[GM Note] A Visual Journey into the Origins of the Land of the Morning Light! - Part II

A Visual Journey into the Origins of
the Land of the Morning Light!


Adventurer! Did you know that the Land of the Morning Light and bosses that appear
each have an enchanting backstory?

Enjoy the enchanting tales that inspired the "Tale of the Songakshi"
introduced as illustrated tales!


"Tale of the Songakshi"

"The Legend of Dodeoksan Mountain"


Once upon a time, there was a poor man who worked day and night to provide for his family.
One day, a fortuneteller told the man that he was to get married twice and become rich.


On the very same day, the daughter of a wealthy family in the village fell ill and passed away.

He was told that if they didn't resolve the resentment of their daughter who had turned into a maiden ghost, something terrible would happen.

The man gave orders to his workers to find a groom for his deceased daughter.

Under their master's orders, the workers kidnapped the poor man to be her groom.

Under the threat of the father that he will not spare his life if he doesn't marry his daughter,
the man underwent the wedding ceremony with the deceased daughter.

After his daughter's funeral, the wealthy man repayed the poor man. On his way back home,
he fell asleep near a tomb with its owner unknown.

The daughter of the wealthy man appeared in his dream and thanked him.
It turned out the tomb belonged to the daughter.

The maiden ghost who died before getting married was called "Songakshi," and the village helped resolved her resentment and sorrow by holding a wedding for the deceased maiden.

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Tale of the Mudang Wraith


This was the tale of Songakshi, a woman with long hair and wrapped in white,
full of resentment from not getting married before her death.


We'll return next week with the "Tale of the Gumiho," so stay tuned!

Thank you.