[Black Desert PC x Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball] 4 Celebration Music Tracks: Work Notes

Greetings, Adventurers!


Did you enjoy the Music Video from

<Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball> on December 12, 2020 (Sat)?


What an amazing musical performance!

It's all about sharing the best moments together!


We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the renewal of Black Desert's music!

Check out work notes from our Composer, Hwiman Ryu! ♬

※ Some of the terms and names used in this notice are excerpts from the `Black Desert` project which are not used/applied in `Black Desert Mobile`.



1. Balenos' Street Fight

The unwavering and impregnable will of Pearl Abyss developers, despite the COVID19 pandemic, is portrayed through this sensational band performance.


Black Desert's title song, Balenos Theme, is transformed into an 80’s pop Rock Guitar Instrumental.




2. Velian Anthem

We remember the hearty street performances in Velia, the iconic symbol of Black Desert.

'Velian Anthem' is reborn as modern rock with an exciting tribal rhythm.

Created with a Celtic vibe to provide comfort and give hope to those fatigued by the COVID19 pandemic.




3. Serendian Vagabond

Serendia Theme, first introduced by Shai, returns as hard rock/alternative punk.

This song is dedicated to our Adventurers, those wandering poets in Black Desert, during this COVID19 pandemic.




4. Black Desert : VIII. O'dyllita - Battle of Warriors (Violin Concerto)

The music expresses the fierce battles between the opposing dark elven factions in O’dyllita in a sharp, chilling, yet also passionate manner.

In order to bring out the grandeur of the Black Desert/O’dyllita battle, an orchestra concerto was composed which actively utilized the charm of a violin performance.



- Music and video work notes by composer Hwiman Ryu -


I wanted to express the fierce battles between the opposing dark elven factions in O’dyllita in a sharp, chilling, yet also passionate manner. The violin is a very impressive instrument. When played lyrically, it sounds delicate and beautiful, but an aggressive treble will overwhelm its listeners.
In order to actively utilize this attractive instrument and to express the grandeur of battle, I composed a violin concerto in collaboration with the orchestra.
It's quite uncommon to compose and arrange classical violin and piano concertos for game music, and it’s also a challenging task of a high degree of difficulty. I didn’t work alone to accomplish this difficult task. Inro Joo, who arranged a wonderful piano concerto, helped complete the arrangement of this song.


This song was completed before "VIII. O'dyllita: Overture (Piano Concerto)” was released in February of this year and was filmed in November 2019.
The song was scheduled to be released in line with the content update of O’dyllita’s Thornwood Castle, but ended up resting on the shelves as its development schedule was pushed back. Fortunately, it can now see the light of day before the end of the year.
Unlike the classical performance of the piano concerto video that was released before, this video was designed with a music video in mind.


We searched for a female violinist who fit this concept and Elvira Vucurevic of Budapest, Hungary, was exactly who we needed. She gave us an excellent performance and allowed us to create such a beautiful video.
The orchestra was performed by BSSO, a representative orchestra in Budapest, under the conductor Peter Pejtsik. They also wore Black Desert T-shirts which were specially produced for the video shoot.


The violin solo performance in the music video was filmed in the basement of Kiscelli Museum, an 18th-century monastery in Hungary. The basement, which is reminiscent of a medieval dungeon, has a unique and mysterious atmosphere, which led to the casting and filming of the site to fit the concept of an underground dungeon of O’dylitta Thornwood castle.