[November 16] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.11.16

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on November 16 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Shakatu Shop

The 'Grand Leader' Shakatu presents a newly renovated shop for adventurers.

As the amount of Ancient Gold Coins you obtain increases, so does the time it takes to purchase items with all of your coins.
Shakatu has now opened a special shop to provide a smoother transaction for adventurers.
However, as the content continues to expand, there was concern that adventurers would get tired of working through these accumulated goods.

Shakatu has been thinking about and preparing a shop to relieve this kind of fatigue from adventurers.
Though the Special Shop is in place, Shakatu is opening a third store!
For ease of use, we are labeling the renovated Shop under Tiers I, II, and III.

The newly added Shop Tier III uses a lot of [Ancient Gold Coins] at once and increases the chances of obtaining higher grade gear.
Of course, [Magical Residue] and dark energy will accrue at an equal value relative to the number of coins used.

Take a tour at the renovated Shakatu Shop and enjoy better trading that suits your needs!

 - Shakatu Shop Tier III has been added.
▷ Shakatu Shop Tier III uses more coins than other shops, so you can obtain higher grade gear with a higher probability than in other tiers.
▷ With one purchase at Shop Tier III, the amount of Magical Residue and Dark Energy that can be obtained through 1,000 purchases at Shop Tier I can be obtained in the form of a chest.


■ New Treasure: Narvan Seed

- A new treasure, Narvan Seed, has been added to Orzeca's Garden.
- Use Narvan Seed to grow golden apple trees that provide 300 food in your Camp Garden. It takes an hour to harvest.
- Narvan Seed won't be consumed after it has been planted, and can be used repeatedly.
- When using a Camp Manager, hand Narvan Seeds to Camp Manager's Storage and the Camp Manager will take care of your Garden with your seeds.
※ If the contract period for the Camp Manager has expired, you can manage the Garden yourself with Narvan Seeds by recollecting them in the same manner as other seeds.
- Narvan Seed can be moved to other characters through Camp Storage.
※ Not applied when in Mount Inventory or Storage, etc.


■ Lightstone Fragment / Relic Fragment

- The probability of [Abyssal Lightstone] appearing with all CP stats has been increased for Lightstones obtained from Lightstone Fragments.
- The probability of obtaining certain Relic Fragments has been changed to the following:

▷ Increased Probability: Ancient Relic Remnant, Abyssal Relic, Mystical Relic
▷ Decreased Probability: Epic Relic, Unique Relic, Rare Relic

■ Reaper

- Soul Reaver
· 'Cannot be grabbed while using the skill' has been added.
· PvE and PvP Damage has been adjusted.
▷ PvE
Lv1 : 857% x 2 → 917% x 2
Lv10 : 1114.1% x 2 → 1192.1% x 2

▷ PvP
Lv1 : 752.67% x 2 → 812.67% x 2
Lv10 : 913.96% x 2 → 975.21% x 2


- Soul Spike
· [Flow: Teleport] has been added so that you can decide whether to teleport while using [Nightmare].


- Death Circus
· PvP Damage Received -10% for 5 sec upon skill use has been added.
ㆍCan be stacked with [Shards of Darkness], a passive skill.
· [Death Circus] attack range has been increased.
· [Death Circus]'s PvE and PvP Damage has been adjusted.
▷ PvE
Lv 1: 225% → 245% (Max 20 hits)
Lv 10 : 292.5% → 318.5% (Max 20 hits)

▷ PvP
Lv 1 : 122.46% → 132.46% (Max 20 hits)
Lv 10 : 142.29% → 158.95% (Max 20 hits)


- Fatal Cleave
· [Fatal Cleave] attack range has been increased.
· [Fatal Cleave] has increased 2 hits. (From 4 to 6)


- Flesh Ripper
· [Flesh Ripper]'s PvE and PvP Damage has been adjusted.
▷ PvE
Lv 1 : 193.6% → 276% (Max 7 hits)
Lv 10 : 243.1% → 358.8% (Max 7 hits)

Lv 1 : 174.24% → 248.4% (Max 7 hits)
Lv 10 : 218.79% → 322.92% (Max 7 hits)


- Harvest
· [Flow: Forward Guard] has been added.


- Rift Slicer
· Improved the attack form of [Rift Slicer] to a projectile that can penetrate.
· It has been improved so that a skill can be rapidly used after another one.
· PvE and PvP Damage have been adjusted according to [Rift Slicer] number of hits to two more hits.
▷ PvE
Lv 1: 417.45% x 4 → 379.5% x 6
Lv 10: 537.62% x 4 → 488.75% x 6

▷ PvP
Lv 1: 292.21% x 4 → 239.08% x 6
Lv 10: 376.33% x 4 → 307.91% x 6


■ Shai
- Musical Genius
· When using musical instruments skills continously, the condition applied has been improved to 'Apply [Musical Genius] for 15 sec when using skills twice'.
· PvP Damage Received -15%
· Damage against monsters +10%
· [Flow: Here We Go!] enhance effect strengthened by 70%
· [Flow: Feel the Music!]'s HP Recovery has increased to 60% (40% → 60%)
· Additional effect of 'PvP Damage Received -10%' is applied to allies who have received HP Recovery except for yourself
· [Flow: I'm Performing Here!] applies additional Critical Hit Damage +5%
ㆍ The musical instruments skills are: [Flow: Here We Go!], [Flow: Feel the Music!] and [Flow: I'm Performing Here!]


- La La La!
· Super Armor that applies up to 4 hits has been improved so that all 7 hits are applied.
[Flow: Feel the Music!]
· Super Armor that applies up to 4 hits has been improved so that all 8 hits are applied.


- Shoo!
[Flow: Shoo!]
· Summon Bear duration has increased 1 sec.


■ Archmage
- The icon of passive skill Elemental power has been added.


■ All Classes
- Fixed the issue of the effects of Super Armor, Invincibility, and Forward Guard being applied at invalid times after using the skill.
- Fixed the problem of being occasionally unable to get out of a grab.
- Fixed the action of getting up continually being cancelled after being grabbed.

■ Siege War

Developer's Comments:
Until now, when organizing guilds to participate in Siege War, the guilds selected in the bidding were placed first in Calpheon Siege War.
When the amount of a guild's bid is not divided in half, relatively fierce competition takes place in the Calpheon Siege War, while defenders in the Valencia Siege War had an advantage.
Therefore, to provide a more fair environment for the siege bidding process, we have improved Siege War selections.

- Changes have been made so that no more than 3 guilds can be randomly selected during Calpheon Siege War and Valencia Siege War when bidding for the siege.


■ Pets

- Improved the Pet Exchange and Petscend window to display the success rate.
- Added a function so that Pets Tier 6 or higher can also be automatically exchanged.
- During Auto-Exchange, the name of prioritized Pets will carry over.


■ Stable

- Improved Stable to display the success rate for Horse Exchange.


■ Caphras Secret Book

- Added a new function to the Craft window that allows you to turn Caphras Secret Books into Caphras Secret Book Pages.


■ Merchantry
- Fixed an issue when automatically moving between regions in Merchantry where, at times, the wagon took large turns, increasing food consumption.


■ Bounty Mission

- Improved Bounty Missions so you can earn more [Abyssal Alchemy Stone Chest] with a Lv 80 or above character.


■ Alchemy Stone

- Improved [Faded Alchemy Stone] so they will not take as much space in inventory, as well as other improvements.
▷ Faded Alchemy Stone of the same type will now stack so that less space is occupied in your inventory.
▷ Added a Craft and an Alchemy Lab button to the Faded Alchemy Stone item description.
▷ Improved the Alchemy Lab in the Alchemy Stone item description window to immediately move to the alchemy lab without going through the Camp.


■ HP Potion
- Improved so that when you get an HP Potion you will not have to reselect the potion based on the prioritized use order.
※ When the selected potion runs out, the rule will apply to the potion that is to be automatically selected next.


■ Enhancement
- Improved the Enhancement, Force Enhancement, and Awakened Enhancement success page to display information about the applied resonance.


■ Craft
- Improved camp craft pop ups such as Basic Craft, Craft Palette, etc.

■ Archmage
- Fixed an issue where, when Archmage was wearing the Marnist outfit, her hair would poke out of her hat.


■ Sage
- Fixed an issue where, in the Outfit section of the Pearl Shop, Sage did not look at the camera.


■ Maintenance Pop Up
- Fixed an issue where the pop up displayed for maintenance covered the entire page.


■ Pets
- Fixed an issue where, at times, when changing pet skills, the error 'You cannot change to the same name.' was displayed.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, after failing to exchange a pet, the tier-based exchange stack on the results page did not refresh.


■ Enhancement
- Fixed an issue where, when transferring the enhancement of a gear with enhancement level +4 or less, you could not select a gear with a lower enhancement level as material.


■ Outfit Upgrade
- In the Upgrade Outfit menu, when upgrading an Epic Outfit to a Mystical Outfit, the results page displayed AP and DP of the Mystical Outfits as 0.


■ Text Box
- Fixed an issue where, in devices with a notch display, at the bottom of My Character Info when tapping the button, the pop-up box was slightly displaced.


■ Absorb Dark Energy
- Fixed an issue where, under some conditions, the Absorb Dark Energy availability notification did not display.


■ Constellation
- Fixed an issue in Constellation: Goblin where, when fighting the boss Cluega, the target was not automatically fixed.


■ Guild
- Fixed an issue where the Guild War record displayed only 1 page.


■ Buff
- Fixed an issue where, at times, when the CP increase buff was removed, it would erroneously show up as negative.


■ Mount
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the mount's direction changed when you got off the mount.


■ Collection
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the items did not Auto-Register or the notification sign did not display when you owned at item that could be registered.


■ Nov 23: Alyaelli's Rift addition

- On November 23 maintenance, the new family based content 'Alyaelli's Rift' will be added.
- Adventurers who have discovered 'Alyaelli's Rift' can face the World Bosses Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver in a separate stage together with characters in their family.
- Alyaelli's Rift can be used once a week, at a time of your choosing and resets every Monday at 00:00.
- You can discover Alyaelli's Rift after completing the story 'A Rift Splitting the World'.
- After changing the mode of entry to Alyaelli's Rift, it cannot be changed back again.

■ New Events
- November Special Bingo Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 16 - until Nov 22 (Mon), 23:59
- Indri's Special Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 16 - until Nov 29 (Mon), 23:59
- Ahonia Kirus' Growth Support
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 16 - until Nov 29 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Sage Launch Gift
- Explore the Great Ocean! Special Mission Event
- Assemble at BDM! Special Log In Event
- 2021 Spooky Halloween! Ghost Doll Shop
- Talish's Candy Parade
- Rock, Paper Scissors with Black Spirit!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
Black Friday Sales have started!


- Clearance Lucky Shop


- Black Friday Shop
· Clearance! Scroll Chest
· Clearance! Mystical Accessory Chest
· Clearance! Glyph Chest
· Clearance! Crystal Chest
· Clearance! Conquer Rush Chest
· Clearance! Tablet Chest
· Clearance! Abyssal Accessory Chest
· Clearance! Holy Vial of Light Chest
· Clearance! Relic Chest
· Clearance! Restoration Chest
· Clearance! Awakening Chest
· Clearance! Totem Chest
· Clearance! Gold Coin Chest
· Clearance! Path of Glory Chest
· Clearance! Complete Rune Chest
· Clearance! Alyaelli Chest
· Clearance! Lucky Shop Chest
· Clearance! Enchantment Chest
· Clearance! Roccio's Chest
· Clearance! Lucky Chest