[February 9] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.02.09


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on February 9 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Archer & Fletcher Pre-Creation

Archer, the forgotten son of the goddess Sylvia and protector of the world, is coming to Black Desert Mobile!
Archer is a nimble class that uses a Crossbow retrofitted to attach to his arm, and the unique gauntlet Ra’ghon, which allows him to draw from the power of light.
With his agility and mastery over archery techniques, Archer reigns over the battlefield. He is also able to concentrate his power into one devastating blow.

Archer can awaken to become Fletcher, the Last Guardian of Kamasylve. Fletcher does not use arrows, but a unique spear-like projectile named the Divine Piercer.
No one can withstand his critical blows.
Fletcher uses a long-rage Greatbow to track enemies from afar, so some refer to him as the Overseer of Battle.

You can begin customizing your Archer and Fletcher during the Pre-Registration period.


Developer's Comment

As of February 9, Archer and Fletcher Pre-Creation has begun!


As you may recall from our preliminary 2021 roadmap, we had originally planned to release Shai first. However, we will first be releasing Archer and Fletcher, with Shai to follow at the end of March.

We know many Adventurers may have questions regarding this decision, so we wanted to explain what went behind this decision for Black Desert Mobile.


First, we wanted to establish better class balance in preparation for ""Battlefield of the Sun,"" expected to release in early March. Black Desert Mobile Global has recently seen the release of Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, and Nova, who are all close to mid-range classes. In order to maintain a balance of different class types for Battlefield of the Sun, we felt the addition of specialized long-range classes like Archer and Fletcher would be a better fit.


Second, we wanted to better optimize Shai herself for the global release. Shai has recently undergone a balance patch in other builds of the game, which fundamentally changed her playstyle. Rather than presenting Adventurers with the previous version of Shai, we wanted to release the improved Shai in the global build from the outset at the end of March.


We would like to thank all of our Adventurers who are eagerly awaiting to play as Shai, and we hope you will continue to look forward her release.


Thank you very much!


■ Hadum: Calpheon City


"A journey in search of great power led to the discovery of a new realm in the depths of the darkness.
What a strange place. Different yet familiar. It was Calpheon City, but within the Hadum's realm."


Adventurers, beware.
In Hadum: Calpheon City, the fanatics who worship the dark will target those who carry the power of light!


[Hadum: Calpheon City]
- Hadum: Calpheon City has been found in the depths of the darkness.
. It can be accessed after the story [Hadum: Growing Uproar] is completed.
· [Hadum: Growing Uproar] is only available after the story [Hadum's Realm] is completed.
※ The suggested CP for Hadum: Calpheon City is 7,000.


■ Hadum Item Drop Update

[New items available in Hadum]
- The following items can be obtained when defeating monsters throughout Hadum.
· Blazing Chaos Chrystal
· Inscribed Glyph
· Rift Totem


■ Petscension Added

- Pet Skill Lv. cap can now be increased.
ㆍPetscension is only applicable to Tier 6 Pets.
ㆍPetscend your pet's skills by going to Pets > Exchange and selecting two Tier 6 Pets.
ㆍSuccessful Petscension will increase your Pet's maximum skill level to Lv. 20.


■ Guild Updates

- Increased some Guild Skills' level cap to Lv. 20.
ㆍGuild Effect: Increase AP
ㆍGuild Effect: Increase DP
ㆍGuild Effect: Increase HP
ㆍGuild Effect: Increased Life Skill EXP
ㆍGuild Effect: Increased Fishing EXP
ㆍCall to Battle: Attack
ㆍCall to Battle: Defense
ㆍCannon Knowledge
ㆍElelphant Training
ㆍOgre Skills

- Increased Guild Siege item level cap to Lv. 13.
ㆍYou can fortify and increase the HP of Holy Artifact, Guard Tower, Defense Tower, and Barricade.
ㆍFortify Guild items Lv. 10 or higher using new resources: Powder of Life, Dark Crystal Ore, and Strong Timber.
ㆍHoly Artifact: Powder of Life
ㆍGuard Tower: Dark Crystal Ore
ㆍDefense Tower, Barricade: Strong Timber

- Increased HP for the following Guild objects.
ㆍ Elephant
ㆍ Ogre
ㆍ Siege Holy Artifact
ㆍ Siege Barricade
ㆍ Fire Shot Supply Unit
ㆍ Defense Tower
ㆍ Hwacha
ㆍ Buff Tower
ㆍ Outer Gate
ㆍ Inner Gate
ㆍ West/South/East Towers
-Increased Cannon, Elephant, Ogre, and Hwacha's damage.


■ New Resources in Foraging, Mining, Logging

- Added new resources that can be collected through foraging, mining, and logging.
ㆍThe new resources are available through World or Field Gathering upon reaching Master level in each respective Life Skill.
ㆍForaging: Powder of Life
ㆍMining: Dark Crystal Ore
ㆍLogging: Strong Timber
※ The new resources can be used to reinforce Lv. 10 or higher structures in Siege War and Node War.


■ New Item: Dark Matter Stone



- Added [Dark Matter Stone], which intensifies the Black Spirit's Skill Damage.
ㆍ[Dark Matter Stone] can be obtained in some regions of Elion.


■ Family-Based Story Quest Progression

- All Story Quests can now be accomplished on a per-Family basis.
- Families who have already completed the story will maintain the Story Quest completed status. If there are any active quests or accepted quests in a [Complete] state, they will be cancelled.
・You can find cancelled quests through the Story menu and accept the quests again there.
- Improved the Story Quest rewards.
※ Families who've already completed the Story Quest will receive the updated rewards in their mailbox.


■ Lancer
- Increased collision speed while running.


[Righteous Torment]
- Fixed an issue causing the last hit to go into effect immediately upon skill use during Auto-Hunt.
- Increased the frequency of Flow: Sacred Light during Auto-Hunt.
- Made improvements to allow quicker use of [Holy Thrust], [Divine Guard], and [Rejection] after using Flow: Sacred Light.


[Radiant Burst]
- Improved skill efftects and changed "Stun on successful hit" to "Stun on 1st hit and Daze on last hit."
- Increased movement distance upon skill use.
- Improved the skill to make the transition into running after skill use more natural.
- Other skills can now be used more quickly after using Radiant Burst.
- Increased the frequency of [Radiant Burst] during Auto-Hunt.
[Fallen Angel]
- Improved to allow instant teleportation when holding the button down.
- Increased the teleport speed during the jump.
- Improve to allow faster use of [Divine Judgment] after using [Fallen Angel].


- Increased the attack range of the last hit to include self.


[Holy Thrust]
- Increased the attack range to include self.
- Improved to allow consecutive attacks when holding the the button down.
- Changed the "Knockdown on last hit" effect to "Knockdown on hit."


- Increased Attack Speed. 


■ Nova
- Fixed an issue where Nova could draw her weapon inside Camp.
- Fixed an issue leading to Nova using her skills inside Camp.


[Combat Plus]
- After the maintenance scheduled for second week of March, Combat Plus will increase the Boss Rush multiplier from 5 to 10.
・If you have Combat Plus active during the above mentioned update, the increase will be applied to it as well.


[Arena] Updated 2/16, 22:40 (GMT-8)
- Improved CP and HP corrections in Ramoness Arena. (Not applied)
- Lowered the maximum AP cap in Ramoness Arena. (Not applied; expected to be applied on March 9)


- Added 'Where to Obtain' information to the Cron Stone item description.
- Made minor improvements to basic item descriptions.


- Improved Great Desert World Map to prevent the Great Temple icon from being tapped.
- Improved multipliers for re-entering World Boss fights. The multiplier now matches the maximum number of additional entries available to you (up to 50).

- Remade the Story UI.
- When new Stories become available, the notification will appear on the right side of the Mini-map.


- Fixed an issue that removed the set destination upon receiving the Black Rock Altar offering rewards.


- Fixed an issue preventing sales of expired items when pressing Sell Junk.
- Fixed an issue where Black Crystals available for Force Enhancement did not show in the Force Enhancement screen.


- Fixed a display issue where the scores of Guilds ranking 4th and lower in Black Sun mode did not show properly.


- Fixed an issue causing a different item to show in the sale window when selling Camp Decorations.


■ Starting Events
- Archer & Fletcher Pre-Creation Event
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 9 (Tuesday) - Until February 15 (Monday), 23:59
- Archer & Fletcher Art Puzzle Event!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on February 9 (Tuesday) - Until February 22 (Monday), 23:59
- CM Roccio's February Festival
・Event Period: After February 10 (Wednesday) 00:00 - Until February 15 (Monday), 23:30


■ Ending Events
- Hadum Daily Boss Rush Update! Daily Missions Event
- Go Catch Them All
- Pick the Lucky Rope!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Archer & Fletcher Prep Chest I & II
[February 9 (Tuesday) - February 15, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


- Best Sellers Pack I
- Best Sellers Pack II
- Best Sellers Pack III
- Best Sellers Pack IV
[February 9 (Tuesday) - February 22, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


- Dark Matter Stone x100
[February 9 (Tuesday) - TBA]


[New Armor Outfit for all Classes]
- Hanbok Armor Outfit
[February 9 (Tuesday) - February 22, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


[New Ornaments]
- Black Gat: Winds of Dawn
- Red Gat: Song of Crimson Winds
- Camellia Wreath
- Cozy Snowflower Hat
- Fragrant Blossom
[February 9 (Tuesday) - February 22, 2021 (Monday), 23:59]


■ Sales Ending


■ Sales Ending Next Week