[September 15] Mysterious Totems of Hadum
EVENTS 2020.09.15

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Greetings, Adventurers!

A darkness looms over Elion's world and Mysterious Totems have started to appear.

Destroy the Mysterious Totems and dispel the encroaching darkness!

See below for more detailed information.



📢 Event Period

[Event Duration]
After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until September 27 (Sunday), 23:59 (Server Time)

[Exchange Period]
After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until October 12 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)


📢 Event Details

1) Mysterious Totems will appear in certain regions (in the normal field) during the event period.
2) Destroy the totems to obtain [Totem Fragment] and exchange it for rewards in the event tab.

📢 Rewards
■ List of Items Available for Exchange
Item Name Amount
Totem Chest 5
[Abyssal] Crystal Chest 1
[Mystical] Relic Chest 1
[Mystical] Accessory Selection Chest 1
Mystical Lightstone 1
Mystical Crystal 2
Event Certificate 3
Grand Weapon Black Stone 25
Grand Armor Black Stone 25
Good Black Stone Sack 1

※ Please Note

 - You cannot obtain [Totem Fragment] through foraging, mining, and logging.

 - You cannot obtain [Totem Fragment] in Black Spirit Mode.

 - [Totem Fragment] will be deleted after the Exchange Period ends.

 - Event items cannot be moved or restored.

 - The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you.