New Outfit Preview: Taebaek


New Outfit Preview

Along the winding mountains, I shall survey this land like the radiant sun and the gentle moon.

Warm, spring winds arrive after a long, harsh winter.

Gently awakening the entire mountain range and blooming fragrant flowers,
in this country where noble kings and skilled warriors rule,
O, how joyful its people must be!

Waiting for the king's procession since morning,
a cheerful song naturally springs from an excited heart.


"Along the winding mountains,
he surveys this land like the radiant sun and the gentle moon.
Even the fierce beasts,
and the mischievous Dokkebi

escape beyond the five mountain peaks."


Then, with a resounding cry of "Long live the king!",
followed by the powerful melody of the grand drumbeat,

When the majestic sound of the gong and the taepyeongso, or drums, ring,
the king, His Highness, makes his appearance with a smile as stunningly radiant as his attire!
The ministers dressed in robes embroidered with the sun, moon, and five peaks guard his side
as they elegantly smile at the people, joyous to see the king.

Truly, 'tis a splendidly radiant spring morning!

※ The new outfit "Taebaek" will be released for all classes at once.

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ㆍ Title ㆍ

When you purchase a Taebaek Outfit,
you will receive the 🏅 "Spirit of Taebaek" title.
ㆍ You can check the "Spirit of Taebaek" title from [My Info - Titles - Adventure].

※ You can toggle the visibility of the cape of the "Taebaek" Outfit.
※ The "Taebaek" series does not have Weapon Outfits. The images were taken with other Weapon Outfits equipped.
※ Actual Outfits in-game may differ from what was announced.
※ Release schedules are subject to change.

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