Adventurer's Summer Twilight Events - New Adventurers Guide!

Greetings, Adventurer!

A warm welcome to all Adventurers who has found their way in Black Desert Mobile!


✨ Now’s the time to start your Adventures in Black Desert Mobile! ✨

Do not miss out on obtaining redeemable coupons and participating to 🎉 various events 🎁 that’ll give handsome rewards!


2022 Heidel Ball Coupons 🎫

There’s no need to worry before you start your adventures if you have many goods in your inventory!

A variety of coupons are prepared for all Adventurers!

Check the coupons we have prepared below!


A coupon code have been prepared to express our gratitude to all Adventurers in the 2022 Heidel Ball

This coupon contains gifts from Chang-wook, the Executive Head of Division. Please check below.


All coupons from 2022 Heidel Ball can be redeemed until August 15(Mon), 23:59

so make sure to use them before the expiration date!

Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim's Gift

Coupon Code 🎫


*The code can be used until *2022/8/15(mon) 23:59

Black Pearl x4,000
Tear of the Goddess x300,000

Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim's Gift

Coupon Code 🎫


*The code can be used until *2022/8/15(mon) 23:59

Class Change Selection Chest x1
Restoration Scroll x200,000

Q&A Announcement Gift

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*The code can be used until *2022/8/15(mon) 23:59

Chaos Jewel x2 Ancient Gold Coins X 10,000,000
Chaos Crystal x 1500 Restoration Scroll x 50,000
Dimensional Fragment X 500 Cursed Pirate Island Pass X 10
Ah'krad x 2

Chang-wook Kim, Executive Head of Division’s Announcement Gift

Coupon Code 🎫


*The code can be used until *2022/8/15(mon) 23:59

Blessing of W x 3

No More Worries for Chaos Gears! Chaos Gear Full Set Giveaway!👕👖

Prepared only for our Adventurers!

Start your adventures with Chaos gears, the highest grade gears in the game!


Chaos Gears are the highest grade gears that can be crafted in Black Desert Mobile.


It contains basic stats and you will, of course, have to use Dimensional Fragment to enhance it that’ll increase your CP.

We prepared this to help our Adventurers to increase gear resonance!


No More Worries for Growth Progression! Log-in, Knowledge Level Up, Growth Support Event 💪

You don’t want to miss out on the on-going Growth Support Event!

You can obtain 6 type of Primal-grade items just by completing the main quest!

You definitely have to acquire these rewards without having second thoughts! - [Caphras Earrings Chest (Spiritbound)], [Absolute Red Nose’s Armor Chest (Spiritbound)], [Primal Main Weapon Chest (Spiritbound)], [Caphras Ring Chest (Spiritbound), [Caphras Necklace Chest (Spiritbound)]!

You can obtain various rewards just by completing the required Boss Knowledge!

You can obtain various stats such as AP, DP, and additional HP every time you increase Boss Knowledge.

Although you can increase your CP by enhancing your gears by upgrading them,

It is recommended that you should grow your Knowledge as it is one of the basics for character growth.

Want to know more about Knowledge? Check out out Adventurer’s Guide! [Here]

No More Worries to Having Fun! 🎇
Adventurer’s Summer Twilight Events!🎇

Aside from the mentioned events, you should also not miss out on the upcoming Adventurer’s Summer Twilight

that'll help your character growth in Black Desert Mobile as you enjoy your adventures!


Twilight Hunt, Twilight Finale, Twilight Boost, Twilight Grace, and more!

Check out details of our Adventurer’s Twilight events prepared just for you! [HERE]

Do you have any questions? FAQ

Most frequetly asked questions! (FAQ)

Q. Why is my Family name, “AdventurerXXXXXXXX(Random designated number)?

A. After waking up from the shores of Velia, you will be asked to complete “AdventurerXXXXXXXX after finishing the first 12 main quests.

“Alustin”, the alchemist will ask about your desired Family name and you can answer him by choosing the Family name you want to use. Your default name(AdventurerXXXXXXXX) will be changed.

The Family name you have selected will appear after relogging to the game upon quest completion.

Q. Why do I not see the ‘Events’ in the game? Eg. ‘Desert Daily Missions’, ‘Path of Glory’ events.

A. Various contents that Adventurers can enjoy are prepared in Black Desert Mobile.

However, we have placed certain requirements for Adventurers to access the content step-by-step while learning the game.

Additionally, you can participate in the events after completing certain tasks that is connected to the main quest as you progress your adventures in the game.

To know more about the event requirements, please visit [Official Website – News – Events].

Q. Its burdensome for me to just upgrade my gears and my CP have stopped increasing, what should I do?

A. There are other ways to increase your CP besides upgrading your gears in Black Desert Mobile.

There are various ways such as increasing Knowledge, increasing the level of Sylvia Goddess Statue, Rift Stone enhancement, Lightstones upgrade, Equipping Crystals, enchanting your stats through Magical Essence, etc.


Press the icon that has two swords located on the right part of the mini-map.


This window shows the overall comparison of your character with other Adventurers when it comes to CP.

After pressing, “Current CP” indicated in the image above, you will be able to check your CP in a detailed manner.

Make a comparison with other Adventurers to see which area can be improved!

📚 More Inquiries in Black Desert Mobile!

You may have more questions regarding other content available as you play in Black Desert Mobile.

Our Adventurer’s Guide is available that’ll surely help you out in your inquiry.

Adventurer’s Guide Link


Thank you.