Terrmian Twilight Beach Ball Event
EVENTS 2022.08.10

Terrmian Twilight Beach Ball Event 

Greetings, Adventurers!


Have you enjoyed the Terrmian Water Festival with our CM and GMs last week?


This time, join them again for another fun in the Terrmian Twilight Beach!

Do you have the guts to use beach balls to knock down the GM and CMs?!

If you do, it’s your time to call your friends, guildmates, or even enemies to unite together and knock down them for everyone to receive Terrmian Lucky Shop Tickets!

Check more details below


Event Period

August 10 (Wednesday), 19:00 – 19:15 (America, Europe, Asia)

Event Details 

1. Go to Terrmian Twilight Beach and head to the ocean shore.

1.1 To go to Terrmian Twilight Beach, press the Gift icon and select Terrmian Twilight Bazaar.

1.2 Press “Go to Bazaar” to enter Terrmian Twilight Bazaar

1.3 From Terrmian Twilight Bazaar, expand the min-map located on the upper left corner of your screen and head towards Terrmian Twilight Beach.

2. Upon arriving at the Twilight Terrmian Beach, you will meet a CM/GM. The CM/GM will be running or walking around.

3. Your goal is to knockdown CM and GMs by using a skill to the ball which will make it move and hit them.

4. The event will be recorded and the CM/GMs will monitor which Adventurer will knock them down.

5. Successful knockdown by Adventurer will be counted and will have corresponding rewards (please refer to the table below)

※ Please be reminded that the GM/CMs will only play from 19:00 – 19:15 (Server Time)

Event Reward Details
Successful Knockdown x10  Terrmian Lucky Shop Ticket x5
Successful Knockdown x20 Terrmian Lucky Shop Ticket x7
Successful Knockdown x30 Terrmian Lucky Shop Ticket x10

※ Rewards will be given according to the number of knockdowns and are not counted accumulative.

e.g. The total amount of GM/CM knockdown from each server will be counted, and a corresponding reward will be sent.

Asia GM Knockdown: 7 times

America GM Knockdown: 8 times

Europe GM Knockdown: 5 times

= Total number of knockdown: 20 – Terrmian Lucky Shop Ticket x7 will be sent to all Adventurers


※ Please Note

- The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you and good luck!