[November 30] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.11.30

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on November 30 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ East Valencia: Lunar Dunes Zone Added

- Lunar Dunes, East Valencia's New Zone, has been added.
- The recommended CP for Lunar Dunes is 27,000.
- "Darkness over the Lunar Dunes", Valencia's Fifth Tale, has been added.



- The character zoom camera has been expanded in the field and in town. Adventurers can now play with a wider field of view.


■ System

- Settings > Convenience > Target Lock function has been newly added.
▷ All Lock
ㆍ This is the standard function. With it, you can target and attack a specific adventurer or monster.
ㆍ When Target Other Adventurers First is activated, priority will be given to targeting Adventurers.


▷ Adventurer Lock
ㆍ You will target and attack only adventurers.
ㆍ Even if there are monsters nearby, the monster will not be set as the target when this function is applied.


■ Blade Master

Developer's Comment:
Blade Master is an ascended class that has inherited and perfected Musa's swordsmanship to the absolute limit.
He is characterized by powerful swordsmanship that uses both a sword and the wind created by the sword to take down enemies.

However, he has lacked the mobility to easily approach the enemy to show such prowess. The condition under which the damage reduction effect was activated, whether by reduced attack speed or movement speed, made it difficult to make consistent use of his defensive abilities.
Blade Master needed a way to survive and approach in a way where he could best show off his abilities to their fullest.

With this in mind, we improved his mobility by adding an additional attack to [Quick-Draw] and [Retaliation].
In addition, a damage reduction effect that can be activated more efficiently has been added to [Resonant Blade].
With these improvements to two characteristics that the Blade Master lacked, we expect him to be a much more menacing presence on the battlefield, with better survivability and mobility.

- Quick-Draw
· An additional attack has been added by consuming 50 MP while holding the skill button.


- Retaliation
· Cooldown reduction effect is applied by default and [Flow: Additional Attack] has been added.


▷ Flow: Additional Attack
· Additional attack by consuming 50 MP while holding the skill button
· Apply 50% damage of Retaliation
· Super Armor while using skill (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Knockdown on hit


- Rising Storm
· Improvements have been made so that a tornado is created on the first hit, which also attacks.


- Resonant Blade
▷ When receiving an attack or movement speed reduction, reduce damage received from other adventurers by 15% for 10 seconds, along with the following changes.
· When using Rising Storm, Squall, or Rest in Peace twice, reduce damaged received from other Adventurers by 10% for 10 seconds.
· When receiving an attack or movement speed reduction, use a skill to reduce damage received from adventurers by 10% for 10 seconds.

■ Shai
- Changed [Musical Genius] skill description.
※ 'We have checked that this change has not been applied, and we have taken measures to include it in the scheduled maintenance on Dec 7. We are sorry for the confusion. (Added on Nov 30)


■ Guild Quest
- Improvements have been made so that the related screen is displayed when tapping the widget for a specific quest to complete some of the guild quests.


■ World Boss
- Added a quest description regarding defeating a World Boss.
※ A quest that requires you to defeat a World Boss cannot be completed through Alyaelli's Rift.
- Frame dropping has been decreased when World Boss Karanda and Alyaelli's Rift Karanda are played on low-end devices.
- Fixed an issue where the "Start Battle" button on the World Boss Status Board did not work while on a horse.


- Refinery > Craft Black Stones has been improved so that it can be easily recognized as a Camp Worker Craft.
- Improvements have been made so that you can see what items can be crafted in the Alchemy Lab in advance, even if the level of the workshop is low.
- Gear that cannot be disassembled or extracted at the Extractor is now displayed in red, and now production will not appear even if disassemble and extraction are attempted.


■ HP Potion / Repair Kit
- It has been fixed so that Settings > Convenience > HP Potions / Repair Kit Auto-Use > Order > Low Order is set as default.


■ Market
- Improvements have been made so that the sorting function by grade works even in categories.


■ UI

- It has been changed to connect directly to the task tab of the knowledge window when the knowledge task reward alarm icon is tapped.
- Fixed an issue where images, such as icons, were sequentially revealed when the UI first appears.
- Changed so that the currently equipped gear's crystal slot and the relic's glyph slot will appear in the equipped gear slot in the My Info tab.
- All Chaos gear marks have been removed from all gear icons.
- Fixed an issue where an icon would be displayed when a skillbook or enhancement is available in the skill list, even when there is not enough Silver.

■ Sage
- Fixed an issue where Sage's clothes were visible when taking a pose after wearing some outfits.


- Fixed an issue where Super Armor would be applied to [Giant's Roar].


■ Set Priority
- Fixed an issue where Settings > Convenience > Set Priority: Target Other Adventurers First ON/OFF function would not work.


- Fixed an issue where, at times, some skills would not display in the skill training window when the 5th generation pet special skill was Tier 20 or higher.


- Fixed an issue where some gear could not be disassembled or extracted at the Extractor.
- Fixed an issue where players would receive notifications that they were out of materials when recruiting camp workers, even when they had enough materials.


- Fixed an issue where the quantity of goods selected for appraisal would result in opening an amount of goods different than what was selected.


■ Nightmare
- Fixed an issue where, In Nightmare, if you are in the death window for a long time, you could be sent to the login screen.


■ Quest
- Fixed an issue where the number of sub-quests was not displayed in the region name UI when entering a region.


■ Market
- Fixed an issue where you would purchase a reservation on the Market page after using "Collect Order" while already requesting 10 purchase reservations from the exchange window.


■ Item
- Basic Skillbooks have been changed to be included in Inventory > Misc. goods tab, and item descriptions have been modified.


■ Path to Power
- Fixed the issue where the thin solid line on Path to Power screen was omitted when the lower UI size option was lowered.


■ Outlaw Zone
- Fixed the issue where other adventurers could not attack intermittently in Outlaw Zone.


■ Quick Slot
- Fixed the issue where Fire Shot UI was not displayed intermittently when switching to skill quick slot mode.


■ Life Plus
- Fixed the issue where the currently available desert adventure time gauge was displayed incorrectly when the maximum Great Desert adventure time was reduced due to Life Plus expiration.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed the issue where the consumption effect was visible in the Purified Water pop-up even though it was not in Purified Water Active area.


■ Outfit Enchantment
- Fixed an issue where the actual item information was not displayed when selecting an item in Outfit Upgrade result window.


■ Enhancement Transfer
- Fixed the issue in which How to Acquire Cron Stone UI was exposed even though the transfer gear was not decided when transferring enhancement.


■ UI
- Fixed the issue where settings were applied even in Siege/Node War area when character's Family Name in Settings was turned off.


■ Black Stone / Black Crystal / Pristine Black Crystal
- After the scheduled update on December 28th, Black Stone, Black Crystal, and Pristine Black Crystal items that are divided into Weapon/Armor will be integrated into one item.
※ Combined items can be used in common for weapons or armor items.


■ Black Sun
- For the renewal of Black Sun, the content will end after the maintenance on Dec 14.
ㆍ Black Sun will be back in a new form after a future update.

- Black Sun individual rewards and guild rank rewards of 2nd week of December can be claimed before the maintenance on Dec 14.
ㆍ The ranking effect (wings) applied to the Family name according to the Black Sun ranking in the 2nd week of December will not be applied after the maintenance on December 14 (Tue).

■ Starting Events
November Special Black Spirit's Adventure
· After maintenance on Nov 30 - until Dec 6 (Mon), 23:59
Bavao's Daily Missions!
· After maintenance on Nov 30 - until Dec 6 (Mon), 23:59
Destroy the Asula Bandits!
· After maintenance on Nov 30 - until Dec 6 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
Sage Premium Login Event
Sage Level Up Event
Indrid's Special Login Event
Ahonia Kirus' Growth Support
For the Guild!
Black Spirit Race

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Outfit Shopping Pack
· Tus' Den Pack
· Alchemy Stone Crafter's Pack
· Hunting All-In-One
· Today's Lucky Chest

- New Outfit (Armor)
▷Black Pearl / Permanent Item
Warrior Armor (3 Types)
Ranger Armor (3 Types)
Witch Armor (4 Types)
Giant Armor (4 Types)
Valkyrie Armor (5 Types)
Musa Armor (5 Types)
Sorceress Armor (5 Types)
Dark Knight Armor (4 Types)
Tamer Armor (5 Types)
Maehwa Armor (4 Types)
Striker Armor (3 Types)
Lahn Armor (4 Types)
Mystic Armor (2 Types)
Archer Armor (2 Types)
Hashashin Armor (1 Type)
Sura Armor (3 Types)
Nova Armor (1 Type)
Kunoichi Armor (2 Types)
Corsair Armor (1 Type)


- New Outfit (Weapon)
▷Black Pearl / Permanent Item
Warrior Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Berserker Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Ranger Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Windwalker Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Witch Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Invoker Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Giant Weapon Outfit (3 Types)
Destroyer Weapon Outift (1 Type)
Valkyrie Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Lancer Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Musa Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Warlord Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Sorceress Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Reaper Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Dark Knight Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Phantasma Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Tamer Weapon Outfit (3 Types)
Spiritwalker Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Maehwa Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Primrose Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Striker Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Mystic Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Shai Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Archer Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Fletcher Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Hashashin Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Sura Weapon Outfit (2 Types)
Nova Weapon Outfit (1 Type)
Corsair Weapon Outfit (1 Type)


■ Ending Items & Packages
- Limited Outfit Buyer's Pack
- Pearls + Pets
- Conquer Chaos Pack
- Pearls + Dimensional Crystal Pack
- Pearls + Enhancement Pack
- Pearls + Rune of Darkness Pack
- Add-ons Enhancement Pack
- Alchemy Stone Awakening Pack