[December 28] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.12.28

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on December 28 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Memory Imprint

Developer's Comments:
Today, we would like to introduce a new ""Memory"" item to Adventurers.
Adventurers have met various characters and heard stories of old heroes while exploring the world. Memories, as the name suggests, is a concentrated item of the experience, thoughts, and abilities of various characters. Memories of a wide variety of characters exist, from a common soldier on the battlefield to the powerful, legendary Edana the Ancient.

If you obtain a character's memory and imprint it on the gear, you can obtain special abilities from that memory and use it as an option.

This option preserves the value of existing gear and without causing CP issues, and was made to provide a variety of useful roles in combat.

For example, even adventurers with low CP can expect meaningful roles, such as providing fixed damage to enemies or helping the team with the ""Increase PvP Damage"" effect.
In addition, adventurers with high CP can diversify their battle situation by reflecting damage to the attacker or strengthening their recovery ability.

Just as each region honors a different hero, the types of memories that can be obtained vary from region to region. The memory of Valencia's famous hero ""Cantusa"" can only be enchanted on shoes, and can only be obtained from Valencia Chaos Zone. Memories that can only be enchanted on helmets, armor, and sub-weapons will be revealed later.

When you first obtain a memory, it is likely that it is not yet known whose memory it is.
This ""Unknown Memory"" learns who the owner of the memory is and what abilities it has through appraisal. Unidentified abyssal grade memories can be registered on the Market like an Inscribed Glyph.

Along with the process of obtaining memories and diversifying battle strategies, we hope that Adventurers will experience another charm of Black Desert Mobile.


▷ Imprint

- By obtaining memories and enchanting them on gear, you can unleash a variety of powerful abilities.
- Memory Imprint is available after defeating Katimburu in the West Valencia Main Quest.
- Memories can be imprinted in Primal and Chaos gear.
ㆍ Not applied in Karkea Arena, and Ramoness Watch Mode.
ㆍ Memories imprinted on Primal grade gear are transferred when crafting Chaos gear, and are also transferred when exchanging Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- Memories can be imprinted on Main Weapons, Sub-Weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, and shoes.
- Memory imprinted on gear cannot be removed.
ㆍ It is only possible to overwrite new memories, and existing imprinted memories will be removed when overwritten.
ㆍ Primal gear with a Memory Imprint cannot be traded at the Market.
※ Between January and February, a function to delete imprinted memories or use silver coins to extract them will be added.
※ Abyssal grade Unknown Memory items for Sub-Weapons, helmets, and armor will be available to obtain in a future update.


▷ Ability
- One memory can have 2 abilities.
ㆍ 2 of the 26 abilities are selected according to a fixed probability.
ㆍ Identical ablities cannot be in one memory.
· Recover HP on hit
· Inflicts burn damage to the enemy on hit
· AP Increase on hit
· Inflicts fixed damage to the enemy on hit
· Decrease attack speed to the enemy on hit
· Recovery decrease to the enemy on hit
· Increase PvP Damage Received by the enemy on hit
· Recover MP on hit
· Reduce Crit Chance to enemy on hit
· Inflicts fixed damage to the attacker when taking damage
· Decrease attacker's AP when taking damage
· Chance to decrease evasion cooldown when taking damage
· DP Increase on Evasion
· HP Recovery on Evasion
· AP Increase on Evasion
· Increase Critical Hit Damage on Evasion
· Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage on Evasion
· Additional HP Recovery when using HP Potion
· Increase DP when using HP Potion
· Increase AP when using HP Potion
· Increase Critical Hit Damage when using HP Potion
· Permanent Max HP Increase (Armor only)
· Permanent Crit Chance Increase (Main Weapon only)
· Permanent Critical Hit Damage Increase (Sub-Weapon only)
· Permanent Attack Speed Increase (Gloves only)
· Permanent Move Speed Increase (Shoes only)
※ An ability whose activating condition is "permament" means that the effect will always be maintained.


▷ Activating Conditions of Abilities by Gear Piece

 Activating Conditions of Abilities by Gear Piece
Main Weapon On hit       Permanent
Sub-Weapon On hit Take damage   When using HP Potion Permanent
Helmet On hit   On evasion    
Armor   Take damage On evasion When using HP Potion Permanent
Gloves On hit     When using HP Potion Permanent
Shoes     On evasion When using HP Potion Permanent

- The conditions for activating memory abilities differ depending on the equipped gear. You can check this in the table above.
- Abilities are given with a certain probability by combining two for each gear piece.
Eg: Activating conditions of abilities applied to Main Weapon: On hit + Permanent, On hit + On hit
ㆍ The abilities marked in yellow can be paired.
Eg: Conditions for activation of abilities applied to Main Weapon: On hit + on hit can be paired, Permanent + permanent cannot be paired


▷ Where to Obtain
- "Unknown Memory" can be obtained in various regions.

Memory Grade
Region & How to Craft
Unique Grade Regions after South Valencia (Chaos Rift Zone excluded)
Epic - Abyssal Grade Helmet After an upcoming maintenance
Shoes South and East Valencia
Gloves Guild Rush, Great Desert
Armor After an upcoming maintenance
Main Weapon Craft with [Memory Shard] x35 and 500 million Silver
※ Can be crafted once a week.
Sub-Weapon After an upcoming maintenance

ㆍ [Unknown Memory] cannot be obtained in Chaos Rift Zone and Banquet Hall (Modified on Dec 29)


- You can obtain [Memory Shard] when feeding the memory for Dark Energy.
ㆍ Craft "Abyssal grade Unknown Memory for Main Weapon" by consuming 35 Memory Shards and 500 million Silver.
※ Sub-Weapon, Helmet and Armor for Epic-Abyssal grade Unknown Memories can be obtained in an upcoming maintenance.

- Abyssal grade Unknown Memories can be traded on the Market (Added on 12/29).

▷ Appraising and Trading Memories
- Obtained Unknown Memories have their grades and abilities decided upon appraisal, and can be imprinted.
- Memory items must be appraised by an NPC in town.

Unknown Memory Grade Currency Needed Memory grades that can be obtained when appraised Equipped piece
Unique 100,000,000 Silver Unique Random when appraised
Abyssal 300,000,000 Silver Epic - Abyssal Grade Gear piece fixed when obtained

- Appraised memories can be fed for Dark Energy in the Crystal tab in Dark Energy.
- Abyssal grade Unknown Memories can be traded in the Market.
ㆍ Unique grade Unknown Memories cannot be traded.
ㆍ Appraised Memories cannot be traded.

- Fixes have been made so that items related to Orb of Salvation/Wrath/Unity and Condensed Dark Energy are placed within the newly added Crystal tab in Dark Energy.


■ Black Stone Merge
- Black Stones, Black Crystals, and Pristine Black Crystals have been merged so that they can be used for both weapons and armor.

Before After
Poor, Fair, Good, Grand Weapon Black Stone
Poor, Fair, Good, Grand Armor Black Stone
Poor, Fair, Good, Grand Black Stone 
Black Crystal: Weapon, Refined Black Crystal: Weapon
Black Crystal: Armor, Refined Black Crystal: Armor
Black Crystal, Refined Black Crystal
Pristine Black Crystal: Weapon 
Pristine Black Crystal: Armor
Pristine Black Crystal

ㆍ We have deleted any Weapon/Armor Black Stones, Black Crystals, and Refined Black Crystals you already had, merged them as one item and sent them to your mailbox.
ㆍ After the maintenance on Dec 28, any Black Stones, Black Crystals, and Refined Black Crystals whose exchange registration period has expired has been delivered to your mail.
ㆍ As Refined Black Crystals are merged, 15 Refined Black Crystals have been given to all adventurers in consideration of any existing materials registered in the refinery.


- When using the items below, it has been changed so that you can obtain common Black Stones for weapons and armor.
· Chest: Poor Black Stone Chest, Fair Black Stone Chest, Good Black Stone Chest, Grand Black Stone Chest, Refined Black Crystal Selection Chest
· Sack: Fair Black Stone Sack, Good Black Stone Sack, Grand Black Stone Sack
· Bundle: Bundle of Fair Black Stones, Small Bundle of Fair Black Stones, Large Bundle of Fair Black Stones, Good Black Stone Bundle
· Pouch: Black Crystal Pouch, Refined Black Crystal Pouch
※ Also, you can obtain common Black Stones by using the obtained items.


- Black Stone, Black Crystal, and Refined Black Crystal obtained through content have been changed to be usable with weapons and armor.
ㆍ Related content: Tutorials, Log-in Rewards, Extractor, Take Out Refinery, Refine at Refinery, Market, Tower of Trials, and Collection.


■ Chaos Nightmare

- Nightmare will open in Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone.

※ Hadum Nightmare: Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base will be removed.


▷ Nightmare Level

- Nightmare: Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone will be divided into 3 levels.
· You can enter through Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone's Nightmare Entrance.
· Each level has a different required CP, and entry is restricted if the required CP is not met.


- In Level 1 and 2, if your CP is above a certain CP level, your CP will be adjusted.
※ The maximum CP limit is set so that there is a 150 difference in AP and DP based on a specific grade, and it is applied by comparing AP and DP respectively.
- Eg: Level 1 Max Recommended CP: Knight Rank (30,000)
· AP Limit: 15,075 / DP Limit: 14,925
· Adventurer A: Before 15,000 AP / 15,000 DP -> After 15,000 AP / 14,925 DP


- Rank per Level and Max Recommended CP
· Level 1: From Elite to Knight
· Level 2: From Knight to Count
· Level 3: No restrictions from Count onward


- Nightmare Reward
· The rewards that can be obtained from Nightmare have been changed based on Chaos Zone.
· Level 1: Between Normal Chaos Zone and Secondary Zone
· Level 2: Secondary Zone
· Level 3: Frontline Zone


- The following buffs will be applied in Nightmare.
· Field Combat EXP: +120%, Field Item Drop Rate +10%, Reduce Cooldown to Find Spoils +10%


■ Terrmian Cliff

- Terrmian Cliff will be available one more week to celebrate the new year.
- You can use Social Action "Lanterns" at Terrmian Cliff. The lanterns are available in five colors: yellow, green, purple, blue, and white. They will come out randomly.
※ During the period when Terrmian Cliff is open, you can only use Lanterns at Terrmian Cliff.
※ Weather changes at Terrmian Cliff are applied from class level 8 or higher.
※ For more details, check the event notices.


■ Genoveva
- The Genoveva x10 event begins!
· During the event period, the required [Hadum's Token] to refresh Genoveva's Shop will increase by 10 times.
· During the event period, the amount of silver required and the amount of rewards that can be purchased will increase 10 times.
· The highest reward has been changed to Adventurer's [Primal] Gear Selection Chest.

■ Kunoichi

Developer's Comments:
Kunoichi is an Assassin class that uses weapons and combat prowess to attack and confuse enemies and find gaps in them.

Since her launch, various balance patches have been carried out, and Kunoichi has been relatively unsatisfactory in both her mobility and passive skills.
As an assassin, Kunoichi needed to be able get closer to her enemies faster and deal more damage.

First, [Viper Strike] not only tracks the target, but also adds a move that allows you to move directly before tracking. [Touch of Death] has been improved so that it can deal damage at once by adding [Flow: Shadow Clone] so that it can reliably inflict a threatening blow on the enemy.

Passive skills have also been strengthened to match the direction of the recent balance patches.
An effect that increases the damage of all skills for a certain period of time has been added to [Art of the Ninja], as well as an effect that deals fixed damage equal to a certain percentage of health in [Severe Bleed].

Enemies facing Kunoichi will now have to watch their back and anticipate her movement.
But even this may not be enough to avoid Kunoichi, who can envelop the enemy in attacks like smoke.

- Viper Strike
· It has been improved so that the Super Armor effect is applied in Arena.
· It has been improved so that Running is linked more smoothly after using the skill.
· [Flow: Shadow Attack] has been added.


▷ Flow: Shadow Attack
· 150% of [Viper Strike] skill damage applied
· 2 sec cooldown increase applied when using skill
· Super Armor when using skill
· Stun on first hit
· Stun on last hit


- Touch of Death
· "Decrease Attack Speed" has been deleted and [Flow: Shadow Clone] has been added.


▷ Flow: Shadow Clone
· 200% of [Touch of Death] skill damage applied
· 200% of [Touch of Death] HP Recovery applied
· Additional 2 Seals applied upon skill use
· Reduce skill charges by 1
· Super Armor when using the skill (Not applied in Arena)
· Knockdown on hit


- Cripple
· It has been improved so that Running is linked more smoothly after using the skill.


- Rain of Steel
· Increase skill distance
· Added an effect that reduces enemy MP by up to 50 on hit.


- Shadow Plume
· "Not applied in Arena" has been transferred from [Shadow Plume] to [Viper Strike].

- Smokescreen
· Improvements have been made so that you can go into stealth while moving in the desired direction when using [Smoke Screen].
· Skill's visual effects have been improved.
· It has been improved so that Running is linked more smoothly after using the skill.


- Art of the Ninja
· Kunai Throw can now apply one stack of Seal on hit and use it.
· Use seals to decrease PvP damage received by 15% for 10 sec.

· 1-Time Seal: Severe Bleed Lv 1, all skill damage increased by 10% for 5 sec
· 2-Time Seal: Severe Bleed Lv 2, all skill damage increased by 15% for 10 sec
· 3-Time Seal: Severe Bleed Lv 3, all skill damage increased by 20% for 20 sec


▷ Severe Bleed
· Severe Bleed Lv 1: 180 damage every second for 3 seconds + 1% HP fixed damage
· Severe Bleed Lv 2: 240 damage every second for 3 seconds + 1.5% HP fixed damage
· Severe Bleed Lv 3: 300 damage every second for 3 seconds + 3% HP fixed damage


■ Shai
- The issue in which the adventurer damage reduction effect of the Protecty Aura was applied to allies has been corrected.


■ For Siani Quest
- The completion requirements have been changed to make it easier to complete "A Scary Memory" quest.
▷ No. of Blue Rose Corolla required has changed from 150 to 50.


■ Mini-Map
- Mini-Map Quarter-view and Top-view options have been added to Options > Game > Mini-Map settings.


■ Atumach
- It has been adjusted so that Black Leopard Spirit appears earlier.
- The maximum HP of King Griffon has increased by 15%.
- Decreased the amount of contribution that can be gained from dealing damage to King Griffon.
- Fixes have been made so that the color of each guild's Faction is displayed on the Mini-Map.
- Fixes have been made so that the guild name is displayed above the character's Family name on the battlefield.


■ Great Desert
- "Those who Threaten the Great Desert" Weekly Quest completion requirements have changed as below.
· Before: Defeat Great Desert Enemy x1,000
· After: Consume 1 hr of Purified Water
- The issue of changing the location of the Great Desert Temple has been fixed.


■ Wardrobe
- UI design has been improved so that the effect applied to outfits in the wardrobe menu can be recognized more intuitively.


■ Title
- It has been changed so that the total number of titles and the number of obtained titles can be seen in "Inventory > My Charater Info > Title".


■ Expedition Gateway
- Effect has been added to Expedition Gateway.

- Added a notification that you can enter when you have a Pirate Island Pass to keep you aware of when you can enter Pirate Island.
- Open Requirement "After defeating Crescent Gatekeeper in South Valencia" for unlocking Pirate Island contents has been added.


■ Daily Task
- The daily task "Hadum Tower of Trials Complete" reward has been changed from [Chaos Crystal] x2, [Dark Coin] x800 to [Chaos Crystal] x2, [Dark Coin] x1400.
- The daily task "Complete Black Spirit Quest x1" reward has been changed from [Ancient Tablet] x300, [Dark Coin] x600 to [Ancient Tablet] x300, [Hadum's Token] x5.


■ Valencia (South & East) Modified on Dec 29
- [Hadum's Token] can no longer be obtained in South and East Valencia regions, though you can obtain [Hadum's Token] in the amount listed in daily tasks.
- You can no longer obtain [[Abyssal] Accessory Chest] in South and East Valencia regions, but we have increased the expected amount of [Caphras Secret Book Page] and [Lapis Lazuli] accordingly.


■ Quest
- Quests obtained through items have been changed to be shared with the Family.
※ Items come in the character inventory as before, but the quests accepted upon use are shared with the Family.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- In Battlefield of the Sun, users from different servers can block/report conversations.


■ Mount
- The issue where several people could ride one mount under certain circumstances has fixed.


■ Gear Awakening & Enchantment
- You can now remove awakening on Awakened Chaos gear.
- A stat icon has been added to Enchantment display, and the arrangement has been changed in the item tooltip.


■ Spoils of Battle
- When manually obtaining Spoils of Battle while riding on a horse, it has been modified to do a pick-up action on the horse.


■ Purchase
- The license duration page has been modified to display when payment occurs.

■ Kzarka & Hadum: Kzarka
- When opening Kzarka and Hadum: Kzarka Reward Chests obtained after the maintenance on Dec 14, the issue that less rewards were obtained regardless of the chest grade has been fixed.
ㆍ It has been applied retroactively after the maintenance on Dec 28 for adventurers who have obtained less rewards than the chest grade.


■ Alyaelli's Rift
- Fixed the problem of occasionally moving to an abnormal location when using a skill that includes movement.
- Fixed an issue where HP status could not be updated when a sub-character died.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- Fixed an issue where, when reconnecting after a character dies while receiving a Battlefield of the Sun Season buff, the buff would visually appear to not be applied.


■ Minimap
- Fixed a issue where the stage name was omitted even though there was enough UI space on the minimap in some areas.


■ Enemy Adventurer
- Fixed the issue where the list of Enemy Adventurers could not be refreshed.

■ Starting Events
- 2022 New Year Gift Event
· Event Period: Jan 1, 00:00 - Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59
- 2022 New Year Selective Mission
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 28 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
- 2022 New Year Bingo!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 28 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
- Sunrise Viewing Spot [Terrmian Cliff] Open
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 28 - until Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59
- Black Spirit Mission Pass

· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 28 - until Feb 22 (Tue), 23:59
· Purchase Period: After maintenance on Dec 28 - until Jan 24 (Mon), 23:59
- Genoveva Shop x10 Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 29 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 17:00 (Server Time)


■ Ending Events
Eclipse Launch Collect Royal Badge Event
December Mistletoe Festival!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Limited Step-up
· Bye 2021 (Step-up)
· Hello 2022


- Special Package

· 1+1 Happy Holidays Chest
· Valks' Support Chest
· Akhram's Support Chest


■ Ending Items & Package
- Gift of Valks
- Grand Black Stone Sack x1,200
- Refined Black Crystal Selection Chest x500
- Enhancement Shop All-Inclusive Pack
- +8 Challenge Chest
- Eileen's Support Chest
- Social Tokens Chest
- Social Tokens Chest x10