[December 14] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.12.14

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on December 14 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Eclipse Launch

- You can now play as Eclipse.


- Eclipse Skills
▷ Sting Mastery: Basic moves and techniques required to master the use of Sting.


▷ Star Heart: Draws the Star's Breath from the heart of the stars and enhances herself to gain more power.

▷ Royal Fencing: Thrust: Pierce the enemy with continuous thrust attacks.
· Enhancement Info: Decrease DP, Bleed, Reduce Crit Chance
· Branch Info: Serrett, Ahib


▷ Quillion Release: Repeatedly Slash enemies by throwing the Charm.
· Enhancement Info: Increase Hit Targets, Increase AP
· Branch Info: Aal, Ahib


▷ Royal Fencing: Sweep: Attack and debilitate enemies who come too close.
· Enhancement Info: Recover HP, Decrease AP
· Branch Info: Labreve, Serrett


▷ Charm Flare: Overwhelms enemies with energy created by the Charm.
· Enhancement Info: Decrease Attack Speed, Extra Charge


▷ Remise: Move into position and quickly stab the enemy's weak point.
· Enhancement Info: Increase DP, Reduce Move Speed, Reduce Cooldown


▷ Ruin Scythe: Hurl the Charm and suspend it in space to endlessly slice unsuspecting foes.
· Enhancement Info: Decrease DP, Reduce Cooldown
· Branch Info: Aal, Labreve


▷ Meteor Fleche: Leap and execute a fierce attack on the enemy.
· Enhancement Info: Increase AP, Decrease Attack Speed, Flow: Enhancement


▷ Royal Fencing: Lunge: Concentrate Sting's power to dominate the enemy.
· Enhancement Info: Increase DP, Bleed, Reduce Cooldown
· Branch Info: Serrett, Aal


▷ Royal Fencing: Riposte: Riddle enemies with an onslaught of precision strikes.
· Enhancement Info: Decrease AP, Additional Attack, Bleed
· Branch Info: Labreve, Ahib


▷ Star Shatter: Summon multiple sharp blades to impale enemies and shatter on impact.
· Enhancement Info: Flow: Star Memory, Decrease Move Speed


▷ Will of the Stars: Enhances Sting and herself with the power of the stars.
· Enhancement Info: Increase Critical Hit Damage, Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage


■ Black Sun
- Black Sun content in West and North Valencia has ended.
ㆍBlack Sun will be introduced in a new form very soon.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- As Black Sun ends, Battlefield of the Sun times will change as follows:
▷ Mon 20:00-21:00
▷ Thu 20:00-21:00
▷ Sat 18:00-19:00
▷ Sun 18:00-19:00


■ Medal of Honor Shop Renewal

One day, rare items arrived at the Medal of Honor shop.
The exact origins of these objects, which contain the traces of time, are unknown as they were used by many people, but it is now speculated that they came from the ruins of an Ancient Kingdom told in legends.

There is armor that seems to be hiding a secret, awesome barding, and even cute pets.
Are you ready to obtain items that only the honorable can obtain, as the story of the Ancient Kingdom is revealed little by little?


- New Story

▷ A new story, 'Legend of La Orzeca', has been added.
ㆍ The new story 'Legend of La Orzeca' is available upon completing the Chapter 10 main quest 'To Purify the Darkness' in North Mediah.
▷ Among the 'Legend of La Orzeca' story quests, 'Missing Shadow Snake', 'Scales of Hidden Snake' and 'Problematic Belief' are quests to be completed based on clues that must be solved.


- Medal of Honor Shop

▷ Items at the Medal of Honor Shop have changed.
ㆍ [Faded Warrior's Statue] and [Inscribed Glyph] are not available anymore.
ㆍ [Crazed Scale Armor], [Orzekel Harness], [Token: Card Soldier Choppy (Tier 7)] have been added.
ㆍ [Shadow Chaser Outfit Exchange Coupon] has changed to [Honor Outfit Exchange Coupon].

※ You can change [Shadow Chaser Outfit] and [La Orzeca Outfit] with [Honor Outfit Exchange Coupon].
※ Below are the areas and in what quantity you can obtain [Medal of Honor]:


- Where to Obtain
▷ Ranked Arena: Weekly Victory Reward Chest (x7), Season Reward (x60-600)

▷ Battlefield of the Sun: upon winning (x30), defeating enemy x30 (10), Contribution Rank Reward (x6-10), Path to Power (x200)


- Craft Outfit
▷ Oufit Exchange tab name in Craft menu has changed to 'Outfit'.
▷ 'Craft Outfit' category has been added to Outfit tab in Craft menu.
▷ New outfit, 'La Orzeca', can be crafted in 'Craft Outfit'.


- New Outfit, 'La Orzeca'

▷ Materials needed
· Crazed Scale Armor x1: Crazed Scale Armor can be purchased from Medal of Honor Vendor in town.
· Ibedor's Shadow Scale x1: Ibedor's Shadow Scale can be found through a clue after completing the quest 'Scales of Hidden Snake' in the new story 'Legend of La Orzeca'.
· Sacred Tree's Thorn x1: After completing the new quest 'Forgotten Goddess and God of Hope', it can be exchanged with [Branch of Hope] and [Thorn of Greed] from NPC Nelydormin from Longleaf Tree Sentry Post. [Branch of Hope] and [Thorn of Greed] can be found through clues after completing the quest 'Forgotten Goddess and God of Hope' in the new story, 'Legend of La Orzeca'.
※ You can guess from the clues given in the story where you can get the materials to craft the new La Orzeca Outfit.


■ Great Desert

- The Great Desert new story, 'Lohan Tuval's Debt' has been added.
▷ Requirements: Obtain Lohan Tuval Character Knowledge and complete the Black Spirit's Awakening in the Great Desert


Constellation: Adventurer added

- Added the constellation 'Adventurer,' where you can accumulate knowledge EXP through constellations that have already achieved their final knowledge level.
· Adventurer can be obtained by completing the new story 'Where the stars take you' after reaching the final knowledge level for any constellation.
· If you explore any constellation when it has reached the final knowledge level after obtaining Adventurer, knowledge EXP will be accumulated in Adventurer.


■ Craft Professional Outfit Exchange

- A Craftable item in the form of a Professional Outfit Exchange has been added.
· Any [Treant Camouflage], [Desert Camouflage], [Splat Fisher's Clothes], [Karki Suit] / [Venecil Dress] that you already have can be changed to the class you are logged in with.
· 'Professional Outfit Exchange' x1 will be used in Outfit Exchange.


■ Warlord

Warlord is a melee class that wields the Crescent Blade and deal continuous, wide-range attacks.

By easing the trigger condition for the passive skill [To Arms], he showed a decent attack ability, but a relative lack of mobility made it difficult for him to track or dodge enemies, preventing him from reaching his full potential. While melee combat is his specialty, he also showed difficulty in terms of survivability and sustaining power.

The effect of reducing PvP damage received and increasing damage to monsters has been applied to the passive skill [To Arms] of Warlord. This will not only strengthen his survivability, but also improve his combat efficiency.

[Backstep] has been reborn as a skill that provides mobility with the addition of [Flow: Spirit]. If you use [Backstep] with [Flow: Spirit], you can approach enemies with a quick charge. In addition, [Flow: Eruption] of [Conduit] increases damage dealt while adding extra movement, increasing the efficiency of the skill itself and improving his skill management cycle.

Please look forward to the new and improved Warlord as he rushes down enemies!

- To Arms
▷ The following effects have been added to the passive skill.
ㆍ'Reduce PvP Damage Received by 15% for 10 sec' effect has been added.
ㆍ 'Increase damage to monsters by 15% for 10 sec' effect has been added.
ㆍ Recover 20 MP
※ As the passive skill effect has changed, the skill description has been changed.


- Conduit
ㆍImproved the display effect of the skill.
ㆍA move has been added to [Flow: Eruption].
※ As [Flow: Eruption] has changed, the skill description has been changed.


▷ Flow: Eruption
ㆍ Apply 200% of [Conduit] skill damage
ㆍ Additional attack while holding the skill button
ㆍ Super Armor while attacking (Not applied when entering Arena)
ㆍ Knockdown on hit


- Backstep
ㆍ [Backstep] cooldown time has increased to 12 sec (9 sec → 12 sec)
ㆍ [Backstep] decrease cooldown time
ㆍ [Flow: Spirit] has been added.


▷ Flow: Spirit
ㆍ Apply same damage as [Backstep].
ㆍ Max 14 hits
ㆍ Super Armor while attacking
ㆍ Knockback on the last hit
ㆍ Hold the skill button to consume 60 MP and gain extra movement.
ㆍ Hold button for additional attack
ㆍ Super Armor while attacking when extra movement (Not applied when entering Arena)


- Frost Flower
▷ The following effects have been added and improved to the passive skill
ㆍ Additional effect applied when using [Infinistab], [Absolute Zero].
ㆍ 'Reduce PvP Damage Received by 10%' for 15 sec
ㆍ Increases Damage against monsters by 20%' for 15 sec


- Infinistab
ㆍ Improvements have been made so that Knock-up status effect is more easily linked on the last hit.


- Glacial Wall
ㆍ It has been improved so that 40 MP is consumed to allow additional movement when holding [Flow: Icy Illusion] skill button.


- Petal Ward
· [Flow: Overpower] skill moves have changed.
· Changed skill description as [Flow: Overpower] moves have changed.


▷ Flow: Overpower
· Apply 200% of [Petal Ward] hit damage
· Hold button for additional attack
· Super Armor while using skill
· Daze on hit


- Absolute Zero
· Skill's PvP Damage has been adjusted.
▷ PvP
Lv 1: 622.44% x3 → 684.68% x3
Lv 10: 746.92% x3 → 821.62% x3


- Frost Halo
· Skill's PvE, PvP Damage have been adjusted.
▷ PvE
Lv 1: 770% x2 → 924% x2
Lv 10: 1001% x2 → 1201.2% x2


▷ PvP
Lv 1: 572% x2 → 686.4% x2
Lv 10: 743.6% x2 → 892.32% x2


- Midnight Requiem
· Skill's PvE Damage has been adjusted.
▷ PvE
Lv 1: 412.5% → 495%
Lv 10: 536.25 → 643.5%


■ Spiritwalker
- Changed the buff effect of the passive skill [Guardians' Descent].
- [Heaven's Fall] display effect has been improved.


■ Sage
- Fixed the issue of nothing popping up after using [Wormhole] during auto-combat when not tapping any button until the skill move is over.


■ System

- An improvement has been made where lock function is now available when pressing L2 using a gamepad


※ Added on 12/14. We apologize for the missed information


■ Camera

- A view angle to maximize/minimize the screen has been newly added in [Settings - Effects - Action Camera] category.
ㆍ You can adjust the angle view ratio of the camera that changes when using skill.
※ View angle refers to the effect of making the character appear closer or farther away when using the skill.

■ Item
- [Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest], which can be obtained from Genoveva, Ancient Ruins, and [Chaos Loot Chest], has been changed to an item that can be stored in Camp Storage (Updated as of 12/14).
※ For items obtained before the update, you will obtain [Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest of Memory], and it cannot be stored in Camp Storage.


- Changed so that the following items can be sold.
▷ Ghost Doll, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Golden Scissors, Golden Rock, Golden Paper


■ Guild
- Fixes have been made so that you can search for other guilds on the guild war voting screen even if you are not the Master/Officer.
- The number of points required to end the Guild War has been changed from 30,000 to 60,000.


■ Eternal Alchemy Stone
- The following stats have been added to Eternal Alchemy Stone.
· AP +290
· DP +290
· Max HP +750
· PvP Damage and Damage Reduction 15%


■ Great Ocean
- Improvements have been made so that rewards can be obtained even if the distance increases while interacting with treasures and Coral Chest.


■ Shakatu Shop
- UI has been added so that you can recognize the grade of the currently worn gear at the bottom of the Shakatu shop.


■ Quest
- Amity Quests have been added to some NPCs.
▷ Grace Lauren, Larc, Margaret, Yulvia, Elgriffin, San Peyorn, Bipache, Kantia, Klam Cessory, Hamir, Lilvanos, Serbianco


■ Item Lock
- Improvements have been made so that the lock icon is uniformly displayed in the item slot of your inventory, horse inventory, and camp storage when locking items.


■ Alyaelli's Rift
- Improvements have been made so that the background music changes when you encounter Kzarka in 'Mission: Inspect Alyaelli's Rift'.


■ Boss Rush/Hadum Boss Rush: Hexe Marie
- The issue of not being able to enter the boss room sometimes has been fixed.


■ Download Game
- Added content to the upper left part of the class introduction video on the patch download screen so that you can know what class it is.
- If you do not select a server when creating a new account, it has been changed to select a recommended server by default to create a character.


■ Beauty Album
- 'Title' category has been removed from Beauty Album.

■ Hashashin
- Fixed the issue of the back of the neck being partially exposed brightly after equipping Hashashin Karki Suit.


■ Sage
- Fixed the problem in which the character looks bigger when checking the emblem menu when logging in as Sage.


■ World Boss
- Fixed an issue where, after entering World Boss: Khan, other players would be intermittently pushed back by Khan's attack when riding a cannon after entering Khan.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes less rewards were given, regardless if it came from Kzarka or Hadum: Kzarka.


■ Node War
- Fixed an issue where Auto-Revive did not work smoothly when the respawn penalty time was increased due to a long node war time.


■ Alchemy Stone
- Fixed the issue where only some of the Alchemy Stones in the inventory were displayed in the Alchemy Stone Synthesis/Amplify tab.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed the problem of being able to move while excavating in the Great Desert.


■ Add Friend
- Fixed an issue where, if a user accepts a friend request that was sent by someone who left the guild, it would appear as if they still belonged to the guild.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the officer would fall under the floor in Battlefield of the Sun.


■ Guild Rush
- When a guild rush is in progress, the content of the dialogue box has been modified so that the Black Spirit speaks according to the situation.


■ Chat
- Fixed an issue where options were displayed awkwardly when clicking on the Mystical outfit linked in the chat window.


■ Path of Glory
- In Path of Glory, fixed the issue where characters sometimes get stuck in stairs or walls, making normal combat impossible.


■ Primal Totem
- Fixed the issue where the accessory resonance related UI appeared when the Primal Rift Totem Enhancement was successful.


■ Medal Shop
- Fixed the issue where the Use button was displayed in the preview product of the Honor Shop.


■ Others
- Fixed certain crashes that would occur at times.
- Fixed the problem of failing sometimes to claim the Black Spirit Mode rewards while having a bundle of Holy Vial of Splendor.
- Fixed the issue where the empty result window would display again when reconnecting after logging out while drawing relics or lightstones.


■ December 21st maintenance announcement
▶ Great Ocean: 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island'
- In order to help players feel less compelled to do Great Ocean requirements, users can obtain Madman John Knowledge, Tear of the Goddess and other items through the 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island' that will be added, along with a weekly request renewal.


▶ Guild Contents: Atumach
- New guild content, Atumach, has been added.
- Only guilds with nodes or castles can join. You can join a party with 5 guild members.

■ Starting Events
Eclipse Launch Collect Royal Badge Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 14 - until Dec 20 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Dec 14 - until Dec 27 (Mon), 23:59
Eclipse Premium Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 14 - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Dec 14 - until Dec 28 (Tue), 23:59
December Mistletoe Festival!
· After maintenance on Dec 14 - until Dec 27 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
2nd Anniversary 3x3 Art Puzzle Event
Black Spirit Mission Pass

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Eclipse All-Inclusive Chest


- Limited Step-Up
· Gold Coins Step-up I
· Gold Coins Step-up II
· Gold Coins Step-up III


■ Special Package
· Premium Pet Selection Pack


■ Misc.
· Professional Outfit Exchange Coupon


- New Armor Outfit: Nova
· Sephia: Nova


- New Armor Outfit: Event (Available until Jan 24, 23:59)
· Crayodel: Warrior
· Crayodel: Ranger
· Crayodel: Giant
· Crayodel: Valkyrie
· Crayodel: Witch
· Crayodel: Musa
· Crayodel: Tamer
· Crayodel: Sorceress
· Crayodel: Dark Knight
· Crayodel: Striker
· Crayodel: Maehwa
· Crayodel: Hashashin
· Crayodel: Nova
· Crayodel: Shai
· Crayodel: Archer
· Crayodel: Sura
· Crayodel: Lahn
· Crayodel: Mystic
· Crayodel: Kunoichi
· Crayodel: Corsair
· Crayodel: Sage
· Noel: Warrior
· Noel: Ranger
· Noel: Witch
· Noel: Giant
· Noel: Valkyrie
· Noel: Musa
· Noel: Tamer
· Noel: Sorceress
· Noel: Dark Knight
· Noel: Striker
· Noel: Maehwa
· Noel: Hashashin
· Noel: Nova
· Noel II: Shai
· Noel: Archer
· Noel: Sura
· Noel: Mystic
· Noel: Kunoichi
· Noel: Corsair
· Noel: Sage
· Noel: Lahn


- New Weapon Outfit: Eclipse
· Karlstein (Weapon): Eclipse
· Sephia (Weapon): Nova
· Sephia (Weapon): Eclipse
· Treant Camouflage (Weapon): Eclipse
· Desert Camouflage (Weapon): Eclipse
· Shudad (Weapon): Eclipse
· Kibelius (Weapon): Eclipse


- New Ornaments
· Yianaros Headpiece (Female Class)


■ Ending Items & Packages
- Selection Collection Pack
- Change Pet Skills Pack