[2/25] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2020.02.25

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 02/25 update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. Read below for more details.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.



■ What is Ascension?

After reaching level 60 and receiving the pass for Southwest Calpheon, Ascension quests will be unlocked. Every class will become more powerful than ever before! They will also use the same Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons as their base class.


Base Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Ascension Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Warrior (Longsword / Shield)

Gladiator (Longsword / Shield)

Ranger (Longbow / Dagger)

Huntress (Longbow / Dagger)

Witch (Staff / Dagger)

Archmage (Staff / Dagger)

Giant (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Titan (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Valkyrie (Longsword / Shield)

Paladin (Longsword / Shield)

Sorceress (Amulet / Talisman)

Raven (Amulet / Talisman)

For more details, please refer to the guide page: [Ascension]

Alchemy Stones have now been added to the game. They are able to increase or decrease various stats, and may also yield powerful effects. Find the Alchemy Stone that best suits your needs to aid you in your adventure! Stat and effect bonuses are randomized.

How to get Alchemy Stones

- Alchemy related items, such as Alchemy Stone Fragments, can be acquired by clearing Ancient Ruins. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

- Alchemy Stone Fragments can be used in crafting at the Alchemy Lab in Camp.

- Alchemy Stones can be acquired from the 9th Chamber at a low rate.


For more details, please refer to the guide page: [Alchemy Stones]


Ancient Ruins chambers 8 and 9 are now available.

Difficulty Required CP (5 players)
8th Chamber 3600 or higher
9th Chamber 4300 or higher

※ Alchemy Stone Fragments and Caphras Dust can be acquired regardless of the difficulty.

※ Alchemy Stones can be acquired from the 9th Chamber at a low rate.


The level cap has been increased from 60 to 70.

※ Due to the level cap being increased from 60 to 70, the buff [Field Item Drop Rate +10%], which became available at level 60, will now be available at level 70.

If a pet exchange fails, the success rate for following attempts will increase. This increase can stack up to a full 100%, guaranteeing the next pet exchange will succeed.

From the Trade shop in Camp, players can now craft Black Pearl Chests. Crafting Black Pearl Chests requires Black Pearls and materials. Black Pearl Chests can be traded in the Market.



- Adventurers can now summon their Blood Kin next to them instantly. This feature will become available when the Blood Kin is online. This can be found on the bottom left in the Blood Kin menu.

- Blood Kin tab has been added to chat so that Blood Kin can chat with each other.


- The Character Menu has been improved so that it is easier to distinguish the class currently in use.

- Made overall improvements in Knowledge - Boss in regards to receiving rewards.

- The total blocklist has been increased from 30 to 50.

- In the event tab, holding down the ‘+’ and ‘-’ button will now increase and decrease the total.

- Items with an expiration date will now have that date shown in the item’s infobox.

-The Daily Packages tab will now not be displayed if no Daily Packages have been bought or are in effect.

- The UI will now show the purchase limit on items in the market.

- A cancel button has been added during the countdown for Black Spirit mode.

- Increased the width of the scroll bar in the Dye menu for ease of use.

- The button “World Gathering” will now appear in the UI when selecting materials within the Deco Workshop and Trade Shop.



- Increased the damage and health of monsters and objects.

- A new effect will trigger on the party UI to signify when Party Members lose health.

- A new effect will trigger on the party UI when party members fall below 10% health.

- Added a third camera view providing a wider view.



- Slightly increased the damage dealt to players in open fields (This does not apply to Arena or Ramoness).


[Siege War]

Reviving has been changed to the following:

- The Revive window has been removed.

- After choosing where to revive, Adventurers will revive after the countdown completes.

- If the revival point is not changed, it will be set to the previous revival point.


[Path To Power]

- 4 new Camp quests and 2 new Gear quests have been added to Path to Power.




- Fixed an issue where accepting a friend request would occasionally fail to update that friend’s login status.

- Fixed an issue where crafting Condensed Dark Energy would occasionally fail due to an error requiring more food even when food requirements were met.



■ New Events

- Ascension Release Push Event

- Daily Mission Event

- Wheel of Fortune Event


■ Events Ending

- Sorcery Fragment Collection Event 

- 3x3 Art Puzzle Event



■ New Items

- Returner’s Plus Chest

- Returner’s Pet 1+1 Chest

- All-Inclusive Ascension Chest

- Alchemy Stone Fragment Chest

- Alchemy Stone Fragment

- Ancient Tablet Chest

- Ancient Gold Coin Chest

- Boss Stamp Chest

- 6 New Weapon Outfits and Armor Outfits

- 8 New Mileage items


■ Sale Ending (After the 3/3 Maintenance)
- Mileage Product (Monthly): Ancient Tablet x100
- Mileage Product (Monthly): Boss Stamp x100
- Mileage Product (Monthly): Ancient Gold Coin x100