[January 4] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.01.04

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on Jan 4 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Great Desert High Difficulty Level "Torme" added

Developer's Comments:
The Great Desert Hystria were monsters that some adventurers found difficult to defeat even after increasing their CP, while others had no strong monsters to face at all, resigning to fight these monsters instead.
To address this, we have tightened the CP gap between monsters and added a higher difficulty level so that more adventurers can better enjoy the Great Desert.

- A new difficulty level, "Great Desert: Torme" has been added.

- You must complete the newly added story "Aal's Test" to enter "Great Desert: Torme".
※ "Aal's Test" Story will be available after completing the Black Spirit Awakening Quest and receiving the title "Guardian of the Desert" after defeating Aakman.

- The title "Guardian of the Desert" can be obtained by defeating a certain number of Aakmans.
- In "Great Desert: Torme," the recommended CP for monsters and temples will increase relative to "Great Desert: Imur," and the rewards that can be obtained will increase.
※ Temple of Ohm, Ancient Kutum, the "Where the Stars Take You" missions, Souad Garden, Laytenn, and Tukar Laytenn are not affected by difficulty level.
※ Great Desert: Imur's Temples and Great Temples will have the same recommended CP as the existing Great Desert.
※ Great Desert Difficulty cannot be changed while inside the Great Desert.

■ Eclipse

Developer's Comments:
Eclipse was introduced in the last update, and is a class whose combat style was meant to quickly approach the enemy and overwhelm them with non-stop attacks.

We have been watching her closely since the onset of her adventure, and after analyzing her performance, we found that her damage and ability to conistently maintain it was not complementary to her high speed.

First, we have improved her combat ability by improving her active evasion by way of the passive skill [Star Heart].
In addition, her power has been increased by increasing the damage of [Royal Fencing: Riposte] and [Royal Fencing: Lunge], along with improved mobility by allowing certain skills to connect smoothly to running immediately after use.

As she is the most recent class to join the adventure, we will continue to monitor and improve her so that she harmonizes with existing classes, while also continuing to listen to feedback from our adventurers.

▷ Star Heart
- Removed "10% chance to evade enemy’s attack when hit".
- Added the effect of "Evasion applied when preparing next skill" to [Star's Breath]. (Not applied when entering Arena).

▷ Royal Fencing: Lunge
- Fixes have been made so that [Royal Fencing: Lunge] can be used continuously.
- Added "Reduce remaining cooldown by 3 sec on hit".
- Skill's PvE, PvP damage have been adjusted.
· PvE
· Lv 1: 550% x 4 → 610% x 4
· Lv 10: 715% x 4 → 793% x 4

· PvP
· Lv 1: 330% x 4 → 408.7% x 4
· Lv 10: 429% x 4 → 531.3% x 4


▷ Royal Fencing: Riposte
- Skill's attack range has increased.
- Skill's PvE and PvP damage has been adjusted.
· PvE
· Lv 1: 410% Max 3 hits → 460% Max 3 hits
· Lv 10: 533% Max 3 hits → 598% Max 3 hits


· PvP
· Lv 1: 205% Max 3 hits → 253% Max 3 hits
· Lv 10: 266.5% Max 3 hits → 328.9% Max 3 hits


▷ Quillion Release
It has been improved so that "Super Armor" is applied when using the skill.


▷ Royal Fencing: Sweep
Skill's attack range has increased.


▷ Star Shatter
- [Flow: Star Memory] has been changed to [Flow: Star Chain].
▶ Flow: Star Chain
· 150% of [Flow: Star Shatter] damage applied
· Max 6 hits
· Knockdown on hit

- It has been improved so that [Remise], [Meteor Fleche], [Royal Fencing: Lunge] can be smoothly linked to Running.
- Fixed the issue where a skill would not activate when using [Quillion Release].


■ Destroyer

The invincibility effect given to Destroyer in a recent update felt illogical in the arena and has been adjusted, but we are making up for this by improving his basic combat abilities.

First, the passive skill [Overheat] will now reduce damage from adventurers and increase damage to monsters to enhance hunting efficiency and survivability in the field.

In addition, the damage of his main skill, [Flame Buster] has been greatly increased to better anticipate enemy actions.
As a melee character, we expect that he will be better able to show off his ferocious side by raising his survivability and attack performance.

▷ Overheat
- "Decrease PvP Damage Received by 20%" has been added.
- "Increase Damage against monsters by 15%" has been added.


▷ Hellraiser
- "Super Armor" has been improved to "Invincible while jumping" and "Super Armor while attacking" when using skill.
- Combo into [To the Grave] to increase [To the Grave] skill damage by 20%


▷ Flame Buster
- Skill's PvE, PvP damage have been adjusted.
· PvE
· Lv 1: 526.5% x 2 → 710.77% x 2
· Lv 10: 745.8% x 2 → 1006.93% x 2


· PvP
· Lv 1: 473.8% x 2 → 639.69% x 2
· Lv 10: 671.2% x 2 → 906.23% x 2


■ Void Knight

Developer's Comment:
Void Knight was a class suited well for hit-and-run tactics, given her solid mobility.
However, her moves and attacks did not connect very naturally, so it became difficult to attack without enough movement ability.
As a result, her attack patterns were rather easily detectable by the enemy, even when employing these hit-and-run tactics.

In this update, we focused on Void Knight's agility and attack performance,
as well as improving her melee combat ability.

[Flow: Eradicate] has been newly added to [Eclipse], the core skill of this improvement, so you can attack enemies while moving, with a ""Super Armor"" effect being applied while using the skill.

On the other hand, [Dark Mist] has had its Super Armor effect removed in Arena, so you can focus more on melee combat rather than escaping.

Now, Void Knight will be able to more freely choose when to stay in the thick of battle or to attack and quickly retreat, and control the pace of the fight.

▷ Eclipse
- "Super Armor" while using the skill has been changed so that it can be applied in Arena.
- [Reduce Cooldown] has been changed to [Flow: Eradicate].


▶ [Flow: Eradicate]
· 110% of [Eclipse] skill damage applied
· Recover 12 MP on hit
· Max 4 hits
· "Super Armor" when using skill
· Knock back on hit


▷ Dark Mist
- Fixes have been made so that [Dark Mist] can be used smoothly after using Evasion.
- It has been changed so that "Super Armor in the arena" has moved to [Eclipse] and the invincible effect is not applied in Arena when casting.


■ Huntress
▷ Blessing of the Wind
- Extra hit damage has increased 10%.
ㆍThe 20% damage of [Razor Wind], [Flurry of Arrows], [Blasting Gust], [Spinning Shot], and [Descending Current] has changed to 30%.
- Evasion has changed and distance has increased.


■ Windwalker
▷ Guidance of Wind
- Extra Critical Hit Damage has increased 10%. (20% to 30%).


▷ Wind Slicer
- Increase distance of [Flow: Additional Attack].

■ Atumach
- Fixed the abnormally low HP of King Griffon.
- Changed the method of obtaining contribution according to the amount of damage dealt to King Griffon.
▷ Before: Contribution is given to the 1st to 5th place individual adventurers according to how much damage was dealt to King Griffon.
▷ After: Contribution is given to the 1st to 5th place guilds according to how much damage was dealt to King Griffon

- Watcher Belladonna Elephant has been improved so that it does not get pushed when hit.
- A background has been added in Atumach battlefield screen.
- Fixes have been made so that a notification pops up when the Atumach Season Reward can be claimed.
- Fixes have been made so that the score of the previous Season is not displayed on the Atumach Season renewal date.

■ Great Desert
- Improved to be able to move while excavating after riding on a Royal Elephant.
· If the distance from Excavation is increased, the excavation will fail and no stamina will be consumed.

- Changed the icon for Kutum Raid Scroll (the Kutum icon was added to the icon that only had a scroll).
- Changed to be temporarily exhausted when Ancient Kutum's HP is below 20% (previously 15%).

■ Expedition Gateway
- Changed the time at which the party is automatically disbanded when an adventurer's apparition participates and does not enter the battle in party-type content such as Ancient Ruins and Field of Valor (30 sec to 5 min).
- Improved the display of Kabuamilles when selecting the beginning tab in Ancient Ruins.

■ Quest
- "Defeat World Boss" Quest has been deleted in Bounty Missions, Guild Quest, Blood Kin Quest.
- "Defeat World Boss" Quest has been deleted from Guild Mileage Quest.

■ Alyaelli's Rift
- Fixes have been made so that the boss icon is displayed on the minimap during Alyaelli's Rift.

■ Ornette's Blessed Potion
- Fixes have been made so that the potion shortage icon does not appear in the lower right corner of Sleep Mode for characters with Ornette's Blessed Potion.

■ Pet
- After completing Train Pet Skills, the Siver consumption UI in the following pop-up has been improved.

■ Eclipse
- The issue that the hair moves abnormally during a certain motion while applying the 4th hair selection on Eclipse has been fixed.
- The issue that the hair moves abnormally when entering Customization while applying the 4th hair selection on Eclipse has been fixed.
- Fixed an issue where, when the enhancement [Flow: Star Chain] for Star Shatter is on, it would not cause damage.
- Fixed the issue where a skill would not activate when using [Quillion Release].

■ Cursed Pirate Island
- Fixed the issue where the difficulty selection UI would display when dead on Cursed Pirate Island.
- Fixed the issue where the difficulty was displayed in Madman John HP UI on Cursed Pirate Island.

■ Merchantry
- Fixed an issue where, in World Management, after using the Mythic Crow's Elixir, if you immediately move to the Wandering Merchant, the carriage does not move.

■ Refinery
- Fixed an issue where the Take Out function in the Refinery was not visible.

■ Memory Imprint
- Fixed an issue where certain Memory Imprints have an incorrect description.




■ Terrmian Cliff
- Terrmian Cliff will be removed since the event has ended.

■ CalpheON Ball Class Change Coupon
- [Level Exchange Coupon], [Skill Extraction Coupon], [Weapon Transformation Coupon], and [Mystical Outfit Exchange Coupon] that were given at CalpheON Ball has been modified so that they are available after maintenance on second week of February.


■ Starting Events
- Special Event! Great Desert Weekly Mission
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 4 - until Jan 16 (Sun), 23:59
- Return of the Mysterious Acorn Daily Mission
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 4 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
- Mysterious Rune Fragment Daily Exchange
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 4 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
- Prime Gaming & BDM Season 5
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 4 - until Mar 28 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
- 2022 New Year Terrmian Cliff Open!
- Winter Festival Roulette Wheel Event
· Event Exchange Period: Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
- Winter Festival Snowball Fight Event
- Send Love with Warm Sweaters!
- Primal Gem Exchange Shop!
- Black Desert Mobile 2nd Anniversary Hot Time Server!!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- New Year Lucky Shop

- Special Package
· 2022 Today's Lucky Chest
· Start of January Chest
· New Year Lucky Shop Pack I
· New Year Lucky Shop Pack II
· New Year Lucky Shop Pack III

- New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl)
Frostbite: Warrior
Frostbite: Ranger
Frostbite: Giant
Frostbite: Valkyrie
Frostbite: Witch
Frostbite: Musa
Frostbite: Sorceress
Frostbite: Dark Knight
Frostbite: Tamer
Frostbite: Striker
Frostbite: Maehwa
Frostbite: Lahn
Frostbite: Mystic
Frostbite II: Shai
Frostbite: Archer
Frostbite: Hashashin
Frostbite: Nova
Frostbite: Sura
Frostbite: Kunoichi
Frostbite: Corsair
Frostbite: Sage