[July 6] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.07.06

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on July 6 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Chaos

- Chaos Zone Update
· Chaos, where the energies of Elion and Hadum clash, has arrived!
· In Chaos you can still enter Hadum using [Holy Vial of Light] and gain Spoils of Hadum, or you can exit Hadum's realm and battle in Elion's Realm to gain those spoils without using [Holy Vial of Light].
· You must wait 3 minutes between shifting between Elion's and Hadum's Realms in Chaos Zone.
· New Knowledge, Titles, etc. can be earned in Chaos.
· Here is the suggested CP for entering Chaos Zone:

▷ Crescent Mountains: 13,500
▷ Crescent Shrine: 14,500
▷ Crescent Labyrinth: Secondary Zone
▷ Crimson Crescent Altar: Frontline Zone

- The Secondary Zone and Frontline Zone will become more difficult with the increase in character CP. The Secondary Zone is a little easier than the Frontline Zone.

· Chaos Zone main quests can be completed in either Hadum of Elion's Realm.
· The Repeatable Quest received from the Ancient Beacon in Chaos Zone will only count defeating enemies in Elion's Realm.


■ Boss Rush: Crescent Gatekeeper

- The new Boss Rush 'Crescent Gatekeeper' has been added.
ㆍYou can fight Crescent Gatekeeper in both Boss Rush and Hadum Boss Rush.


- Chaos Gear

· Added Chaos Gear, which contains powerful, chaotic energy.
· Chaos Gear can be Awaken Enhanced up to 10 and you can equip up to 5 Crystals on them.

· The 4th Crystal Slot unlocks after Enhancing gear to +6 and the 5th Crystal Slot unlocks at +8.
· An already unlocked Crystal Slot will remain open even if the enhancement level goes down.


- Crafting Chaos Gear

· Use enhanced Primal Gear and material containing chaotic and dimensional energies to craft Chaos Gear.
· Go to the Craft window from the main menu or visit the Blacksmith to craft Chaos Gear.
· You will need Awakened Primal Gear at V (PEN) or higher, Dimensional Fragment x600, and Chaos Jewel x1 to craft Chaos Gear.
· When crafting Chaos Gear, the Awakened Enhancement level of the gear and the equipped Crystals will be transferred to the Chaos Gear.


· [Chaos Jewel], used for crafting Chaos Gear, can be crafted from Chaos Core x100 in the craft menu.
· [Chaos Jewel] can also be obtained from Spoils of Hadum in Chaos Zone when defeating monsters.
· Chaos Gear cannot transfer enhancements to other gear, or have other gear enhancements transferred to them.
· Chaos Gear can only be crafted for the active character, and the Primal Gear used as material must belong to the active character's class as well.


- Chaos Resonance

· After equipping Chaos Gear, you can get additional stats from both Chaos Gear Resonance and the potency of the gear's Chaos Energy.
· Additional effects depend on how many pieces of Chaos Gear are equipped, and after a full set of Chaos Gear is equipped, additional effects depend on the lowest enhancement level of the equippped chaos gear.
· 1 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +550, DP +220
· 2 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +595, DP +225
· 3 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +640, DP +230
· 4 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +685, DP +235
· 5 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +730, DP +240
· 6 Chaos Gear equipped: AP +775, DP +245
· All Chaos Gear Enhanced to 6 or higher: AP +850, DP +250
· All Chaos Gear Enhanced to 7 or higher: AP +935, DP +255
· All Chaos Gear Enhanced to 8 or higher: AP +1020, DP +260
· All Chaos Gear Enhanced to 9 or higher: AP +1105, DP +265
· All Chaos Gear Enhanced to 10 or higher: AP +1190, DP +270
· Chaos Gear can be enhanced using 'Awakened Chaos Enhancement'.
· Awakened Chaos Enhancement can be found in the Black Spirit's Influence window.


- Awakening Chaos Gear
· You can Awaken your Chaos Gear to improve its stats even further.
· You will need [Dimensional Fragment] and Silver to Awaken Chaos Gear. The required amount will depend on which piece of gear it is.
· Use the Blacksmith in your camp to Awaken Chaos Gear.


- Enchanting Chaos Gear

· Enchanting Chaos Gear differs from enchanting other gear grades in that acquired enchantments accumulate, and each can reach up to +100.
· As enchantments continue to succeed, stat gains will reduce and become more incremental relative to how high the current enhancement stat is. It can also become possible for your total enhancement stat to be reduced upon failure.
· If a stat is reduced due to a failed enhancement, you can use [Dimensional Fragment] x10, which will give a 100% chance to restore it.
· Performing Awakened Enchantment on Chaos Gear requires Magical Residue x100,000, Dimensional Fragment x10, and 1,000,000 Silver.


■ Treasure

- A new Treasure, Florin Hoe, was added to Orzeca's Garden.
- When Florin Hoe is in your inventory, the shape of your hoe changes. Using Florin Hoe, you can Forage the same target for as long as you have stamina.
ㆍ The effect is not applied if the Florin Hoe is in Horse Inventory, Storage, etc. (Updated 7/6 03:35 GMT-8)

- Florin Hoe's effect applies in Temple of Ohm.
- Florin Hoe's effect applies when it's in the inventory.
ㆍ Example: When it is in character A's inventory, the effect will only apply to character A. For the effects to apply to another family character, the Treasure has to be moved to their inventory using Horse Inventory, Storage, etc.


■ Zone Update
- Changed the frontline zone from Hadum Velia, making it a normal Hadum field. As a result, the suggested CP for some regions has changed.
· Hadum Velia: 19000
· Gahaz Bandits' Training Site: Elion 12000 / Hadum 17000
· Gahaz Bandits' Stronghold: Elion 12500 / Hadum 17500
· Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base: Elion 13000 / Hadum 18000


■ Nightmare

- With the addition of Chaos Zone, you can now obtain Mystical and Abyssal Accessory Chests from Hadum Nightmare.


■ Battlefield of the Sun

- Changed the betting currency for Battlefield of the Sun from [EXP Scroll] to [Chaos Crystal].
- With the changes to the entry currency, the previously owned entry passes have been reset.
· EXP Scroll x10 -> Chaos Crystal x10
· EXP Scroll x35 -> Chaos Crystal x35
· EXP Scroll x75 -> Chaos Crystal x75
· EXP Scroll x150 -> Chaos Crystal x100
- You will earn an amount of [Sun Crystal] upon victory equal to the number of [Chaos Crystal] you've bet.
※ [Sun Crystal] are much more potent than [Chaos Crystal] for leveling up your Rift Stone.


■ The Hidden Banquet Hall

· You can obtain [Chaos Jewel], [Chaos Core], [Caphras Secret Book], etc.
- The method of obtaining Banquet Hall drop rewards has been changed. (Added on July 29th)
・Before: Monster Drops and Spoils of Battle
・Change: Spoils of Battle
· The reward for NPC daily quests has been changed.
※ As was previously announced, due to the change of rewards for the daily quests, the quests accepted before the update have been canceled.


■ Node War & Siege War

- Declare Points are used when bidding on Siege War & Node War (points are returned upon failed bidding and taken on successful bidding).
· Level 1 Node: 600 / gain 400 upon victory in Node War
· Level 2 Node: 900 / gain 600 upon victory in Node War
· Level 3 Node: 1200 / gain 800 upon victory in Node War
· Siege: 1500 / gain 1500 upon victory in Siege War
※ Up to 12 Declare Points can be gained per individual each day by completing Guild Quests. 30 active members can gain 360 points per day.

- Bidding has been modified. Now, only guilds with 20 or more members who have checked in within the last 3 days will be able to bid.
- Increased the upper limit for gathering Declare Points.
· Before: 2,000
· After: 3,000

In Calpheon Siege War, moving consumed a lot of time, so there was not much opportunity to switch between attacking and defending guilds. This also lead to advantages for certain factions.
We have reduced the map size and changed the Gates’ locations so that rounds can proceed more quickly and offer a more equal opportunity in battle.
We've also adjusted the length of the roads to reduce the influence of terrain features for each Faction. The time limit for the first round has been reduced to 40 minutes so that Siege War can end early if there is a noticeable power gap between the guilds. 

- Calpheon Siege War terrain has changed.

- Calpheon/Valencia General Updates
· Reduced the Siege War's first round time limit from 1 hour to 40 minutes.
·Improved the message displayed when defending and attacking sides are being swapped.


■ General
- Fixed an issue where, at times, if the attacker died during a grab attack, the attacker's action appeared abnormally.
- Fixed an issue where at times when a character uses a skill, the surroundings did not light up properly.


■ Reaper
- Improved the Nightmare skill to not be used during Auto-Hunt.
- Improved the Nightmare skill so that it can be used faster.
- Improved the Nightmare skill so that, when teleporting while using the skill, the character is immune to debuffs.
- Fixed an issue where Nightmare did not display correctly in the Skills window.


■ Lancer
- Changed the [Enhancement: Reduce MP Cost] for [Radiant Burst] to [Enhancement: Increase Move Speed].


■ PvP Content
- Changed the entry requirement for PvP content.
· With the addition of Chaos, the entry requirement for some PvP content has been updated.
· Modes: Normal Arena, Ramoness, Ranked Arena
· The entry requirement changes: AP/DP difference below 1000 -> below 5000


■ Buff Item
- Added different targets to receive buff items.
· Update the description of buff items to include Chaos.
· Updated items: Bell of Fortune, Hot Time


■ Bounty Mission

- Improved Bounty Missions so that rewards include Holy Vial of Splendor: Medium or higher.

- New rewards have been added to Bounty Missions:
· Magical Residue
· Magical Essence
· [Mystical] Condensed Dark Energy Chest
· [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest
· Alchemy Stone Chest
· Alchemy Stone Fragment
· Caphras Dust
· Grand Weapon Black Stone
· Grand Armor Black Stone
· Advice of Valks 10%
· Golden Sculpture
· Epic Crystal Chest

- Deleted the following Bounty Mission rewards:
· Lightstone Fragment
· Blazing Black Crystal's Light: Weapon
· Blazing Black Crystal's Light: Armor
· Crimson Plate
· Restoration Scroll
· Standard Palette Chest (3 Colors)


- Increased the Bounty Mission refresh limit to 3 times.
- Changed the requirement for using bounty missions from completing Southwest Calpheon quests to completing Hadum Family Quest [Battling in Hadum].


■ Gervaise

- Gervaise will now sell Dimensional Fragments.


■ Dye

Previously, when previewing dying Outfits, if you selected a different dye before applying the first one, the preview would refresh, and you could not check various color combinations.

We have updated the preview so that you can check different dyes without it refreshing so that you can check and select colors while comparing them together and applying the selected dyes at the same time.

We hope that you enjoy creating uniquely colored outfits using the update preview system.

- Improved dying so that you can try out and apply different dyes using the preview window.


■ Pet

- Improved Pet list so that you can lock or unlock pets by tapping their image icon.
ㆍ Locked Pets cannot be exchanged.


■ Boss Rush
- Improved Boss Rush so that it will be available between 23:50 - 24:00 as well.


■ Path to Power
- Added a Character section to the Path to Power.
· It opens after defeating Illezra's Servant during the main quest.
· Improved Path to Power icon to display after Illezra's Servant has been defeated in the main quest.


■ Family Quest
- Changed the name of some family quests related to discovering Ancient Ruins in Balenos Forest of Plunder.
· Ancient Ruins 1 has been changed to Discover Ancient Ruins 1 and Ancient Ruins 2 has been changed to Discover Ancient Ruins 2
※ Changed the opening condition of Ancient Ruins from Ancient Ruins 2 to Discover Ancient Ruins 1.

- Modified Unique grade or higher gear and accessories to be equipable after completing [Mission: The Boar Ambush] in Balenos Velia Farmlands.
※ If you have Unique grade or higher gear equipped and not met the requirements, please note that if you unequip the item you cannot equip it again until you meet the requirement.

- Modified the description for equippable items such as gear, accessories, relics, etc. to display the requirements.
※ Please note that if you have Crystals equipped on the Gear, you can access them after meeting the open requirement.


■ Blood Kin
- Added a new requirement for using Blood Kin.
· You can access Blood Kin after defeating the Boss Giath.
· Adventurers who have been using Blood Kin can resume using it after defeating Giath.


■ Character Generator Coupon
- The Lv. 60 Character Generator Coupon item description has been modified with regards to characters that can be created using the coupon.
※ The available characters can be checked from the list that is displayed when using the item.


■ Auto-Gathering
- Improvements were made so that when auto-gathering in Combat Mode the quickslot "Can do both at once" bubble does not display.


■ Event Tab
- Improved the events window so that it shows an exclamation mark on the events tab if there is an event you can select to participate in.


■ Dark Matter Stone
- Improvements were made so that directions for obtaining Dark Matter Stone display in a pop-up when you are running low.
※ We will share the information on how to obtain them in future updates.


■ Mount
- Fixed an issue where, at times, other Adventurers' mount looked in a different direction than the path they took.


■ Merchantry

- Added a function to allow excluding [Crow Merchants' Elixir] when using Auto-Place in Camp Storage.


■ Hadum
- Added a message to show character stat improvement when Hadum Monster Knowledge Level increase.


■ Item Name Unification
- Unified the name of items that allow changing Weapons between classes to include [Weapon Transformation] in their name.


■ Pearl Shop
- Modified and improved the design and location of Buy Pearls button.
- Added a button to the Lucky Shop so that you can auto-buy using 1-Time Tickets.


■ Camp
- Fixed an issue where during an expression that could be gained after installing a decoration [for all classes] the Weapon on/off did not work properly.


■ Story
- Made modifications so that the Story accept requirements are explicitly displayed when you are unable to accept a Story.


■ Family Name
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the ranking for Adventurers who had not yet created a family name would see the number '1' be cut and displayed in front of Adventurer and number.


■ Chat
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the chat bubble color appeared abnormally.
- Fixed an issue where an abnormal character would display when the special character ('<') was used.


■ Corsair
Fixed an issue where a certain action reduced [Riding Waves]'s cooldown time.


■ Weapon Transformation Coupon Changes
- Unified the [Class Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupon] used for changing Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons between classes into [Weapon Transformation Coupon] and modified it to include Chaos Weapons.
・Your previously owned [Class Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupon] have been deleted and you've been sent [Weapon Transformation Coupon] in your mail instead.
・Your previously owned [Class Change Pack I] has been deleted and you have been sent [Class Change Pack IV] which includes [Weapon Transformation Coupon] x2 in your mail instead.
※ The [Class Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupon (Limited Time)] which were given as Heidel Ball rewards will not be changed and will be deleted during the maintenance on July 13 as was announced previously.


■ Starting Event
- Guild Call Activated!
・ Event Period: after maintenance on July 6 (Tuesday) - until July 26 (Monday), 23:59
- Puzzle Event
・ Event Period: after maintenance on July 6 (Tuesday) - until July 19 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Event
- Black Desert Mobile X BUGATTI Collab Event
- Signs of Chaos
- Support Items Lighting the Darkness


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

■ New Product
- Chaos Lucky Shop


- Special Package
· 410 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· 1232 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· 2055 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· 4115 Pearls + Lucky Shop
· Premium Rune of Darkness Pack
· Chaos Enchantment Pack


- Gear Shop
· Dimensional Fragment x65


- Class Change

· Class Change Pack IV


- Appearance & Pets

Cantabile (Armor): Warrior
Cantabile (Armor): Ranger
Cantabile (Armor): Giant
Cantabile (Armor): Valkyrie
Cantabile (Armor): Witch
Cantabile (Armor): Musa
Cantabile (Armor): Sorceress
Cantabile (Armor): Dark Knight
Cantabile (Armor): Tamer
Cantabile (Armor): Striker
Cantabile (Armor): Maehwa
Cantabile (Armor): Archer
Cantabile (Armor): Shai
Cantabile (Armor): Hashashin
Cantabile (Armor): Sura
Cantabile (Armor): Nova
Cantabile (Armor): Kunoichi


■ Sales Ending
- Corsair All-Inclusive Chest