Dive Into the Heat of Calphe:ON Ball!

Finally, it’s December 12 Saturday today!


With all platforms of Black Desert, <Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball> was held.


Thanks to the very warm interest and pariticipation, we were able to successfully finish the <Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball>


Thank you to all Adventurers who participated until the very end.

Check the Calphe:ON Ball rewards and the celebratory moments below.


📣 <Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball> Reward List

Calphe:ON Ball Opening Reward 

Restoration Scroll x10,000 

Americassent on December 12 (Sat) at 00:25 

Europesent on December 12 (Sat) at 09:25 

Asiasent on December 12 (Sat) at 16:25 

Black Desert Mobile 2021 Roadmap Presentation Rewards 

10-Time Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop Ticket x10 Chest x1 

Level Exchange Coupon (Limited Time) x1 

Skill Extraction Coupon (Limited Time) x12 

Class Main Weapon Transformation Coupon (Limited Time) x1 

Class Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupon (Limited Time) x1 

[Epic] Outfit Set Chest x1 

Black Spirit’s Adventure Rewards 

[EpicOutfit Set Chest x1 

Americassent on December 12 (Satat 02:35 

Europesent on December 12 (Sat) at 11:35 

Asiasent on December 12 (Satat 18:35 


Camp Manager Contract: Irene (7 Days) x1 

Combat Plus (7 Days) x1 

Life Plus (7 Days) x1 

Restoration Scroll x1,000 

Shakatu Exchange Certificate x30,000 

Horse EmblemTier 7 Chest x1 

Black Pearl x1,000 

Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass x3 

Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop: 10 Use x2 

Calphe:ON Ball Closing Rewards 

Cron Stone x1,000 

Americassent on December 12 (Sat) at 03:25 

Europesent on December 12 (Sat) at 12:25 

Asiasent on December 12 (Satat 19:25 

Restoration Scroll x10,000 

100% Hot Time (3 Hours) x10 (Expires in 7 days after claim) 

200% Hot Time (3 Hours) x10 (Expires in 7 days after claim) 


Wait! Here’s an untold message from Ryan Kang.

Ryan Kang:
“Good day to everyone. I am Ryan Kang, Head of Game Design Division of Black Desert Mobile.

Although I was not able to personally deliver a smooth run for Calphe:ON Ball live broadcast, I have prepared some rewards that would express my indescribable gratitude to all Adventurers.

Again, I would like to thank all the Adventurers who were interested in the Calphe:ON Ball.

I hope for your continuous support in 2021. Thank you so much.”



Ryan Kang’s Additional Surprise Rewards 

[AbyssalAccessory Crate x1 

[Abyssal] Relic Chest x1 

Americassent on December 12 (Sat) at 04:15 

Europesent on December 12 (Sat) at 13:16 

Asiasent on December 12 (Satat 20:16 


※ All Families that are created until December 31 (Thu), 23:59 (Server Time) can obtain all rewards from Black Desert Mobile 2021 Roadmap Presentation except for [Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop: 10 Use] x2.

※ All Families that are created until January 11, 2021 (Sun), 23:59 (Server Time) can obtain [10-Time Calphe:ON Ball Lucky Shop Ticket x10 Chest].
※ The rest rewards that are not mentioned above will be obtainable until December 20 (Sun) 23:59 (Server Time) for all Families created before the rewards sent.


▲ Preparing diligently to meet you Adventurers!

Are you guys ready?


▲ The emcees, Heo-Jun and Hyun Kyung are doing rehearsals before meeting our Adventurers!


▲ A performance of ‘Balenos’ Street Fight’ by Band Score

to open <Black Desert Calphe:ON Ball>


▲ The live broadcast is about to start!


▲ Online audience from all around the world!

A warm welcome to all!


▲ Black Desert Mobile’s Executive Producer Yongmin Jo and

Black Desert’s Executive Producer, Jaehee Kim come out and greet everyone!


▲ Ryan Kang, Head of Game Design Division of Black Desert Mobile, gives a presentation

about the 2021 Roadmap for the global server!


▲ The <Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball> Art Festival just started!

There were so many creative artworks, indeed!


▲ A MUST in events: recreation!

Special Black Spirit’s Adventure in <Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball> has started!

What rewards have been prepared?


▲ It’s time for Keyword Talk containing the suggestions from all Adventurers around the world!
What keywords are you curious about?


▲ You would never know!

The unveiling of a new class, Calpheon’s last star, Nova?!


▲ Wait, what did you say?

1,000 Cron Stones? This isn’t the least one, right?!


* All staff are going through fever checks and the stage is being quarantined to prevent COVID19!

<Black Desert Calphe:ON Ball> took place in a safe environment!


💡 To those who have missed or would like to watch the <Black Desert PC X Mobile x Console Calphe:ON Ball> again,

You may check the link below.


Black Desert Mobile Official YouTube


※ Please Note

- The rewards mentioned during the live broadcast of <Black Desert PC X Mobile x Console Calphe:ON Ball> will be sent on the scheduled update on December 15 (Tuesday).

- Please be reminded that [(Limited)] Class Change] rewards will be deleted on the 1st week’s scheduled update of January, 2021.

- The event details and period can be changed, edited and may be cancelled depending on the situation. Changes on the event will be updated on this notice.

- The event items sent may be be sellable, tradeable, and may have limited time. Some items may also be spiritbound. Please be reminded that all items cannot be transferred or restored.

- Please check the item description in the game to check if the item is spiritbound. Items that have been sent and have been normally used cannot be restored.

- Unfair methods of joining the event will result to disqualification and cancellation of the event. You may also be restricted from the game.

- If you were blocked or violated the Operations Policy during the Calph:ON Ball, you can be disqualified even after winning in the event or rewards may also be cancelled.

- that are not specified will follow the [Operations Policy]