Temple of the Sun
EVENTS 2022.08.11

Temple of the Sun

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Greetings, Adventurers!

This is the Black Desert Mobile Team.

The Temple of the Sun is back!

The Temple of the Sun will open 3 times a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Check out the details on the return of the long-awaited chance to obtain rewards!


📢 Event Period

Aug 12 (Fri) 20:00, 20:15, 20:30
Aug 13 (Sat) 18:30, 18:45, 19:00
Aug 14 (Sun) 18:30, 18:45, 19:00

📣 What is the Temple of the Sun?

You can obtain items by offering Silver in the Temple of the Sun. Even if you don't get the best reward, all rewards will have more value than the offering fee.


📣 Temple of the Sun Details

- A message will be displayed on the top center of the screen when an offering room within the Temple of the Sun opens. There will be a 3-minute wait time.
- Tap the sun-shaped icon on the right side of the minimap to enter when the Temple of the Sun opens.
- Inside the Temple of the Sun, you can check the following information of offering rooms: ① Best reward ② offering fee ③ Max number of participants
- Upon entering the offering room, you can check the best reward and a list of other rewards.
- You can offer silver by tapping the "Offer" button to obtain one of the rewards at a fixed probability.
- Adventurers can offer in the same room. Item stocks will deplete according to the offering results.
- You'll automatically leave the room if you don't offer for 30 seconds.
  You may be unable to re-enter the offering room due to the limit on the number of participants.
- The Temple of the Sun will be open for 2 hours, but if someone obtains the best reward, the room will close after 10 minutes.
※ The offering fee may vary depending on the best reward.
※ Holding the "Offer" button will activate auto-offering. However, please note that Silver will continue to be used as long as the feature is activated.

Please Note

- Offering period and rewards are subject to change. We will notify you through an announcement if any change occurs.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.