[June 29] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.06.29

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on June 29 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Corsair

- You can begin playing as Corsair after June 29 maintenance.
- Check out her skill and preview video here <LINK>

- Added Corsair's story quest [Remembering Power: Corsair].
· Available after defeating Boss: Red Nose in the main quest.


- A decoration has been added to celebrate Corsair's launch.


■ World Boss Attack on Normal Field: Chaos Muraka

Developer’s comment:

Muraka, the older brother of the Boss Uraka and the King of the Ogres, is also referred to as a land dragon, due to its immense strength.
Ogres were known to be creatures who protect nature, but at some point, they lost all sense of reason and turned wild. Muraka began destroying the forests, leading to him being sealed in the Longleaf Tree Forest by the Kamasylve priestesses.
It seemed as if peace had been restored, but recently rumors of chaos have been spreading. Namely, that Muraka had broken its seal and is wreaking havoc in Southwest Calpheon.
How did Muraka break free from its long slumber? The answer could be tied to the energy that brought about the Three Days of Darkness. 

- The New World Boss, Chaos Muraka, is wreaking havoc!
- Chaos Muraka appears in the normal field instead of a dungeon.
- Chaos Muraka's HP will be announced through joint servers and once he's defeated, he will not be available until the next spawn.

- Spawn region: Longleaf Tree Forest in Southwest Calpheon
- Spawn time: every Wednesday at 20:00 (Server Time)
- Knowledge level reward: AP


· You can get Chaos Muraka Reward I - VII based on the damage you deal to Muraka .
· If you've dealt damage to Chaos Muraka but it was defeated while your connection is lost, you can claim your reward from a button that appears next to the mini-map.
· You can acquire rewards such as [Ancient Inscribed Glyph], [Elion Abyssal Weapon Chest], [Entangled Time], and more from Chaos Muraka Reward I to VII.


· [Entangled Time] and [Chaos Core] can be used after future updates.


- Title and Knowledge
· Obtain the title [Watcher of Chaos] upon defeating Chaos Muraka.
· Gain knowledge experience when defeating Chaos Muraka to improve and level up Knowledge of Muraka.


- World Boss Spawn Time Adjustment
· The World Boss spawn time and frequency have been adjusted due to the addition of Chaos Muraka.


▷ Tukar Laytenn
Before: Mondays at 18:00
After: Mondays at 20:00


▷ Hadum Kzarka
Before: Wednesdays at 20:00 and Sundays at 20:00
After: Sundays at 20:00


▷ Hadum Red Nose
Before: Mondays at 20:00 and Fridays at 20:00
After: Fridays at 20:00


■ Chaos Muraka's Traces

Developer's Comment:


We know many of you have mentioned the difficulty of logging in to fight the World Bosses due to time differences or life circumstances, such as work or family time.

Chaos Muraka is a normal field World Boss located in Longleaf Tree Forest in Calpheon, which is emanating dismal chaos energy. It can be fought by all Adventurers on the same server at the same time. When defeated, Muraka disappears into Chaos, leaving many adventurers unable to participate in the battle.

We’ve added a system where you can fight against Muraka’s Specter to counter this issue.
When defeated, Muraka leaves behind traces that can then be used to find and battle Muraka as it is recovering its strength and waiting for the next time to strike from Chaos. 

- Traces of Muraka can be found in Longleaf Tree Forest after Chaos Muraka has been defeated.
ㆍ The traces can only be used by Adventurers who could not fight Muraka on the field.
ㆍ The traces appear 30 seconds after Chaos Muraka is defeated and will be available until 10 minutes before Chaos Muraka's next spawn.

- Inspect the traces to get Muraka's Specter Helmet.
ㆍ You can use Muraka's Specter Helmet to form a party and enter Muraka's Spectral Forest.
ㆍ Complete the battle to gain a specific amount of Chaos Muraka Knowledge and Rewards.
ㆍ When creating a public room, Adventurer's Apparitions will be added to the party after 30 seconds.
ㆍ CP will not have a big effect on the dealt damage in this mission.


■ Alyaelli Fragment

Developer’s comment:

We are simplifying various processes and structures of the games so that you can more easily have enjoyable adventures. With today's update we are unifying some of the gear crafting materials into one new material.

With the passage of time and expansion of our game, its world, and World Bosses, the number of different gear fragments have increased. This has made crafting gear more complicated as each gear requires different combinations and types of fragments.

We hope that reducing the number of gear fragments and simplifying crafting will help you make the gear you need and collect Dimensional Fragment.

- [World Boss Gear Fragment], used in making Abyssal or higher grade items, have been unified to [Alyaelli Fragment] (Hero's Legacy is also converted to Alyaelli Fragment).


- Upon using [World Boss Fragment], you will obtain a number of [Alyaelli Fragment] proportional to the obtainable number of [Dimensional Fragment].


- Changed the [World Boss Gear Fragment] reward for defeating the World Bosses to [Alyaelli Fragment].


- Changed the Craft options that required [World Boss Gear Fragment] to require [Alyaelli Fragment].


- Changed the [World Boss Gear Fragment] available at Gervaise and Orwen's shops to [Alyaelli Fragment].
※ The Gear Fragments obtainable from Tower of Trials: Hadum will be changed at a later update.


- If you use the [World Boss Raid Scroll] you owned from before the update, you will receive [World Boss Reward I] and [Scroll of Knowledge EXP].
For example, if you use [Kzarka Raid Scroll] you will gain [Kzarka Reward I] and [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Kzarka].
- If you have used the Raid Scrolls and own unused additional enteries, you will retroactively receive them as Raid Scrolls.
- Using the chest that yields [World Boss Raid Scroll] will give you the previously existing [World Boss Raid Scroll].


■ Class Creation Update

Developer’s comment:

Compared to newer classes that were Ascended/Awakened from the start, growing the older classes could prove to be timely and difficult. As a result, you had to either choose from a smaller selection of classes or go through a slower growth path when creating a new character.

We have changed the classes that started with a base form making them Awakened/Ascended from the start. We hope that with this change you can enjoy playing various characters freely.

- Improved character creation to make the earlier characters be created in Awakened or Ascended form.
ㆍ The base (unawakened or unascended) classes are no longer available.
ㆍ This includes 11 classes: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, Valkyrie, Sorceress, Musa, Tamer, Dark Knight, Striker, and Maehwa


- The Awakening/Ascension quests have been changed into Story Quests for Awakened and Ascended characters.
ㆍ The Awakening/Ascension quests for base classes that you have already created will be changed into normal Story Quests.

ㆍ These are the stories for each class:
Gladiator & Berserker: Descendants of Goyen
Huntress & Windwalker: Kamasylvian Heir
Archmage & Invoker: Star of Labreve
Titan & Destroyer: Ancient Giant's Pride
Paladin & Lancer: The Valkyrie Origin
Raven & Reaper: Cartian's Power
Blade Master & Warlord: Western Frontiers Musa
Lupa & Spiritwalker: Princess of a Ruined Land
Void Knight & Phantasma: The Shadow of Vedir
Grandmaster: Rough Spirit
Lotus & Primrose: Order of Apricot's Wine

- The character Awakening/Ascension Exchange Coupon and Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupon reward of the above quests have been changed to other rewards.
- The quests for reinforcing skills will be deleted. If you've already reinforced skills they will be reverted.
- When you reach levels where you can acquire a skill, you will be able to acquire the skill without having to complete a quest.
ㆍ Deleted the Basic Skillbook Shop from each town in line with the skill acquisition changes.
ㆍ The difficulty level for Elion field monsters have been adjusted in accordance with Ascended and Awakened classes.
ㆍ Any remaining Basic Skillbooks can be sold in the other shops in town.
- Deleted the 'Greater Strength' and 'Fortified Weaponry' Awakening/Ascension quests.

※ The basic classes will receive [Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon] x1 and [Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupon] x2 in their mail after the maintenance.
※ When you receive the [Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon] it will go to the character's inventory and you can Awaken or Ascend your class using the item.


■ Berserker

Developer’s comment:

Berserker uses his [Vengeful Wrath] state to defeat his enemies with strength and speed. However, Vengeful Wrath has the disadvantage of leaving the character weak due to the cooldown time after delivering a fast attack.

To make up for this, we’ve added the new passive skill [Unleash]. When in [Vengeful Wrath], using skills 5 times will apply Unleash for 30 seconds and will reduce the cooldown for all skills, as well as provide immunity to the Decrease Attack Speed debuff.
When grabbed by the enemy, the damage received from Adventurers will be reduced and [Unleash] will be activated to strengthen the character, preserving the characteristics of the Berserker class.

Finally, we wanted to improve the character’s efficiency in PvP modes by allowing [Unleash] to increase damage to Adventurers and decrease damage from Adventures. We’ve also added [Flow: Catharsis] to the [Reckoning] skill, which allows for extensive damage after charging.

- Added passive skill 'Unleash'.

▷ [Unleash Activation]
· [Unleash] activates upon using skill 5 times when in 'Vengeful Wrath'.
· [Unleash] activates immediately if the character falls (Grab, Knock-up, Knockdown, Bound).


▷ [Unleash Effects]
· Increase damage to Adventurers by 15% for 30 seconds
· Decrease damage received from Adventurers by 20% for 30 seconds
· Immune to Decrease Attack Speed
· Using [Vengeful Wrath] will reset the duration of [Unleash]


- Berserker's Charge
· Added immunity to grab while using the skill.


- Vengeful Wrath
· Removed the effect that would cause damage to the character himself.
· To balance the removal of the above mentioned effect, decreased the instant heal effect from 6500 to 2000.


- Reckoning
▷ Applied Enhancement: Increase Range as a basic effect and added [Flow: Catharsis].
ㆍ Time to complete charging in 'Flow: Catharsis' will be reduced for each level depending on 'Vengeful Wrath' and 'Unleash' effects.
ㆍUpon completing charge in [Flow: Catharsis], skill move range will increase when attacking.


▷ [Flow: Catharsis]
· Immune to grab while charging
· Decrease damage from Adventurers by 30% when charging
· Applies 125% damage to Reckoning at charge level 1
· Applies 200% damage to Reckoning at charge level 2
· Super Armor while using the skill
· Knockdown on hit


■ Gladiator
- Scars of Dusk
- Fixed an issue that caused the [Flow: Dusk Slash] to activate, even when it was turned off, after Shield Charge.


■ Reaper
- Cartian's Wrath
· [Enhancement: Shards of Darkness (Increase Range)] will be applied to the base skill, and the enhancement is now [Enhancement: Shards of Darkness (Additional Attack)].

- Enhancement: Shards of Darkness (Additional Attack)
· Applies 50% damage of Cartian's Wrath (for additional attacks only)
· Bound on hit


■ Weekly Tasks

Weekly Tasks are created to serve as a guide for completing key content for progress in one place and help you not lose track of them. On top of that, there are Black Pearl rewards for completing a certain number of tasks.

We have received feedback from our Adventurers that completing some of the tasks is difficult, so we decided to improve the Weekly Tasks.

We also have received and considered your comments about the Arena tasks. However, changing the ‘win’ condition to ‘participate’ will encourage inactive participation in the Arena, which can have negative effects of its own.

We have decided to reduce the number of Weekly Tasks needed to receive the Black Pearl rewards, instead of changing the tasks, so as to reduce your burden as well as maintain the PvP mode’s integrity for Adventurers who enjoy battling in the Arena.

- Reduced the number of Weekly Task Reward conditions.
· Complete 4 tasks > 3 tasks (Black Pearl x50)
· Complete 8 tasks > 7 tasks (Black Pearl x50)


■ Valencia Region
- Removed the Small and Medium HP Potions from Potion shops.


■ Pass Quests
- Changed the [Participate in Normal Arena x1] requirement for the Glish Pass quest in Southern Serendia to [Craft Small HP Potion x1]


■ Tutorial
- Improved the 'Go to Your Camp' tutorial.


■ Pearl Shop UI
- Fixed an issue where the [Buy Pearls] Button overlapped with the CP based recommended item tag.


■ Banquet Hall
- Banquet Hall updates are planned for the July 6 maintenance.
· During the update the daily guild quests that were accepted from the NPC in front of the Banquet Hall will be deleted. If you wish to complete them, make sure to do it before the above-mentioned maintenance.


■ Node War & Siege War

Developer’s comment:

Thank you for participating in and enjoying Node War and Siege War.

We are aware some Guilds have been using ghost Guilds (second Guilds) to benefit in the Node War. To control this type of abusing, we are planning to make it difficult to have ghost Guilds bid for Lv. 2 and 3 nodes (while not hurting real Guilds) in the July 6th update and wanted to share this information with you in advance. 

- Declare Points are used when bidding on Siege War & Node War (points are returned upon failed bidding and taken on successful bidding).
· Tier 1 Node: 600 / gain 400 upon victory in Node War
· Tier 2 Node: 900 / gain 600 upon victory in Node War
· Tier 3 Node: 1200 / gain 800 upon victory in Node War
· Siege: 1500 / gain 1500 upon victory in Siege War
※ Up to 12 Declare Points can be gained per individual each day by completing Guild Quests. 30 active members can gain 360 points per day.

- Bidding has been modified. Only guilds with 20 or more members who have checked in within the last 3 days will be able to bid.
- Increased the upper limit for gathering Declare Points.
· Before: 2,000
· After: 3,000


■ Blood Kin
- The Blood Kin system, which has been available since level one without any requirements, will change in future updates.
· Changes applied on July 6 maintenance: The content will be available after defeating Giath.
※ An Adventurer who has not defeated Giath but has formed Blood Kin with an Adventurer who has defeated Giath will continue receiving the Blood Kin Buff but will not be able to access the Blood Kin window.


■ Battlefield of the Sun
- After the maintenance on July 6, the currency for betting in the Battlefield of the Sun will be changed from EXP Scrolls to Chaos Crystals.


■ New Events
- New Class Corsair Level Up Event
・Event period: after maintenance on June 29 (Tuesday) - until July 19 (Monday), 23:59
- Signs of Chaos
・Event period: after maintenance on June 29 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on July 6 (Tuesday)
- Support Items Lighting the Darkness
・Event period: after maintenance on June 29 (Tuesday) - until July 5 (Monday), 23:59
- In Search of Pirate Treasure
・Event period: after maintenance on June 29 (Tuesday) - until July 12 (Monday), 23:59
- New and Returning Adventurer's Relay Mission!
・ Event period: after maintenance on June 29 (Tuesday) - until further notice


■ Events Ending
- Heidel Ball Special Outfit/Ornament Gift
- Black Spirit's 6-Level Special Mission!
- World Boss Mass Spawn


※ You can find the details in the event notices.


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

■ New Sale Item
- Special Package
· Corsair All-Inclusive Chest
· Pirate's Treasure Box
· Corsair Starter Pack
· Weekly Pet Chest
· Alyaelli Fragment Chest


- Level Up
· Corsair Level Up

- Buy Pearls
· Into the WAVES Pearl x1,000 Bundle
· Into the WAVES Pearl x5,000 Bundle
· Into the WAVES Pearl x10,000 Bundle


- Into the WAVES 111 Pearl Shop
· Mystical Accessory Selection Chest x10
· Relic Fragment x500,000
· Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest
· Tier 5 Pet Chest
· Path of Glory Season 4 Extra Entry Pass
· Rune of Darkness Chest x30
· [Abyssal] Crystal Chest x10
· [Abyssal] Lightstone Chest x2
· Chaos Crystal x200
· [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest x10


- Character Slot Expansion Coupon was added to the recommended item tab.

- Appearance & Pets

· Epheria Marine (Armor) Warrior
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Ranger
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Witch
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Giant
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Valkyrie
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Sorceress
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Dark Knight
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Striker
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Musa
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Tamer
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Maehwa
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Archer
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Hashashin
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Sura
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Nova
· Epheria Marine (Armor) Kunoichi


· Corsair: Shudad (Armor) (Weapon)


· Corsair: Karlstein (Armor) (Weapon)


· Corsair: Treant Camouflage (Armor) (Weapon)


· Corsair: Desert Camouflage (Armor) (Weapon)


· Corsair: Maretakant (Armor) (Weapon)


- Corsair: BUGATTI CHIRON Pack I


· Blue Macaw


■ Sales Ending
- Corsair Prep Chest I & II