[2023 Sep] Known Issues (Frequently Updated)

[2023 Sep] Known Issues

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: September 13 (07:00 GMT-8)



- An issue where rewards window from the 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island' occasionally shows rewards that were gained in the previous stage (Updated on Dec 21, 2021)

- An issue where dyed weapons do show the correct colors after exiting from camp (Updated on June 22, 2022)
※ This can be fixed by re-logging in, or unequip then equipping the gear again.

- An issue where the Macro button is not displayed when accessing the chat window through tapping [Guild], [Bloodkin], and [Whisper] icons.
・To resolve this issue, you can tap the Chat window, which will normally show the Macro button. (Updated on August 3, 2023)



- An issue where the "Fatigue" of Camp workers dos not recover when the task in your is currently pending. (Updated on Sep 21, 2023)
- An issue where guild members cannot be in the same place when entering the Hidden Banquet. (Updated on Sep 21, 2023)
- 'An issue where 'Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Rush' is not working
・Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Rush has been temporarily restricted due to certain details discovered and will be checked accordingly.
・ Additional update will be added regarding this issue once available. (Updated on Sep 12, 2023)


- An issue where the price and registration info of Eternal accessories appear abnormally in the Market
ㆍ Eternal accessories cannot be purchased or registered on the Market until the scheduled maintenance on August 16 (Wednesday) (Updated on August 13, 2023)

- An issue where Black Desert Mobile Prime Drop 12 codes cannot be redeemed (Updated on August 9, 2023)
ㆍTo resolve this issue, please visit the Amazon Prime website and claim a new Drop 12 coupon code. 


- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6, 2021)
ㆍRe-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.
- An issue where setting the Basic Skill to auto-combat OFF causes the character to dash forward intermittently. (Updated on August 3, 2023)

- An issue where a Holy Artifact health notification message is displayed even when another guild's Holy Artifact is attacked in Node War and Siege War (Updated on Sep 14, 2023)


[Berserker] An issue where the Forward Guard effect of Crushing Falcon while receiving Unleash buff does not work in certain content such as Battlefield of the Sun and Ramoness Arena. (Updated on Jun 7, 2023


Thank you.


1st Week of Jan

- An issue where the max amount of group pass when doing 1-time exchanging for randomized passes via [Menu] > [Rush Board] is only until 1,000.
- An issue where a different Adventurer appears when using [Whisper] function through selecting the Adventurer from your saved list of [Kills] during combat.

2nd Week of Jan

-  An issue where Berserker's passive 'Unleash' does not get activated with the skill 'Rattle' is used when 'Flow: Helmet Smash' is turned on
- An issue where [Adventurer's Tier 6 Pet Chest]'s description from Woosa Release Premium Login Day 5 and 12 rewards, and Black Spirit Mission pass after obtaining 133 points is incorrect.※ You can obtain one of the pets randomly when you open the item.
- Wenn die Sprache des Spiels auf Deutsch eingestellt ist, ist es nicht möglich, „Transferieren" im Bestätigungsfenster für den Transfer einzugeben. (Updated on Jan 6)※ Dieses Problem kann behoben werden, indem eine andere Sprache aus der Sprachauswahl in den Einstellungen ausgewählt wird.

4th Week of Jan

-  Erreur à cause de laquelle il est impossible de saisir le texte de confirmation de suppression de décoration d'emblème. (Updated on Jan 23)
※ Ce problème peut être résolu en choisissant une autre langue dans les paramètres du jeu.

1st Week of Feb

- An issue where offering to Black Rock Altar is not possible after appraising an item through Advanced Tent installed in the Great Desert.
※ Offering, Excavating, or issues alike can be resolved by moving to another map, switching to another class, or pressing "Rest" button > Cancel.
- An issue where Fairy's 'Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering' skill sometimes cannot be used.
- The skill will not work if you are attacking the Black Altar. This issue can be resolved by ceasing to attack, and Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering will normally work as intended.
- An issue where the Touch of Death and Viper Strike's enhancement flow is turned [On] even after deactivating the skill when moving to another channel

- An issue where Woosa cannot Fish in combat regions
· Fishing does not work when moving to Camp from combat regions
· This issue can be resolved by logging in to another class or by fishing in town.
- An issue where the teleport effect of 'Cloudcarve' > 'Clouded Perception' does not occasionally work.

2nd Week of Feb

- An issue where Urugon and Loure Ravi are moving to a location that cannot be attacked.
- An issue where the enhancement flow effect of "Vicious Rend" while turned ON is changed from [Forward Guard] to [Super Armor] after using "Crimson Cyclone" 


4th Week of Feb

- An issue where 'Use Evasion during Auto-Combat' does not normally work 
- An issue where the remaining entries in Alyaelli Rift for Khan and Ancient Kutum is not applied after using extra entry passes while rewards for quest completion has not been claimed.
- An issue where registration of certain pets in the Pet Album does not work if you have multiple Cushy Mallowmerz and Sunshine Tiger prior to Feb 7 update
※ This issue can be resolved by owning either 1 Cushy Mallowmerz or 1 Sunshine Tiger.


1st Week of Mar

- An issue where reclaim count of the Outer Castle shows as 0 when reclaiming is possible.
ㆍ It is possible to reclaim the Outer Castle twice after winning a Siege War
- An issue where game content cannot be continued when skipping Path of Glory tutorial.
ㆍThis can be resolved by not skipping the Path of Glory tutorial.

- An issue where 'Path of Power - Defeat Boss Khan' cannot be completed by defeating Khan from Alyelli Rift 

- [Phantasma] Description of 'Lv. 10 Vediant Mastery' is incorrectly displayed. (Updated on Feb 21, 2023)

ㆍ Damage should be displayed as 286% at Lv.10 instead of 179.87%


2nd Week of Mar

- An issue where Mystic's normal attacks are unintentionally used upon using Flurry of Pain
- An issue where you can only obtain 170 Twinkle from Depressed Baby Fairy > 4th selectable choice from Talk, when your total trait is more than 1,710 for Radiant Fairy or 2,280 for Iridescent Fairy
- An issue where the Macro chat system is not working


3rd Week of Mar

ㆍAn issue where it is difficult to tap the offer Offering button from a Black Rock Altar nearby Giant Cactus Colony in the Great Desert.
※ You can offer by using Fairy's "Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering" skill

4th Week of Mar

- An issue where Kureba Adult moves to an area where attacking is impossible (Updated on Mar 6)


1st Week of Apr

- An issue where the teleport effect of Kunoichi's Viper Strike does not work

2nd Week of Apr

- An issue where the notification from Achievement button does not disappear even when completing certain quests. 

1st Week of May

- An issue where Urugon and Loure Ravi are moving to a location that cannot be attacked.

2nd Week of May

- An issue where classes that use Freeze effect in Trials of Ator: Elite cannot complete the required gimmick to retaliate against enemies. 
- An issue where the amount of Hadum's Token displayed in Genoveva's Shop is sometimes incorrect.※ This issue can be resolved by exiting and re-entering Genoveva's Shop. 

4th Week of Jun

- An issue where your character is teleported to town or field while queuing in Ramoness Arena.
ㆍMonsters and other objects are not displayed when this issue occurs and can be resolved by waiting until the match is completed or restarting the game. 

1st Week of July

- An issue where skill description of 'Call of the Dragon' and 'Descent of the Flame' is the same in certain languages
ㆍ Isu di mana nama skill 'Descent of the Flame' dan 'Call of the Dragon' ditampilkan dengan sama di sebagian bahasa
- An issue where is ? is still displayed on the World Map UI even after obtaining Knowledge from 'Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop', 'Wind Nol's Perch', 'Black Lake Encampment' region.
- An issue where your character experiences a "falling" action repeatedly and the HP continously decreases after passing by the bridge in Shayla temple. 

2nd Week of July

- An issue where Carrot Confit icon does not appear when taming a horse in Lemoria Guard Post
・ Carrot Confit will be consumed normally when taming a horse 
- An issue where some of the description of "Combat Plus (3 Days)" obtained from an event coupon contains some error
ㆍEffects obtained from the item is normal upon use

3rd Week of July

- An issue where HP or Meal button located next to the HP Potion and Meal bar cannot be tapped while riding on certain mounts.
- An issue where the game logs out while canceling a purchase from Pearl Shop on Android (AOS) devices

1st Week of August

[Void Knight] An issue where the Void Knight would sometimes turn into a Specter Sword when using Scattering Darkness into a different location.
- An issue where the option buttons located on the right corner of the mini-map does not show in Battlefield of the Sun

3rd Week of August

- An issue where the count of "10-Time Lucky Shop Ticket x1" is incorrectly displayed as "10-time Lucky Shop Ticket x3" for the Boss Rush Rapid Growth Pack [3+1] in Portugêse (Updated on August 16, 2023)


5th Week of August

An issue where [Chaos Cystal] is obtained rather than [Sun Crystal] when opening "Sun & Root Bonus" chest acquired through Sun & Root Pack [2+1] in Pearl Shop. 
ㆍ This issue currently experienced by Adventurers will be resolved on 8/29(Tue) maintenance by sending additional [Chaos Crystal] that matches Sun Crystal's value.


1st Week of September

- An issue where the item description in the inventory does not show after accessing Refinery from Camp.ㆍThis issue can be resolved by tapping [Menu] > [Black Spirit] or by restarting the game. 

2nd Week of September

- An issue where you cannot access Souad Guarden while doing the "Broken Trumpet" quest obtained from [Token: Royal Elephant]