set foot in Nampo Harbor that can be seen in the distance.


From people who want the goods from across the sea,
people waiting to board a boat,
and to people waiting in line with the somewhat wild sailors to go through customs.
Nampo Harbor is already bustling with all kinds of people.


We took inspiration from the beautiful sights found throughout Korea.
It was specifically inspired by Cheonghae Port, where the tale of "Jang Bogo,"

a figure of the past known for his active seaborne trade, lies.


You can admire the striking scenery of the sunset glow fully reflected on the surface of the sea,
and the sundown and sunrise, all at Cheonghae Port, located in Wando County of South Jeolla Province.

▲ Nampo Harbor


▲ Cheonghae Port


Cheonghae Port, where traces of the King of the Sea Jang Bogo can be found in places such as the harbor, marketplace, shipyard, and more.
And Nampo's Moodle Village bustling with villagers busy with their everyday lives and visitors.

Around Nampo Harbor, full of the vigorous energy of a harbor,
there are traces of the Cheonghae Port where you can fully experience the weather conditions of the vast sea.

Experience the vigor and beautiful scenery inspired by the port
in Nampo Harbor of the Land of the Morning Light in Black Desert Mobile.
We also recommend visiting Cheonghae Port located in South Jeolla Province.

If you travel further in from Nampo's Moodle Village, you'll hear cries echo throughout the entire location.

Here, you'll encounter tales of criminals being beaten, people pleading innocent,
and a thief thieving around the village.
This location that seems to represent a period of the past is the Donghae Office.

▲ Donghae Office

▲ Korean Folk Village Yongguhyeon Gov't Office


The Donghae Office was inspired by the Yongguhyeon Government Office in the Korean Folk Village.
We recommend that you visit the government office in the Land of the Morning Light
as you can find the traces of the live of Korea's ancestors and their culture.


Looking for the differences between the Yongguhyeon Government Office,
in which the lifestyle of the Joseon era is portrayed based on thorough historical research and evidence,

may provide a source of enjoyment during your adventure.

When you leave Nampo's Moodle Village with its many tales,

and go a bit further up the mountain ridge, you'll soon see a giant wall.

The name of this location is Nampo Gate, and it is guarded by many constables as a gate leading to Seoul.

▲ Nampo Gate

▲ Sangdang Sanseong Fortress


If you look down from behind Nampo Gate you'll see a full view of Nampo,

which resembles the Seoraksan Mountain of Gangwon Province,
with the mountains behind you. What you see was inspired by the Sangdang Sanseong Fortress located in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

From the peak of the Sangdang Sanseong Fortress in Cheongju,

you can see the entirety of Cheongwon, Cheongju to the west.
It was built as a fortress to defend the west.
Likewise, at Nampo Gate, not only do you have a view of the sea,

but you can also spot the Cheolli Jangseong, built from stones,
in preparation for danger that may arise from beyond.

Entry through the Nampo Gate is currently restricted, so you must find other areas to adventure in.


You'll arrive at a endlessly vast bamboo forest dense with trees

when you follow the path on the right below the Nampo Gate.
Referred to as the "Shimnidae Forest," it was inspired by the Juknokwon,

or the Bamboo Forest, in Damyang of South Jeolla Province.

▲ Shimnidae Forest

▲ Juknokwon

From the entrance of the Shimnidae Forest, you will be greeted by the fresh air that may clear your mind.
It resembles the Juknokwon with its refreshing and clean air.

According to the residents who live nearby, the temperature drops in the bamboo forest,
and the negative ions emitted from the bamboo forest provides a refreshing feeling.

We hope you can relieve the stress from everyday life as you admire the view of green life in Shimnidae Forest
of the Land of the Morning Light, inspired by the Juknokwon in Damyang of South Jeolla Province.


Up north from Shimnidae Forest, you can hear the powerful shouts of the warriors from Hanji County.
In the bamboo forest of Hanji County, you can see a glimpse of the "Ahopsan Forest" located in Gijang of Busan.

▲ Hanji County

▶ See Ahopsan Forest

After breathing in the air surrounded by the bamboo trees in nature continued from Shimnidae Forest,

once you return to Nampo Village
and look toward the sea, you'll spot Byukgye Island, well-known for the Byukgye Institute.

Byukgye Island was inspired by the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan,
and Byukgye Institute, built with a foundation on the cliffs of Byukgye Island,
was inspired by the Saseongam Temple, uniquely built on a rugged precipice in Gurye of South Jeolla Province.

▲ Byukgye/Byukgye Institute

▶ See Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

▲ Saseongam Temple

The Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is known as a Buddhist sanctuary built on water,

with dark blue waves splashing beneath it.

The Seomjin River flows below when you turn from the narrow path beside the Saseongam Temple.
Also, it is famous as a small temple from which you can admire a full view of Gurye

and Nogodan of the Jirisan Mountain.


You'll be able to feel a similar vibe and beauty at Byukgye Island in Land of the Morning Light.


Ride a boat from Byukgye Island and let the winds take you to Haemo Island.
This island may have formed from a giant boulder rising up high,
and was inspired by the Gwongeumseong Fortress of Seoraksan Mountain located in Sokcho of Gangwon Province.


▲ Haemo Island

▶ See Gwongeumseong Fortress of Seorak Mountain

When you climb up the Gwongeumseong Fortress and its rocky peaks,
you can admire the magnificent view of the Donghae sea.
You can admire the beauty of it all more conveniently in Haemo Island,
as climbing up a mountain isn't a difficult task in Black Desert Mobile.

Once you return to the continent after looking around in Haemo Island,
you'll arrive in Gowun Plateau.

▲ Gowun Plateau

▶ See Seolmaejae Silver Grass Field
▶ See Oak Bark Roofed House in Daei-ri, Samcheok


Gowun Plateau, impressive for its endless reed fields, was inspired by the Seolmaejae silver grass field in Yumyeongsan Mountain located in Yangpyeong.
The house of the physiognomist, with its roof combined with boards and fixed with stones,
was inspired by the "Oak Bark Roofed House in Daei-ri" located in Samcheok of Gangwon Province.

Let the scenery accompany you alongside the strong scent of nature
in Gowun Plateau, where it seems the winds stay and may even talk to you.


You can encounter many more beautiful aspects of Korea
throughout the adventures in the Land of the Morning Light.

▲ Honorable Choi House in Dalbeol Village
(Historic House of Jungyeochang in Hamyang, South Gyeongsang Province)

▲ Shimhyangjye
(Buseoksa Temple Anyangnu in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province)

▲ Nopsae Pass With Its Enormous Farmland
(Hwawangsan Mountain in Changnyeong, South Gyeongsang Province)

▲ Bomnae County
(Deungdaesum Islet of Somaemul Island in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province)

▲ Beombawi Valley
(Geumgangsan Mountain in Gangwon Province)

We recommend that you visit each of the sights of the Land of the Morning Light we introduced
to encounter the tales and experience the quaint beauty of the land.

Adventures in Land of the Morning Light, inspired by the nature and magnificent and quaint scenery of Korea,
will soon be available in Black Desert Mobile.

We hope you look forward to adventuring in this new realm.

Thank you.