[June 8] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.06.08

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on June 8 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Valencian Siege War

Developer’ Comment:

In the existing Siege War the defending Guild had to fight against ambushes from the two other guilds on two fronts, leaving the defending guild with a lower chance to secure victory. To improve on this, we’ve added a new mechanic where the Guild that destroys the Holy Artifact will swap places with the defending guild, and the time it took for them to achieve this will be the new time limit.

The rule regarding protection of the Holy Artifact in order to occupy the fort applies to all participating Guilds.

In addition, we have added a new Siege War region, the Valencian Siege War. This will have different terrain types and require different strategies, to improve the overall Siege War experience. 

We are also working on new ideas for Node War. We have plans to close areas with generally low bids due to the distance between the Nodes, as well as adding Node War for Mediah, among other ideas.

We hope that these improvements will add to your enjoyment of the GvG aspects of the game, where you can work alongside your Guild mates. 

- Added the pre-season for the new Siege War, Valencian Siege War.

- Unified the previous Siege War locations, Goyen and Cartian, as Calpheon Siege War.

- To bid for Siege War you will need Nodes level 2 or higher.

- The updated Siege War offers a new type of gameplay involving swapping the Attacker/Defender.

ㆍThe guild who succeeds in defending against the Siege until the time ends will win.

ㆍ When the attacking Guild destroys the defending Guild's Holy Artifact, the Guild that destroyed the Artifact will become the defending Guild.
ㆍ Example:
1) The Siege war begins with Guild A as defender and Guilds B and C as attackers.
2) If Guild B destroys the Holy Artifact within 16 minutes, Guild B will become the new defending Guild and Guild A will take their place as an attacking Guild. Guild C will remain an attacking Guild.
3) If Guild B manages to protect the Holy Artifact for 16 minutes, they have succeeded in defending and will win the Siege war.

4) If Guild B's Holy Artifact was destroyed within 14 minutes by Guild C, their attacker/defender roles will be swapped, and the defense time limit will be reduced to 14 minutes.

ㆍ The time it took to destroy the Holy Artifact is set as the new time limit for the next defense round.
ㆍ Should the Artifact be destroyed in under 10 minutes, the time limit for the next round will be set to 10 minutes and it will be the last round. The guild that succeeds in this round will be final winner.

ㆍ If a Siege War continues until 9 PM (the time limit for Siege War) the Guild which is defending at that point will win the game.

ㆍ When the attacker/defender roles are swapped, they will be moved to their nodes. Any Siege Weapons that were in mid-summon will be cancelled and they can be summoned again. This does not apply to destroyed or dead weapons.

ㆍ Example: If you started the war with 5 Ogres, then 1 Ogre dies and you are summoning 1 Ogre when the swap happens, you will have 4 Ogres that can be used.

- Added a new function to the window displayed when your character dies in Siege War and Node War that allows you to select auto-combat upon resurrection.

- Added the option to the window displayed after dying in Node War that allows you to set your preference to immediate resurrection.

ㆍ If this setting is selected, your character will automatically resurrect when resurrection becomes available.

ㆍ If you've selected auto-combat, your character will automatically begin fighting after resurrection.

- Changed the bidding in Node War and Siege war, where the number of bidding guilds was displayed, to only display whether there are bidding Guilds or not.

- Improved the Siege War summoning UI to display the level of the weapon.

- Valencian Siege War does not have destructible stone Barricades or Bridges.

- Entering Siege War will be temporarily unavailable while attackers and defenders are being swapped.

- During the attacker and defender swap, Barricade and Bridge destruction and weapon summoning will be unavailable.

- With the changes in rules, the attacking sides will no longer possess a Holy Artifact or Barricade.

- When swapping attacker and defender, the bridge, destroyed Barricade, Holy Artifact, Guard Tower, and Gate Sentry will be placed again. The Outer Gate and Inner Gate will remain as before.

- Improved some of the terrain in Calpheon Siege War to prevent the destruction of a Barricade upon the start of the game, affecting the summoned Ogre.

- The maximum level of Cannons, Ogres, and Elephants in Siege War has been increased from 20 to 25.

※ Maximum level increase applies to Node War Cannon, Ogre and Elephant as well. (Added on July 21)

ㆍ You can raise the level using Training in Guild Skills.

ㆍ From level 21 the price for each level will increase.

ㆍ From level 21 Siege Ogre and Canon will look different.

ㆍ The Elephant will have a new look in levels 1 - 20, and the previous look will be applied from level 21.


■ Tier 7 Pet

- You can now exchange one Petscended Tier 6 Pet and a non-Petscended Tier 6 Pet for a chance to get a Tier 7 Pet.
- Upon failing to exchange for a Tier 7 Pet 15 times, your next attempt is guranteed to be a successful exchange.
- Tier 7 Pet Skills can be trained up to Lv. 25, instead of level 20.
- If a Tier 7 Pet is successfully Petscended once, their skills can be trained up to Lv. 30. If they are successfully Petscended twice the maximum training Lv. will increase to 35.
- After Lv. 21 additional effects will be applied based on the pet's Exclusive Skill. After Lv. 26 only the additional effect will improve.
- Improved Rune of Companionship for its effect to include up to Tier 7 Pets


▷ Exclusive Skill Base Effect (Lv. 1-25)
· AP
· DP
· HP I
· Probability of Obtaining Extra Silver I
· Crit Chance
· Critical Damage
· Damage for all branches.
· Extra Damage to Bosses
· Increase Damage to Adventurers


▷ Exclusive Skill Added Effect (Lv. 21-35)
· DP
· AP
· Probability of Obtaining Extra Silver II
· Critical Damage
· Crit Chance
· Increase HP
· Extra Damage to World Bosses
· Decrease Damage from Adventurers


▷ Example:
- Tier 6 Pet
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 1 effect: AP +21
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 20 effect: AP +40


- Tier 7 Pet
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 25 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +5 (Added Effect)
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 30 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +10 (Added Effect)
· Exclusive Skill Lv. 35 effect: AP +45 (Basic Effect), DP +15 (Added Effect)


▷ Pet Collection
- Added Tier 7 Pet to the Pet Collection.
- You can acquire additional stats based on your Pet Collection progress.

■ Void Knight
- Fixed an issue where, after getting on the horse while using [Dark Mist], the skill effect animation continued to display.


■ Gladiator
- Fixed an issue where, when using [Scars of Dusk] after [Deep Thrust], it could lead to an issue where even if [Flow: Dusk Slash] was not selected, the flow would still be used.


■ Family Dispatch

- Added a function so you can interact with the family character that has been sent to Scout Hadum when visiting the region.


■ Special Boss Rush

Developer’s Comment:

During the Special Boss Rush update, a time limit was added to increase the sense of urgency and make the mode more exciting. However, we understand that many of you found this time restriction and the repetitive nature of the mode uncomfortable. We are improving the mode to reflect your feedback. 

- The daily time limit for using Special Boss Rush Pass and entries available per Boss has been removed.


■ Death Screen

- Improved the Death Screen to display the time of death.


■ Great Desert

- Coordinates will be displayed when saving a location in Great Desert.
- Improved the Great Desert UI displayed when you set a destination marker so that you can return to moving towards your marked destination.
- Improved the Great Desert content to display the Stamina Potions in your possession if you are low on Stamina when excavating or offering to a Black Rock Altar.


■ Login Rewards

- Modified some of the login rewards and the rewards based on Black Spirit's Lv. have been expanded to BLack Spirit Lv. 300.
- Modified rewards based on Black Spirit's Lv.:
· Rewards for Lv. 1 - 90 have been slightly reduced compared to previous rewards.
· Rewards for Lv. 100 - 140 have been improved compared to previous rewards.


■ Merchantry
- Added skip animation to Merchantry's final results page.


■ Path of Glory
- Changed the conditions for starting a new wave from 'Less than 5 normal monsters remaining' to 'Less than 15 normal monsters remaining'.

- The Gate will be immediately destroyed upon network disconnection in order to prevent abnormal gameplay (Updated on June 22)


■ Joining a Party
- Improved the party-based content such as Ancient Ruins and Field of Valor to disband the party if the mode is not started 30 seconds after Adventurer's Apparitions have been added to the party.


■ Shakatu's Shop

- Improved the auto-buy function in Shakatu's shop to display Black Spirit's EXP. gain.


■ Title
- Changed the type of the title 'Friendly with Horses,' which is gained upon obtaining a Tier 7 Horse, to be a Life Skills title rather than an adventure title.


■ Camp
- Camp Storage's organization options will be saved.


■ Temporary Family
- Adventurers with a Temporary Family can now use coupon codes as well.


■ Guild
- Improved Guilds to allow a Guild Member with an Activity Level above 20,000, who has been in the guild for more than 14 days, to become Guild Master if the original Guild Master and Guild Officer are absent for more than 14 days.
- Improved the message for the Hidden Banquet Hall opening so that only the members of the Guild that has opened it can see it.


■ Content Open Requirements
▷ Ancient Ruins
- Unlocks after completing the first Family Quest in Balenos [Ancient Ruins 2].


▷ Open Arena
- Unlocks after defeating [Boss: Saunil Siege Captain] in Southeast Calpheon.


▷ Outlaw Mode
- Unlocks after defeating [Boss: Executioner] in South Mediah. Adventurers who had access to the mode under the previous condition (Achieve Level 40) but have not defeated the Executioner will not have access to the mode after the update.


▷ Black Sun
- Unlocks after defeating [Boss: Elric High Priest] in North Mediah. The Black Sun rewards can only be obtained after unlocking the mode.


▷ Field of Valor: Desert
- Added Field of Valor: Desert to the content map.


■ Quest
- Changed the daily task rewards for Adventurers whose Black Spirit is under Lv. 100.
· The reward for 'Use 10,000 Silver has been changed from [Rare] Condensed Dark Energy Chest to Fair Feed x20.
· The rewards for 'Use 1 Skillbook' has been changed from Relic Fragment x500 to Lightstone Fragment x500.
· Any adventurers who received the daily rewards after maintenance will receive the new rewards.
· Removed the Cruhorn Wyrmsbane's quest [Heidel's Blacksmith] which was available after the main quest [Berman's Special Cooking] due to its unpopularity.


■ UI Improvement
- Added vibration and a UI indicator to the power saver mode to notify you if you're being attacked by another adventurer.
· The device vibration is only available on AOS devices.


■ Not Enough Potion Notification
- Fixed an issue which displayed the 'not enough potions' notification after the Mission Fail window while doing the main quests.


■ Arena Level
- Fixed an issue regarding the improvements implemented on June 1 where level 320 - 470 EXP did not apply.
· After today's update you can participate in the Arena 1 time to get the Level 320 - 470 EXP that had not been applied since June 1 retroactively.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the character would abnormally move under the terrain.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the sandstorm did not stop after selecting to go to an oasis while riding War, Baby, or Royal Elephants.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, exiting Temple of Ohm after the time limit was over would move you to the stage before entering Great Desert.
- Fixed an issue where, in some AOS devices, tapping the Great Desert map to set the destination did not function properly.
- Fixed an issue where some functions such as Call Guild and Follow Friends did not work properly in Great Desert.

- Changed rewards for some Great Desert quests:
· 'Blue Cactus Flower' -> 'Blue Cactus Flower Ⅰ'
· The quest that rewarded Blue Cactus Flower after the Great Desert renewal will now send Blue Cactus Flower I to the adventurer's mailbox.


■ Mount
- Fixed the red effect that was displayed when using Quantum Jump with a Tier 8 Horse.


■ Lucky Shop
- Any unused Lucky Shop tickets after the update will transform into chests with the same rates as the Lucky Shop.
※ Items obtained from the Lucky Shop may not be available for immediate use depending on content unlocking requirements.


■ New Events
- June 19 Heidel Ball! Special Outfit and Ornament Gift
・Event period: after maintenance on June 8 (Tuesday) - Until June 28 (Monday), 23:59
- June 19 Heidel Ball! Special Login Event
・Event period: after maintenance on June 8 (Tuesday) - until July 19 (Monday), 23:59
- Black Desert Mobile x BUGATTI Collaboration Event
・Event period: after maintenance on June 8 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on July 6 (Tuesday)
- Tier 7 Pet Update, Mariana's Fiesta Mission!
・Event period: after maintenance on June 8 (Tuesday) - until June 21 (Monday), 23:59
- Looking Brighter Under Black Sun
・Event period: after maintenance on June 8 (Tuesday) - until maintenance on June 15 (Tuesday)
※ The June 6 (Sun) Black Sun rewards were not distributed so that the Adventurers can receive the Black Sun event rewards.
※ Black Sun ranking rewards will be the same as before.


■ Events Ending
- Sura Launch Gift
- Sura Level Up Event
- Basquean Ljurik's Clearance Sale!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
- Hadum Lucky Shop (until July 5, 2021, 23:59)


- Pearl & Black Pearl > Special Package
· 410 Pearls + Lucky Shop (until July 4, 2021, 23:59)
· 2,055 Pearls + Lucky Shop (until July 4, 2021, 23:59)
· 4,115 Pearls + Lucky Shop (until July 4, 2021, 23:59)
· Lucky Abyssal Pack
· Accessory Challenge Chest
· All-in-One Pet Pack
· Dimensional Crystal Challenge Pack
· Encarotia's Bag


※ The following items are limited edition collaboration items and will not be available for purchase after sales end.
· BUGATTI CHIRON Pack I (until July 5, 2021, 23:59)
※ The Outfit in Pack I is different per class.


· BUGATTI CHIRON Pack II (until July 5, 2021, 23:59)
※ The Ornament in Pack II is different for each gender.


· BUGATTI CHIRON Pack III (~ 2021.07.05 23:59)