[August 24] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.08.24

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on August 24 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Great Ocean

The Great Ocean, stretching out far beyond the horizon, has finally appeared!

The Great Ocean is an area that adventurers have yet to experience.
It is a place full of mystical secrets that have only been passed down through old stories.

Adventurer, are you ready for the adventure and glory of the Great Voyage?
Raise your anchor and sail into a Great Ocean of endless adventure and rare treasures!

- Enter Great Ocean

· Great Ocean is available after completing "My Very Own Ship" quest in the "Off to Sea!" story.
· You must complete "Cadry Gatekeeper" main quest to continue with Great Ocean Story "Off to Sea!"


- Great Ocean World Map
· On the Great Ocean World Map, areas that have not yet been visited are covered with a dark fog. Area icons won't appear.
· To remove the shadows, you must visit the main island of that region.


- Ocean Guide

· You can check the information on each sea area and the ship level required for sailing each sea area with the Ocean Guide.


- Ship

· Ships are shared within the Family and can be obtained through a ship license.
· The first boat you will obtain is the Fishing Boat, which will be given as a reward upon completing the story quest.
· You can enhance your Ship to a higher grade through the Ship menu.
· Enhancing your ship not only increases your abilities, but also allows you to sail to farther seas, and gain different shooting techniques to defeat your enemies.

- Sailor
· You can assign camp workers to your ship in Set Sailors.
· Tap Auto-Placement to randomly place workers in your ship.


- Sailing

· Sailing Level
▷ Your sailing level will determine your ship's stats and how far you are able to enhance your ship.
▷ In order to enhance your ship, you must achieve a certain sailing level.


· Wind Direction and Speed
▷ You can check for true north and the wind direction and speed through the compass UI of the mini-map.
▷ You will move a little faster if you sail in the direction of the wind, and a little slower by sailing against it.
▷ The wind direction can be checked on the compass on the right side of the mini-map, and the compass UI turns blue when riding with the wind.


· Accelerate
▷ Tap the Full Sail button in the right side of Great Ocean screen to move at a greater speed.
▷ The Full Sail gauge will refill faster when sailing with the wind.
※ When sailing, the Full Sail gauge will still fill, however, regardless of you sailing with or against the wind.
※ You can use the Full Sail button when Full Sail gauge is full.


· Auto-Forward Mode
▷ You can use "Auto-Forward Mode" in order to easily move in the Great Ocean.
▷ If you slide the movement button up while tapping it, the Auto-Forward Mode button will appear. Slide the movement button onto the Auto-Forward Mode button to have your ship begin moving automatically.


- Oquilla Coin
· Oquilla Coins are the currency used in the Great Ocean and can be used to exchange for goods.
· You can get Oquilla Coins defeating Great Ocean monsters, or through quests, Fish Delivery, and Appraising Items, among other ways.


- Cannon and Iron Bow Frame
· You can equip Cannons and Iron Bow Frames onto your ship.
· You can equip or unequip Cannon and Iron Bow Frame outside the Great Ocean when your ship is docked.
· You can get Cannons and Iron Bow Frames through Great Ocean Stories and rewards, or you can purchase them in Shakatu's Shop with Oquilla Coins.
· You can enhance Cannons and Iron Bow Frames when your ship is docked in the port by tapping the Fittings button.
· When successful in enhancement, it has a chance to increase by 2 levels.
· Enhance Limit will decrease by 1 for each enhancement attempt. You cannot enhance anymore if your enhance limit reaches zero.


- Cannonball Vault
· Supply Cannonballs to the Cannonball Vault using the materials below.
· Supply one Cannonball for each Rugged Boulder, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, and Tin Ore.


- Endurance
· Endurance runs out upon using a cannonball when fighting a monster or when receiving a special reward.
· Endurance runs out upon using a cannonball when defeating a monster or when receiving a special reward (Updated on August 25).
· When your Endurance runs out, you cannot obtain certain rewards or EXP.
· Endurance resets every Monday at midnight.


- Cannon Combat

· If you have loaded Cannonballs to your Ship, you can fire Cannons by tapping the right Fire Cannon button.
· Tap and hold the Fire Cannon button while aiming and then lift your finger to fire the Cannon!
· Fishing Boats cannot use a Cannon. It can be used after enhancing the Ship.
· Added Auto-Shoot setting feature, which allows you to continue shooting your Cannons while aiming them. You can change whether to enable or disable it in Settings > Convenience > Auto-Shoot.


- Fishing at Sea

· Enjoy fishing everywhere in the Great Ocean. You can obtain Oquilla Coins, steel and plywood to enhance your ship fittings by supplying the fish you caught to NPCs in the port, or through Crafting > Materials > Fish Delivery.
· The fish that can be delivered to the NPC in the port depends on your ship level.
· You can Fish at Hot Spots where seagulls gather in the sea, where you can get better items than from ordinary fishing.
· When Fishing at a Hot Spot, Camp Workers Fishing EXP will increase and you can get bonus rewards when Camp Workers Total Fishing EXP surpasses a certain threshold.
· Fishing Level Bonus Reward Thresholds: 200/400/600/800
· Fishing at a Hot Spot consumes 10 Stamina.


- Treasure Recovery

· You can get special items through Treasure Recovery in the Sea.
· You can appraise items obtained in the Great Ocean to an NPC and get Oquilla Coins, Steel, Plywood, Materials, Cannons and Iron Bow Frames.


- Wanted Mission

· You can obtain Oquilla Coins, steel and plywood to enhance ship fittings upon completing Wanted Missions at the port.
· Wanted Missions may require defeating monsters and pirate ships, engaging in Treasure Recovery or catching fish. There are also Wanted Missions with different rewards.
· Wanted Missions can change depending on your ship level.
· You can refresh Wanted Missions if you don't like what you see, but you can only refresh once a day.
· You can complete up to 7 Wanted Missions per week.
· In the case of monsters or pirate ships with special names such as "Venomous Nineshark" or "Red Whiskers Pirate Ship", you can check for clues about where they appear when you tap the quest widget.
· Search for enemies near the location marked with the Wanted icon in the World Map.


- Rescue Ship

· When your ship is wrecked (your durability has reach zero), you will lose some of your Sailing EXP. You can then leave port with a Rescue Ship.
· In Rescue Ship mode, you will have to go where your wrecked ship is to retrieve it, or you can use in-game currency to retrieve it remotely. Also, lost EXP will get restored when retrieving your ship.


- Sylvia Goddess Statue

· The Statue of Sylvia can be built by using materials through the lower construction tab when the Town Hall is Tier 4 or higher.
· You can offer [Tear of the Goddess] to the Statue of Sylvia, increasing AP & DP increase every time it levels up.
※ Enhanced Stats with the Statue of Sylvia will apply to the entire Family.
· You can get [Tear of the Goddess] in Tower of Trials: Hadum and Padix Pirate Island.


- Collection

· Added a new collection "Great Ocean: Fish Collection" containing Great Ocean Story.
· The collection includes some fish from the Juur Sea, an area that cannot be entered just yet. They will be obtainable through a future update.


- Path to Power

· Added Path to Power so that you can play more easily in the Great Ocean.


- Titles
· Added titles that you can get in the Great Ocean.


- Great Ocean Padix Pirate Island

Pirates are expanding their power in the Kuit Islands in Margoria Sea.
According to recent rumors, pirates are throwing a party somewhere on Ross Sea Island.

Adventurer, get an invitation to infiltrate this island and defeat the infamous pirates within the crew.
Defeat the pirates who are disturbing the sea and recover the looted treasure.

· Pirates have appeared in the Great Ocean and Ross Sea Padix Island.
· You can enter Ross Sea with an Epheria Guard Ship (ship upgrade level 3).
· You need 10 Padix Pirate Island Invitations in order to enter Padix Pirate Island.
· You can get Padix Pirate Island Invitations through Weekly Missions, defeating monsters, and pirate ships.
· When entering Padix Pirate Island, you can fight with your crew and get Oquilla Coins and lots of Silver.


- Great Ocean Field Auto-Combat
· If you set sail to the Great Ocean during Auto-Combat in the normal field, the field combat rewards are accumulated for the time you sailed, and when you return to the normal field after the voyage, you can get the accumulated rewards in the same form as in Black Spirit Mode.


- Change in content due to the addition of Great Ocean
· Tower of Trials: change in some Hadum rewards.
▷ Floor 31 Reward Dark Coin x150 -> Alyaelli Fragment x3
▷ Floor 40 Reward Dark Coin x300 -> Alyaelli Fragment x5
▷ Floor 41 Reward Chaos Crystal x1 -> Tear of the Goddess x10
▷ Floor 46 Reward Chaos Crystal x1 -> Tear of the Goddess x10
▷ Floor 49 Reward World Boss Armor Fragment Chest x2 -> Alyaelli Fragment x16
▷ Floor 51 Reward Dark Coin x300 -> Tear of the Goddess x15
▷ Floor 53 Reward World Boss Weapon Fragment Chest x2 -> Alyaelli Fragment x18
▷ Floor 54 Reward Dark Coin x300 -> Tear of the Goddess x20
▷ Floor 57 Reward Chaos Crystal x3 -> Tear of the Goddess x30
▷ Floor 60 Reward Chaos Crystal x3 -> Tear of the Goddess x40


- Some Weekly Mission Quests change.
· The quest [Complete More Enemies Getting Stronger, Elion/Hadum Boss Rush 50 Times], a weekly mission, will be deleted, and the quest [Peace in Great Ocean, Defeat Monsters in the Great Ocean x150] will be added for Great Ocean content.


■ Pets

- Auto-Exchange has been added to Exchange Tab in Pets.

- You can prioritize pets to Auto-Exchange by selecting pet tiers and choosing whose appearance and skills to maintain.
- You can select Tier in Auto-Exchange and exchange pet. (You can select until Tier 5).
※ Please note that Petscension Settings are not available with Auto-Exchange.


■ Titan

Developer's Comment:

Titan is a class characterized by his massive body and devastating rush and axe-wielding attacks. However, his slow skill activation felt like entering battle with a blunt axe, and despite his massive body, his DP in the battlefield was a bit disappointing. It was hard to approach the desired target when rushing due to his difficulty in changing direction.

This gigantic warrior needed to awaken his feral powers.
The new passive skill "Therianthropy" has the effect of transforming into a powerful beast form when MP is consumed 5 times.

In transformation, DP is greatly increased, and the overall performance of skills has improved.
These skills, made suitable for beast form, are much more agile and powerful than before.
Feel the powerful feral power of the Titans with this new passive skill.

- When MP is consumed 5 times, the Therianthropy state is applied for 30 seconds.
- Changed to reduce MP by 35 when using all skills. (You can use skills even if you lack MP)
- Changed MP explanations regarding Falling Rock, Piledriver, Axe Mastery skills.
- Changed skill actions according to beast form.


- Changing Skills
· Earthshatter, Frenzied Destroyer, Beastly Wind Slash, Raging Thunder, Falling Rock, Lava Piercer, Fearsome Tyrant, Beast Slayer.


- Therianthropy
· Increase Max HP by 4,000
· Reduce PvP Damage Received by 20%
· Recovers HP for 30 seconds by 3% every 5 seconds
※ Beast form is disabled when moving zones or summoning mounts.


· [Flow: Instinct Revealed]
· Beast form applied upon activation
· Beast form will not apply when deactivated ("Therianthropy" effect still applies)


· [Flow: Wild Nature]
· Max HP Increase and recovery effect when used.
· When not applied, increases damage dealt to monsters by 10%
· (Max HP increase and recovery effect not applied)


- Beastly Wind Slash
· Modified skill so 'Superarmor' applies in Arena.


- Fearsome Tyrant
· Modified skill so 'Superarmor' does not apply in Arena.


- Falling Rock
· Applied 'Enhancement: Increase No. of Hits' as basic effect and added 'Flow: Instill Fear' instead.
· Added 'cannot be grabbed' effect when using skill.


· [Flow: Instill Fear]
· Applies 350% hit damage of Falling Rock
· Max 2 hits
· Invincible when jumping
· Superarmor during attack
· Does not apply in Arena
· Bound upon hit


■ Customization

- Added new hairstyles:
ㆍ Added a new common hairstyle for the female characters.
ㆍ Added a new male character hairstyle for Warrior, Giant, and Striker.
ㆍ Added a new male character hairstyle for Archer, Musa, Hashashin, and Sura.


■ Arena Ranking
- Improved Ranked Arena to display the number of obtained Weekly Victory Rewards.


■ Item
- Removed the unobtainable [Dairy Cow Milk] and added the item [1,682 Food] which has the same effect.


■ World Boss
- Fixed an issue where Immortal Knights did not attack when Kutum enters a groggy state after a Sandstorm attack.


■ Auto-Awakened Enhancement
- Fixed an issue where, in the settings for Auto-Awakened Enhancement, the stats of items that increase the success rate did not display properly.


■ Amity
- Improvements were made to make it easier to identify the items that increase amity with NPCs without having to do actions that increase amity.
- A button was added to make it easier to notice if you have reached an amity that offers a reward.


■ Battlefield of the Sun Currency Change
- After the upcoming August 31 update, the entrance currency for Battlefield of the Sun will change as follows.

Entry Currency Extra Victory Rewards Battlefield Effect
Silver x10,000,000 Crimson Sculpture Black Spirit Skill Damage +18%, Max HP +1200
Edana's Coin x770  Chaos Crystal x105  Black Spirit Skill Damage +18%, Max HP +1200
Edana's Coin x2,200  Chaos Crystal x300  Black Spirit Skill Damage +30%, Max HP +2000
Dark Coin x9,400  Alyaelli Fragment x240  Black Spirit Skill Damage +18%, Max HP +1200
Dark Coin x39,000 Alyaelli Fragment x1,000 Black Spirit Skill Damage +30%, Max HP +2000


■ New Events
- Great Ocean Mission Objectives
・Event Period: after maintenance on August 24 (Tuesday) - until September 13 (Monday), 23:59
- Great Ocean Weekly Missions
・Event Period: after maintenance on August 24 (Tuesday) - until September 5 (Sunday), 23:59
- Black Spirit Mission Pass
・Event Period: after maintenance on August 24 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on October 19 (Tuesday)
・Premium Mission Pass Purchase Period: after maintenance on August 24 (Tuesday) - until September 20 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Event
- Terrmian Festival Coupon Exchange Shop
- Terrmian Fishing Festival
- Terrmian Water Gun Festival!
- Great Voyage! Shipyard Support


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass

· Black Spirit Mission Pass 10 Points


- Misc. > Etc. > Guild Mark Change Coupon

· Added Guild Mark Change Coupon.

· This item can only be used by Guild Master and the effects will apply after the following update.
※ You cannot select the Guild Mark already applied.


- Special Pack
· Complete Relic Pack
· Rift Challenge Pack
· Alchemy Stone Awakening Pack


- Support
· Fortune Scroll (7 Days)


- Odds and Ends
· Port Return Pass


- Silver Shop
· Port Return Pass


■ Sales Ended
- Lahn All-Inclusive Chest
- Crimson Lily All-Inclusive Chest