[December 21] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.12.21

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on December 21 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Atumach

Atumach is the site of an ancient civilization, awaiting challengers at the peak of the Valtarra Mountains.
After many challenges the entrance was breached, where another skirmish took place and the true form of Atumach was discovered.

Atumach cannot be accessed by just anyone.
Only members of a guild that occupies a node or siege are eligible to enter,
for ancient secrets cannot be discovered alone, but with like-minded comrades.

Here lies an amazing ancient power.
Each of the watchers of Atumach possess amazing power, and should an adventurer defeat a watcher, they gain control of that ability.
You can freeze or burn enemies, heal yourself or instantly defeat enemies.

In this mysterious skirmish, only one challenger who conquers the black leopard will transform into an ancient being and become a dominating presence on the battlefield.

And at the top lies King Griffon, who guards the secrets of Atumach, to face challengers.
As adventurers challenge Atumach, you must compete against the adventurers of other guilds and face the power of ancient civilizations.

But don't worry.
With comrades at your side, you can achieve the glory of victory in Atumach.

- A new Atumach Skirmish has been added.
- Atumach can be joined once a week per guild member, even if other guild members have already done Atumach themselves.
- If there is a large difference in CP with other adventurers in Atumach, CP will be raised to an extent.
- You can enter Atumach by tapping the contents tab in the guild menu.
- Only guilds who occupy a node or siege of the Atumach Skirmish can participate, and you can fight in a party with 5 guild members.
※ Atumach is matched against guilds of all merged servers.
- Atumach's season runs on a weekly basis so if you join a guild during the season, you can participate from the next season.
- Join Atumach on the following times:
· Wed 18:00 - 19:00
· Wed 21:00 - 22:00
· Sun 18:00 - 19:00
· Sun 21:00 - 22:00


▷ Skirmish Rules

- Participants all begin Atumach in the center of the battlefield, and revive in the center when they are defeated.
- The Watchers, King Griffons, Ruin Monsters, and Black Leopard appearing in Atumach are all affected by "additional boss damage" effects.
ㆍ Equipped alchemy stones are also included in "Additional Boss Damage" effects.
- You can get a large amount of contribution according to damage dealt to King Griffon.
- Contribution can also be obtained according to damage dealt to the Watcher and Black Leopard Spirit.
- You can get a small amount of contribution according to the number of Ruins Monsters killed.
- At the end of Atumach, the guild's reward ranking is determined by the total contribution obtained by the guild.


▷ Watcher

- There are 5 Watchers from whom to obtain unique skills in Atumach Skirmish.
- For the adventurer that deals the final blow to the watcher, they and all of their guild members will obtain the Watcher's unique skill.
ㆍ The cooldown time of the Watcher's unique skill is not shared among guild members and is applied on an individual basis.
ㆍ You can only have one Watcher's unique skill at a time.
ㆍ If you obtain the unique skill of a Watcher while possessing another Watcher's unique skill, all guild members' existing unique skill will be replaced with the newly acquired unique skill.
ㆍ Guild members who are defeated at the time the Watcher is defeated cannot obtain the unique skill.
ㆍ An obtained unique skill can be used until the skirmish ends, and there is a cooldown when used.


- Watcher List

[Phenil] Recovery: Recovers HP of self and nearby allies, Cooldown: 1 min 30 sec
[Felica] Explode: Inflicts continuous damage to 5 nearby enemy adventurers and inflicts a burn status that reduces recovery. Cooldown: 1 min
[Elephant] Fierce Cold: Freezes 5 enemy adventurers, Cooldown: 1 min
[Black Leopard] Death: Instantly kills 1 random enemy, Cooldown: 3 min
[Griffon] Blessing: Casts invincibility on yourself for a short time. Cooldown: 2 min


▷ Black Leopard Spirit

- After a certain amount of time has elapsed from the start of Atumach, a Black Leopard Spirit will appear in the center of the skirmish.
- The adventurer who delivers the last blow to the Black Leopard Spirit obtains the ability to transform into a Black Leopard for a certain period of time when used.
ㆍ Even if you obtain the Black Panther Transformation skill, the Watcher's unique skill will not disappear.
ㆍ The Black Leopard Spirit appears separately from the Watcher Black Leopard.

- While transformed, you will gain Super Armor, additional damage to bosses, and a large DP increase, allowing you to lead the battlefield.
- You will stay transformed for 120 sec.


▷ Ruins Monsters

- During Atumach, a group of Ruins Monsters will appear randomly at one of the Watcher's positions.
- If you defeat one group of the Ruins Monsters, a random group of Ruins Monsters will appear at the location of another Watcher.
- When defeating a Ruins Monster, the adventurer who dealt the last blow will obtain a stack of Hunter status.
ㆍ Hunter status increases AP and DP by 50.
ㆍ Can be stacked up to 20 times to increase CP by up to 2,000. The effect does not disappear upon defeat.


▷ King Griffon

- If any of the Watchers is defeated, King Griffon will appear at the top, and Atumach Skirmish will end when either King Griffon is defeated or 15 minutes have elapsed.


▷ End of the Skirmish

- When the skirmish ends, guilds are ranked based on contribution, and rewards can be obtained according to your guild's ranking in the skirmish.


- You can obtain guild points according to your ranking in the skirmish.
- Guild points are accumulated for each guild for one season, and at the end of the season, rewards can be obtained according to the season ranking, which is determined by the guild score.
ㆍ All guild members can obtain rewards for the season ranking, even if they do not participate in Atumach in the guild.


■ Expedition Gateway: Pirate Island

The Great Ocean is the only place where the romance of sailing and exploration remains.
It's a space where you can explore new sea areas and islands while travelling the wide sea, while seeing new enemies and making new experiences along the way.

However, some elements of the Great Ocean have gone beyond the fun of the Great Ocean itself and became just another means to increase CP.
It goes against the intention of our design that the reward of repeated plays feels more like homework that affects things outside Great Ocean, and we feel that has not been providing a good experience for the adventurers who enjoy Great Ocean.

Great Ocean was a space that was meant to be purely enjoyed.
We will focus on discovering new islands and knowledge, upgrading your ship, and maintaining the experience of new, exciting content, while reducing the feeling of being forced to play Great Ocean.

In the future, we plan to have Great Ocean keep its own identity and develop it in a way that allows you to have more fun with it.

- We have added "Expedition Gateway" to the left menu, along with the "Cursed Pirate Island."
- You can enter Cursed Pirate Island after defeating the Crescent Gatekeeper in South Valencia.
- The Ancient Ruins and Field of Valor menus have been moved to the Expedition Gateway menu.
- The rewards of the weekly task "Those who Threaten the Great Desert" have been changed.
- Complete Cursed Pirate Island to obtain boss knowledge for Madman John.


- The weekly task "Peace in Great Ocean" has been deleted and a new task has been added.
※ You can obtain 5 Cursed Pirate Island tickets by completing "Beings imbued with the power of Hadum" and "Those who Threaten the Great Desert" tasks.
▷ New Task Names & Acceptance Conditions
Beings imbued with the power of Hadum: Available after defeating "Crescent Gatekeeper" in South Valencia.
Versatile Adventurer: Available before defeating Crescent Gatekeeper in South Valencia.


- Changed the rewards for the "Juur Sea Phantom Ship" quest, which gives out [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] as a reward among Great Ocean Path to Power quests.

- Great Ocean Path to Power "Padix Pirate Island", "Padix Pirate Island 2" and "Cursed Phantom Ship" have been deleted.
- You will no longer obtain [Padix Pirate Island Invitation] after defeating Great Ocean monsters.


- You can no longer obtain [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] and [Padix Pirate Island Invitation] through Coral Chests and fish delivery.
- Obtain Enigmatic Mystical Cannon or Iron Bow Frame when obtaining Coral Chests or delivering fish.
ㆍ Obtain Mystical-grade Cannon/Iron Bow Frame with an Enhance Limit of 17 to 20 upon using [Enigmatic Mystical Cannon / Iron Bow Frame Chest].
※ For adventurers who have less than 10 [Padix Pirate Island Ticket] or [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] items, a special shop will be temporarily added in a future maintenance.


■ Alyaelli's Rift: Hadum: Kzarka, Hadum: Enraged Red Nose

Added content in Alyaelli's Rift to challenge World Boss Rush.
- Complete the selection quests unique to the World Boss and defeat the World Boss only with characters within the adventurer's Family.
- In Alyaelli's Rift, you can enter the stage once a week regardless of the World Boss appearance time.
ㆍ Remaining Entries refresh every Monday at 00:00.


- After completing the story "A Rift Splitting the World", you can perform a unique quest for each World Boss that has achieved knowledge level 30 or higher.
ㆍYou can accept the quest by selecting the corresponding World Boss tab from the World Boss status board icon on the right side of the mini map.
ㆍYou can only accept the quest if you have used up all the additional entries the World Boss has.


※ You can accept quests even without using the additional entry you have as an item.
※ Adventurers who have discovered Alyaelli's Rift will be able to enter the boss only through Alyaelli's Rift after that.


■ Battlefield of the Sun

- The name of the existing Battlefield of the Sun has been changed to "Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind".
- Also, please note that the new Battlefield of the Sun will be updated later and it will work in a rotation method that changes at regular intervals.


■ Monster Knowledge
- Monsters that appear in Lunar Dunes and Titium Gorge can now have their monster knowledge obtained in their respective regions.


■ Camp's Treasure Chest
- Until next week's maintenance, a Winter Surprise Gift will be given instead of Camp's Treasure Chest.


■ Guild Rush
- Improvements have been made so that even when all the adventurers who entered the Guild Rush die, you won't fail and you can revive.
※ Revive mode is the same as Pearl Revival, Combat Plus Free Revival, and Elion's Blessing.


■ Camera
- When starting an adventure in the hunting ground, the camera is set to zoom out.


■ Amity
- Improvements have been made so that Amity quests are also displayed on the quest widget.
- Improvements have been made where it was difficult to know which quest to complete first when "The number of quests have exceeded" would display when claiming an Amity Completion Reward.


■ Sage
- Fixed a phenomenon in which certain Kyves are exposed when taking a screenshot mode action while Sage's Show Weapon is OFF.


■ Guild UI
Fixed the problem that the guild search tab was not visible in the guild menu.


■ Jan 4, 2022 Update Announcement: Great Desert "Torme"
- In the upcoming New Year Update, Great Desert "Torme" will be introduced.
※ Adventurers who have completed the Great Desert Temple between Jan 1, 00:00 (Server Time) and Jan 4 update cannot clear the same temple in Torme. We ask you to prepare for the Great Desert journey with this in mind,


■ "For Siani!": "A Scary Memory" Quest
- We plan to change the completion requirements to make it easier to complete the "A Scary Memory" quest from "For Siani!" Story in the maintenance on Dec 28.
▷ No. of Blue Rose Corolla needed will be changed from 150 to 50.


■ Great Desert Weekly Quests
- Weekly Quest "Those who Threaten the Great Desert" requirements will change during the maintenance on Dec 28.
▷ Before change: Defeat Great Desert Enemy x1,000
▷ After change: 1 hour consumption of Purified Water
- As previously mentioned on Dec 17 Notice, all of your desert adventure time will be reset after the maintenance on Dec 28.
ㆍ Purified water will be charged for 1 hour after the desert adventure time is reset.
- Purified water items in the inventory will not be deleted.

■ Starting Events
Winter Festival Roulette Wheel Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 - until Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
Winter Festival Snowball Fight Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 - until Jan 2 (Sun), 23:59
Winter Festival Smelt Fishing Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 - until Dec 27 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 - until Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59
Send Love with Warm Sweaters!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 21 until Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
CalpheON Ball Special Login Event
2nd Anniversary Special D-Day Gift
2nd Anniversary BDM Special Collection Event
2nd Anniversary Hero of Karkea
2nd Anniversary Birthday Candle Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
▷ Winter Festival Lucky Shop


▷ Lucky Shop Pack
- Winter Festival Gift Chest (Black Pearl)
- Polar Bear's Dream Chest
- Lucky Winter Festival Pack I
- Lucky Winter Festival Pack II
- Lucky Winter Festival Pack III


▷ New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl)

Winter's Dream: Warrior
Winter's Dream: Ranger
Winter's Dream: Giant
Winter's Dream: Witch
Winter's Dream: Valkyrie
Winter's Dream: Sorceress
Winter's Dream: Musa
Winter's Dream: Tamer
Winter's Dream: Dark Knight
Winter's Dream: Striker
Winter's Dream: Maehwa
Winter's Dream: Lahn

Winter's Dream: Kunoichi
Winter's Dream: Archer
Winter's Dream: Hashashin
Winter's Dream: Nova
Winter's Dream: Corsair
Winter's Dream: Sura
Winter's Dream: Sage
Winter's Dream: Mystic