[June 15] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.06.15

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on June 15 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ New Collection

- Added the Witch's Sanctuary Collection.
· Complete the collection to get various rewards.


■ Tower of Trials: Hadum

- Expanded Tower of Trials: Hadum from floor 40 to 60.


■ World Boss (Added on June 28)
- Improved the World Boss Status Board to display the selected World Boss's Knowledge and Knowledge EXP.
- Improved the World Boss results page to display the Knowledge Lv. and EXP.

■ Character
- [Blade Master/Primrose/Nova] Fixed an issue where the 'reduce damage from other Adventurers' effect would stack.


■ Blade Master

Developer's Comment:

As the average damage for all classes has increased, the Blade Master's specialty—higher damage due to fast skill combos—has become less prominent. When targeted by effects such as Reduce Attack/Move Speed, his combos would become much weaker and as a result, the class fell behind in Arena.
To counter this, we've added a new continuous skill called 'Resonant Blade'. Resonant Blade activates after using two skills among [Rising Storm], [Squall], and [Rest in Peace], giving the next skill up to 100% Crit Chance (Base 35% + passive skill effect 70%) and greatly increasing damage potential.
Also, if inflicted by Reduce Attack/Speed debuffs, using these skills will reduce damage received from adventurers and add some security in working towards using Resonant Blade.

- Added the continuous skill [Resonant Blade].
· [Resonant Blade]
· 70% Crit Chance increase for your next skill within 10 seconds of using two skills among [Rising Storm], [Squall], and [Rest in Peace].
· If inflicted by Reduce Attack or Move Speed debuffs, damage from other Adventurers will be reduced by 15% for 10 seconds when using skills.


- Rising Storm
· Changed the [Rising Storm]'s 'Knock-up on successful hit' to 'Knockback on successful hit'.
· Added [Flow: Blue Cloud].


· [Flow: Blue Cloud]
· Applies same damage as [Rising Storm].
· Applies 50% PVP Damage.
· Additional Attack when holding the skill button.
· Super Armor while using skill (does not apply in Arena)
· Knock-up on successful hit.


- Retaliation
· Improved the skill to maintain a defensive stance after defending against enemy's skill.
· You can now use [Evasive Strike] while using [Retaliation].
· Added [Flow: Counterattack]
· [Flow: Perfect Counter] will be applied on a basic level with the addition of [Flow: Counterattack].
· Changed skill description to reflect the addition of [Flow: Perfect Counter] at the basic level.
· Increased 'Max 2 attacks' to 'Max 4 attacks'.
· Changed 'Super Armor while using skill' to 'Forward Guard while using skill' and 'Super Armor during last hit'.
· Changed 'Daze on first hit' to 'Daze on hit'.


· [Flow: Counterattack]
· Applies same damage as [Retaliation].
· Forward Guard while using the skill.
· Super Armor during last hit.
· Daze on first hit.
· Knockdown on last hit.


- Quick-Draw
· Added 'immune to grab' while using the skill.


- Evasion
· Improved the skill to allow faster use of forward Evasion when used.


■ Kunoichi
- Fixed an issue occuring when using evasion during auto-hunt with a fixed target, causing the character to not move in the target's direction.


■ Raven
- Doom Vortex
· Fixed an issue where the number of shards used in the shard skill displayed incorrectly (1 -> 3).


■ Special Boss Rush: Hadum
- Removed the requirement to receive the titles for clearing each Hadum Boss Rush Lv. 1 to open each respective Special Boss Rush: Hadum.
※ Improved the opening conditions which required clearing first Lv. titles to open the content.


■ Great Desert
- Increased the amount of [Edana's Coin] obtained when defeating Kureba Hoarder.
- Improved Mysterious Temple of Shayla Rune I and II, as well as Mysterious Temple of Desterio Rune I and II, so that specific Runes are gained after using them and not Unidentified Elion Rune.


■ Field of Valor: Desert

- Multiplier
· A five times multiplier has been added to Field of Valor: Desert. Use Holy Water x5 and get 5 times the rewards during the battle time of one Field of Valor round.
※ The multiplier does not affect the rate of obtaining a Royal Elephant.


■ System
- Fixed an issue where Adventurers with temporary family names could not use customization to create characters and received an error message.


■ Character
- Fixed an issue causing a flickering effect in some environments when the character had equipped Outfits.


■ Settings > Convenience > Quick Slot > Combat Mode
- Fixed an issue where at times tapping evasion would lead to targeting monsters.


- Fixed an issue where the buff list window did not open in Ramoness and Battlefield of the Sun.


■ Knowledge
- Fixed an issue where 'No Knowledge' icon did not appear for some monsters with unavailable knowledge.


■ Pets
- Fixed an issue where Tier 7 pets are not getting any EXP.

■ June 6 Black Sun Rewards
- [Grail of Gloom] x300 has been sent to Adventurers who participated in Black Sun on June 6 in celebration of 'Looking Brighter Under Black Sun'.
· You can collect the rewards from your mailbox.
※ In our previous notice, we mentioned that the rewards for June 6 Black Sun were not sent out so as to apply the event rates to the scores. However, we came across some issues that prevented us from doing so. As a result, we decided to send out a set amount to all participating Adventurers.


■ Gear Fragment Improvements
- After maintenance on June 29, the items needed for crafting Abyssal and Primal gear, World Boss Gear Fragment and Hero's Legacy, will be unified into one crafting material.
ㆍYou can get the new crafting material after the update using the current material you own.
ㆍAny unused World Boss Raid Scrolls will be removed, and you will receive World Boss Reward I as well as Knowledge EXP Scroll for the removed passes.


※ World Boss Mass Spawn Event
· We have an event prepared before the upcoming Gear Fragment update so that you can use the additional entries you currently own. All World Bosses that drop Gear Fragments will be spawning during the event period.
You can check out the spawn time for each world boss in a future Event Notice.

■ New Events
- Proof of Power Collection Event
・Event period: after maintenance on June 15 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on June 22 (Tuesday)
- Ahonia Kirus' Daily Mission
・Event period: after maintenance on June 15 (Tuesday) - until June 21 (Monday), 23:59
- Total Boss Knowledge Level Milestone
・Event period: after maintenance on June 15 (Tuesday) - until further notice
- Log-in Event for New/Returning Adventurers
・Event period: after maintenance on June 15 (Tuesday) - until further notice


■ Events Ending
- Conquer the Great Desert!
- To the Battlefield of the Sun!
- Looking Brighter Under Black Sun


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ Pearl Shop
- Added Buy Pearls button to the Pearl Shop.


- Special Package
· Abyssal Enhancement Pack
· Rune & Holy Vial of Light Pack

· Primal Accessory Crafter's Pack
· Weekly Relic Challenge Chest
· Season 4 Glorious Chest