[November 2] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.11.02

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on November 2 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Path of Glory Season 6 Emblem

Developer's Comments:
As the new season of Path of Glory begins, you can obtain the more powerful Season 6 Emblem.
To commemorate Path of Glory Season 6, we've added some quality of life improvements, and some content has been reorganized.
Enjoy the new Path of Glory with characters from your Family!

- Season 6 Emblem and Badge of Glory have been added.
- Mystical, Abyssal, and Primal-grade emblems will be available for Season 6.
- You can Transfer the old Emblem to the new Emblem in the Emblem menu.
- An equipped emblem cannot be transferred. Make sure your emblem is unequipped before transferring.
- A new season of Path of Glory has started and [Path of Glory Season 6 Extra Entry Pass] will be given in the "For Glory" quest.
- With the start of a new season of Path of Glory, [Badge of Glory], which are used for the Path of Glory Season 6 Emblem, will be given in the Weekly Task [Guardian of the Gates].
※ As the new season of Path of Glory begins, additional entries and passes for Path of Glory Season 5 have been deleted.


■ Tus' Nest

- Tus' Nest has been found! This is the dragon that invaded Path of Glory.
- Tus' Nest can be accessed by tapping the upper right tab in the Path of Glory menu.
- Complete Tus' Nest and obtain at least an Abyssal Emblem, and up to a Primal Emblem.
- Obtain [Season 6] Tus' Nest Map Piece x20 to enter Tus' Nest.
- [Season 6] Tus' Nest Map Piece can be obtained by completing Path of Glory.


■ Atumach Skirmish Event (Until November 15)

Developer's Comments:
The site of an ancient civilization was discovered in the northernmost part of Kamasylvia, high in the Valtarra Mountains where a border is shared with Calpheon. The site of this civilization, which has long since been untouched by humans, has been given the name "Atumach", which means "thrill" or "impression" in an ancient language.

It is not known for what purpose Atumach was used for in the past, but it is believed that it was a place used to hide something, considering the numerous Ancient Guardians.

Is there a secret in the big tree, the tallest place of Atumach, guarded by King Griffon?

Numerous Adventurers are heading to Atumach to uncover this riddle. The advent of powerful Ancient Guardians was not enough, and fierce battles erupted amongst fellow Adventurers. Eventually, some Adventurers agreed to a truce and formed Factions in order to join the competition and reach the summit of Atumach.

After reaching the summit of Atumach, who will be the Faction that defeats King Griffon?


- Introducing Atumach Skirmish to adventurers as new event content!
※ For more details, check the event link down below!
<Atumach Skirmish Event Link>


■ World Boss Khan Renewal

Developer's Comments:
Goddess Oquilla condemned Khan to live in a deep hole in the Great Ocean to prevent the rage of the terrifying beast from causing mass destruction.
Yet Khan, also known as Oquilla's Eye, still manages to emerge above the surface to threaten its surroundings.

Many ships and enormous supplies were gathered to stop Khan's threat, and the cost of maintaining peace was steep.
Over time, the sand that was pushed into Oquilla's Eye gradually piled up to form a crescent-shaped island.

The Trina Knights saw this as an opportunity, and a good omen.
Many Adventurers gathered in the island to aid the knights in stopping Khan from threatening the Great Ocean.

Now you can face Khan with your own power without the ship's help!
The experience you accumulate while dealing with Khan will also benefit your CP.

- You will now enter Oquilla's Eye with a ship and defeat Khan with a character with this World Boss Khan Renewal.


▷ Details
- As before, Khan appears every Saturday in Oquilla's Eye in Ross Sea, and requires an Epheria Guard Ship (Level 3) or higher.
- Monsters and Black Crystal Seaweed will appear all over the island when entering Boss Khan Stage.
- After destroying the Black Crystal Seaweed, you can use the available Trina Knights Cannon to attack Boss Khan.
- After selecting a cannon, press the fire button to fire, and tap the Auto-Combat button to fire automatically.

※ You can hit Khan even when its underwater, save for when Khan goes deep underwater.
- Cannon damage is relevant to the Adventurer's CP.
- Depending on Khan's remaining HP, a group of monsters will appear, including violent monsters, and the Trina Knights will load stones onto the catapult when the violent monsters are defeated.
- If you save the reinforcements, the catapult gauge fills up and will fire at Khan when all stones are loaded.
- Getting hit with a stone can cause Khan to collapse on the beach, where it can be attacked. The number of stones loaded determines how long it will be knocked down.


▷ Reward

- When defeating monsters appearing on the stage, it is partially converted and applied to the amount of damage dealt to the boss.
- Depending on the amount of damage inflicted, rewards are given by rank. You can obtain [Tear of the Goddess], [Magical Essence], and more.
※ You can no longer obtain cannons and ship items that were previously provided.

※ If you use [Khan Raid Scroll] you obtained before the update, obtain Khan Reward I and Scroll of Knowledge before the renewal.
※ The number of additional entries you obtained before the update will be sent to your mailbox as Raid Scrolls.


■ Great Ocean
- Repeatable quests to defeat nearby enemies in Arsha Sea, Ross Sea, Margoria Sea, and Juur Sea have been added.
▷ Accept the repeatable quests at:
· Defeating enemies in Arsha Sea: Velia, Epheria
· Defeating enemies in Ross Sea: Lema Island
· Defeating enemies in Margoria Sea: Lema Island
· Defeating enemies in Juur Sea: Port Ratt
※ Obtain [Oquilla Coin], [Steel] and [Plywood] upon completing the quests.
※ The higher seas yield greater amount of rewards.

- Added the ability to revive immediately when dead in Great Ocean.
※ The Black Pearls used to revive is reduced from 80 Black Pearl to 50 Black Pearl as an addition to the Great Ocean immediate revival function.


■ Sage Pre-Create

- You can Pre-Create Sage.
※ Playing and logging in as Sage will be available after the upcoming maintenance on November 9th.

■ Mystic

- Perseverance
· Changed the condition of activating Perseverance from using a skill 3 times to 2 times.


- Fury Dive
· When using [Fury Dive], Super Armor effect has been changed to invincible when jumping and Super Armor during attack.
· Distance has increased on [Fury Dive] last hit.
· Removed MP Cost for [Flow: Overcharge] of [Fury Dive].
· PvE and PvP damage of [Fury Dive] has increased.
· [Flow: Overcharge] hit damage has doubled.
· [Flow: Overcharge] additional attack has changed from 3 times to 2 times.
· PvE
· Level 1: 471.75% x2 > 525% x2
· Level 10: 613.27% x2 > 682.5% x2
· PvP
· Level 1: 377.4% x2 > 420% x2
· Level 10: 490.62% x2 > 546% x2


- Dragon's Breath
· Dragon's Breath MP Cost has been removed.


- Hurricane Kick
· Hurricane Kick skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 388.5% > 510%
· Level 10: 466.2% > 663%
· PvP
· Level 1: 293.04% > 357%
· Level 10: 357% > 464.1%


- Flurry of Pain
· Flurry of Pain PvE Damage has increased.
· Level 1: 392.94% x3 > 420% x3
· Level 10: 510.82% x3 > 567% x3


- Somersault Kick
· Somersault Kick skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 815.85% x2 > 895% x2
· Level 10: 1060.6% x2 > 1163.5% x2
· PvP
· Level 1 : 608.28% x2 > 626.5% x2
· Level 10: 790.76% x2 > 814.45% x2


■ Raven
- Shards of Darkness
· Added damage to adventurers +10% for 15 seconds when creating Shards of Darkness.
· Added PvP Damage Received -10% for 15 seconds when using Shards of Darkness.


- Phantom Crash
· Phantom Crash distance has increased.
· When using Phantom Crash twice, you'll be invincible while casting and Super Armor during the attack in the Arena.


- Wrath of Chaos
· Wrath of Chaos distance has increased.
· Changed Wrath of Chaos Super Armor effect (Not applied in Arena) to invincible while casting and Super Armor during the attack (Not applied in Arena).
· Wrath of Chaos skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 860% x2 > 880% x2
· Level 10: 1118% x2 > 1144% x2
· PvP
· Level 1: 722.4% x2 > 739.2% x2
· Level 10: 939.12% x2 > 960.96% x2


- Soul Siphon
· The attack type of Soul Siphon has changed to a projectile and follows the target. (Can penetrate)
· Moved Super Armor effect of Flashbang to Soul Siphon.
· Soul Siphon PvE damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 520% x3 > 580% x3
· Level 10: 676% x3 > 754% x3


- Miasma
· Miasma attack speed has increased.
- Attack range has increased.


- Doom Vortex
· Improved so other skills can be used quickly after using Doom Vortex.
· Added cannot be grabbed effect while using Doom Vortex.
· Doom Vortex skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 440% x4 > 480% x4
· Level 10: 580.8% x4 > 633.6% x4
· PvP
· Level 1: 396% x4 > 432% x4
· Level 10: 522.72% x4 > 570.24% x4


- Implosion
· Implosion time to prepare to attack has decreased.
· The distance increase when using Implosion: Shard has been applied by default.
· The effect of using Implosion: Shard has been changed so that it does not collide with enemies.


- Flashbang
· Flashbang range has increased.
· Flashbang: Shard effect has been improved from on hit to when the skill is used.
· Moved Super Armor effect of Flashbang to Soul Siphon.


- Dark Shift
· Changed from Stun to Daze on hit with Dark Shift.


- Unholy Smite
· Dark Pulse has been changed to Unholy Smite.
· Unholy Smite skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Level 1: 424% > 524%
· Level 10: 572% > 733.6%
· PvP
· Level 1: 339.2% > 419.2%
· Level 10: 457.92% > 586.88%


■ Reaper
- Shards of Darkness
· Added Adventurer Damage +10% for 15 seconds when creating Shards of Darkness.
· Added PvP Damage Received -10% for 15 seconds when using Shards of Darkness.


■ Gladiator
- Fixed an issue where the shield did not move when maintaining shield block to the world boss.
- [Invincible on grab] description has been added in Gladiator [Flow: Double Take Down].
- Added a passive skill effect icon for [Strong Principle].


■ Fletcher
- Added a passive skill effect icon for [Piercing Darkness].


■ Sura
- Added a passive skill effect icon for [Desire to Kill].


■ All Classes
- Fixed the problem that the user who was hit was floating in the air even after the grab skill was finished.


■ Great Desert Field: Laytenn
- Increased the HP, AP, and DP of Laytenn that appear in the Great Desert field by about 60%.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- Improved so that after the battle begins, for up to 3 minutes, leaving the battlefield does not forfeit the match.


■ Family Prestige
- Improved Family Prestige to display the family's CP.


■ Camp
- Improved Camp so that if the character is in the Camp, the Storage can be accessed through their Inventory even without having a Camp Manager.
- Improved the displayed message when you are unable to construct a building in Camp.


■ Missions
- Improved the mission [Suspicious Flag and Statue] where the time remaining until auto-play did not display.


■ Amity
- Improved the Amity window and moved the NPC's preferred gifts to the left side of the items you own to make comparison easier.
- Added information about the selected gift in the amity window.


■ Redeem Coupon Page
- Updated the UI and UX of the Redeem Coupon Page in Black Desert Mobile's official homepage.


■ Game UI
- Changed the preset UI size from 100 to 90.
※ You can change the UI size by going to Settings > Graphics > UI Size.

■ Hashashin
- Fixed some of the eyebrows which looked untidy when customized.

■ Opening Chests and Boxes
- Fixed an issue causing unintended abruption when opening multiple items.

■ Equip/Fuse UI
- Fixed an issue where in the Lightstone equip/fuse window and Crystal equip/fuse window, the applied skill branch numbers did not display.

■ Auto-Combat
- Fixed an issue where while returning to the starting point during auto-combat, if the character was ambushed the action appeared unnatural.

■ Temple of Shayla
- Fixed an issue where, after switching to Convenience > QuickSlot mode, it would switch to a quickslot where skills can be seen.

■ Buff Duration
- Fixed an issue where at times the applied buff duration was short.

■ Knowledge
- Fixed an issue where if Boar knowledge was not obtained, auto-path would lead to Foxes.


■ Friend List
- Fixed an issue where in the displayed duration of inactivity in Friend List was abnormal.


■ "Chaos Daily Mission" Reward:
- After the maintenance on October 26th, the Elion Special Rush given as a "Chaos Daily Mission" reward could not be exchanged for some adventurers, so a reward was applied retroactively.


■ Halloween Special World Boss Event Ending Preannouncement
- The special World Boss event where Forest: Fearsome Spooky and Desert: Fearsome Spooky spawn will end during maintenance on November 9.
- If you have [Forest: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] or [Desert: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] in your inventory, the following changes will apply during the maintenance:
· [Forest: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] will be deleted and you will receive [Forest: Fearsome Spooky Reward I] as well as [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Chaos Muraka].
· [Desert: Fearsome Spooky's Specter] will be deleted and you will receive [Desert: Fearsome Spooky Reward I] as well as [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Tukar Laytenn].
※ Fearsome Spooky will fade into the realm of nightmares soon, battle it before the upcoming update.


■ Patrigio
- After maintenance on November 9, the Halloween themed item and visuals will be removed and Patrigio's shop will go back to usual.
※ Please note that the reservations and purchase count will be reset.

■ Pearl Shop > Special Shop
- The acquisition rate for Relics and Lightstones that can be obtained in the Special Shop will be changed after maintenance on November 16.
▶ Relic
ㆍ Ancient Relic Remnant and Abyssal Relic rates will increase.
▶ Lightstone
ㆍ For Abyssal Lightstones the rates for having AP and DP stats will increase.

■ New Events
- Atumach Skirmish
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 15 (Mon), 23:59
・Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 22 (Mon), 23:59
- Sage Launch Gift
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November (Mon), 23:59
- Sage Premium Login Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 29 (Mon), 23:59
・Premium Event Sale: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 16 (Tue), 23:59
- Tus' Nest! Path of Glory Season 6 Begins!
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until January 24 (Mon), 23:59
- Explore the Great Ocean! Special Mission Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 15 (Mon), 23:59
- Assemble at BDM! GM's Gift Chest Event
・ Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 8 (Mon), 23:59
- Assemble at BDM! Special Log In Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on November 2 (Tue) - until November 15 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ended Events
Bava's Gear Enhancement Support!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Pack
· Pearls + Emblem Growth I (Season 6)
· Pearls + Emblem Growth II (Season 6)
· Limited Sage Prep Pack
. Limited Khan Conquer Step-up I
. Limited Khan Conquer Step-up II
. Limited Khan Conquer Step-up III


- Add-ons Shop
· Path of Glory Season 6 Extra Entry Pass x1


■ Sales Ended
- Pearls + Emblem Growth I (Season 5)
- Pearls + Emblem Growth II (Season 5)
- Path of Glory Season 5 Extra Entry Pass x1
- Value Emblem Pack (Season 5)
- Emblem Crafter's Chest (Season 5)
- All-Inclusive Pass Chest
- Goddess' Treasure Chest
- Khan's Treasure Chest
- Limited Spooky Halloween Pack
- Weekly Sorcery Chest