[GM Note] A Visual Journey into the Origins of the Land of the Morning Light! - Part I

A Visual Journey into the Origins of
the Land of the Morning Light!


Adventurer! Did you know that the Land of the Morning Light and bosses that appear
each have an enchanting backstory?

Enjoy the enchanting tales that inspired the "Tale of Mudang Wraith"
introduced as illustrated tales!


"Tale of the Mudang Wraith"

"Princess Bari's Journey"


The King and Queen, who had longed for a son, inexplicably continue having daughters, one after another.


Upon realizing that their seventh child, Princess Bari, is also a daughter, they decide to abandon her.

Princess Bari is then rescued and raised by an elderly couple.

One day, she finds out that her parents are suffering from a terminal illness.
She discovers that a special type of water is needed to cure them.

Despite being abandoned by her parents,
she embarks on a journey to the underworld to get this special water from the water guardian.

After a harrowing 9 years of enduring a great many trials, Bari manages to obtain the water from the water guardian.

Water in hand, Bari gives it to her parents, who grow more sick by the day.

Recovered, her parents beam with joy and envelop Bari in a warm embrace.

Bari would then become the guardian goddess and guide the poor souls.

Check out "Princess Bari's Journey"
and other tales as well!




As these tales are passed down by word of mouth,
they change a little every time, and that is what makes them more enchanting!


We'll return next week with the "Tale of Songakshi," so stay tuned!

Thank you.