[May 11] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.05.11

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 11 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Treasure System

Developer’s Comment:
We are all familiar with alluring and mysterious artifacts, like the Holy Grail with its miraculous properties, the One Ring which brings about both power and destruction, or the Magic Lamp and its three wishes.
In the Black Desert world, legendary treasures are both a romantic tribute to stories that have a special place in our hearts and an incentive to adventure! In contrast to action-based calls to adventure in the other content, "Orzeca's Treasure" will let you be more in tune with your sentimental side.
The first treasure of this update is Ornette's Blessed Potion. This potion, blessed by the spirits, will recover 1000 HP for the adventurer. What's more, the potion will refill instantly upon use.

If you are one of the many Adventurers who are enticed by the endless healing power of this treasure, build “Orzeca's Garden” in your camp and look for the clues there. But beware that when looking for a valuable treasure like this, you are beginning a difficult journey.
The world is vast and there are many lost and forgotten Treasures to be found. New treasures will be added in the future and the acquisition difficulty of each will depend on the treasure's effects. 

We know this might be unfamiliar territory, as it is quite different from our previous content, but we hope that it can be a refreshing new adventure for everyone! 

- Added Orzeca's Treasure System.
· You can start working on finding the Treasure after building Orzeca's Garden in your Camp. Building Orzeca's Garden requires a Tier 8 Town Hall.
· Follow the clues in Orzeca's Garden to find all the material needed to obtain Orzeca's Treasure.


▷ Ornette's Blessed Potion

· You can pass along Ornette's Blessed Potion to other characters in your family using the Camp Storage.


■ Great Desert Renewal

Developer's Comment:

With new content added after the Great Desert update, putting in the time to explore and adventure in the desert seems to have become more difficult, to a point where taking advantage of the daily free Purified Water (40 minutes) would feel burdensome to some Adventurers.

The Great Desert renewal shortens the maximum desert adventure time with better available rewards. We hope that this will be of help to Adventurers enjoying the diverse content that Black Desert has to offer!

- Modified the Great Desert difficulty; the existing level has been renamed 'Desert: Imur'.
- Adventurers who have completed the family quest 'the Opening of the Desert' will have access to the 'Desert: Imur' difficulty level.
ㆍAdventurers who ended their previous session in the Great Desert have been moved to a nearby town.
ㆍThough Desert: Imur Temples and Great Temples have the same suggested CP as the Great Desert before renewal, available EXP and Silver have been increased.

- Modified the maximum adventure time in the Great Desert to 5 hours.

- Reduced the Great Desert time granted by Purified Water by half.
- The Great Desert adventure time for the first entry has been changed to 1 hour.
ㆍ Any remaining Purified water from before the maintenance will grant half its previous Great Desert time. (40 minutes → 20 minutes)

- Improved the Great Desert rewards in line with the changes to the maximum Great Desert adventure time.

ㆍ Increased how much [Edana's Coin] and EXP are obtained when defeating enemies in Great Desert, and doubled the chance of obtaining items such as Skillbooks, Broken Trumpet, Ancient Seed, etc.
ㆍ Doubled the stamina required for excavation and increased obtainable [Edana's Coin] and EXP.
ㆍ Increased how much [Edana's Coin] are obtained, as well as the probability of gaining higher grade Runes, when appraising Great Desert Appraisal Items.
ㆍ Increased how much [Edana's Coin] are obtained, as well as the possibility of obtaining higher grade Runes, from Desert Spoils.
ㆍ Doubled the stamina required for offering to the Black Rock Altar and removed the possibility of obtaining Temple Entry Pass. Improved the obtainable rewards accordingly.
ㆍImproved the sales price of some Great Desert items.


※ Items:

Titium Sculpture, Fogan Choral Sheet Music, Black Naga Spearhead, Multi-Hued Scale, Desert Moonlight Jewel, Crystal Key, Golden Hystria Mask, Frigid Ancient Fragment, Aakman Spectral Mirror, Non-Stop Spinning Compass, Scarlet Eye, Broken Sun and Aal, Solid Gold Censer, Blue Cactus Flower

- Decreased the chance of acquiring items which give quests related to defeating enemies in Great Desert and halved the required kills for such quests.
- Decreased Laytenn's HP and increased the reward earned upon its defeat.
- Removed Adventurers' Temple Entry Pass and available Temple Additional Entries.
- Doubled the Edana's Coin offering price and offering rewards for the Black Rock Altar Shrine appearing upon defeating Laytenn and Tukar Laytenn
ㆍThis change will be applied after maintenance expected on May 18. (Updated on May 11)
- The items required for the Collection section 'Endless Desert' can be acquired in 'Desert: Imur'.
- If you have a character in the Great Desert, you cannot enter the Great Desert with another Family Character.
ㆍ This does not apply if you left the character in an Oasis.

- After moving from Great Desert to Lobby, Arena, Boss Rush, etc. or exiting the game, your character will be moved to the stage before the Great Desert.
ㆍImproved the rates for obtaining [Edana's Coin], Silver, Skillbooks, and higher-grade Runes in Field of Valor: Desert.


- Great Desert Temples Updated:
ㆍChanges have been made to the Great Desert Temples:

Temple of Serrett: The pollution level will continue to rise after the boss, Elten, appears.
Temple of Tukar: Added 7 minutes to the total time until it finishes.

Temple of Luinass: Added 5 minutes to the total time until it finishes.

Temple of Desterio: Removed the reward for partial destruction of the Sea Turtle Statue. To complete the quest and receive the reward you will have to destroy all parts.

Temple of Shayla: Changed the internal structure and location, and the way the quest is carried out. Added 5 minutes to the total time until it finishes.

Temple of Ohm:  Modified the CP requirement and enabled the auto-gather function.

ㆍ(Auto-gather in Temple of Ohm) While in quick slot combat mode, swipe on the auto-combat button to use the auto-gather function.( Updated on May 11)


- Changes to Great Desert Quest Rewards
ㆍ Changed the Temple Entry Pass reward for stories such as 'Forbidden Spell', 'Infiltration, Gahaz Bandits’, ‘I can no longer remain silent and just watch!' to [Edana's Coin].
ㆍ Changed the Rune rewards acquired from Temples and Great Temples to Mysterious Temple Rune.
ㆍ Use the Mysterious Temple Runes to discover the Rune type and grade.


■ New Constellations

Developer's Comment:

We thank you for the abundance of positive feedback on the new Constellation mode.

With this update, we have added 3 new Constellations: the Giant, which symbolizes dreams and hard work; the Black Dragon, which symbolizes sensitivity, sociability, and a gentle power over others; and the Goblin, which symbolizes eloquence, worldly greed, and wit.

Restore light to the new Constellations and collect rewards! 

- Added the Giant, Black Dragon, and Goblin Constellations.

- Added knowledge categories for the new Constellations:
  ㆍ Giant
  ㆍ Black Dragon
  ㆍ Goblin

- Added titles for exploring the new Constellations:
  ㆍ Giant Symbol
  ㆍ Black Dragon Symbol
  ㆍ Goblin Symbol


■ Multi-Play System

Developer's Comment:

We bring to you the long-awaited multi-play system, which allows you to enjoy different types of game content while in auto-hunt mode!

What is the multi-play system?

The multi-play system allows adventurers to partake in activities such as Arena, Ramoness, and Merchantry while continuing auto-hunt or auto-gathering in the background and obtaining items and EXP.
We hope that the addition of this system will allow you to enjoy other game modes and not limit yourself to field hunting for the sake of character growth.  

- Added a new system to allow Adventurers to continue field hunting and auto-log/mine/forage while participating in Arena and Ramoness.
- Auto-log/mine/forage in this mode is only available when you have enough Stamina.
※ Auto-gathering will cease when you run out of Stamina.

- Access to Camp and Merchantry is now possible during Auto-hunt and gathering.
- If multi-play is not maintained for 3 minutes after entering the Camp, no Stamina will be consumed and no EXP or items will be gained.
- The system should be active for at least 3 minutes for it to count towards any quest's completion requirement.
- However, if your CP is lower than the target NPC or you somehow do not meet the requirements after 3 minutes, it will not apply.
- The Multi-Play system is not available during Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins, or Field of Valor: Desert.

- You can access Arena, Ramoness, Camp, and Merchantry while Auto-hunting in Hadum as well.


■ Content Open Requirements

Developer's Comment:

With the wealth of different content available to the players, we are continuously working on improving how we introduce the different aspects of the game to new Adventurers. Our content unlocking system has various requirements such as character level, CP, and main quests, so that adventurers can better learn the game without feeling overwhelmed.

Our future content will also be unlockable sequentially based on the main quest progress, which is the core of the game. The convenience features will continue to be based on the Black Spirit’s level.

If you press <Open Requirement> located at the bottom left of the main menu, you can check the details for different game modes in one page. We will continue to work on improving your gaming experience! 

- The unlocking requirements of different content have been adjusted to be based on main quest-line progress rather than Character Lv, Cp, etc.
· Ranked Arena: Defeat [Boss: Black Mane] in North Calpheon
· Normal Arena: Defeat [Boss: Kelcas] in Neutral Border Zone
· Friendly Arena: Defeat [Boss: Kelcas] in Neutral Border Zone
· Ramoness: Defeat [Boss: Hexe Marie] in Southwest Calpheon
※ We'd like to ask the Adventurers who have been participating in PVP content but have not yet progressed in the regions above to complete the quests.


- The following functions that were previously based on the Camp's Town Hall level have been modified to be unlocked based on main quest progress.

· Ancient Relic Altar: Defeat [Boss: Hexe Marie] in Southwest Calpheon
· Collection: Defeat [Boss: Orgoh] in Neutral Border Zone
· Patrigio: Defeat [Boss: Orgoh] in Neutral Border Zone
· Enchantment: Defeat [Boss: Gehaku] in Southeast Calpheon

· World Boss: Defeat [Boss: Kelcas] in Neutral Border Zone, (Red Nose Altar, which required character Lv. 35, and Giath's Den's will now require defeating [Boss: Kelcas] in Neutral Border Zone. The unlocking requirement for other World Boss remains with the addition of the new requirement.)

- We will adjust various existing events and systems to help new and returning users get used to the game and learn the different content.
· Events targeted at new or returning users.
· The Path to Power Hadum/Great Desert quests, created to help adventurers adjust to different modes, will stay as it has been.


■ Kunoichi
- Fixed an issue where Kunoichi got stuck at times when using Viper Strike.
- Improved Viper Strike to teleport to enemies at a different elevation.


■ Memo Function

· Added a function to the character selection page's upper left side so you can save memos for each character in your family.


■ Camp
- Added the Jumbo HP Potion and X-Large HP Potion to the items that can be crafted in the Alchemy Lab.

※ You need a Lv 10 or higher Alchemy Lab to craft a Jumbo HP Potion and X-Large HP Potion.

- Changed the Enter button for Camp's Pub to 'Hire Worker' to match the building's function.
- Updated the Camp Content to not activate collecting Black Stones from Refinery while it's filling up.


■ Great Desert
- Fixed an issue where, during Great Desert excavation, tapping Black Spirit's '!' button did not work and caused the 'Invalid interaction target.' error to pop.
- Improved the Great Desert to move the Character to an Oasis if they are inactive for a certain amount of time.

※ Auto-Sleep Mode in Settings - Game will only come into effect when you toggle it, and will not be applied when you turn it off. (Modified on May 20)


■ Ramoness
- Changed the message design so that you could distinguish better between friend and foe.
- Fixed the issue where the helmets on characters not equipping head ornaments would not be displayed in the Ramoness Arena.


■ Ramoness Watch Mode
- Improved the mode so that the viewer can distinguish better between Teams A and B.
- Added an Overall View button so that you may see the arena at a glance.
- Added a feature that allows you to see the HP for the Ballista of each team in a Ballista Battlefield.
- Added a feature that allows you to see the highest scoring member of each team.
- Fixed the issue where the camera button and buff icon would overlap.


■ Path to Power
-Moved the Path to Power button from the top right to the top left (right of the minimap).


■ Skillbook
- The Novice to Master Skillbook x10 Chest's grade will be changed from Unique to Rare (the contents of the chest will be unchanged.)


■ Path of Glory
- Transfer is now available to emblems enhanced to over Lv. 4.


■ Tower of Trials
- Changed the Tower of Trials window so that, if you have a completed a tower, you will be redirected to said tower.


■ Bounty Missions
- Changed the Bounty Mission quest widget color to green.


■ Classes
▷ General
- Fixed the issue where the chest area looked transparent while equipping Summer Azure and Kibelius outfits.
- Fixed the issue where the UI for hair that couldn't be modified made it look as if it could be modified.


▷ Sorceress
- Fixed the issue where the fur on the Lucien Blanc outfit/Awakening weapon looked too white.


▷ Kunoichi
- Fixed the issue where Kunoichi's face would be abnormally shadowed when entering dark places
- Fixed the issue where Kunoichi's hair would be covered by her skin while her hair was up.
- Fixed the issue where Kunoichi's eyeballs where visible when hiding in the bush.


■ Hadum Knowledge
Fixed the issue where [North Valencia Gahaz] Hadum Knowledge would not affect overall Knowledge.


■ Family Dispatch: Merchantry
- Fixed the issue where Merchantry Dispatch would not be available in certain situations.


■ Boss Rush
- Fixed the issue where an aquisition message would not appear when you used Special Boss Rush Pass.


■ Quest
- Fixed the issue where you could meet certain 'use object' type quest requirements using Discard or Sell.


■ Lucky Shop
- Added a feature allowing you to skip the animation by touching the screen during a 10-Time draw in the Lucky Shop.


■ Black Spirit Skills
- Fixed the issue where Black Spirit skills would intermittently have no cooldown time when logging in with a character.

■ Constellations
- Fixed the issue where a character's HP would not be reset after dying during a Constellation run.


■ Totem
- Fixed a graphic anomaly with the cooldown time for Second Wind, a Totem buff.


■ Guilds
- Fixed the issue where the guild funds required for the current level and the next level would not reset in the Guild Skill window after levelling up in Cannon Knowledge, Elephant Training, Ogre Skills.


■ Knowledge
- Fixed the issue where arranging unattained knowledge in Knowledge would display attained knowledge.


■ Contribution
- Deleted the text about Renting Relics in the message that appears when you press Contribution in the Wealth window.


■ Guilds
- Fixed the issue where a "Not in a Guild" message would show when checking the information of a fellow guild member.


■ Combat Plus
Fixed the issue where a 10-time free Revival button and Pearl Revival button would show in the Ancient Ruins and World Boss Stages while using Combat Plus.


■ Pearl Shop

-After the scheduled maintenance on May 18th, the following item(s) will no longer be available:
· Dark Matter Stone


■ End of [Elgriffin's Special Training] Event Notice
- The [Elgriffin's Special Training] event will end on May 24, 23:59.
- Please claim all rewards and carry out all quests before the event ends.


■ Contribution Rental Shop Deleted
-All rented Relics have been retrieved, and Contribution used for rentals have been tallied and sent via mail.


■ Black Spirit Reward per Level
-"Black Spirit Reward Per Lv." will be added to Black Spirit Quests/Hadum Black Spirit Quests after the scheduled maintenance on May 18th.


■ Unclaimed Black Spirit Mode Reward Issues
-You may not be able to claim Black Spirit Mode Rewards when the front lines were changed from [Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base] to [Velia], and CP requirements per stage were changed, like in the update for May 4th.
※ The recommended CP will increase for front line regions, and the recommended CP will decrease significantly for the previous front line region (Elion), and you will not be able to collect rewards.
・Adventurers who were not able to collect the Black Spirit Mode rewards because of the change in front lines have gotten [Black Spirit's Die Piece] x33 and [Black Spirit Plus (3 Days)] x1 in their mailbox.
・You can collect the mail before the maintenance scheduled on May 18.


■ Notice on completion requirements for some quests
- Due to the deletion of Node Manager, the completion requirements for the following quests will be changed after the maintenance scheduled on May 18.
・[Complete "Al Rhundi" in Path to Power] in the Glish Pass questline
・[Complete "Black Spirit 6" in Path to Power] in obtaining Southwest Calpheon pass.


■ Certain Path to Power quests ending (after maintenance on May 18th)

Developer Comment:

The Path to Power missions available in the early stages of the game are meant to teach new Adventurers about the various content in the game.
We are currently moderating the timing with which different content is opened so that new Adventurers will not be overwhelmed by too much content at the beginning of their gameplay experience, as they may have yet to fully understand basic growth components such as gear enhancement or Dark Energy. In the general editing process of the game, we have decided to end the following quests to make way for a sequence that may be of more help to growing Adventurers, which will be released in the future. 

- Some <Path to Power> quests used to assist in familiarizing Adventurers with Black Desert content such as Camps and Bosses will be deleted.
· The Character/Camp/Gear Path to Power quests that would appear at the top right after defeating [Boss: Giath] will be deleted.

■ New Events
- Constellation Missions in honor of the new Giant, Goblin, and Black Dragon constellations!
・Event Period: May 11 (after maintenance) - May 24 (23:59)
- Catch the lucky rope!
・Event Period: May 11 (after maintenance) - May 17 (23:59)


■ Events Ending
- Outlaw Zone Event
- Kunoichi Launch Gifts
- Kunoichi Daily Missions


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
▷ Shop > Pearls & Black Pearls > Special Package
- 1,232 Pearls + Lucky Shop
- 2,055 Pearls + Lucky Shop
- 4,115 Pearls + Lucky Shop


▷ Shop > Lucky Shop


■ New Outfits (Black Pearl)
- Brut Lancelot (Armor)
- Marod Star (Armor)
- Jungle Beast (Armor)
- Solaria (Armor)
- Fairybleu (Armor)
- Tundra Warden (Armor)
- Iron Thorn (Armor)
- Ataraxia (Armor)
- Aran (Armor)
- Syahzar (Armor)
- Peach Blossom (Armor)
- Tick-Tock Great Detective (Armor)
- Messenger of Adùir (Armor)
- Mezari (Armor)
- Adamant (Armor)


■ No Longer Available
- Discounted Products of the Week (after maintenance on May 4—before maintenance on May 11)
ㆍ Relic Fragment x200,000
ㆍ Shakatu Exchange Certificate x5,000
ㆍ Ancient Tablet x7,500