[February 16] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.02.16


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on February 16 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ New Classes: Archer & Fletcher

[Archer: Forgotten Sons of Sylvia, Earth's Protector]
Archer uses a Crossbow retrofitted to mount on his arm, which allows him to be agile during battle.
Archer uses a special gauntlet called a Ra’ghon to draw out and concentrate light energy.
He can deftly move about the battlefield and appear to be everywhere at once, and can attack his enemies from every angle.
He can also concentrate all gathered energy into one powerful bolt of light that causes devastating damage.
- Combat type: Ranged
- Main / sub-weapon: Crossbow (main), Ra’ghon (sub)


[Fletcher: All those who threaten the Sacred Tree will be judged by my arrow!]
Only the Fletcher has mastered the skills required to craft and use the Divine Piercer, a unique spear-like arrow designed to be used with the Greatbow.
Each shot pierces its target with precision and causes tremendous damage.
The Greatbow's long range allows Fletcher to easily keep track of enemy movements from afar. He is often referred to as "The Overseer of Battle."
- Combat type: Ranged
- Main / subweapon: Greatbow (main), Divine Piercer (sub)


■ Primal Accessory

- Added Primal Accessory.
・Primal Accessories have higher Enchantment and Awakened Enchantment values than Abyssal Accessories.
・You can craft Primal Accessories from the Craft menu or the Blacksmith at your Camp.
・Primal Accessories can be enhanced up to Lv. 10 using accessories of the same type as a material. Accessories can be safely enhanced up to Lv. 3.

- To craft a Primal Accessory you will need the following:
[1] Crafting with Lapis Lazuli
・Caphras Secret Book x1
・Lapis Lazuli x30

[2] Crafting with Breath of Creation and Breath of Life
・Caphras Secret Book x1
・ Breath of Creation x6,000 & Breath of Life x6,000

※ The amount of material needed depends on the accessory type.
- Pages needed to craft Caphras Secret Book

Caphras Ring Secret Book 20
Caphras Necklace Secret Book 36
Caphras Earrings Secret Book 24
Caphras Belt Secret Book 28
Caphras Bracelet Secret Book 20

※ You cannot receive Caphras Secret Book Pages and Lapis Lazulis from feeding the Jade Accessory Set to the Black Spirit.


■ Market Convenience Features

- The [Instant Purchase] button in the Market will now randomly purchase one of the items in the list at the lowest available price.
- You can now purchase more equipment on sale in the market using the Batch Bid button.


■ Added Auto-Fusion for Crystal & Rune Chests

- Added the option to Auto-Fuse Crystal Chests and Rune Chests in the Open Chests function.
- The following conditions must be met to fuse Crystals:
The crystals must be available in the Black Spirit Menu.
・You will need enough Silver to match the needed amount.


■ Lotus


Developer's Comment

Lotus has been rebalanced with a focus on 3 main areas:
1. Fast entry and exit in battle
2. Improvements to continuous chasing and attack
3. Improved reaction to enemies ranged attacks


Lotus is a swift fighter who can easily approaches her enemies and launch powerful attacks. However, currently her core skills’ attack range and movement are somewhat limited compared to other classes, making her more of an underused character in the arena.


Lotus’s skills have been updated to increase her attack range and movement distance. Her fighting style has been improved to allow her to defend and counter attack at the same time.


- Improved Evasion to allow faster movement upon use.


- Increased the attack range.
- Improved the transition from using the skill to running.
- Fixed an issue causing the character to fall when they use the skill on high ground.


[Charged Shot]
- Decreased cooldown by 2 seconds. (10 seconds → 8 seconds) 
- Improved the transition from using the skill to running.


[Evasive Strike]
- Improved the transition from using the skill to running.


[Blood Moon]
- Fixed an issue preventing Knockback on last hit.
- Increased attack range and movement range.
- Improved movement in different directions during the skill.
- Increased PVP damage.

PvP  Before After
Lv 1  246.4% max 7 hits 273% max 7 hits
Lv 10  295.68% max 7 hits 327.6% max 7 hits 


[Blooming Divide]
- Improved the skill to allow faster use of [Crescent Moon] after skill use.
- Increased PVP damage.

PvP  Before After
Lv 1  243.84% x 5  274.32% x 5 
Lv 10  329.18% x 5  370.33% x 5 


[Flash Step]
- Increased the attack range.
- Increased the movement range.
- Increased PVE / PVP damage.

PvE  Before After
Lv 1  372% max 6 hits 380% max 6 hits
Lv 10  483.6% max 6 hits  494% max 6 hits
PvP  Before After
Lv 1  248% max 6 hits 285% max 6 hits
Lv 10  322.4% max 6 hits 370.5% max 6 hits


- [Increase Attack Range] enhancement has now been applied to the skill by default and Flow: Vibrant Petals was added.


[Flow: Vibrant Petals]
- Deals the same damage as [Chaos].
- Max 5 hits.
- Inflicts Knockback on hit.
- Inflicts Knockdown on last hit.


[Crescent Moon]
- Decreased cooldown by 1 second. (10 seconds → 9 seconds) 
- Increased the attack range on the last hit.
- Increased 2 hits.
- Increased PVE / PVP damage.

PvE Before After
Lv 1 450% x 2 max 2 hits 340% max 6 hits
Lv 10 585% x2 max 2 hits 442% max 6 hits
PvP Before After
Lv 1 279% x 2 max 2 hits 238% max 6 hits
Lv 10 362.7% x 2 max 2 hits 309.4% max 6 hits


- Added Knockdown effect to Flow: Fluttering Petals.
- [Reduce cooldown] enhanement is now applied to the skill by default and Flow: Fluttering Petals has been added.


[Flow: Fluttering Petals]
- Deals the same damage as Retaliation.
- Max 4 attacks.
- Grants Forward Guard while using the skill.
- Grants Super Armor during last hit.
- Inflicts Knockdown on last hit.


■ Blade Master
[Quick-Draw, Charged Shot, Evasive Strike]
- Improved the transition from using the skill to running.


■ Nova
- Fixed an issue where the Pawn and Knight would not attack at times.


■ Phantasma
- Fixed a visual issue where the weapon did not disappear at times while moving.


■ Item
- Updated field Auto-hunt. Field Auto-hunt is now available as soon a a character is created without needing Black Spirit Lv. 2 Awakening.
- All equipment can be used after creating a character, regardless of the Black Spirit's Awakening level.

※ The following restrictions have been removed:
・Equip Unique Items after Black Spirit Awakening Lv. 3.
・Equip Epic Items after Black Spirit Awakening Lv. 5.
- You can batch Auto-Craft equipment and Accessories that do not require selecting a material.
- You can now tap and hold a Lightstone in the Equip and Fuse Lightstone windows to lock them.
- The following items will no longer produce a server notification when acquired:
・Mystical: Crystal, Lightstone
・Abyssal: Crystal, Lightstone, Item, Accessory, Alchemy Stone


■ UI
- Added a button to the Pet results check to allow checking the Pet Tier Info.
- Improved Guild Member stats to display their Check-in clearly.
- You can now arrange the Camp's Storage based on Item Grade.


■ System
- Entering the same field will no longer trigger the loading screen.


■ Field
- Fixed an issue where a character would drift outside the guardrail in certain locations of Omar Lava Cave.


■ UI
- Changed the Evasion description in Settings > Game. The option now reads, "Use Evasion During Auto-Combat."
-Fixed an issue that displayed the horse’s name instead of the object being interacted with.
- Fixed an issue where changing the UI scale altered the World Map location markers.


■ System
- Improved the game application to reduce game crashes.
- Fixed an issue force closing the game while downloading the new patch on IOS devices.
- Fixed an issue force closing the game while making a transaction on Google Play Store.
- Fixed an issue causing auto-hunt to end when receiving a phone call.


■ Character
- Fixed an issue where entering Auto-Enchant as the Dark Knight displayed MP instead of Magic Regen.
- Fixed an issue preventing dying Tamer’s Epic Black Swan Weapon.
- Fixed an issue causing Hashashin’s Breath of Aal skill to display horizontally.
- Fixed an issue causing other players’ ranged attacks to appear to land in different locations.
- Fixed an issue where the target lock would disappear at times, leading to skill misuse.
- Fixed an issue where auto-collecting at times lead the player character to out of range spots they could not move out of.


■ Arena
[Normal Arena]
- Fixed an issue where greeting before battle start led to an attack.
- Fixed an issue where some classes targeted the wrong spot when attacking the enemy position.

Class Skill
Phantasma Supernova [Flow: Rooted Disaster], Dark Cleave
Raven Shadow Eruption
Reaper Soul Spike
Paladin Celestial Spear
Lancer Sanctify
Archmage Blizzard, Combustion, Ignite 
Invoker Fissure


■ Upcoming Unique Glyph Update
- During the maintenance on February 22nd, new content related to Unique Glyph Fusion will be added.


■ Starting Events
- Archer / Fletcher Premium Login
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 15 (Monday), 23:59
・Sales Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 2 (Tuesday), 23:59
- New Class: Archer / Fletcher Level Up Event
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 8 (Monday), 23:59
- Collect the Sacred Tree Branch
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until the maintenance on March 2 (Tuesday)
・Exchange Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 8 (Monday), 23:59
- Come Together for a Round of Guild Boss Rushes!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 15 (Monday), 23:59
- Elgriffin's Special Training
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until further notice
- Archer / Fletcher Update with a Special Shop!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 8 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- (Pass) Black Spirit's Roll Call!
- Archer / Fletcher Pre-Creation Event
- (Pass) Journey Together in Black Spirit's Adventure


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Archer All-Inclusive Chest
- Fletcher All-Inclusive Chest
- Archer & Fletcher Launch Shop
- Archer Level Up
- Fletcher Level Up
- Abyssal Accessory & Nesting Dolls Pack
- Primal Accessory Crafter's Pack
[February 16 (Tuesday) - TBA]


[Archer & Fletcher New Armor Outfit]
- Shudad (Armor)
- Karlstein (Armor)
- Treant Camouflage (Armor)
- Gierach (Armor)
- Luanwulf (Armor)
- Desert Camouflage (Armor)
[February 16 (Tuesday) - TBA]

[Archer & Fletcher Hanbok Armor Outfit]
- Hanbok (Armor)
[February 16 (Tuesday) - February 22, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


[Archer & Fletcher Weapon Outfit]
- Shudad (Weapon)
- Karlstein (Weapon)
- Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
- Gierach (Weapon)
- Luanwulf (Weapon)
- Desert Camouflage (Weapon)
[February 16 (Tuesday) - TBA]


■ Sales Ending


■ Sales Ending Next Week