[August 17] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.08.17

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on August 17 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Lahn & Crimson Lily Release

- You can now play Lahn and Crimson Lily characters.


■ Battle of the Sun

Developer's Comment:
The Commander's Weapon is a factor that can create large variables in the Battlefield of the Sun. Depending on which Adventurer uses the Commander's Weapon or how strong it becomes through battle, the wielder can show amazing results.

However, there were concerns for the Commander's Weapon as well. When an Adventurer bravely jumps deep into the enemy's camp and falls, the available Commander's Weapon would be surrounded by enemies. In other cases, team members were concerned when an Adventurer could unintentionally acquire the Commander's Weapon. Lastly, even though an Adventurer may perform well with the Commander's Weapon, the AP bonus would not increase at all leaving an unpleasant experience.

The Development Team wanted to give our Adventurers an experience of using the Commander's Weapon with ease by actively acquiring, growing, and performing in the Battle of the Sun.

For example, when the Commander's Weapon is lost within enemy lines, it will now be secured for usage in a specific location making it easier to recover. Also, by adding an interaction process to pick up the Commander's Weapon, only the Adventurers who are willing to use may acquire this weapon. Lastly, the Commander's Weapon AP will increase whenever the Adventurer wielding the powerful weapon defeats a certain number of enemies.

Through this improvement, We hope that the Commander's Weapon will strengthen team play and add more wings to Adventurer performance rising to victory.

- Updated the spawn area to a fixed position for Commander's Weapon after the enemy Commander is defeated.
- The Commander's Weapon can be obtained by interaction.
- The Commander's Weapon AP bonus has been updated as the following:

▷ Commander's Weapon bonus
· Previous: After the weapon holder falls from battle, obtaining the Commander's Weapon increases AP bonus.
· Updated: Commander's Weapon AP bonus accumulates by defeating enemies which provides an AP bonus.
※ Example) Even when an Adventurer falls from battle after upgrading the Commander's Weapon, the weapon growth effect will remain.

(Updated on August 20)


■ Outlaw Zone

- Outlaw Zone content has been shifted to regular content.
- In the Outlaw Zone, the buffs [100% increase in Field Combat EXP] and [10% decrease in Spoils Drop Rate Cooldown] will apply.
- As Outlaw Zone is now permanent, Outlaw Mode is no longer available.


■ Field of Valor: Desert Level 5

· Meet Hystrias in Field of Valor: Desert Level 5.
· Required CP is 25,000.
· Multiplier 5 can be applied in Field of Valor: Desert Lv 5 as with other levels.


■ Chaos Loot Chest

Developer's Comments:

Based on what many Adventurers have sent us, we have added Boss Stamps and Ancient Tablets to the Chaos Loot Chest.
Boss Stamps and Ancient Tablets cannot be obtained from Chaos Loot Chests acquired through hunting from before this update, only in ones after.

- Boss Stamps and Ancient Tablets have been added to the items that you can get from the Chaos Loot Chest.


■ Trade Goods Weight

Black Desert Operations Team:

We are happy to see many Adventurers enjoying trading!
We have reduced the weight of trade goods to incentivize stronger participation and getting more rewards.
We will continue to making Black Desert Mobile a game that reflects the wishes of our global Adventurers.

- The weight of the trade goods below has been reduced from 3 to 0.5.
· Dragon Statue
· Relic Remnants
· High-Quality Crystal
· Ominous Rock Fragment
· Ominous Black Mercury
· Black Fragment
· Polished Stone
· Decorative Steel Sword
· Splendid Wagon Badge
· Copper Decorative Chandelier
· Classic Silverware
· Standardized Timber Square
· Splendid Bedside Table
· Round Table
· Sturdy Wardrobe
· Cozy Chair
· Special Herbal Juice
· Pure Powder Reagent
· Alchemist's Blue Reagent
· Sturdy Wagon Cover
· Cute Doll
· Wall Carpet
· Noble Dress

■ Hadum Path to Power

- New quests are added to the Hadum Path to Power.
· Dimensional Fragment: Completed when you get 25 Dimensional Fragments, Main Reward: Intermediate Mining Chest x100
· Cron Stone: Completed when you get 100 Cron Stones, Main Reward: Intermediate Mining Chest x200
· Dimensional Crystal: Completed when crafting 1 Dimensional Crystal, Main Reward: Abyssal Lightstone Chest x15
· Balenos Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching Balenos Hadum Knowledge Level 116, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· Serendia Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching Serendia Hadum Knowledge Level 277, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· Neutral Border Zone Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching Neutral Border Zone Hadum Knowledge Level 119, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· North Calpheon Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching North Calpheon Hadum Knowledge Level 252, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· Southeast Calpheon Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching Southeast Calpheon Hadum Knowledge Level 192, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· Southwest Calpheon Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching Southwest Calpheon Hadum Knowledge Level 227, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· South Mediah Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching South Mediah Hadum Knowledge Level 241, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· North Mediah Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching North Mediah Hadum Knowledge Level 222, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· West Valencia Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching West Valencia Hadum Knowledge Level 130, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10
· North Valencia Hadum Knowledge 2: Completed upon reaching North Valencia Hadum Knowledge Level 62, Main Reward: Chaos Core x10


■ Chat

- UI design has been improved so that it displays in the form of a speech bubble when entering in a chat message.


■ Quest
- When there is a completed quest, it has been improved so that it will show at the top of the quest widget.


■ Terrmian Water Gun Event
- Improvements have been made so that the range gauge is displayed when using shooting techniques in Terrmian Water Gun Event.

- Am issue where the button action would, at times, not work as intended in the Terrmian Water Gun Event has been improved.


■ Horse
- When registering or exchanging a horse, the name is now randomly generated.


■ Dark Coin Shop
- You can now check Gervaise from the Dark Coin Shop in the Open Requirements page.


■ Loading Screen
- Primal and Chaos grades have been added to the gear grade description image on the loading screen.


■ 2nd Password
- 2nd password setting and delete buttons have been integrated into one button.


■ Spectral Boss Pass
- Improvements have been made so that the Spectral Boss Entry pop-up occurs when the Start Battle button is pressed while having the Spectral Boss Rush Pass.


■ Pearl Exchange
- Improvements have been made so that a notification message is generated when you enter a value that exceeds the maximum exchangeable amount.


■ Class
▷ All Classes
- Changes have been made so damage can be received while mounting and getting off from your horse.


▷ Nova
- Nova's shield position has been fixed.


▷ Phantasma
- Fixed the issue in which you could not start taming horses when Phantasma was in a specific action.


- Fixed the crashing phenomenon that could occur when using the Bullseye skill combo while on the cooldown that occurred when landing after using Fletcher's Deadshot skill.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed the issue where summoning horses in some Great Desert areas was possible.


■ Black Rock Shrine
- Fixed the issue where rewards appear to be given to the destroyer in the Black Rock Shrine UI when the shrine is destroyed, within the extra duration time after a successful offering.


■ Merchantry
- Fixed the problem of the shortcut button not working smoothly when Morco appears.


■ Market
- Fixed the issue where, at times, after bidding on an item, it would not process past "Checking" in the market.


■ Auto-Gathering

- Fixed the problem in which gathering completion action was skipped intermittently during Auto-Gathering.


■ Topography
- Fixed an issue where you could enter a small hole behind a rock in "Caphras Cave".


■ Knowledge
- Fixed an issue where autopathing to the "Cadry Officer" monster would lead to a location without the monster.


■ Consecutive Skill
- Fixed the problem of consecutive skill icons popping up.


■ Mount
- Fixed an issue where the mount would disappear immediately after re-calling it while it's already going away.


■ Mini-Map
- Fixed an issue in which an effect in the upper-left part of the mini-map would appear in an unintended way.


■ Appraise
- Fixed a problem where appraised items would appear as if there are still items left.


■ Shakatu Shop
- Fixed an issue where the number of additional items acquired from the Shakatu Shop did not display properly.



■ Advance notice of scheduled maintenance on August 24
- The [More Enemies Getting Stronger, Complete 50 Elion/Hadum Boss Rush] quests in the weekly tasks will be deleted, and the [Great Ocean Peace, Defeat 150 Monsters in the Ocean] quest will be added.
- Some of Tower of Trials: Hadum's rewards will be changed to Tears of the Goddess, which can also be obtained from Great Ocean, and the World Boss Fragment Chest will be replaced with Alyaelli Fragments.
※ Please note that if you complete the weekly tasks and Tower of Trials before the maintenance on August 24, you will not be able to receive the new rewards.
※ Additional detailed information and updates can be found on next week's patch notes.


■ Starting Event
- New Classes: Lahn & Crimson Lily Level Up Event
・Event Period: August 17 (Tue) after maintenance - until September 6 (Mon) 23:59
- Lahn & Crimson Lily Special Shop
・Event Period: August 17 (Tue) after maintenance - until August 30 (Mon) 23:59
- Great Ocean Launch Notice! Shipyard Support
・Event Period: August 17 (Tue) after maintenance - until August 24 (Mon) before maintenance


■ Ending Event
- See you at Terrmian!
- Fun at Terrmian!
- Terrmian Special Log-in Reward


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Lahn All-Inclusive Chest
· Crimson Lily All-Inclusive Chest
· Primal Lightstone Crafter's Pack
· Stone of Luck Crafter's Pack


- Lahn & Crimson Lily Launch Shop
· [Abyssal] Accessory Chest
· Max Stats Abyssal Lightstone Chest x3
· Tier 5 Pet Chest
· Rune of Darkness Chest x50
· Lucky 4-Color Dye Chest
· Holy Vial of Light x100
· Mystical Accessory Selection Chest
· Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest x3
· Akhram Prophecy 100% x5
· Ancient Inscribed Glyph


- Level Up
· Level Up Lahn & Crimson Lily


- Lahn & Crimson Lily: New Armor Outfit
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit)
· Shudad (Armor)
· Treant Camouflage (Armor)
· Desert Camouflage (Armor)
· Summer Azure (Armor)
· Sanguine Petal (Armor)
· Orchid (Armor)
· Kibelius I (Armor)
· Kibelius II (Armor)


- Lahn: New Weapon Outfit
· Shudad (Weapon)
· Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
· Desert Camouflage (Weapon)
· Summer Azure (Weapon)
· Sanguine Petal (Weapon)
· Orchid (Weapon)
· Kibelius (Weapon)

- Crimson Lily: New Weapon Outfit
· Shudad (Weapon)
· Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
· Desert Camouflage (Weapon)
· Summer Azure (Weapon)
· Sanguine Petal (Weapon)
· Kibelius (Weapon)


- New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl) [Until Sep 20, 23:59]
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Warrior
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Ranger
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Giant
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Valkyrie
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Witch
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Musa
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Sorceress
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Dark Knight
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Tamer
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Striker
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Maehwa
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Lahn
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Shai
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Archer
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Hashashin
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Sura
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Nova
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Kunoichi
Margorian Outlaw(Armor): Corsair
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Warrior
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Ranger
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Giant
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Valkyrie
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Witch
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Musa
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Sorceress
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Dark Knight
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Tamer
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Striker
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Maehwa
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Lahn
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Archer
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Hashashin
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Sura
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Nova
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Kunoichi
Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo(Armor): Corsair
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Ranger
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Valkyrie
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Witch
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Sorceress
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Dark Knight
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Tamer
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Maehwa
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Lahn
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Nova
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Kunoichi
Margorian Outlaw: Shorts(Armor): Corsair