Elite Guild Raid: Urugon Challenge Events
EVENTS 2022.08.09

Elite Guild Raid: Urugon Challenge Events


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Greetings, Adventurer!

Gather forces with your guild members to defeat the new guild raid boss, Urugon!

Obtain rewards just by participating, even if you couldn't defeat Urugon!

Join a guild now if you haven't yet and start adventuring with guild members!


Event Period

After maintenance on Aug 9 (Tue) - Aug 15 (Mon), 23:59

Event Details

1) Defeat Urugon in the guild raid with your guild members.
2) Black Pearl x1,000 will be rewarded to Adventurers in the first 10 guilds who've defeated Urugon at level 5.
3) [Restoration Scroll] x10,000 will be given to Adventurers in guilds that have participated in the Elite Guild Raid at least once.
* Rewards will be given regardless of whether Urugon was defeated.
4) Rewards will be given after maintenance on Aug 16.

Event Tab Open Requirement

- None

※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.
- You can enter an Elite Guild Raid once per week.
ㆍYou'll have two extra entries for two weeks after maintenance on Aug 9 (Tue), in celebration of the newly added content.

Thank you.