[September 28] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.09.28

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on September 28 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Phantom Ship

- Phantom Ships have been spotted in different parts of Margoria Sea.
※ You can sail to Margoria Sea with a Refined Epheria Guard Ship (Lv 4 vessel).

- Up to 3 Phantom Ships can appear at one time.
※ You can auto-path to the Phantom Ship using the notification message that announces it's appearance.
※ You can also check the location of the Phantom Ship from the Great Ocean map.


- You can obtain [Phantom Fragment] when hitting the Phantom Ship a certain number of times.
- Added weekly quest regarding obtaining [Phantom Fragment] to the Great Ocean Exploration Log.

· Completion requirement: Obtain Phantom Fragment x35

· Reward: [Lost Pirate Chest]

※ To celebrate the Phantom Ship update, [Fresh Fruit Drink]x1, which recovers 25% of Endurance, has been sent to your mail.
・ You can collect the item from your mailbox until the maintenance on October 5.


■ First Prophet's Room 

- Added First Prophet's Room: Lv. 3.
- You will need a CP of 25,000 or more to enter First Prophet's Room: Lv. 3.
※ You cannot participate if you do not meet the CP requirement.
- You will need Ancient Tablet x10,000 and Tangled Time x1 to enter.


■ Lahn

Developer's Comments:
Lahn is a short-range class that overpowers the enemy with dance-like martial arts moves, using a Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword. She can also quickly enter and leave the battlefield with various moves and has an unprecedented ability to leap and glide through the air.


However, the effectiveness of her attack skills is low when compared to their casting time, due to the somewhat extravagant movements in her attacks.
Due to her lack of defensive abilities, such as forward guard, she can be difficult to use actively in PvP.
Her unique movement ability, which should be very useful, was affected by her movement speed, and she could become incapacitated by an opponent with any slowing effects.

Lahn's attack speed and range can now be increased with the new passive skill [Zenith].
Every time [Zenith] is activated, her Crescent Pendulum will see gradually increased effectiveness.

The first time a skill is used, her attack speed increases and damage received from adventurers decreases as she enters the [Zenith] state.

When a skill is used again, the [Zenith: Discipline] state is applied, additionally increasing attack speed.
When a skill is used in this state, the attack range of the skill increases.
It also adds to [Zenith: Fury] state, where additional damage is applied to some skills.
Receiving the [Zenith: Fury] effect upon skill use, the duration refreshes and the effect can be maintained.

In order to match Lahn's concept, we also added an effect that can increase the usage of her unique ability to leap and glide through the air. When using this ability, the [movement speed reduction] effect is removed, so the ability can be used and stopped at any time and attack right after. In addition, when using some skills, the cooldown time of her glide has been reduced to improve her defensive capabilities. Now, Lahn can swing the Crescent Pendulum and continue her dance, delivering faster, more powerful attacks.

- Added [Zenith] description to the [Crescent Pendulum Mastery].

- [Zenith]
· Use skill to activate [Zenith] for 15 seconds.


· Reduce damage from other Adventurers by 20%.
· Increase attack speed (Lv 1)
· Activates [Zenith: Discipline] buff upon skill use.


[Zenith: Discipline]
· Increase attack speed (Lv 2)
· Reset [Zenith: Discipline] duration on successful hit.


- While [Zenith: Discipline] is activated, use skill to apply [Zenith: Fury] buff for 15 seconds.


[Zenith: Fury]
· When in [Zenith: Discipline] state, use skill to increase attack range for all skills by 15% for 15 seconds.
· When in [Zenith: Discipline] state, use skill to increase the damage of [Briar of Thorns], [Dance of Death], and [Pendulum Kick] by 20%.

· Gliding removes Reduce Move Speed
- [Zenith] effect is applied upon [Elegance of Marigold] skill use.
- We have modified the cooldown time of evasion skills by decreasing the cooldown by 0.5 seconds upon using [Briar of Thorns], [Dance of Death], or [Pendulum Kick].
- The [Blooming Slash] skill can now be used one more time when holding the skill button after using the skill.
- Fixes have been made so that her [Blooming Slash] skill will more naturally connect to running.
- Fixes have been made so that her [Crescent Tango] skill will more naturally connect to running.
- Fixes have been made so that gliding will more naturally connect to running.


■ Invoker

Developer's Comments:
Invoker deals with the primal power of two elements, lightning and earth. This is a long-range class that casts powerful lightning magic with Tett, her lightning summon. Currently, Invoker cannot portray a strong image suited to her concept.

Invoker's main skill has a slow casting speed and low overall skill damage. In addition, it is difficult to evade an enemy pursuit due to a lack of tools with which to do so.

Invoker's lightning skills also needed to be improved so she can look as fast and as powerful as lightning. The addition of the new passive skill [Thunder] will increase the damage of Invoker's lightning magic skills. When Thunder is activated, the [Shock] effect is applied to the enemy when all successful lightning skill hits. Shock is an effect that stacks with Burn and Bleed effects and periodically gives fixed damage. Also, Thunder increases the damage of the [Gigavolt] skill, and reduces the cooldown of Voltaic Burst and Gigavolt by 0.5 seconds when using all skills.


Invoker's lightning magic has not only had its power altered, but also the way that she moves. When you use [Gigavolt], you receive the [Lightning Speed] effect, which will transform Invoker into a ball of lightning and allow her to move quickly through enemies. [Bodyguard] gives additional damage as it moves, and has been improved so that other skills can be used faster after moving. The [Power Surge] skill, which moves quickly and attacks the enemy, can also be used for additional attacks. Now that the Invoker has gained even faster and more powerful lightning, enemies are sure to fear the thunderbolts that fall from the sky!

- Added a passive effect to Aad Sphera Mastery.

· When MP is above 80, use all MP to activate Thunder for 15 seconds.
· Thunder
· Increase PvP damage by 10%
· Increase [Gigavolt] damage by 30%
· Decrease cooldown time for [Voltaic Burst] and [Gigavolt] by 0.5 second when using skill.
· Shock debuff applies when using an electrical skill.
· Shock: Applies 150 damage every second for 3 seconds. (stacks with Burn and Bleed debuffs).


- Bodyguard

· Improved the skill so that you can continue attacking in the direction of the movement.
· Improved the skill so that after it is used other skills can be used faster.
· Modified the PvE and PvP damage in line with changes to the maximum hit count.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 595% → 395% maximum 3 hits
· Lv 10: 773.5% → 513.5% maximum 3 hits

· PvP
· Lv 1: 416.5% → 276.5% maximum 3 hits
· Lv 10: 541.45% → 359.45% maximum 3 hits


- Gigavolt
· Improved skill's attack speed.
· Lightning Speed status applies after using the skill in Thunder state.
· Lightning Speed
· Improves the movement skill when running (will not collide with monsters).


- Power Surge
▷ Added [Flow: Chain].
· Additional attack when holding the skill button.
· Attacks for 60% damage of power surge
· Improved the continuation to running after using skill.


- Cataclysm
· Improved the skill so that it takes effect more quickly.


- Energize
· Removed the MP cost.
· Upon use, activates Thunder state and resets the passive effect time.


■ Void Knight
※ Added on September 29:
Added missing Void Knight related notes. We apologize for any confusion this omission might have caused.


- Modified Magic Activation Magic use amount for [Legacy of the Vedir], [Obsidian Ashes], [Fury of Kamasylvia], and [Cross Slash] to 50.

- Dark Mist
· Added enhancement [Flow: Magic Activation].

· [Flow: Magic Activation]
· Applies 10% of [Dark Mist] damage.
· Consumes 50 Magic when using skill.

- [Enchanting Frenzy]
· Dark Mist: Increases [Dark Mist] skill damage by 30%.

- Spirit Absorption
· Applies the Enchanting Frenzy state upon skill use and resets duration.

Cannon/Iron Bow Frame

- Added a new function so that you can check more details about Cannon and Iron Bow Frame in the enhancement page.


■ Desert Exploration Log
- Reduced the amount of items required to complete Excavation quests.
- Quests: Sand Dunes, Buried Chest, Ancient Jar, Forgotten Altar, The Joys of Excavation


■ New Main Quest Completion Pass

- Added [Main Quest Completion Pass: North Valencia] to the Main Quest Completion Shop.
※ If any character in your Family has completed the quest [Shakatu's Warning], other characters in your family can purchase and use the pass.


■ Achievements
- Improved the quest "People helping the camp" to make it easier to complete.
· After accepting the quest, the number of camp workers you have hired will be checked instead of the number of new workers you hire.


■ Field of Valor
- Improved Field of Valor's results page to have a more suitable theme.


■ Guild Mileage Quest
- After removal of Node Manager content on May 18, the quests related to Node Manager were removed from the quest shop. We have detected Adventurers who still have the quest accepted, so we have cancelled the quest throughout the database.


■ Class
▷ Lotus
- Fixed an issue where, when using the skill [Chaos]'s [Flow: Vibrant Petals], it could not find the target at times.

▷ Titan
- Fixed an issue where, while using [Lava Piercer] in the Therianthropy state, [Falling Rock] and [Beastly Wind Slash] could be used.

▷ Lupa
- Fixed an issue where, at times, when summoning Heilang, the wrong name was displayed.


■ Family Dispatch
- Fixed an issue where, when the pop up for selecting a family member to dispatch for Merchantry was displayed, an icon related to Scout Hadum would appear.


■ Great Ocean
- Fixed an issue where the fish did not disappear after using a Fishing Hot Spot.


■ Path of Glory
- Fixed an issue where, when entering Path of Glory's main page, it was not set to a rift that matched the family CP.


■ Starting Events
- [Guaranteed] Mogley's Daily Missions
・ Event Period: After maintenance on September 28 (Tuesday) - until October 11 (Monday), 23:59
- Great Ocean Special Quest
・ Event Period: After maintenance on September 28 (Tuesday) - until October 11 (Monday), 23:59
- Roccio's Login Event!
・ Event Period: After maintenance on September 28 (Tuesday) - until October 4 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Mystic Launch Gift
- Mystic Level Up Event
- Mystic Special Shop
- Lucky Roulette
- The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients
- Ordeal of the Fallen

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Pack
· Complete Boss Rush Knowledge Chest
· Complete Glyph Chest
· Monthly Enhancement Support Pack
· +8 Challenge Chest


■ Sales Ended
- Chaos Enhancement Pack