[August 31] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.08.31

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on August 24 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Battlefield of the Sun

- Currency required to enter the Battlefield of the Sun has been changed from [Chaos Crystal] to [Edana's Coin] and [Dark Coin].
- Additional Victory Rewards have been changed from [Sun Crystal] to [Chaos Crystal] or
[Alyaelli Fragment].
- If you use [Edana's Coin] or [Dark Coin] to enter, you can get [Chaos Crystal] or [Alyaelli Fragment] when you win.
- When entering the Battlefield of the Sun, the battlefield buff will be applied according to the entry currency.

Entry Currency Reward Battlefield Buff
10,000,000 Silver Crimson Sculpture Black Spirit's Skill Damage +18%, Max HP + 1200
Edana's Coin x770 Chaos Crystal x105 Black Spirit's Skill Damage +18%, Max HP + 1200
Edana's Coin x2,200 Chaos Crystal x300 Black Spirit's Skill Damage +30%, Max HP + 2000
Dark Coin x9,400  Alyaelli Fragment x240 Black Spirit's Skill Damage +18%, Max HP + 1200
Dark Coin x39,000  Alyaelli Fragment x1,000 Black Spirit's Skill Damage +30%, Max HP + 2000


■ Arena
- "Normalizing CP" will be displayed in the opening screen of Arena and other PvP content if the CP is being corrected.


■ Mount
- When putting items in your Horse Inventory, the UI has been unified so that you can store your items switching to Move Selected/Fast Travel by tapping the button.


■ Pets
- Added a function to assure Pets that are being taken out are locked so that they are not used in exchange, etc.


■ Guild
- Improved the speed of the Guild Request result screen popping up.


■ Tower of Trials
- Adjusted the Tower of Trials message pop up to disappear faster.


■ Changes of In-Game Words and Phrases
- For clearer distinction between the two sisters of Kamasylvia, Ganelle and Vedir, the part where the word "Elf" is mentioned in knowledge and dialogue has been changed to "Ganelle". In the future, we will keep fixing such terms to maintain the depth of the game lore.
· Updated Knowledge Entries: Orwen, Elgriffin, Herio, Sayena, Kamasylvian Priestess Nellamorin, Crioville, Wobbly Bridge, Herawen's Teachings, Hunting Competition Events, Those Who See Kamasylve, Temple of the Elves, Elves
- Cursed Land and Forsaken Lands monster names have been modified. Along with this, knowledge and main quests have also been changed.

· Male Voodoo Doll > Male Cursed Doll
· Female Voodoo Doll > Female Cursed Doll
· Voodoo Doll Butcher > Cursed Doll Butcher
· Giant Voodoo Doll > Giant Cursed Doll
· Dwarf Voodoo Doll > Dwarf Cursed Doll


■ Character Selection
- Modified characters wearing ornaments that caused characters to be unable to be deleted.


■ UI
- A UI indicating the renewal time has been added to some functions, including quests, so that you can clearly notice the refresh time.
· Applies to: Tasks, Log-in Rewards, Black Spirit Quests, Friends, Rankings, Pearl Shop, Daily Packages Event Screen


■ Ancient Ruins
- Ancient Ruins: Changes have been made so that Lightstone Enhancement is locked when First Prophet's Room is not opened


■ Mini-Map
- Changes have been made so that buttons that are not available in the current area are not exposed among the icons on the top left mini-map.


■ Class
▷ All Classes
- Fixed a problem with Evasion skill stacks that appeared unnaturally in certain situations.
- Fixed a problem with invalid actions that appeared when skill use failed.

▷ Destroyer
- Fixed the arm part that abnormally exposed when Destroyer performs some social actions.

▷ Corsair
- Fixed an issue where character dye information in the UI is abnormally exposed when using Corsair's transformation skill.


■ Emblem
- Fixed the pop up "Emblem Enhancement Available" notification, as it appeared even though the emblem could not be enhanced.


■ Camp
- Fixed the issue of Task Completion Time not appearing in the Worker List when doing Basic Craft.


■ Gervaise Shop
- Fixed the numbers getting cut off when the unit of Dark Coin exceeds 100 million in Gervaise Shop.


■ Pets
- Fixed the result of Pet Exchange not being visible when the pet is automatically exchanged.


■ Path of Glory
- Fixed the Air Raid skill which occasionally could not be used in Path of Glory.


■ Altar of Alyaelli
- A new World Boss common knowledge system, Altar of Alyaelli, will be added to the upcoming September 7th maintenance.
- You can get Altar of Alyaelli Knowledge if you have World Boss Knowledge.
- You can get Altar of Alyaelli Knowledge EXP when defeating World Bosses that have achieved the highest level of knowledge.


■ Great Ocean
- A new weekly quest for defeating Great Ocean monsters that match your Ship Level will be added in the scheduled maintenance on September 7th.
・Only Families who have completed Great Ocean entry story "My Very Own Ship - Get a ship license" before the scheduled maintenance on September 7th, will receive [Fruit Drink] x1, which will recover Endurance by 10%.


■ Starting Event
- Join the Battlefield of the Sun!
・Event Period: August 31 (Tue) after maintenance until September 13 (Mon) 23:59
- 2021 BRC Season 2 Art Puzzle Event
・Event Period: August 31 (Tue) after maintenance until September 13 (Mon) 23:59
- 2021 BRC Season 2 Ramoness Support Event
・Event Period: August 31 (Tue) after maintenance until September 13 (Mon) 23:59


■ Ending Event
- Terrmian Black Spirit's Adventure
- A Story Told by Heyen
- Lahn/Crimson Lily Special Shop


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Pack
· Altar of Alyaelli Prep Pack
· Value Emblem Pack
· Emblem Crafter's Chest
· Change Pet Skills Pack
· Complete Coin Pack

※ Items such as Add-ons Shop, Challenge Shop etc. will be moved from the Special Pack category to the Select Shop Category. (No changes in item itself).


■ Ending Items & Packs
- Into the WAVES Step-up I
- Into the WAVES Step-up II
- Into the WAVES Step-up III
- Into the WAVES Step-up IV
- Into the WAVES Step-up V
- Rift Challenge Pack