[November 23] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.11.23

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Greetings, Adventurers!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Alyaelli's Rift

An arid land where evil energy dwells.
As an Altar of Alyaelli with evil energy was built on this land, huge bosses began to appear one by one.

Whenever a boss appears and threatens the world, adventurers gathered their strength to defeat it.
Someone noticed this plan and asked for help from the adventurer's Family, whom he had been keeping an eye on.

There, waiting for the adventurer was a World Boss who could not tell if it was reality or just a shadow.
The adventurer discovered a plan unfolding in Alyaelli's Rift, and began a secret challenge with their family members.

You can now meet the boss in Alyaelli's Rift anytime without waiting for the world boss to appear. Please stop the new threat in Alyaelli's Rift in this family content.

- Added "Alyaelli's Rift" content to challenge the World Boss with the Family characters.
※ In order to open "Alyaelli's Rift", you can proceed after completing the new story, "A Rift Splitting the World".


- Adventurers who discovered Alyaelli's Rift can challenge to defeat the World Bosses: Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver on a separate stage with other characters in the Family.


- In Alyaelli's Rift, you can enter the stage once a week regardless of the World Boss appearance time.
※ Remaining Entries refresh every Monday at 00:00.
※ Adventurers who have discovered Alyaelli's Rift will be able to enter the boss only through Alyaelli's Rift after that.


▶ New Story "A Rift Splitting the World"

- New Story "A Rift Splitting the World" will be available after you complete the following requirements:
※ Achieve one World Boss Knowledge over Lv 30 and complete Path of Glory: Rift 15, Wave 1 once after the update.


※ The story will open after completing the last quest "A Book Left by a Shadow" of "A Rift Splitting the World".


- After completing Story "A Rift Splitting the World", you can complete the individual quests of the World Boss that have achieved Knowledge Lv 30.
- Individual quests exist uniquely for each world boss, and when you complete the quests, you can meet the boss in Alyaelli's Rift.
- If the conditions are met, you can accept the quest by selecting the corresponding world boss tab in the 'World Boss Status Board' by clicking the icon on the right side of the minimap.
※ In order to complete individual quests, you must consume all the number of additional entries of the corresponding world boss, but it is irrelevant if you have or not used the extra entry passes.


- Once completing the quest, World Boss Rushes for that World Boss can only be done with characters within the adventurer's Family through Alyaelli's Rift.
- In the Nov 23 update, Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver will be unlocked first, and the rest of the world bosses will be available sequentially.
· Target Bosses: Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Giath, Enraged Bheg, Enraged Muskan, Hadum: Kzarka, Hadum: Red Nose
- Adventurers who have not found "Alyaelli's Rift" can meet the existing World Bosses: Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver as before.
- After entering the existing World Boss Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver stages, reinforcements will join more quickly than before.
- Added the "Protector of Rift" title that can be obtained after completing Path of Glory: Rift 15 Wave 1 or greater.
- Added the "Honorable Challenger" title that can be obtained when at least one of the world bosses has reached knowledge level 30 or higher.


■ Guild Rush Update

Developer's Comments:
As there are many adventurers in Black Desert Mobile, guilds tend to have a couple different tendencies.
There are guilds of adventurers who aim for a stronger and larger guild and want to thrive in a variety of content, and there are guilds who play with a small number of people and become close friends.

Guild Rush is content that summons a strong boss and allows adventurers of the same guild to attack together, building bonds and sharing a mutually enjoyable experience.
However, if there are relatively few adventurers in a given guild, the rush could take a long time or otherwise be an inefficient way to obtain rewards.

Our development team wanted to improve this so that small guilds do not feel disappointed in this experience or its rewards.
So, we have prepared a new season that comes with improvements to the overall Guild Rush content.
First, in general Guild Rush, there is no difference in the type of boss that appears according to the difficulty level. It has been improved so that one of ""Dim Tree Spirit"", ""Orgoh the Greedy"", and ""Cadry Gatekeeper"" is randomly summoned at all stages.

The maximum number of participants is determined according to the difficulty level, so if the number of participants is smaller, you can select the appropriate level and proceed with the attack.
Boss balance adjustments according to the maximum number of people, how many summoning stones are consumed, and the level of compensation have also all been adjusted. Now, even a smaller guild can both have fun defeating the boss and obtain the same level of rewards.

Special Boss Rush will also be expanded to a total of 3 stages, and the Boss ""Blazing Ferrid"" now has a new mode that varies depending on the attack method used.
Enjoy the experience with your guild members in the newly improved Guild Rush Season 4!


▷ Guild Rush

- A new season in Guild Rush has begun.
- As Guild Rush Season 4 begins, the following changes have been made:
- The number of Summon Stones required to summon the boss has increased, and rewards have increased accordingly.
- The maximum number of people who can participate in a given rush has increased.
- Normal Boss Rush has a total of 5 stages, and when the boss is summoned, the next boss will appear randomly.
- The Boss "Cadry Gatekeeper", which normally appears in the 5th stage of normal Boss Rush, has been changed so that you can meet the boss at all stages of normal Boss Rush.
※ Randomly appearing bosses are "Cadry Gatekeeper", "Orgoh the Greedy", and "Dim Tree Spirit".
- If a certain amount of time is exceeded in normal Boss Rush, the Immortal Knights will join and an additional damage buff will be applied.
- Made changes so that Cadry Magic Tower is not set as the target in the Guild Rush of the Boss "Cadry Gatekeeper".


- Special Boss Rush will be expanded to 3 levels.
- As the Boss "Blazing Ferrid" appears in the Special Boss Rush, the stage process has changed.
- The changes in the number of Summon Stones used, boss appearances, number of Elite Tokens used, and max Guild Members in the new Guild Rush Season are as follows:


▷ Before
- Season 3 Normal Level Boss Rush (Orgoh the Greedy / Dim Tree Spirit)
· Normal Level 1: Summon Stones used: 1
· Normal Level 2: Summon Stones used: 2
· Normal Level 3: Summon Stones used: 3
· Normal Level 4: Summon Stones used: 5
· Normal Level 5: Summon Stones used: 10


- Season 3 Elite Level Boss Rush (Blazing Ferrid)
· Elite Level 1 Elite Tokens used: 500


▷ Now
- Season 4 Boss (Orgoh the Greedy / Dim Tree Spirit / Cadry Gatekeeper)
· Normal Level 1: Summon Stones used: 1, Max Guild Members: 10
· Normal Level 2: Summon Stones used: 5, Max Guild Members: 10
· Normal Level 3: Summon Stones used: 50, Max Guild Members: 10
· Normal Level 4: Summon Stones used: 50, Max Guild Members: 30
· Normal Level 5: Summon Stones used: 50, Max Guild Members: 50


- Season 4 Elite Level Boss Rush (Blazing Ferrid)
· Elite Level 1 Elite Tokens used: 200, Max Guild Members: 10
· Elite Level 2 Elite Tokens used: 600, Max Guild Members: 30
· Elite Level 3 Elite Tokens used: 1000, Max Guild Members: 50


▷ Guild Quest

- Guild quest details and rewards have been changed.
· Guild quests can be completed 3 times a day, as before.
※ All existing guild quests and accepted guild quests have been deleted, and the daily guild quests have also been reset.
- Among the "Enemy" quests in the guild quests, the number of "Enemy" quests has been increased from 2,000 to 5,000.
- A new quest to defeat enemies in Hadum has been added.
- Contribution EXP can be obtained by completing the guild quest.
- The amount of rewards, such as guild quest points and guild EXP points, that can be obtained when completing a guild quest has been increased.


- Added "Misc." category in the guild quest menu.
※ Boss Rush and Ancient Ruins/Spectral Boss Completion Quests have been moved to "Misc.".


■ Nova

Nova as a class is not unlike a fortress, as she blocks opponent's attacks with the shield Quoratum, which can cover her whole body as she sends out summons to the battlefiled.

Since Nova was first introduced, passive skills have been added to other classes to improve them. However, this has mitigated her relative defensive.
It has also been difficult to show her strength in smaller battles, due to a lacking ability to both pursue and attack her foes.

To better display Nova's prowess on the battlefield, improvements have been made to her defensive attributes, and in her use of the ""Queen"".
[Command: Frost Shield] can now protect allies from the rear, and the addition of [Flow: Frostbite March], arms her with front guard and rear super armor.
It will also periodically freeze the area around Nova, allowing her to summon the Queen faster each time.
The summoned Queen's overall damage is increased by the [Promote] effect, so Nova can benefit from improved combat abilities on both sides of her kit.
Now, Nova will be able to protect herself as well as any allies behind her through her shield and her summons, helping her to more fully realize her role as a fortress and vanguard of the front line.


- Command: Frost Shield
· Cooldown time has increased 2 sec. (10 sec to 12 sec)
· Decrease PvP damage received by rear allies by 10% for 6 sec has been added.
· Changed so that Forward Guard can be applied in Arena.
· [Flow: Frostbite March] has been added.


▷ Flow: Frostbite March
· Applied 350% [Command: Frost Shield] hit damage.
· Max 10 hits
· Forward Guard while using the skill
· Rear Super Armor while using the skill (Not applied in Arena).

· Knockback on 1st hit
· Freeze on hit
· Knockdown on last hit
· Promote: Applies Summon x1 every 1 sec while skill is maintained


- Frenzied Bishop
· Changed so that it is not applied in Arena
· [Assault] from [Frenzied Bishop] distance and number of hits have increased.
· Improvements have been made so that when the arrow key is held after using [Assault], it will connect to running.


- Assault
· Improvements have been made so that 80% of Nova hit damage is applied. (50% to 80%)
· Added +10% damage to adventurers for 30 sec when Queen is summoned.
· Added -15% damage received from adventurers for 30 sec when Queen is summoned.
· Added Damage to Monsters +15% for 10 sec when using Command.


- Quoratum Charge
· [Quoratum Charge] has been improved to enable additional movement attacks by consuming 30 MP while holding the skill button.
· It has been improved so that when the arrow keys are held after using [Quoratum Charge], it will connect to running.

- Glacial Burst
· Enhanced skill [Assault] distance and number of hits have increased.
· Improvements have been made so that when the arrow key is held after using the enhanced skill [Assault], it will connect to running.


■ Sage

- Upgraded auto-combat efficiency.
- Fixed the issue of using [Spatial Collapse] in front of the monster rather than on the monster.


■ Phantasma

- Fixed an issue where the screen does not switch after attacking with Phantasma's [Dark Cleave].

■ All Classes
- Improved the issue where you could instantly run after completing the 'An Odd Companion' quest.


■ Sage
- Fixed an issue where the Pirate Eyepatch moved uunaturaly when equiped on Sage.


- Changed the icon for 'Musical Genius'.


■ Chat
- Made improvements so that the messages from GM or CMs can be identified easier.


■ Enhance Alchemy Stone
Improved so that when attempting Alchecmy Stone Auto-Enhance, if you don't have enough restoration scrolls, an alert pop-up will be displayed.


■ Pearl Shop
- Improved the Outfit section so that Fletcher's weapon can be equipped and uneqquiped.


■ Treasure
- Improvements have been made so that the notification UI is displayed in the treasure list on Orzeka's Garden screen when there is a registerable treasure material.
- Improvements have been made so that other treasures are not pressed during the treasure selection screen on the Orzeka's Garden screen.

■ Raven
- Fixed an issue where, after changing the Dark Pulse skill name to Unholy Smite, the skillbook name had not been modified.


- Fixed an issue where the World Boss Raid Scroll items could be locked.


■ UI
- Fixed an issue where the content of the item detail window from the Outfit Selection Chest overlapped.
- Fixed an issue with the Combine Totem tutorial where the area of focus was not properly selected.
- Fixed the issue where the Fuse Lightstones tutorial would cease midway.
- Fixed an issue where the purchased item's texture was not displayed after Google Play point purchasing from login or the lobby window.


■ Blacksmith
- Fixed an issue where the camp worker craft list accessed through the Blacksmith displayed items belonging to a higher Blacksmith level at times.


■ New Events
November Special Relay Missions
· After maintenance on Nov 23 - until Dec 6 (Mon), 23:59

Camp Development Support!
· After maintenance on Nov 23 - until further announcement
For the Guild
· After maintenance on Nov 23 - until Nov 29 (Mon), 23:59
Black Spirit Race
· After maintenance on Nov 23 - until Nov 29 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
[Recommended] November Special Bingo Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Lucky Shop Pack
· 1,300 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· 2,100 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· 4,200 Pearls + Lucky Shop