2022 Adventurers' Summer Twilight, Heidel Ball Scenery!

Greetings, Adventurers!


The most awaited Heidel Ball on July 2, 2022, 19:00 (GMT+9) has finally concluded!

Our deepest gratitude to all Adventurers who participated and showed their interest to Heidel Ball.


For Adventurers whom we were unable to spend precious time with during the event,

We have taken photos at the event to share with everyone.


📣 Introducing the Scenery of [Adventurers' Summer Twilight, Heidel Ball]

△ Rehearsal being held before meeting our Adventurers.

△ A spectular performance from a band with a jazz-style variation of the Black Desert Mobile sountrack.

△ Sugar honeycomb game as part of the recreational activities during the event. Rewards have been promised when you win, right? Cheer up, Adventurers!

△ A must-recreation activity during the festival! Let’s start the adventures of the Black Spirit!

△ The Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim gives his presentation.

Looking back from, the past updates and future plans in Black Desert Mobile.

※ A separate Q&A session will be available for global Adventurers. You can check the details in the notice. [Here]

△ The Battlefield of the Sun introduced in the update announcement for the second half of the year: Battle of the Sun: Siege War!(Tentative) 100 Adventurers were able to play in the battlefield.

△ Thank you for your unwavering support and love in Heidel Ball.






It's very unfortunate that we couldn't bring all the adventurers to the scene.

We will always work hard to make Black Desert Mobile a game where Adventurers can enjoy precious moments.


Thank you.