[October 5] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.10.05

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on October 5 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Shakatu's Shop Improved

- Improved [Gold Coin Goods] rate in Shakatu's Gear Shop.
· Abyssal gear rate: Unchanged
· Unique - Mystical gear rate: Improved
· Magic - Rare gear rate: Decreased




■ Class (Common)
- Fixed an issue where, after being grabbed, the target would rise up too quickly at times.
- Fixed an issue where the target appeared as if grabbed even when the grab failed.


■ Lancer

Lancer wields the Lancia, which is larger than her body, as she charges in the battlefield using a Sacred Power unique to the Valkyrie. She deals heavy, strong blows to her enemies.

However, her skills were slow for efficient hunting, and in a largescale battle, she was held back due to a weak defense.

[Blessing of Enslar] is Lancer’s new passive skill, which will complement and improve her already powerful skills. It will strengthen her offensive skills while improving her survivability, which makes Lancer a more menacing presence on the battlefield.

We have also modified her main skills.

The attack range for [Divine Guard]’s first hit has been increased, and will make it a powerful combination with both [Holy Thrust] and [Radiant Burst].

We also improved [Righteous Torment]’s usability by increasing its mobility on the battlefield and increased [Rejection]’s hit and attack range to fortify her attacks.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and make use of lancers powerful dashes on the battleground.

- Lancia Mastery
▷ Added a passive effect [Blessing of Enslar] to [Lancia Mastery].
▷ Applies Blessing of Enslar effect when using [Righteous Torment], [Fallen Angel], [Divine Guard], and [Holy Thrust].

- Blessing of Enslar
· [Righteous Torment]: Decreases damage from Adventurers by 15% for 10 seconds.
· [Fallen Angel]: Increases all skills' damage for 10 seconds.
· [Divine Guard]: Remove Bleed, Burn, Shock when using skill
· [Holy Thrust]: On hit, target receives 10% more damage by Adventurers for 5 sec


- Divine Guard
· Increased first hit's attack range.


- Holy Thrust
· Increased skill's attack speed.
· Fixes have been made so that after using the skill, it attacks around itself when linking with [Divine Guard] skill. (Updated on October 5)
· Increased skill damage and changed the number of hits to 2 hits.
· As the number of hits has changed, the PvE, PvP damage display has been changed.


· PvE
· Lv 1 622.9% x 3 > 940% Max 2 hits
· Lv 10 809.77% x 3 > 1222% Max 2 hits


· PvP
· Lv 1 483.28% x 3 > 846% Max 2 hits
· Lv 10 577.55% x 3 > 1099.8% Max 2 hits


- Radiant Burst
· Increased [Holy Thrust] skill combo speed upon skill use.


- Righteous Torment
· It has been improved so that you can run all the way until the end with just one press of the skill button. (Flow: Desperation's Resolve applied)
· It has been improved so that the last attack can be made pressing the skill button one more time when using [Righteous Torment] skill.


- Rejection
· Skill's no. of hits is increased by one and attack range has been increased.
· Skill's no. of hits display has been changed.


· PvE Before After
· Lv 1 492.59% x 3 > 492.59% Max 4 hits
· Lv 10 640.36% x 3 > 640.36% Max 4 hits


· PvP Before After
· Lv 1 228.9% x 3 > 228.9% Max 4 hits
· Lv 10 282.1% x 3 > 282.1% Max 4 hits


■ Windwalker

Windwalker replaces her bow with a Kamasylven Sword, imbued with the power of Kamasylve. She is a class that shows various and unconventional movements to suit the status of ""the one who rides the wind"". Based on these movements, the concept was to threaten and defeat the enemy with quick, continuous attacks from melee and mid-range.

However, she was greatly affected by the Decrease Move Speed effect, making it hard to put these unique movements on display and track or evade enemies.
Windwalkers needed to be lighter on their feet and move more freely by strengthening the power of the wind and spirits.

A new passive skill, [Guidance of the Wind], has been added to give wings to the Windwalker's feet.
When the Windwalker uses the charge skill, the [Guidance of the Wind] status is applied for a certain period of time.
When this happens, Move Speed, Critical Hit Damage, and Damage will increase, allowing her to unleash a fast, deadly attack on the enemy.

In addition, some skills have been improved to maintain the concept of continuously firing various attacks.
The [Wind Knife] skill allows you to quickly use other skills, and [X-Strike] skill can be used immediately when using other skills.
Windwalker will now truly sweep the battlefield like the wind with fast and various moves in a way that enemies won't be able to predict.

- Kamasylven Sword Mastery
▷ Passive skill [Guidance of Wind] has been added.
· [Guidance of Wind] basic effects:
· Increases distance of the evasive action triggered when collision happens with an opponent while running.
· When using the [Charge] skill, [Guidance of the Wind] state is applied for 15 seconds.
ㆍCharge skill: Wind Knife, Gale Harvest, X-Strike


· [Guidance of Wind]
· Immune to AP or DP reduction skill effects.
· Move Speed +30% effect applied.
· Adventurer Damage +30%
· Max Critical Hit Damage +20%


- Breath of Life
· Guidance of the Wind status is applied upon skill use and duration reset effect has been added.


- Wind Knife
· Flow: Additional Attack
· Upon additional attack applies the same damage as Wind Knife.
· Stun on hit
· Ethereal Blast, Vorpal Daggers skills have been added so that they could be used faster after using [Flow: Additional Attack]
· Improvements have been made so that combo skills can be naturally made while running after using the skill.


- X-Strike
· Skill's attack range and move speed have increased.
· Super Armor (not applied when entering Arena) effect has been added upon skill use.
· Cannot be grabbed effect has been added while jumping.
· It has been fixed so it doesn't collide with target upon skill use.
· Intensify: Extra Charge effect has been changed to Flow: Increase Distance skill.
· It has been fixed so that it can be used immediately when using another skill.
· The PvE and PvP damage skills have been increased and the hit display has been changed.
- Bound on hit


· PvE
· 1 Lv 292.5% x 4 > 455% x 2 Max 2 hits
· 10 Lv 400.4% x 4 > 591.5% x 2 Max 2 hits


· PvP
· 1 Lv 168.75% x 4 > 318.5% x 2 Max 2 hits
· 10 Lv 231% x 4 > 414.05% x 2 Max 2 hits


▷ [Flow: Increase Distance] skill has been added.
- Increases skill movement speed when obtained.


■ Archer

Archer is equipped with a crossbow on his arm and moves constantly, unleashing a stream of arrows on the enemy.
Archer is a versatile ranged class that can sometimes condenses power to fire a powerful single shot.

However, it was difficult to change the direction of movement skills, and they often make Archer attack in place, leaving him exposed to enemy attacks. In addition, it was difficult to deal with moving enemies, so agile movements and an attack that could inflict heavy damage on hit was required.

The new passive skill [Focused Shot] increases the damage of all of Archer's skills.
In addition, the damage dealt to monsters increases for a certain period of time, and when the first hit of the skill hits an Adventurer, it deals fixed damage proportional to the target's Max HP.

In order to take advantage of Archer's agility in battle, we have improved the ability to quickly make combo into other skills after using some skills, and to change direction in the air when using the [Bolt Storm] skill.
The skills [Radiant Barrage] and [Luminous Barrage] have been changed to allow additional attacks while moving.

Now Archer will load a powerful blow with more agile movement, so enemies he encounters will be hit flying arrows before they can even approach him.

- Crossbow Mastery
▷[Focused Shot] passive skill has been added.
· [Focused Shot] state will activate for 20 seconds when skill is used 2 times.


· [Focused Shot]
· Increase all skill damage by 10%.
· While [Focused Shot] state is active, gives additional effects to [Concentrated Blast], [Luminous Barrage], [Radiant Barrage], and [ Scatter Shot].
· Increase damage to monsters by 10% for 5 seconds.
· On first successful hit applies additional fixed damage 2% of enemy Adventurer's Max HP.


- [Radiant Barrage]
· Improved [Flow: Spirit Arrow] to be used during movement.
· Will not move during auto-fight.


- [Luminous Barrage]
· Improved [Flow: Volley Fire] to be used during movement.
· Will not move during auto-fight.


- [Snapshot]
· Improved so that after skill use [Radiant Barrage] and [Luminous Barrage] can be used faster.


- [Fend Off]
· Improved so that after skill use [Radiant Barrage] and [Luminous Barrage] can be used faster.


- [Bolt Storm]
· Increased the skill movement and modified to allow changing direction mid-air.



Hashashin uses a sharp, curved blade, which resembles a crescent moon. He is an assassin class that can freely manipulate sand with some of Aal's power.

He uses a unique skill that inflicts follow-up damage to inflict a fatal attack on the enemy, but the base skill damage is small and it is not enough to contain the enemy from a distance, making it difficult to play on the battlefield.

The passive skill [Aal's Power] is designed to further strengthen the characteristics of Hashashin to deliver lethal attacks.
[Aal’s Power] is activated when certain skills are used twice.
If the skill is used while under the effect, this skill is strengthened and summons an additional sand whirlwind to attack.
In addition, on successful hit, it adds follow-up damage relative to the PvP damage and strengthens the harmful effects inflicted on the enemy.

By compensating for this lack of damage, which was somewhat lacking for an assassin, it is expected that Hashashin will be reborn as a menacing presence on the battlefield.

- Shamir Mastery
▷ Added passive effect [Aal's Power].
· Use [Eye of the Storm],[Solar Strike], [Unforgiven], and [Breath of Aal] 2 times to activate [Aal's Power] for 15 seconds.


· [Aal's Power]
· After enhancing and successful hitting with [Eye of the Storm], [Sand Saber], [Solar Strike], and [Breath of Aal] applies 30% PvP follow-up damage.
· Apply additional 30% negative effects for all skills.


■ Destroyer
- Fire Bomb
· Improved the skill so that on forward attack the character action is oriented towards the front.


■ Lupa
- Removed the +70 resistance buff in Arena.


■ Lahn
- Fixed an issue where the [Zenith] evasion reduce cooldown time was, at times, applied abnormally.


■ Invoker
- Fixed an issue of unnatural character action when transitioning from [Gigavolt] to running.


■ Lotus / Void Knight
- Fixed an issue where, under some circumstances, the passive skills did not activate.


■ iOS device
- The device vibration effect and UI have been further improved so that iOS device users can also recognize when they are getting attacked by other Adventurers while in sleep mode (Added on October 26).

※ Please note that the above information does not work in iOS silent mode.

■ Rift Stone

- Expanded the maximum Lv for Rift Stone.
· Before: Lv 300
· After: Lv 400


■ Quest
- Eased the condition for unlocking Black Spirit Quests.
· "Defeat Red Nose" and "Acquire Camp" > "Defeat Red Nose"
- Improved the Elite Boss Window and removed Repeatable Quest UI in regions where such quests are unavailable.


■ Tower of Trials
- Improved Tower of Trials so that when you tap on the Tower of Trials menu or a related notification, it takes you directly to the available Tower of Trials tab.
- Improved Tower of Trials for the progress messages not to display.


■ Crystals
- Modified the Crystal item description to display whether it's equipped on a Weapon or on Armor.


■ Enchantment
- Improved the Enchantment results page to display the name of enchanted gear.


■ Remove Awakening
- Modified the text related to removing awakening from Chaos Gear.


■ Knowledge
- Unified the Knowledge display style of World Boss and Boss Rush.


■ Screen
- Improved the animated sequences to better match the screen sizes better.


■ Archer
- Fixed an issue with Archer's height being abnormal when in Camp.


■ Pets
- Fixed an issue where, upon a successful Pet Exchange, the Tier based stack for the next Tier was displayed.
- Fixed an issue where, after exiting the window for changing a Pet skill, the Auto-Exchange button displayed on the bottom right.


■ Chat
- Fixed an issue with the new chat UI when linking to an item where only the link would appear and the chat was not displayed.


■ Black Spirit Quests
- Fixed a UI issue caused by tapping the back button in the Black Spirit Quest window in Android devices.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed an issue where some of the excavation items in Great Desert did were not very visible.
- Fixed some of the issues with getting stuck in the topographical features when moving to a saved place in Great Desert.


■ Mini Map
- Fixed the issue causing the mini map to disappear at times.


■ Ramoness Watch Mode
- Fixed an issue where, when entering Ramoness Watch Mode, the A team and B team's participant information in the loading screen was identical.


■ Life Plus
- Fixed an issue with Life Plus item description.
· Worker gather rate +10% -> Worker Logging, Foraging, Mining, Fishing Recovery Rate +10%
· Stamina Consumed when Gathering -40% -> Stamina Consumed when Logging, Foraging, Mining -40%
· Gathered Resources +20 -> Logging, Foraging, Mining Resource Gathering +20%


■ Pearl Shop
- Fixed an issue causing an occasional error when trying to purchase while having 0 Silver.


■ CP Breakdown
- Fixed an issue in CP Breakdown > Black Spirit > Average did not include the Equipped Family Lightstone.

■ New Events
- [Guaranteed] Nelydormin's Special Weekly Missions
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 5 (Tuesday) - until December 6 (Monday), 23:59
- 2021 Maple Festival: Gathering Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 5 (Tuesday) - until October 18 (Monday), 23:59
- Mysterious Acorn Daily Mission!
・ Event Period: After maintenance on October 5 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on October 12 (Tuesday)


■ Ended Events
- Friend Referral Event
- Gather Everyone
- Roccio's Login Event!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items

- Dimensional Lucky Shop


- Lucky Shop
· 4,115 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· Pets + Lucky Shop
· Boss Rush + Lucky Shop
· Dimensional + Lucky Shop
· Cron Stone + Lucky Shop
· Holy Vial + Lucky Shop


- New Armor Outfits
· Azure Knight (Warrior)
· Ladellin (Ranger)
· Leonidas (Giant)
· Clead (Valkyrie)
· Aether (Witch)
· Royal Enforcer I (Musa)
· Painted Elegance (Tamer)
· Sekrah (Sorceress)
· Skoll Tempia (Dark Knight)
· Devoured Sun (Striker)
· Ladybell (Maehwa)
· Errands Hood (Shai)
· Ignis (Archer)
· White Viper of Bahrahit (Hashashin)
· Warhawk (Sura)
· Eunyoo (Kunoichi)
· Kibelius I (Corsair)
· Kibelius II (Corsair)
· Ruby Floretta (Lahn)
· Makalu (Mystic)


- New Weapon Outfits
· Clead (Valkyrie)
· Painted Elegance (Tamer)
· Painted Elegance (Spiritwalker)
· Ladybell (Primrose)
· Ladybell (Maehwa)
· Ignis (Archer)
· White Viper of Bahrahit (Hashashin)
· Warhawk (Sura)
· Eunyoo (Kunoichi)
· Kibelius (Corsair)
· Ruby Floretta (Lahn)
· Makalu (Mystic)


■ Sales Ended
- 4,115 Pearls + Lucky Shop
- Enhancement + Lucky Shop
- Boss Rush + Lucky Shop
- Accessory + Lucky Shop
- Emblem + Lucky Shop
- Dimensional + Lucky Shop
- Chaos + Lucky Shop
- Growth + Lucky Shop