[January 11] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.01.11

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jan 11 (Tuesday) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Nightmare: Boss Magram

- Nightmare: Boss Magram will appear in Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone.
- Boss Magram will appear in all Levels of Nightmare at the same time and every level will have separate HP.
- When Magram's HP is depleted by 5%, if you contributed to that 5% reduction and remain in Nightmare, you can obtain [Nightmare Lookout Chest].
- [Nightmare Lookout Chest] can be levels 1-3, according to the Chaos Nightmare Level.
※ It is possible to obtain [Caphras Secret Book Page], [Lapis Lazuli], [Root of Sorcery], [Akhram Prophecy 100%], [Advanced EXP Scroll], [Chaos Crystal], and [Shadow Knot] upon opening [Nightmare Lookout Chest].
※ You must enter Nightmare to receive the chest, and you can receive the reward again only by attacking after the reward is received.
※ Magram disappears 2 hours after it appears, and you cannot receive rewards after this.
※ Magram will stay spawned in each Nightmare level until they are defeated. (Updated on 01/11)
※ After the maintenance, Magram will appear for the first time on Jan 12 (Wed), 15:00 (Server Time).
※ After defeating Boss Magram's first appearance in Nightmare, Magram will appear at random times in all levels.

- Rewards differ depending on the Nightmare level and higher damage rankings will result in better rewards.
- A boss appearance message will pop up when Magram appears and you can automatically move to the World Boss Status Board.

■ Lightstone/Relic Special Shop Addition

Developer's Comment:
Along with Shakatu Shop Level addition, a new shop option has been added in the Lightstone Shop and Relic Shop.
Many adventurers must have had trouble gathering the accumulated Lightstones and Relic Fragments, one by one, to get their completed ones.
A special shop has been added so that adventurers can quickly and conveniently use the Lightstones and Relic Fragments to obtain whole Lightstones and Relics.


- A special shop has been added to Lightstone Shop and Relic Shop.
- Special Shop uses 100 times more resources compared to the existing shop and obtain epic grade or higher Lightstones and Relics with a higher probability.
- When the gauge is filled once at the Special Shop, the following items are additionally given for each shop to match the value of the items and gifts that can be obtained through 100 fills in the basic shop.
▷ Lightstone Shop: Holy Vial of Light
▷ Relic Shop: Golden Sculpture

※ When filling in Special Shop and Basic Shop, the gauge that fills up is applied separately.
※ Bonus and free items are not available in the Lightstone and Relic Special Shop.


■ Alyaelli's Rift

- Alyaelli's Rift has been added on the menu.
※ Adventurers who have not yet opened Alyaelli's Rift can enter World Boss Stage using the existing World Boss Status Board.
※ When you complete the individual quests for each World Boss, you can move to Alyaelli's Rift menu along with the notification of opening Alyaelli's Rift.

■ Battlefield of the Sun
- To provide more stable content, Battlefield of the Sun stage rotations will be applied after the maintenance on the fourth week of January.
※ Due to the changes to the Battlefield of the Sun stage rotation schedule, schedules written in battelfield rules will also be adjusted during the maintenance on the fourth week of January.

Great Ocean
- In order to use the remaining [Padix Pirate Island Invitation] and [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook], due to Great Ocean content renewal, we have added a limit of 9 purchases per Family to the items sold in the Great Ocean Shop.
Eg: Adventurers who have Padix Pirate Island Invitation x3 can purchase 7 more to enter.
※ Can be purchased before the maintenance in the second week of February.

■ Path of Glory
- The maximum reward multiplier applied according to the number of additional entries in possession has been increased to 50.

■ Medal of Honor
- The number of Medals of Honor that can be obtained from winning Siege and Node Wars has been increased.

- The number of Medals of Honor that can be won if you win Siege and Node Wars will be increased. (Updated on Jan 17)
・Node Level 1: 50
・Node Level 2: 100
・Node Level 3: 150
・Siege War: 200

■ Black Stone/Black Crystal/Pristine Black Crystal
- After Black Stone/Black Crystal/Pristine Black Crystal merge, the existing Black Stone/Black Crystal/Refined Black Crystal that remained in some content were changed to the merged version and given out.
▷ Changed content: Path to Power, Achievements, Great Desert Quests, Merchantry, Boss Rush, Constellation
▷ Scheduled to change: Craft Black Stones in Refinery, Loading image, Black Spirit Mini game, Obtaining them by defeating enemies, Ramoness, Ancient Ruins, main quests, subquests.

■ Family Dispatch
- Family Dispatch: Scout Hadum has been added to South Valencia.

■ Market
- After the maintenance on the third week of January, the following items will be excluded from the tradable items of the Market.
- If these items were registered, ordered, or had not been collected, the remaining Silver and items in the Market will be sent to your mailbox after the maintenance on the third week of January.


※ Items:
① Consumables: HP Potion (All Items), Seeds (All Items), Writ (All Items), Skillbooks (Lower than Rare-grade), Other Consumables (Mysterious Crystal Sack, Standard Palette Chest (3 Colors), Raw Sugar, Horse Taming Rope
② Pearl Items: All Items


■ Weight
- Poor Black Stone Chest, Fair Black Stone Chest, Good Black Stone Chest, Grand Black Stone Chest, Bundle of Fair Black Stones, Black Crystal Pouch, Refined Black Crystal Pouch's weight have been changed to 0.


■ Guild Rush
- Fixed the issue regarding too few rewards in Guild Rush.
※ For guilds that received less rewards due to this issue, the rewards that could not be obtained were given according to the number of times the Guild Rush stage was cleared during the period in which the problem occurred.

■ Spiritwalker
- Fixed the issue of the bangs disappearing when the camera is zoomed out after wearing the Autumn Leaf Outfit.

■ Family Content
- Fixed the issue that the subcharacter's HP is updated to 100% when the network is temporarily cut off in Family content.

■ Outfit
- Fixed the issue that the arm displayed thicker when wearing the Noel outfit for some female classes.

■ Shop
- Fixed the issue where there was no "Primal" grade in the filter when selling in bulk in shops in town.

■ Appraisal
- Fixed an issue where, when there are 8 or more items to be appraised, unselected items would be selected when trying to get an appraisal by Lafi Bed Mountain.

■ Starting Events
- Bagel Box Making Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 11 - until Jan 17 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Jan 11 - until Jan 24 (Mon), 23:59
- Bagel Grab Daily Mission
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 11 - until Jan 17 (Mon), 23:59
- Family Growth Support Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 11 - until Jan 24 (Mon), 23:59
- Boss Beatdown Event
· Event Period: Jan 15 (Sat) - until Jan 17 (Mon), from 12:00 - 22:00 (Server Time)


■ Ending Events
Mysterious Rune Fragment Daily Exchange Event
Return of the Mysterious Acorn Daily Missions!
2022 New Year Selective Mission
2022 New Year Bingo Event
Genoveva Shop x10 Event
Eclipse Premium Login Event
Calpheon Ball Special Login Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

■ New Items
- Select Shop > Enhancement Shop
· Refined Black Crystal x500

- Special Package
· Alyaelli's Energy Chest
· Try Your Luck Chest
· Pet + Lucky Shop
· Totem + Lucky Shop
· All-in-One Lucky Shop Pack

- New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl)

· Arctic Fang (Warrior)
· Rosa de Sharon (Ranger)
· Arctic Fang (Giant)
· Rosa de Sharon (Valkyrie)
· Rosa de Sharon (Witch)
· Arctic Fang (Musa)
· Rosa de Sharon (Sorceress)
· Rosa de Sharon (Dark Knight)
· Rosa de Sharon (Tamer)
· Arctic Fang (Striker)
· Rosa de Sharon (Maehwa)
· Rosa de Sharon (Lahn)
· Rosa de Sharon (Mystic)
· Rosa de Sharon (Shai)
· Arctic Fang (Archer)
· Arctic Fang (Hashashin)
· White Wildcat (Kunoichi)