[November 9] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.11.09

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on November 9 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Sage Launch

Sage, The Last Ancient has been in a deep slumber. He has only now woken up in front of you after so many years.

Sage is a class that uses skills that control time and space in many ways.
From a distance, he wields physical forces that allow him to twist, open, close, and collapse space to inflict lethal damage on the enemy.
He can go directly into another dimension or protect himself by interfering with the movements of nearby enemies.

With the ability to control time, Sage can control the flow of battle in many meaningful ways.
He can reset the cooldown of key skills at regular intervals with [Ancient Wisdom], accelerating his own time. This allows him to attack at any moment, beyond what enemies could possibly predict.

While casting time may be long, skills can be used after evading a skill that deals strong damage, for example, activating an effect at the desired moment while avoiding the enemy's attack.
Use other effects to strengthen yourself to do even more damage.

See what Sage will bring to the table after waking up in an unfamiliar era, after the foretold Armageddon.

- The new, ascended character class, Sage, can now be created!
- Sage has 4 attack skills upon creation, and can learn skills by leveling up.
- "Remembering Power: Sage" is available after completing the Balenos main quest "The Boss, Red Nose".
- "The Last Ancient" title can be obtained after completing this story.


■ Sage Skills List

- Kyve Mastery: Basic skill to control the power of Kyve.


- Ancient Wisdom: Revive the memories of the ancients to increase your ability and rule over your enemies' space and time.
▷ Increase skill damage, reset the cooldown of some skills, recover HP


- Purgatory: Summon Kyve and project its condensed power within a specific range for a set amount of time.
▷ AP/DP Increase, Flow: Oppression


- Void Beam: Distort space and blast enemies with light emitting out from the rift.
▷ DP Increase, Bleed, Inscribe: Aal/Ahib


- Rift Chain: Use kyve to open a dimension near an enemy, then topple them as you close it on them.
▷ AP Increase, Decrease Attack Speed, Recover HP, Inscribe: Ahib/Labreve


- Judgment of Ator: Strike the enemy with the power of Ator.
▷ AP Decrease, Reduce Cooldown, Inscribe: Serrett/Labreve


- Phase Shift: Dash through space and focus magical power in both hands to attack the enemy.
▷ DP Increase, Decrease Move Speed


- Spatial Shatter: Collapse space to inflict massive damage to the enemy.
▷ DP Decrease, Bleed, Reduce Crit Chance, Inscribe: Serrett/Aal


- Wormhole: Launch yourself into Kyve's space to travel a short distance safely.
▷ Increase Move Speed, Reduce Cooldown


- Rift Surge: Open a dimension to unleash a wave, then break the dimension down to destroy the enemy.
▷ Decrease Attack Speed, Decrease Move Speed, Super Armor, Inscribe: Ahib/Labreve


- Spatial Collapse: Destroy everything in every direction by opening up a source of spatial power in the sky.
▷ Burn, DP Decrease, Increase Range, Inscribe: Aal/Serrett


- Pocket Distortion: Throw Kyve at the enemy and warp the space.
▷ Burn, Increase Crit Chance


- Yianaros' Light: Become stronger by embracing the light of Yianaros.
▷ Increase Critical Hit Damage, Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage


■ Black Rock Shrine Update

- Black Rock Shrine will change to the following:
▷ Change in Ultimate Reward
· Chaos Jewel x1 or Dimensional Fragment x1,000


▷ Maximum number of people that can enter has changed.

· Before: 1,000 people
· Now: 700 people
· The maximum number of people allowed to enter has been changed, and the stock of Black Rock Shrine has also reduced by 30%.
※ Tukar Laytenn Black Rock Shrine does not apply.


■ Total Boss Rush Knowledge: Belshuan Statue

Developer's Comments:
Belshuan Statue Total Boss Knowledge has been added.
When you defeat a Boss that has reached the highest knowledge level, the knowledge EXP gained is absorbed by the Belshuan statue.
The Belshuan statue will absorb this knowledge EXP and give the adventurer stronger stats.
We also considered solutions to alleviate worried adventurers who felt that the Belshuan statue was too far out of their reach.
You will be able to reach the maximum level more easily as experience required for areas where it is difficult to raise the Boss Knowledge Level has been adjusted.
Of course, any experience gained by adventurers who have already passed a given level will see this experience reflected in the total level, relevant to the reduced experience requirement.
Feel the power of the Belshuan statue along with the improved Boss Knowledge Levels.

- A new Total Boss Knowledge system Belshuan Statue has been added.
- Belshuan Statue can be found at the very bottom of the list in [Knowledge > Boss > Boss Rush]
- Belshuan Statue Knowledge can be obtained after completing the "A Boss imbued with Dark Energy" mission.
· The "A Boss imbued with Dark Energy" mission can be accepted and completed after the midnight update.

- The Belshuan Statue absorbs Knowledge EXP when defeating a Boss that has achieved the highest knowledge level.
· Belshuan Statue absorbs Knowledge EXP from all bosses on the same list.

- We have lowered the Knowledge EXP required to achieve Boss Rush Knowledge levels from knowledge Lv 181.
- Adventurers who have achieved Lv 182 or higher in the existing boss knowledge will have their remaining EXP applied retroactively.
· If you do not level up until 100% knowledge EXP, it will apply when you defeat the boss.


■ Quest
- Requirements for the quest "Sufficient Preparations" in the Great Ocean story "Off to Sea!" have been eased so it can be completed more easily.
· Before: Equip Cannon of Enhancement Lv 9 or higher
· Now: Equip Iron Bow Frame of Enhancement Lv 6 or higher

- Rewards for the quest "Sufficient Preparations" in the Great Ocean story "Off to Sea!" have changed.
· Before: Steel x2, Plywood x2
· Now: +9 Zafina Cannon Chest
※ The Enhance Limit of the Zafina Cannon obtained as a reward is now 3.


■ World Boss
- World Boss Khan and Kutum appeareances have changed so the stage cannot be entered before the end time.
- World Boss Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda stage effects have been added.

■ Void Knight
- Fixed an issue with Void Knight's Skoll Tempia Outfit where the mesh displayed unnaturally on her leg.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- Fixed an issue where, after respawning, when you tapped 'Move to Battlefield' it routed you to the wrong location.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, after using 'Move to Battlefield', the character got stuck and would not move forward.


■ Ancient Ruins
- Fixed the issue where the 'Party does not exist.' message poped up after finishing Ancient Ruins.


■ Boss Rush
- Fixed an issue in the Boss Rush board where, while changing between Elion and Hadum Boss Rushes, buttons such as the exchange button could be pressed.


■ Patrigio
- Patrigio's shop items and decorations have been restored to their usual state.
※ The Reservation and purchase amounts have been reset during the update.


■ Halloween Special World Boss Event
- As was announced in November 2 Patch Notes, if you possessed [Forest: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] or [Desert: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] in your inventory, the following changes have been applied during the maintenance:
▷[Forest: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] has been deleted and you have received a [Forest: Fearsome Spooky Reward I] as well as a [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Chaos Muraka].
▷ [Desert: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] has been deleted and you have recieved a [Desert: Fearsome Spooky Reward I] as well as a [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Tukar Laytenn].
▷ The traces of Fearsome Spooky have been deleted.


■ Bounty Mission Preannouncement
- The number of [Abyssal Alchemy Stone Chest] in Bounty Mission rewards will increase after maintenance on November 16.
※ The Bounty Missions will not be refreshed during the maintenance so please keep this in mind while playing.

■ New Events
Sage Level Up Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 9 (Tuesday) - until November 29 (Monday), 23:59
Sage Special Shop Open!
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 9 (Tuesday) - until November 15 (Monday), 23:59
Primal Gem Exchange Shop
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 9 (Tuesday) - until January 3, 2022 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
Talish's Candy Parade!
Spooky Halloween! Special Login
Spooky Halloween! Ghost Doll Shop
Spooky Halloween 2021 Special Event (Patrigio's Halloween Pumpkin & Attack on Spooky)
Assemble at BDM! GM's Gift Chest!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items

- Sage Launch Shop
. Artisan's Skein x40
· Sage Special All-Inclusive Outfit Chest
Token: Mischievous Dog (Tier 5)
· Large Stamina Potion
· Akhram Prophecy 100% x1
· Holy Vial of Light x100
· Daily Primal Lightstone Crafter's Pack
· Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest x3
· Ancient Inscribed Glyph
· Chaos Crystal x1,000


- Special Package
· Sage All-Inclusive Chest

· Darkness Totem Pack
· Boss Rush of Glory Pack
· Belshuan Statue Pack


- Buy Pearls > Level Up
· Sage Level Up


- New Armor Outfits
· Martillo Swimsuit: Sage
· Shudad: Sage
· Treant Camouflage: Sage
· Desert Camouflage: Sage
· Karlstein: Sage
· Contular: Sage
· Splat Fisher's Clothes: Sage
※ Please note you cannot obtain a Sage outfit from the 'Venecil Dress/Karki Suit Chest' that can be obtained from "Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass".


- New Weapon Outfits
· Shudad: Sage
· Treant Camouflage: Sage
· Desert Camouflage: Sage
· Karlstein: Sage
· Contular: Sage