[May 4] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.05.04

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 4 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Path of Glory: Season 4

Developer's Note:
With this update, we've added Path of Glory Season 4.
A new upgrade to the mode is Season 4's Emblem, which now has Mystical, Abyssal, and Primal tiers.
This is a great chance to obtain a new and powerful Emblem and make your family stronger than ever!

- Emblem Grade

· Upgraded the Emblem, which now has Mystical, Abyssal, and Primal tiers.


- Updated the reward for the weekly task [Complete Path of Glory 5 Times] (Defender of the Gates).
· Adventure Token x200, Badge of Glory x134


■ Hadum Velia

They wandered within a thick darkness, so dark you could barely see your hand. Veiled in the dark, they came upon a new place.
The salty scent of the sea filled their noses, but the air was bereft of any human warmth.
They had found a new part of Hadum. They had found Hadum: Velia!

Developer's Note:
A new region with the strongest enemies in Hadum yet has been added to Hadum's Realm.
Velia in Hadum's Realm is quite different from the Velia you're used to. It is a dismal landscape that has been taken over with devastation. Even the sea itself is disappearing.
This area requires a higher CP than the previous Gahaz frontline area and the rewards reflect this fact.
Fight for the light and against the terror of Hadum in the newly added Hadum: Velia!

- Hadum: Velia has been discovered in the ends of the unfathomable darkness.

- Changed the frontline of Hadum's Realm to Hadum: Velia.


※ What is a frontline?
· A frontline is a region which has the strongest enemies between all open regions and yields the best rewards.

· As the new frontline of Hadum's Realm, the chances of acquiring [Inscribed Glyph] is higher than in Hadum: North Valencia.

- The monsters' stats will change depending on the CP of all Adventurers.


※ Changes to Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base

- Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base is no longer the frontline.
- Changed the suggested CP for Hadum: Gahaz Bandits' Base to 17,500.
- Changed the suggested CP for Elion: Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base to 12,500.


■ Outlaw Zone Event (After maintenance on May 4 - Until Maintenance on May 11)

- Added Outlaw Zone event for the duration of one week.

- You can attack anyone, excluding your guildmates, upon entering Outlaw Zone.
· Tap the icon next to the mini-map to enter the Outlaw Zone.


- Outlaw Zone Effect
· The Field Combat EXP +100% and Spoils Drop Rate Cooldown -10% effects apply.


※ Important Notes
· The Outlaw Zone effect does not apply to Nightmare, Field of Valor, Hidden Banquet Hall, Black Sun, and Great Desert.
· Characters Lv 40 and up can participate in the Outlaw Zone event and the Outlaw mode will not be available during the event.


■ Black Rock Shrine

Developer's Note:
We have heard from many of you about the difficulty in reaching or offering to the Black Rock Shrine since the best reward can at times be discovered too quickly.

With today's update, we have made changes to the Black Rock Shrine. Now, the shrine will stay until all the rewards are claimed or until time is up, which will greatly extend the Shrine's uptime. The last adventurer to get a reward from offering can now receive the newly added [Last Reward].

We hope you enjoy exploring the Great Desert and look forward to the adventures to come!

- Improved the Black Rock Shrine to stay out after the Best Reward has been acquired and until all the rewards are collected within the shrines' 30 minute lifetime.

※ The number of the rewards in Black Rock Shrine is pre-determined. When all the rewards are acquired, the adventurer who took the last offering will receive the Last Reward and the Shrine will disappear. regardless of the remaining time.


■ Gladiator

- Shield Charge
· When Enhancement: Superarmor is applied, the Superarmor effect applies to Double Shield Charge.


■ Kunoichi

- Fixed an issue where at times evasion during Auto-Hunt did not lead to any action.


■ Destroyer

- Fixed an issue where Destroyer's Bombardment skill could not be used properly in the Overheat state.


■ Achievements Improved

Developer's Note:
We've been listening to your feedback and know that you've found the Achievements to be repetitive tasks rather than adventure goals. That is why we've decided to remove some Achievements and added and improved on some quests.
We hope this will improve and incentivize your future adventures!

▷ Merchantry
- The daily Achievements in Merchantry have been changed to one-time Achievements (no repeat).
· Improved the requirements and rewards for the Merchantry Achievements to match the changes.


▷ Enhancing Gear
- Changed the repeatable quest [Strengthen Equipment!] completion requirement from Attempt Enhancement x1000 to Attempt Enhancement x3000 and improved the reward.


▷ Achievements
- Removed the Achievements marked with (Repeat) and added new ones.


· Deleted:

Endless Pile of Silver, Legend of the Arena, Legend of the Ramoness Arena, Shiny Crystal Shiny Equipment!, Rule the Ramoness Arena!, Relax! Enjoy Fishing!, An Adventurer's Companion, Improve your skills!, A Sincere Adventurer, (Red Nose - Cadry Gatekeeper) Revisited, Combat? That's my specialty., Let's plant crops in our garden!, Gather materials yourself!, It's not always about combat!, Cherish life! Heal!

· Added:

Let's Hang Out! (Complete Black Spirit's Quest), Reward for a Hard-Working Adventurer! (Reach Lv 85), The Charm of the Unknown (Use Ancient Gold Coins)


■ Class

▷ Shai
- Added the Shai selection action to the character selection screen.
▷ Hashashin
- Added the Hashashin selection action to the character selection screen.


■ PvP Content

- Modified the AP and DP difference limit for participating in Normal Arena, Ranked Arena, and Ramoness.
· Before: No Entry with for 400 difference or more
· After: Entry limit for 1000 difference or more


■ Market
- Adjusted the price range for Black Pearl Chest available in Market ▶ Consumables ▶ Other Consumables.


■ Contribution Rental Shop
- Removed the Contribution Rental content due to low usage.
· Adventurers who had rented Relics from the rental shop will receive their Contribution through mail.


■ Life Plus
- Added information regarding bonding with horses in the descriptions for Life Plus items.


■ Blossoms Backdrop
- Removed the Blossoms decorations that had been added to celebrate Kunoichi.


■ Camp ▶ Storage
- Improved the item descriptions in the Camp's Storage to not display buttons other than Unload.


■ Family Dispatch - Merchantry

- Improved the possibility of gaining Black Pearls in regions after Neutral Border Zone in Family Dispatch: Merchantry.


■ Camp Workers
- Added a function to the Camp Workers' List to sort and display the workers based on Loyalty and Stats (Vitality, Strength, and Dexterity).
· Viewing Loyalty allows you to check fatigue as well.
· Viewing Stats allows you to check the Vitality, Strength, and Dexterity.


■ World Boss
- Improved the World Boss Information UI to display the additional entries available.


■ Outfit
▷ Kunoichi
- Fixed a display issue where the mask and the nasal area overlapped.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed an issue where trying to use the Altar of Memory while riding the Elephant would intermittently result in passing by the altar.


■ Ancient Ruins
- Fixed an issue where resurrecting automatically 10 seconds after being killed at the Ancient Ruins did not function properly.


■ Crafting Holy Vial of Light
- Fixed an issue where tapping Bounty missions in the Where to Obtain information pop-up would intermittently not lead to any action.


■ Battle Mode UI
- Fixed an issue where at times the skills would appear as though they'd changed after changing the pre-set skill during the 3 seconds cooldown time.


■ Relic
- Fixed a display issue that would occur after enhancing relics and locking the enhancement material after registering them.


■ Constellations
- Fixed an issue where touching the best reward icon in Constellation Knowledge would display the item description for the current reward.


■ Ramoness
- Fixed an issue where upon levelling up, the experience number would be intermittently displayed as negative in lower Ramoness levels.


■ Tower of Trials
- Fixed an issue where at times after completing Hadum's last floor (Floor 40) it would intermittently appear as if the characters were battling Floor 41.


■ Character ▶ Inventory ▶ Camp Storage
- Improved to display and allow use of owned Camp Manager items when Inventory's Camp Storage is locked.


■ Great Desert
- Improved the design of the message that pops up after completing hidden quests.


■ Camp
- Fixed an issue that would direct the player from the Camp Funds Option in the Camp Content menu to the Upgrade page.


■ Main Menu
- Made improvements to display Adventurer's Guide at the bottom left of the screen.


■ Starting Events
- Season 4 Begins! Path of Glory Missions
・Event Period: After the maintenance on May 4 (Tue) - Until July 26 (Mon), 23:59
- Journey Together in Black Spirit's Adventure
・Event Period: After the maintenance on May 4 (Tue) - Until the maintenance on May 18 (Tue)
- Continue Logging in With the Black Spirit!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on May 4 (Tue) - Until May 17 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Start the new season with Path of Glory Missions!
- Kunoichi Special Shop Opens!


■ Node Manager

Developer's Note:
We have been going over the Node Manager content after the Family Dispatch: Merchantry was added. As the two modes have many similarities, we decided that simply improving the rewards or expanding the regions available would not be a satisfactory solution, and that the mode requires an entire rework to compete with the other content.

As a result, we'll be removing the Node Manager content and its related quests during the maintenance on May 18. For more details, please check the information below.

We will be working and re-designing the content to provide you with a better experience.

- Maintenance on May 18: Removal of Node Manager, Node Manager quest from the Guild Mileage Shop, and Node Manager quest from Bounty Missions.
- Maintenance on May 25: Removal of Node Manager quest from the Blood Kin quests.


■ Adjustments to Unlocking Content

Developer's Comment:
The many modes and content of the game can be overwhelming for new Adventurers. With regards to this, we have added the progression of the main quest to the requirements for opening content.
We hope that this will offer a better game experience and add to the excitement of coming upon new content as the game moves forward. 

- New adjustments will be made to certain content opening conditions during the maintenance scheduled on May 25.
ㆍ If new changes lead prevent you from meeting the conditions for opening content, you may not be able to check the information for some items from your character's information page, but you can use them again upon meeting the new conditions.
ㆍIf the item is already equipped, you cannot check the item's information in the same manner mentioned above. However, the stats will be maintained. Similarly, you can use the item normally after meeting the conditions.
- The opening conditions for the Pearl Shop items will be the first to change in the maintenance scheduled on May 11.
ㆍ You might not be able to see some items with unmet content conditions, but you'll be able to access them as soon as the conditions are met.


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
- This Week's Discounted Items
ㆍ Relic Fragment x200,000
ㆍ Shakatu Exchange Certificate x5,000
ㆍ Ancient Tablet x7,500


- Pearl Shop ▶ Silver Shop
ㆍ Advice of Valks 50%
ㆍ Advice of Valks 10%
ㆍ Restoration Scroll x100


- Pearl Shop ▶ Add-ons Shop
ㆍPath of Glory Season 4 Extra Entry Pass


- Pearl Shop ▶ Mileage Shop
ㆍ Horse Emblem: Tier 7 Chest
ㆍ Horse Emblem: Tier 6 Chest


- Pearl Shop ▶ Special Package
ㆍ Emblem & Accessory Pack
ㆍ Gift of Valks


- Pearl Shop ▶ Pearl & Black Pearl ▶ Odds and Ends
ㆍ Adventurer's Companion Pack


■ Sales Ending
- Pearl & Black Pearl ▶ Special Package
ㆍKunoichi All-Inclusive Chest


- Pearl Shop ▶ Add-ons Shop
ㆍPath of Glory Season 3 Extra Entry Pass